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Tarot for Beginners. Demystifying the Tarot. Digital Nomad Skills

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ‚ô¶ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (51m)

    • 2. Tarot Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Lesson 1: Major + Minor Arcana

    • 4. Lesson 2: Numerology of Tarot

    • 5. Lesson 3: Archetypes of Cups

    • 6. Lesson 4: Archetypes of Swords

    • 7. Lesson 5: Archetypes of Wands

    • 8. Lesson 6: Archetypes of Coins

    • 9. Lesson 7: Court Cards

    • 10. Lesson 8: Major Arcana. The Fool's Journey

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Digital Nomads are the new economy.  
Nomads are travellers, and of course digital means online / internet.
To work and travel as a Digital Nomad, you need creative and business skills.
This class is one tool to help you on your journey to work as you travel, or travel as you work.
Please enjoy, and stay in touch.

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This is an art, history + psychology class.  This is a class about the tarot.  I designed the class for beginners who are curious to learn about the tarot and the card’s meanings in a logical way.  

This class takes the mystery from the tarot and provides you with rational explanations.  You cannot give your power away to a deck of Tarot cards.  The Tarot reveals the most likely outcome without intervention. Therefore if a part of a reading declares an undesirable result, you have all the power to change that result.

I will show you a logic way to unlock the tarot so that by the end of the class you will have a solid education of the tarot as a whole and how it related to our life’s journey.  You do not need to own a tarot card deck.  I will provide you with a pdf of a 78 card tarot deck to reference during class.  The pdf is in the Class Project section below.

Subsequent tarot class I teach will go deeper into the meaning of each tarot card and your relationship with them.  This class will introduce you to card meanings, leaving space for your intuition and interpretation.

This class will build the foundation you need to pursue a complete knowledge of the tarot. Whether you learn the tarot for yourself or to create a business as a tarot reader, this class will demystify the tarot in a beautiful and logic way.

Please join me in class.  


Lesson  1:  Major + Minor Arcana

Lesson 2:  Numerology of Tarot

Lesson 3:  Archetypes of Cups

Lesson 4:  Archetypes of Swords

Lesson 5:  Archetypes of Wands

Lesson 6:  Archetypes of Pentangles

Lesson 7:  Court Cards

Lesson 8:  Major Arcana: Your Journey

Lesson 9:  Final Thoughts

♥ I am currently working on a Tarot Coloring Book to help students learn the cards.  It will be available in Amazon this summer (It's free to everyone on the email list at AerieNorth.com/TarotCottage) ♥


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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ‚ô¶ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. INTRODUCTION: Tero for beginners. Did Mr Buying the Tero? This is an art history and psychology class. This is a class about the Tero. The Terror originated northern Italy as a card game called Carta Bianca in the early 15th century. By the 16th century, it was known as a trump card game called G. In the early 17th century, Terrel made it to Marseille, France, and received its final French name, Tero. Over the centuries, the Turo spread from parlors of European aristocrats to visionaries who recognize divine symbolism in the 78 cards we call the Turo. In 17 91 John Baptist Elliott published the first Divination Terrel Deck in France. Terrorist popularity as a divination tool continued to grow. Writer and poet Arthur Weight wrote extensively about the Turo, and in 1909 he commissioned artist illustrator Pamela Coleman Smith to draw the popular tarot deck called Weight. Smith still used today founder and an a little cold psychology. Carl Young spoke above the Turo in a 1933 speech. He said they the two row are psychological images and symbols. They're archetypal ideas on a differentiating nature which mingle with the ordinary constituents of the flow of the unconscious, and therefore it is applicable for an intuitive method that is the purpose of understanding the flow of life, possibly even predicting future events at all events. Lending itself to the reading of the conditions of the present moment, Carl Young developed the study of archetypes, archetypes, air elements of the collective unconscious. There are a typical representation of character traits of a certain person or thing. For example, characteristics of a mother are generally caring and nurturing. Mother can also be judgmental and smothering. Archetypes are the foundation on which the tarot was based. There's a lot of psychology into row. Then the Terra wandered through the 20th century, and in the 19 seventies it reached enormous popularity. I was gifted my first tarot deck in 1978. Since then, I studied the Turo with other readers and teachers and researched its history, psychology and art. I've been reading the tarot for 38 years, and in 2016 I launched Taro cottage dot com toe help new Terrel readers with the Turo on a personally profound plane. This class is for people who are curious to learn about the tour. Oh, and the cards mean it's it's designed to be a logical and meaningful class. You will learn the terra wind segments that makes sense and that can be relevant to your journey in life. This is a beginner's class intended to expose you to the positive aspects of Tero without overwhelming you. With the memorization of 78 cards and then the 78 reverse meetings, you will not be expected to memorize 100 and 56 cards. You will learn the meaning of the carts clearly because of their representation to you. This class takes mystery from the tour Oh, and provides you with rational explanations. You can't give your power away to a deck of tarot cards. The terrible just reveals the most likely outcome without any intervention. Therefore, if a part of a reading declares an undesirable result, you have all the power in the world to change that result. I'll show you a logical way to unlock the Tero so that by the end of the class you will have a solid education of the Turo as a whole and how it relates to our lives journey. You do not need toe own a tarot deck of cards will provide you with a pdf of 78 Terrel Kardec to reference during the class. The pdf is in the class project section below subsequent Terrel glasses. That'll teach will go deeper into the meaning of each Terrel card and your relationship with them. This class will build the foundation. You'll need to pursue a complete knowledge of the tour. Whether you learn the Terrel for yourself or to create a business as a terror reader, this class will demystify the Tero and a beautiful and logical way. Please join me in class, and I'll introduce you to the tarot in a way that you will love it as much as I do. 2. Tarot Overview + Class Project: Welcome back to class. Here's the overview and class project for Terrel for beginners and lesson one, we're going to talk about the major and minor are Kanneh Unless in two we're gonna go over numerology of two row, it's very important. In less than three, we're gonna talk about the Ark types of cups and lesson four, we're going to talk about the archetypes of swords, less than five archetypes of wands and less in sixth e archetypes of tentacles or coins and a lesson seven, we're gonna go over the court cards. Less than eight is the major arcana and that's your journey. And in less and nine, I'm just gonna have a few final thoughts about the Turo. Your class project is to choose one Terrel card and journal on your thoughts and feelings and intuitions about the card and share it in the project gallery. Please join me in lesson one. Where we talk about the major and minor. Are Khanna 3. Lesson 1: Major + Minor Arcana: Welcome back to class, and lesson one, we're gonna talk about the major and minor are Kanneh of the two row, and our canna represents a secret. The best way to understand the Tero is toe learn about the cards as they fit into their groups. A 78 card Tero Deck is first divided into two groups, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major canna reveals enormous universal messages and guidance. We're going to go over all of these cards in detail later on in the class. Same with the minor Ocana, but the minor canna reveals smaller and more day to day messages and guidance. Major Arcana has 22 cards from 0 to 21. The minor canna has 56 cards divided into four groups. The major arcana represents life's journey. It starts off with the journeymen. Then the 1st 7 cards talk about our physical world. Our body. The next seven cards talk about our mental world. Our mind on the Last seven cards talk about our spiritual world, our spirit, our mind, body and spirit. In the minor Kanna, the 56 cards are divided into four suits, wands, coins or sometimes called tentacles, cups and sorts. Each suit has 14 cards, the Ace to the 10 and four core cards, The King Queen Night and Page. Does this sound familiar? Modern playing cards adopted the Taro's minor Kanna. The only difference is that Taro has one more card in each of the four suits that today's playing cards did not include the Terrell's forecourt cards. King Queen Knighton Page were downsized to combine the night in the page to create our modern day Jack even wants coins. Cups and swords are represented in modern day playing cards. Wands are now clubs, Coins or pen tickles are now diamonds. Cups are now hearts and swords are now called spades. Let's recap the anatomy of the two row. A tarot deck of cards has 78 Terrel cards divided up into two groups, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana has 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21. They reveal the major universal messages and guidance, and they represent our life's journey in mind, Body and spirit. The minor arcana has 56 cards made up of four suits, wants coins, cups and sorts. Each suit has 14 cards made up of a stew. 10 and four court cards. The King Queen knighting page, The minor arcana reveals less intense messages and guidance in the major arcana, but still important for its day to day guidance. In the next lesson, we will discuss the importance of numbers in the Turo, meet you in lesson to 4. Lesson 2: Numerology of Tarot: Welcome back to class and less than two. We're gonna talk about numerology of Turo Numbers have an important role in the two row and learning their meaning early in your tarot study will vastly hasten your tarot education. Numerology is the study of numbers as they pertain to our life. The best thing about numerology is that it tends to make sense. The number one represents the start of something new. The desire to be the best to be number one independence, motivation, an opportunity. The number two represents a couple in a relationship balance Partner choices pair the number three represents community communication, growth, creativity and intuition. The number four represents stability. Solid foundation. Ah, home body Practical organized. The number five represents adventure, unpredictability end and start to a new cycle, passion and movement. The number six represents nurturing, comforting, dependable, thoughtful cooperative. The number seven represents nature loving healer, faith, spiritually meditative discovery in a pensive way. The number eight represents Opportunity, Infinity Financial Blunt repetition. The number nine represents a leader visionary situation starting to come to an end, idealist, intelligent, and the number 10 represents conclusion fulfillment just before the beginning of something new possibility potential. Let's recap. Tarot numerology number one beginning to balance three. Community four Stability five. Adventure six. Nurture seven. Spiritually eight. Opportunist nine Leader and 10 Conclusion In the next lesson will start the journey of the archetype of the major. Can a suit cups meet you in less than three? 5. Lesson 3: Archetypes of Cups: Welcome back to class and less than three. We're gonna talk about the arc type of cups, archetypes, air characteristics or stereotypes or models. So when we talk about the archetype of cups were referring to what cups represent cups of the most feminine of all the tarot suits embodying the element of water. So you often see that in the cups, cards, cups or vessels. In a sense, a woman is a vessel. They carry life. They nurture cups, represent creativity, humanity, life force, emotion and harmony. These are the court cards of cups will be discussing all court cards in a separate lesson. Right now, we're going to gather everything that you've learned so far at visual indicators of the cards and learn how to interpret cups. Ace to 10. Let's put it all together. So here's a quick recap of tarot numerology we've just learned with the arc type of cups is , and now we're going to carefully explore the artwork on each of the card, looking for guides, symbol signs that are going to lead us to the meaning of the card. This is where we're just going to scratch the surface of looking at these cards. There's a lot more to them, and you will go a lot more in depth the more time you spend with the cards. So let's look at the ace of cups. The ace or number one is new, is the beginning. Let's look at the visual indicators. It's daylight. We have overflowing water. There's lots of creativity, lots of emotion and harmony going here. There's a dove and lily pads and calm water in blue sky. There's something new going here. Sometimes the ace of cups means pregnancy or an overflow of emotion. Now, depending on how you look at that, that could be a good thing. Or that could be a bad thing. And it all depends on where it is in the spread. The two of cops. We know that twos are a pair or balance or relationship, and here we see a man and a woman. Sharing equally between them is the Greek god of healing, so that it looks like that these people are mutual healers, the three of cops. We know that the three ist community and intuition, and in this card we see celebration and dancing, a party and flowers, and at the bottom. There's a bound to full of, Ah, harvest, so there's a lot of satisfaction, a lot of celebrating going on here. Now we look at the four in the five, and they're starting to look a little different than what we've seen so far. Forced represents stability and organization. But the person in this car doesn't look very happy. There's an offering from above, and even though they're resting there, it doesn't look like they're going to accept this offering. After all, they've got three cups in front of them already now, looking at the five of cups, there's a loss going on here. There's three cups that have fallen down, so perhaps there's an overflow of emotion going on here that makes the person in this card feel like they're at a loss. Look at the water. Had the water looks like their speed going on in here. Now, when we look at the six of cups, we see that there's an offering. There's Children, there's flowers. There's a town that we have not seen before. There's nurturing and comfort going on here in nostalgia, and we can tell that it's a nostalgic looking card because in the background. You can see that there's a man with a wand on the left in the back, in the shadows, and it looks like perhaps he's thinking about what used to be and how things were great. Seven represent nature and healing and pensive, and this person who's in the shadows has all these choices in front of them. Sometimes choices could be a good thing. Sometimes they can be a bad thing and look at it on that feminine, creative, emotional thing. If there's too many emotions going on, there's too many choices to make. How does that make you feel? The eight of cups eight is that financial opportunity. It looks like the person in this card has missed an opportunity there, leaving that emotion that harmony behind. But there's a full moon that's lighting the path in front of them. Even though that path is rocky, perhaps they're going to something even better. And here we have our leader, Inter Visionary, the nine of Cups. This person is very wealthy. They're very well dressed, their arms across the extremely satisfied. They've accumulated all that harmony and emotion and creative energy that they worked so hard for, and Here's perhaps one of my favorite cards. The 10 of cups 10 is that completion. This is a happy family. There's a home in the Children or dancing. And if you look at the water here, compare that to the water in the previous card where that was running really fast. Now we have calm water, so this looks like there's a whole lot of things that had gone on to become this happy. You've probably gone through a lot of rocky stuff and again these air just the fundamental meanings of the cup suit of the Turo Learning. These will provide you with the foundation, which you will build further comprehension of the card meanings you're going toe. Add ah lot more of yourself into the interpretation of these cards. Over time, you're going to develop this relationship to each of the cards, and your intuition will add to the meaning of the Turo. In the next lesson, we're going to start the journey of the archetypes of the minor arcana suit sorts. I will meet you in the next lesson 6. Lesson 4: Archetypes of Swords: Welcome back to class. In less than four, we're gonna talk about the arc type of swords. Swords are the most masculine of all the tarot suits embodying the element of air soar. Dark types live in their head. They're ambitious. They want power, no matter what the costs. They use their intellect and logic to get results even to the point of violence and war. Swords could be double edged. They can construct and they can be destructive. They can help and they can hinder. Swords, in a way are the opposite. Two cups there the ying yang of each other. Having both archetypes in a tarot reading can balance one another or destroy each other. Swords will fight with force, and cups will fight with love. These are the court cards of swords will be discussing all the court cards in a separate lesson. Right now, we're going to gather everything that you've learned so far. Add those visual indicators and learn to interpret swords. Ace to 10. Here's are putting it all together chart. There's the recap of the tarot numerology are arc type of swords. Masculine, forceful, logical, intelligent, powerful, fearless corporate. And then we're gonna look for those guides and symbols and signs in the meaning of the cart . Remember, this is just touching the surface on what these cards truly mean. Add your intuition and you'll have a really well rounded interpretation of each card. The ace is the one that's our newness are beginning. When we look at this card, we see that it's night. There's a crown. This could represent new business or the seed of some new ideas in a very intellectual way in a business way. The two of swords. We see that there's water here so that there is a cup influence. Perhaps this could be a little bit more balancing that cups and sword archetypes. There's some indecision going. We have a blindfolded person. There's 1/4 moon and it's night. The three of swords is our community on. When we look at this, it looks sad. There's a storm. There's a broken heart going on here. There's grief, and it's in a community base. This wouldn't likely represent a couple breaking up or having a personal broken heart. This is on that logical intellect, powerful corporate level off heartbreak, the four of swords. That's our stability and organized. Now here it can look like this person is meditating or praying, but it also looks like there on top of a casket. But then there's this beautiful window looking over them so it can be an intellectual. Rest is needed that some prayer is needed. Instead of using logic, turn to something else to solve an issue that one needs to deal with. The five of sorts. That's our adventure and our new cycle and definitely looks like a bit of an adventure is going on in the visual cues of this card. There's some victory going on, but then you look. There's a bit of a storm. There's clearing of the air and the wind, and this is an air element archetype. There's win and loss going on, and there's water, and this is, well, there's defeat. But there is a bit of a balance going on as well. The six of sorts. We have a woman and a child, so there's that nurturing comfort element in this card. There's water again, again, that balance. This time it's daytime, there's a boat and there's a movement, and there's ah horizon, and you could look at the water on the right side where these people were was choppy, but it looks like where they're going is much more calm. Water, the seven of sorts. This is our nature healing pensive numerology. In it, we see that there's a sun. We've got a different coloring than the darker cards that were happening before. But the sun is setting. This person sneaking off is overlooking his shoulder to make sure he can get away with it. In the eight of swords, there's that financial opportunity, and if you marry that with the archetype of corporate power and intelligent logic, there's a lot going on here again. We've got some water. This person is bound through. The sky is clearing, but they're blind to an opportunity. The nine of sorts. Here's our leader and our visionary waking up from a nightmare. They have anxiety. It's nighttime there at the brink. When I look at this, I look as if a person needs to sleep on it because it will be better in the morning, our tennis completion. When here we look at it, it's nighttime. On the top, we see some clouds, but then it looks like sun rising. But there's betrayal. Here there's an end. There's water in this one as well. But when I do look at this card, I look at it almost like there's arrest. Something has end it, making way for something new. And then something else is going toe happen that can be powerful and positive. So these are just the fundamental meanings of the sort suit learning. These will provide you with the foundation that you're going to need to build that further comprehension of card meanings. And over time, you're gonna develop that relationship to each card and use your intuition toe. Add the meaning of the tarot. In the next lesson, we're going to start the journey of the archetype of the minor. Can a suit wands, I'll meet you in the next lesson. 7. Lesson 5: Archetypes of Wands: Welcome back to class and less than five. We're going to talk about the archetype of wands. Archetype of wands are charm. Intuitive, quiet, intelligent lawns can use their sword business determination with their cups. Nurturing empathy, qualities to get results. This tarot suit and bodies the element of fire while cups think with their hearts and sorts , think with their heads, wants think with their intuition, they think before they act. There is still very strong and ambitious, but they use tact to get results. Wands use their element of fire carefully. They can burn people and cost chaos, but they can also provide warmth, light and nutrition. These are the court cards will be discussing all the court cards in a separate lesson. But for now, we're gonna take everything that we've learned so far. Add those visual indicators of the cards and learn how to interpret wands. Ace to 10. Here's are putting it all together. Chart a recap of terror. Numerology are archetype of wands to be charming, instinctive, intuitive, strong, creative and ambitious. And then we're going to look for those signs, symbols and guides in the visual indicators of the card toe lead US to the meanings, our ace of wands. So our new beginning in this card we see that there's water, there's daylight, there's house and trees. And it's the beginning of something good. You could tell that because that house is almost castle like there's water in this picture . So there is more of a cups presence than a sword presence the two of wants. Now, instead of this being led by relationship, this probably more means balance because there's only one person in the card. However, they're holding a whole world of people. There's water in the card. This person's reflecting. Perhaps they're trying to figure out balance. It looks like they're planning something in the three of ones. We see that the sun is rising. This person's really thinking. They're thinking about their community. They're using that intuition. I bet this person is very responsible for a group of people. There's boats on the water. I wonder if they're coming or if they're going. The four of wants is a beautiful Cardiff. It's very happy, stable. There's abundance going on here. Family celebration looks like a wedding. This indicates a very stable environment. The five of wands has an adventure going on. For sure, there's tension and conflict, but sometimes that's necessary to progress to the next level. In the six of ones we see a parade going on, our person is being nurtured and comforted and praised in a parade. Given an award. There's definitely recognition going on here in the seven of ones. We see that there's water there, and this person is standing on two different levels of ground, but they are taking a stand. There's a battle in a challenge, but looks like this person is rising above it all. In the aid of ones. We still have opportunity and finance, but it's probably mawr in line with travel or movement. And again, we have some nice calm water here so that there's a cup influence. The nine of wands is our leader here. She completed a battle there wounded. They're resilient. They have a win in the 10 of ones we can see here that this person is bringing home a reward after a long battle or a long day at work. They have responsibilities, they're going home, and they probably use their charm and intuition and creativity all day. These are the fundamental meanings of the wands suit of the tarot learning. These provide you with the foundation. What, You're gonna build further comprehension of the card meanings, and over time, we're going to develop a relationship with each card, and your intuition will add to the meaning of the cards. And the next lesson we're going to start the journey of the minor, our can of soup coins or sometimes called tentacles. I will meet you in the next lesson. 8. Lesson 6: Archetypes of Coins: Welcome back to class. In less than six, we're going to talk about the archetypes of coins or pen tickles. Archetype of coins are worldly possessions chattel like your house car, property, money. Things that money can buy this suit embodies the element of Earth quite also represent work and business. On a physical level, Coins reveal the egos relationship to money in a tarot reading. Queen cards can help guide you to a better financial position. These are the court cards of the coins will be discussing all the court cards in the next lesson. Right now, we're going to gather everything that we've learned at some visual indicators of the cards and learn to interpret coins. Ace to 10. And here's our put it all together chart where we have our recap of the tarot numerology. The archetype of coins is money, chattel, things, possession and monetary wealth, and we're going to look for signs symbols to guide us through to the meaning of the carts. The ace of pentacle often means new money, and when we look at the visual cues and indicators in this card, we could see that there's a nice new garden growing its new money, perhaps a new job, the two of Pentacle Zaheer, that we see that our person is obviously juggling. They're trying to balance. They have a decision to make on. There's wavy water in the background, which indicates that our person really is looking for some harmony. Three pen tickles means teamwork, volunteering, getting the job done. And we can look at that in our card where we see that we have a person standing on the bench doing some work and other people in the community assisting in their way. In the four pentacle Z, we see that our person is hanging on there. There's stability in finances here, but it's also control. We have a city in the background, and this person is being very possessive. This is a real hoarding type of card holding onto things in the five of pentacle Zell's. Our adventure is very insecure. There's loss of chattel, but it also means the end of loss and a new opportunity is coming. In the six of pentacle. We see a person holding onto a balance but also being very generous and sharing. And being charitable in the seven of pentacle is we see that our person has nurtured the garden, done all the weeding, feels very accomplished and will reap the rewards in the eight of pentacle. The person in the card has his financial opportunity at work. Perhaps he's an apprentice. He seems very satisfied here, doing his work. And in the nine of Penn tickles. You can see that our person in this card does look pregnant. There's an abundance. This is our leader and our visionary that really seems tohave it all. In the 10 a pen tickles. We see well, there's a city. There's abundance. There's inheritance because the generations of family are being represented. This is a car that really represents financial and chattel fulfillment. These are the fundamental meanings of the coin suit of the Turo. Over time you're going to develop a relationship with every card, and you use your intuition to build up on the meaning of these cards. In the next lesson, we're going to start your journey to learn the archetype of the court carts, and that will complete all the lessons of the minor. Are Kanneh meet you in the next lesson 9. Lesson 7: Court Cards: Welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the court carts. Court cards are people they represent ourselves or other people in our lives. Let's look at the putting it all together chart. This one's a little different than the one that we were using for the ace to 10 of the archetypes for the suits. We still look for visual indicators, the guides, the symbols, the signs that lead us to the meaning of the card. But this time we're going to look at all the archetypes of all four suits and on the very left. We also are going to learn about the archetypes of each court card. So the page the page represents child at youth. New, inexperienced. Now that doesn't necessarily mean somebody that's under the age of 18. That could mean somebody that's behaving like they're under the age of 18 nights represent adolescents. These are people that have some experience, but they still have a lot to learn. The Queen is the master of the internal world. All that emotion and feeling and intuition, and the king is the master of the external world. Let's look at the cups so the archetype of cups is feminine, creative, humanity, life force, emotional harmony and thinks with the heart. The archetype of swords is masculine and forceful, logical, intelligent, powerful, fearless and corporate. The archetype of Juan's is charming, instinctive, intuitive, strong, creative and ambitious. And the archetype of coins or Penta goals are worldly possessions, money, chattel, property wealth. Now let's look at each court card and their relationship with their archetypes. So the page of pentacle Zell's or the page of coins he learns where she learns by observing the page of wands learns by examining the page of cups, learns by creating on the page of swords learns by doing. I really like the night cards. Just look at these horses. The first horse night of Penn Tickles is standing still. The Knight of Cups is starting to trot a little bit. The Knight of wands has a bit of a gallop. Going on. The night of swords is just going gangbusters really fast. So let's look at these characters. These court cards in relationship to the archetypes of their suit the night a pen tickles, is careful and conservative with his charge. His charge in this case being his horse, The Knight of Cups. He's the charmer or she's the charmer. This is the knight in shining armor. The knight of Wands is getting ready for adventure, and the night of sorts is fast action and getting the job done. But remember, the archetype of nights is adolescent little experience, but not a lot of experience. The Queen of Cups rules with her emotion. She's very sensitive, intuitive and peaceful. Look at the images of each card and look for those visual clues to help you with your own interpretation. The Queen of Penta goals is Earth Mama. She's Mother Nature. She's practical. Her element is earth. The queen of wands is strong. She's capable. She's charming. She has more of a masculine quality than, say, the queen of Coins or the Queen of Cups. The queen of Sores is getting things done, and she would have more of that external masculine archetype than any of the other queens. The King of Cups is generous and sensitive. He would be the most feminine of the queen, so we're mixing a masculine king archetype with a feminine cups archetype. The king of Wands is a creative leader of visionary the King of pentacle. Zor coins is all about abundance, wealth and control. And the King of swords is about authority, intelligence and clarity. These are the fundamental meanings of the court cards in the Turo. Closely examine the imagery and each card and use your intuition to develop your own interpretations. In the next lesson, we're gonna take the fool's journey through the major arcana of the tarot. I'll meet you in the next lesson. 10. Lesson 8: Major Arcana. The Fool's Journey: Welcome back to class and Lesson eight, we're gonna talk about the major arcana. Be juror. Qena represents big universal messages and guidance. This is the fool's journey, or the journeymen and the people here she meets along the way with lessons and guidance. The 1st 7 cards after the Fool represent the physical world. The next Seven cards is about the mental world. The Last seven cards is the spiritual world, the mind, the body and the spirit in other words, empowerment, transformation and enlightenment. I designed this class about the major arcana to be a story, a meditation off the journey of the fool. I use the pronoun she, but of course the full could be here. She take a long, slow, deep breaths and enjoy the fool's journey. Meditation. The Fool was only named a fool for her lack of experience for never having ventured out on her own Until now, the fool is a journey woman. She rises before dawn to ready herself for expedition. She prepares a sack for the track and steps away from the comfort of her home with staff and sack in one hand and appear white Rose and the other she takes a deep breath and whistles for her trusted protector to follow, The Fool begins a new journey with innocence and carefree spirit. The fool needs resources and tools for the journey. She is ready and open to meet powers, advisers and influences that guide her to be empowered, transformed and enlightened. The journey has just begun when the magician appears to the pool. Magic is the thread that weaves through the spirit realm, connecting to earthbound energy. He offers the full guidance in the forms of the archetypes of cups, wands, swords and coins. Maj. ID gives thes gifts to those who have creative energy to take on new ventures. The high priest disappears before the fool like a dream. She tells the fool to pay attention to her intuition. Her message to the fool is to trust your instincts. She appears at the start of the fool's journey so that the full can address early issues that are unbalanced and advises the fool to balance and trust herself. Before moving on. She tells the pool to pay attention to her dreams. The empress appears to the fool when she needs nurturing creative empowerment. She provides the fool with abundance of earthly needs and reminds her to be aware of emotions and self care. The Empress's mother manifested in guidance to the fool to spend time appreciating nature and the birth of the new. The Empress is fertile with infant expression of life. The emperor steps into view of the fuel to complement mother's guidance. With his practical wisdom, the fatherly emperor has lived long and offers his advice from first hand experience of the world. While Emperors wants the fool to be emotionally ready for the journey. The emperor wants the pool to build a solid and strong foundation of values to live by for the journey. He is father and strength and wisdom. The Fool has three more energies to meet for earthly empowerment on her journey before accepting transformation and enlightenment, the hair event appears when the full craves knowledge the fool feels the need to further her education as a scholar or in religious practices the hair. If int provides a facility for the full studies, the full meets a lover and is guided and empowered by the harmonies of physical and emotional attraction. The lover appears and stays when the foolin lovers try to balance forces. The fool's journey can continue with the lovers support. The chariot awaits the fool with a message of victory. The struggles and obstacles that the full endured were draining. But the end results were worth it. The full came out stronger on the other side and gained empowerment to continue the journey . The fool is now empowered and enters the realm of transformation. Worldly guides go inwards, making the fool's journey more mindful. Strength appears to the fool as inner will to soften external outbursts, just like the lion needs strength to hold his tongue. Words have power, and the fool learns this on the journey. Through transformation, the hermit greets the fool in times of introspection. Soul searching guides the full inward to find the differences between truth and reality. This is a time of reflection, self examination and self mental care. The full needs to be kind to the hermit because at the point of their meeting, they become one. Meditation is healing. The wheel of fortune calls the full over. When times are tough, I reminds the fool that it is what it ISS, and this too shall pass the full takes the lesson to heart and knows that nothing is permanent. Fortune calls the full over again this time. Times are good. Fortune reminds the full that it is what it is on. This, too shall pass the full still notes that nothing is permanent. Justice holds balance scales and teaches the fool that all actions have consequences, whether they be good or bad, Time has no say injustices ruling. Everyone will be held responsible for their actions, the full reviews, her past words and deeds in order to balance the scales of fairness and justice. The fool's journey hangs in limbo as a result of indecision. The full reviews, all possible outcomes and still cannot come to a decision. The hanged man tells the fool. Let go of old reasoning and make room for new strategies that will help with decisions. If this still doesn't reveal an answer, the fools advised to be patient and release control. The answer might not require the fools conscious participation. As the fool awaits for an answer. Death comes riding in with the most profound transformation lesson. Let it be, says staff. Release yourself of old ways. The fool feels lifted and positive thinking, of course, holding on tightly to old ways will never birth new positive journeys. Death leaves the fool who was reborn with new ways that have far more value than before. The full arrives at the end of transformation to find temperance testing calm waters, the full sits. For a while, she has learned to meditate on her journey and revealed lessons of balance patients in Greece. The grateful fool smiles at temperance, knowing she has a clear vision of goals. The fool has the earthly tools and the mindful guidance to enter enlightenment. As the fool prepares for enlightenment, Devil tempts the fool with earthly vices. The devil tricks the fool into believing enlightenment has already been achieved and promises that fear, doubt, anxiety and depression will vanish if the full remains with Double the fool is blind to the fact that there are no ties to the devil, the full can escape it any time. The fool doesn't see that the chains that binder to the devil are created by herself. It takes the massive destruction of the tower to shake the earth beneath the fools feet. Chaos is out of the fools control, Yet the turmoil still affects the pool and rocks her down to her foundation. The full reaches a point of release and lets go of things she cannot control. The fool watches the sea where the pieces of the tower finally land. The full knows that sometimes things have to completely fall apart. To make room for rebirth. The fool has been through a mental and spiritual storm and now wakes to see the star. The massive upheaval of past chaos is and destruction ISS, silenced by the inspiration of mental and physical piece of star faith and hope, has been restored and made stronger by the star. The full welcomes the healing light and presence of recovery and renewed peace. The fool's journey continues. She experiences life's ups and downs until the time she wakes in the middle of the night in the shadow of the moon. Don't fear and insecurity live in the shadows and wait for the full to awaken and notice them. The full realizes that she needs to purge negative self talk and leave it in the shadows. The fool entered the Enlightenment phase with optimism on Lee to be met with anxiety and fear. Then one morning she wakes to most glorious sun. The warm renews the fools faith In the journey, the fool reaches enlightenment upon discovering that you don't know what pure enlightenment is unless you've been in the dark. The fool is in the light. The fool has been washed by the sun and feels reborn to a new realization of balance and resolve. Compassion for oneself is the lesson judgment has for the full meditation, reflection and journey brought the fool to this point of recovery and healing. The epiphany of self awareness on place in the world gives the fool a chance to rest and be happy. The fool's journey has come to a successful end. All of the challenges and obstacles made the full, stronger and more resilient for the next journey. The fool can now rest and be praised for having lived through empowerment and transformation and enlightenment. This cycle has ended with the full utilizing for humanity, her intelligence, her intuition and creativity. Everything fell into place. The fool deserves to rest now 11. Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class. I know there was a lot of content, but this really is just the introduction to Terrible. Please spend time examining each card. Look for the visual signs and symbols to guide you to the parts meaning. Study the numerology of Tero and lesson to and meditate with the archetypes of the suits of cups, swords, wands and coins. Think of people in your life who remind you of the characteristics of the court cards. This will help you identify each of the carts. Take the fool's journey. Meditation often so that you learn the path well. We can stay in touch through tero cottage dot com. I'll be sending updates about new Terrel classes and free terror art to everyone on my tero Koch dot com email list. I am working on two new classes. They are how to read a three card spread. Antero How to read a Celtic Cross spreading terror That's pretty popular. One. How to design your own Terrel Spread Shaqra Terrel Readings and create your own or a portrait. No art experience is necessary. Please join the email list on Terrel cottage dot com To learn when these new classes will be available, be well, be happy