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3 Videos (30m)
    • Drawing From Inspiration

    • Drafting Your Sketch

    • Refining With Illustrator


About This Class



The world of tattoo art is beautiful and nuanced, with a plethora of graphic styles represented on bodies and in catalogs all over the world.  One of the more powerful tattoo design techniques is line art illustration, this class will teach you how to teach to achieve this skill.

Line art illustration is a balance of equal space and line weight, leading to a fun and clean approach to tattoo design. This simple style translates well for tattoos, avoiding ink bleeds and allowing more definition as a tattoo in the long run. This skill is also a more iconic approach to tattoo art while also giving the artwork more visual prominence.      

In this class, you will learn how to implement a consistent, cohesive, and illustrative technique for tattooing. You will also learn some helpful do's and don'ts when creating art for tattoos. This method will help sustain a tattoo's longevity and prominence visually. This class does not include how to tattoo, but rather how to design bold, safe art for skin.





This class is for any designer or illustrator looking to find a simple, streamlined method of creating art that translates well for tattooing. Anyone looking for a traditional, classic-yet-fresh approach to tattoo illustration should look into this class. 

This class will be taught in step-by-step video tutorials showing each stage of this creative process. The segments will take you from the early sketch stage to the final stage of tattoo application.  As students in this class, you will be creating projects of your very own that you will share with the rest of the class for feedback and high fives.



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This was an incredible course with in-depth tutorials, tips & tricks, and specific insight to Keith's methods. A must for designers working in Illustrator or tattoo enthusiasts.
Sometimes design gets complicated quickly. This class was simple, straightforward, and showed you how to turn an idea into a simple design that looks SICK as a tattoo. Keith's style is incredible and is what made me click onto this class in the first place. Visually, he does beautiful work, and he explains a little bit about the reason you gravitate towards it. Thanks Keith!





Keith Young

Designer, photographer, & founder of Live To Make

Keith Davis Young is a designer, illustrator and photographer living in Austin, TX.  After picking up a degree from Baylor University and getting his fill of fluorescent lighting and boardrooms during 5 years in ad agencies, he struck out on his own as a full-time freelancer.