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Tasty Thai Style Tuna Patties w/ Creamy Lime Dipping Sauce

teacher avatar Katrina Brown, THE HEALTHY KITCHEN ~ Nutritionist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment

    • 3. 2 | Making the Tuna Patties and Sauce

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how These are a great way to introduce milder Asian flavours to your tastebuds!
Tuna is packed with protein and Omega 3 fats, which are great for filling you up and providing your brain with energy. You also get more protein from the eggs. The veggies add fibre for your gut health as well as vitamin and minerals. Carbohydrates for more energy will come from the veggies and also the rice flour. These are so easy and tasty. You can serve them on your own or with a side salad or even some amazing wok fried vegetables.

During the class you will learn nutrition tips to create a quick dinner the whole family will love!

These skills can be applied again and again to your cooking repertoire.

I have provided you with a PDF of the recipe including all ingredients, method and equipment that you will need to get started.

All ingredients are easily accessible from the local supermarket or green grocer. The kitchen equipment I use is found in most kitchens and very user friendly.                        

Resources: Find Katrina on IG and FB @katrina_brown_nutrition and website www.katrinabrownnutrition.com

Follow Katrina for more upcoming Healthy cooking classes and Nutrition.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Brown



Katrina Brown is a qualified Nutritionist and Healthy Cook.

She is the Founder of The Healthy Kitchen, a branch of Katrina Brown Nutrition.

Katrina loves to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals and her mission is to share her energy & passion for everyone to live a healthy life.

She speaks and gives workshops to corporate businesses and local groups with an interest in the health and wellness of their employees. Katrina is also engaged in education for fitness groups, children, and adults on the importance of eating healthy food for energy, focus, and longevity.

You can follow her on IG: @katrina_brown_nutrition 


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Katrina Brown. Welcome to online cooking school. Today we're going to be my king. I chew on a TI, petty. These are really delicious and easy to make. They're going to be with a creamy coriander and lime dipping sauce. And we're just going to be introducing some kind of mild type flavors into your taste buds. So nothing too crazy, but just some really beautiful flavors. 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment: So I'm going to go through our ingredients he got for spring onions chopped up. Finally, 425 grams of tuna in spring water that Spain grind one small zucchini gratia, which was about a 120 grams, one small carrot, also gratia, That's about IT grams. So Kanye Wiseman has got a lot more water in it. Put three eggs, which we're going to beat up lightly. Quarter of a cup of grain curry paste us just to tie green curry paste from the shelf on the shops. Very easy to get your hands on. That 40 grams of Ross flower, two teaspoons of sesame oil, couple of tablespoons of coriander leaves. One line, we're going to juice the lime and zis the lime as well. And lastly, I've got some raw sprint oil. This is great for it's really neutral oil that has a high hazing point and that's great for shallow frying. Things like these fish cakes doesn't have a very strong flavor to it. So it's going to compliment them really well. Now, all these ingredients here, a gluten-free. If you don't have any issues with gluten, you could change up the flower, but Ross files actually a really nice ingredient because it's nice and lush and it doesn't have a lot of flavor to it. Sorry, It's a good bond. Ok, then when we're doing now dipping sauce, we have brachii, gosh, I've got about half a cup of brachii, get some olive oil. This is an extra virgin olive oil. It just brings out a really nice flavor and the dipping sauces a quarter of a cup of that. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. That's going to lighten up the texture of the dipping sauce. We are going to exist one line, crush one clove of garlic, and about half a bunch of coriander and all that is just going to go into the food processor. So the equipment we need, I've got a bowl and a wooden spoon to go to make sold out junior paddies up with. I have a resistor here. You can use whatever you like. That's just the type I use. And a juice squeezed up. I have a quarter of a cup measure and that's going to be used to scoop out HEDIS into even sizes. They're not have a fry pan. And I've got my little stove top, hot, hot cook up here, and food processor to blend up the source. So these are as AZ as throwing it together and cooking them up. So let's get started. 3. 2 | Making the Tuna Patties and Sauce: First step, let's get everything in the bowl. Like I said, this is a throw it in, mush it up. Type dish. Got the tuna. Carrots and zucchinis. Are curry paste. Our rice flour. Think I'll just through half of that on the bench. Sesame oil. Then I'm going to quickly crack three eggs here and just break them up with the fork. Going. We just break that up. The reason why we don't crack the eggs directly into the mix is this wave. They're all broken up. The yolk and the white spreads a little bit more evenly through that extra. So just keep that little mix. I'm just going to sit there for a minute. Got the coriander leaves. These can just be torn up. You don't have to chop them up to finally or anything like that. And half the fun of all this cooking is getting your hands into it. This is a great dinner to cook for your family. It's quick and it's easy. Everyone loves it, will everyone I've ever cooked for us really enjoyed it. And it's just a little bit different rather than just the standard shoot of Halley's with potato and all that sort of thing in them. Now, I'm going to zest lemon, lemon, lime, zest the line because I don't have a lemon and it's moving in the recipe. So when you're testing, just make sure that you don't go too far into the skin of the line. If you start getting too far into that lighter color, that white bit there, that's called the pith and that's quite bitter. So you don't want to get that into your food. What you're doing when you're testing is just getting at the beautiful oils in your line. Now makes sure if you've just grabbed a line from the supermarket that you give it a bit of a wash first to get all the dirt and any sprays or chemicals off. They're like goes for your vegetables. If you don't eat organic vegetables, that's okay. Just make sure you give them all a good wash and get all those things off the outside that usually kept the bugs off of them. Okay. So that's the line. If you wanted to use cafe lime leaves, you could. But I just think most people wouldn't have those on hand, but you're more likely to have a lime sitting in your pantry or in your free basket than you are to have coffee line leaves. So I'm just going to use the line this. Otherwise, I just want to show you a way to get extra juice out of your line. So pop it on your bench or your board. Just get your hand and give it a bit of a swish around and you feel that softening down a little bit. And what that's doing is releasing all the juice out of the tiny little kind of cells of the, inside of the line. And that saves you half the hard work of squeezing it. Sorry. Chop that liming half. Then I'm just going to pop it in my juicer and squeeze that ash. That's one. And the last one. Now, what I'm gonna do first is just give all this a little bit of a more sharp before I add the egg. So I'm just going to breakup the tuner a little bit. Get all the veggies in there. So the thing that binds us together is the rice flour and the eggs. Don't be afraid to get in there and give it a good mush around. Now these aren't, they're not really like a blended up type of paddy. These are more of a textural, really nice, light, fresh, touching a paddy. More kind of like a fish cake I guess, than a risk solid here. Comparing those sorts of things. Okay, That's all mixed in. Now I'm just going to mix through the egg, pull that all over and give that a bit of a mixed through with the wooden spoon as well. And you will see everything coming together. It's quite a wet mixture, but when you cook it in the oil, the eggs going to kind of seize up and hold all those beautiful ingredients together and give you some gorgeous flavors. Smells pretty good. Have the second autosave. Now what I like to do when I'm cooking things in a pan, because obviously you're not going to take a handful of those war ingredients and taste them. So I like to cook up a little bit first just to taste it and to see if I'm missing anything. Sometimes you might think you might cook up, you know, like sausage rolls or resolved with something like this and then you start eating ago, was missing something that needs to be a little bit of salt or pepper or something like that. So I think this is a great way to give it a little mini taste test. So as pop-in a tiny drizzle of oil there, get my pen nice and hot. And what I'm going to do is just grab a little mini baby one. Just wait til that's hot. And then I'm going to pop it in the pan. This is a little induction cook top that I've just got here that I use for my cooking classes rather than using my big stove top all the time. All right. So I'm just going to cook that for a couple of minutes and wait till it's brown. So when you're cooking these, what we need to do is Brown them on both sides and make sure all the egg is cooked through and the vegetables to cook through a little bit as well. You don't have to worry about cooking the tuna because obviously it's already been done in the cam. You weren't going to be using tuner in this, you could use chicken or chicken meat would be absolutely fine. But you would have to cook them for a bit longer. And if you didn't want to fry them off in a pan for too long or be using too much oil. You could just lightly fry them in the pan just to Brown them and then finish them off in the oven. A good idea with these two, as I've written in the recipe, is to cook these off and then keep them warm in the oven. So you're not sort of seeing a whole lot of cold cooked tuna patties on your bench. This way you're keeping the rest of them warm in the oven while you're getting all your mixture cooked up. So these are cooking really nicely. Okay. So these, like I said, only need a couple of minutes on each side just to brown up and cooked through. And that's holding together nicely. I'm just going to flip that little one and then give it a little taste test. So you'd like Japan to be about medium hate. And if you have it up too hot, what's going to happen is you're going to burn the outside and the inside will still be cold and R4 and goopy. So a medium hate is what you're looking for when you're cooking these sorts of things in a pan and just take your time with them. You don't have to rush. Although I'm sure you'll want to Russia bit more because there'll be so delicious you want to eat them straight away. And you kitchens going to smell great. And your family are going to want to get denied in their tummies as quickly as possible because you're going to be hooking a beautiful meal. So just keep those a couple more seconds and I'll give it a little try. And also while those are cooking, I'm going to quickly whip up the source. So I'll kind of be going from one to the other for the next 510 minutes or so just to show you how the recipe all comes together. So you can see that's sort of golden brown there. Now what I'm going to do without burning myself or disuse this little dish here, is just give this a little taste and see if it needs anything. Hot. So good you guys are gonna love days. All right. It doesn't need anything. It doesn't need salt or anything that's perfectly seasoned. I think that beautiful type Hari paste has brought it all together just as I thought it would. So it's worked out well. Worked out well for everyone really. Now with your rice bran oil, you don't need to use boatloads. We're not deep frying. Okay. We're just shallow frying. So put a couple of tablespoons is probably all you need. And then just make sure that your pen is about a medium hate. Okay, now I mentioned the quarter of a cup measure. What I like to do here, just get that out of the wave is to make my nice. And even. So what you do is just get a quarter of a cup measure. And then you just push your paddy down and pop it in the pan. It's really quick and easy way to do it. So just throw that in there. You can hear that sizzling away. And like I said, these are very quick to cook. So pop it there, squish your handout. You're good to go. Now remember not to overcrowd your pan because then it's too hard to flip them. So I'm just going to do four in the size pan at the moment and show you how those turnout. Squish that down. Be careful also if your little hands aren't used to working with hot, oily surfaces, get mom and dad to give you a hint as well, because you don't want to burn yourself. There's nothing worse than oil burns, I can tell you. All right. So they're just sitting nicely in there. We're gonna give them a few minutes on either side, and I'll be good to go. You can see the tune up paddies are cooking away beautifully here. They have taken probably three minutes on each side. I've just flips them. When you flip them, just be careful you don't splash oil onto yourself. And just be a little bit gentle with them. They are quite a resilient mixture. They're not going to fall apart easily on you. But just be careful that you don't kind of get to gung-ho and throw them around in. That's the end of year. I've just got my dish here, that southern proof. I'm going to put these in the oven to warm as well. So let's do this dressing super easy. This just goes in the food processor and you're blending it up. It's that simple. And again, giving a little taste to see what you, what you like, what you'd like to add a little bit more. So just throwing all your ingredients. So that was the yogurt, the olive oil, half a bunch of coriander, which is about a handful of coriander. Throw that in our clove of garlic, apple cider vinegar. And lastly, we're going to assess to lemon. Before I get too carried away, I'm just going to check, yes, that is ready to go. So this whole multitasking in the kitchen thing is what we need to do to sometimes I'm great at it. Other times I'm no good at it. A little bit more oil in just a tad. We don't need a lot. And again, how quarter of a cup of mixture you can make those smaller or larger if you want to. It's absolutely up to you. Just be aware too at the bottom of your mixture, it might be getting a little bit more watery than the first sort of mixture that you took. The pan. And the reason for that is because the vegetables because have been mixed around a little bit. They're kind of reacting with the protein from the tuner and the egg and they have released to the water, which is fine. There's nothing wrong with that, but just be careful that you're not going to get speaks of oil and water and everything all over. You don't want that happening. Okay? So zest of the lime, That's our last thing to add to this. These are really nice and light and fresh. I think I've said that before, but they really are. That's the great thing about Thai food is just all these beautiful flavors. Okay, Let's give it a go. This is just going to last light pale green color. And you want to make set through so all the garlic and the coriander and everything is nice and smooth. You don't want kinda big chunks of that email. So probably 10 or 20 seconds who've sat for I can get us sane and just give that little scrape and give it a little taste. You might have a stick blender or a smaller little blender or your nutri bullet or a thermo mix. Any of those things you might like to use should give you source to taste. I should think that tastes really good. If I were you and you're not used to having kind of coriander and lime and things like that. Just taste it and see for your liking what, what kind of flavors you enjoy more. I think that's the important thing about cooking, is some adjusting it to how you like it. I'm just going to get another little spoon because I think that might need a pinch of salt. I didn't add the salting. A tiny pinch of salt. It's got enough lime, It's got enough coriander. It's beautiful and creamy because of the Greek yogurt. And this whole meal is actually really great for your health. All over health. You've got friendly probiotic senior yogurt. You've got your vitamins and minerals from your vegetables, you've got your protein from your junior in your eggs. It's an all-round good meal and healthy fats in there as well. So you can't go wrong. I'm just going to blend this out one more time and then I'll show you how to serve them up. All right, Let's put the finishing touches on our dish. So you could have beautiful touching a pedis here. I'm just putting four on the plate. So for per person who's a good CRM, if you would like more than this, you can absolutely double the recipe. You could also serve it with some beautiful walk fried vegetables, which I think would taste amazing. Put our source here. I'm just going to serve it in a little dish next to our pets. And because we've got this line leftover, even know it has half the skin off it. I don't really care. Because you can add that to your dish just to give it a bit more of a pop of color. And that's it. Beautiful. Thai Green Curry tunicates with a coriander and lime dressing. Hope you enjoy eating those as much as I know, I'm going to say for the next one, Bye.