Tarot Mediation - The Empress | Heidi Snelgrove | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introdution to The Empress Tarot Meditation

    • 2. Free Association

    • 3. The Card and The Element

    • 4. Family Tree Web

    • 5. Looking through the card

    • 6. Looking around the Wheel

    • 7. Looking around the Tableau

    • 8. Final Thoughts


About This Class

This is the next installment of my Tarot Meditation series.  It gives instructions and key information for 6 different mediations on the III The Empress card.


1. Introdution to The Empress Tarot Meditation: Welcome to Tero Meditation, the Empress. I'm Heidi Snow Grove. I read terror is mystic Tree. The goal of this she look, it's six different terror meditation techniques that you can use to get deeper involved with the Empress. What we will not do is go through six guided meditations. These are techniques, and I'm gonna give you some keywords so that you have a place to start so that you can do the meditation yourself. Guided meditations were Tero don't really work in my mind because what happens is you end up going where I'm taking you as opposed to where you need to go. And the whole point of this is for you to have your own self discovery. The project for this class is to write it your impressions at the end of the series of meditations. We're not looking for personal details. Just what you how the experience was freed do share it a lot of times when the project's pretty simple, it's you just don't feel like you need to do it. But the truth is when somebody else is stumbling over or struggling with this class being able to look at other people's projects can help them. So I really do encourage you to take that few extra minutes and right up to three Senate since that your way of paying back to help somebody else with this. All right, in this class, the meditation techniques we're gonna look at is free association, looking at the card and the element, doing a family tree Web, looking through the card, looking around the wheel of the of the hero's journey and looking around the tableau. And then we'll do a wrap up class. These aren't meant to be long. They're supposed to be something you could listen to prior to doing it on your own. So if you need to do it at two separate times, you're welcome to so do this and to do the meditation for the lesson before you go on to the next lesson. With those words of wisdom, I will see you in the next lesson. 2. Free Association: Welcome back to Tero meditation, The Empress. This is the first of the meditations, and it's free association. The idea behind this is simple. It's when we've done with the other two meditations. If you've done the magician, the fool or the high Priestess, it's one of my favorite. The idea behind this is to simply take a look at one or several different terror cards and write down notes about the things that pop out to you about those cards I provided on the screen seven different cards that air from some of my favorite debts, and the idea behind it is what do you see? What do they all have in common? What's unique to a specific one? What's the symbolism involved? If you're just let it flow, you could always go back and write more about each item later to make to make good notes the first time you do this. It's not about making good notes. It's simply about jotting things down without giving a lot of thought to the. I always do this on scratch paper and then copy it into what I plan to keep it on. So this is kind of how this works, so take a few minutes. I would give yourself five minutes with free association. Even having done this for years, I don't usually spend more than about 10 minutes doing this. And then I get myself about 5 to 10 minutes afterwards to clean up my notes. Re copy them right out. More full thoughts. That's the idea. Here, give yourself permission to wander and look for details you haven't looked at before. The first time you do this, you're focused on the big things as you come back and do this with the same card at a later day. Try to focus on the things that didn't draw your eye the first time it can be. I had an eye opening experience. All right. Good luck with this meditation. Enjoy it. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. The Card and The Element: Welcome back to terror. Meditation, The Empress. This is Heidi, Snow Grove, Mystic Tree. All right, this is a different one than we've done in the past. This is the card in the element. If you've taken some of my terror classes, then you know that I do a lot of reading with elemental dignitaries. So this kind of meditation is very important to that. For me, this is the idea of taking a card and looking in detail at all the ways the elemental energy associated with that card is reflected in this image. So initially, since this is an earth card, obviously the week, the pregnancy, the trees in the background, all the green color of her robe all of those things would be kind of where I'd start this. But then it's actually talking about building something Mawr, a story that links it in your mind. This card is very, very clear, but it's not always and all the art in all the cards. And so the idea behind getting good at this technique this kind of meditation is to start with carved where it's very clear, and then do this with cards that maybe Arnas aren't as obvious as you go through the deck when you're doing a terror reading for a client, you can't stop and just arbitrarily go look things up. You have to have this information at your fingertips and these meditations, or is how you get it it at your fingertips. This is how it very clearly comes out to you as I'm writing a story about her in this relationship with the Earth, I'm actually creating lines and my subconscious that become the story during a reading. So this is a different kind of meditation that then we've done previously. But it's one that could be very useful and actually take some time to think about what Earth energy means to you as you're going through this and integrate that definition into your understanding about this card. And that's how I do a card and the element meditation continuing with that thought. Some things about Earth that you may or may not be familiar with, depending on how much you've worked with elements, is art is usually represented by the color green. It's a receptive energy. It's about receiving into yourself. So think about starting with your hands out wide and bringing them up to your heart, putting both palms over your heart as you go. It's that kind of energy. The stones for Earth energy tend to be the emerald parad out, and even coal coal is forged by the heat of the earth. So it is an extreme example of Earth energy. When we think about a musical instrument that denotes earth energy, you think about the Risen Mick repetition of a drum. So when I'm working with this card, you have no immunity this kind of meditation. I might actually even play some drum music in the background and try to get that association with this card for May that steady, repetitive beat. We find Earth energy in caves, canyons, forest groves and gardens. So I would use one of those words. And in her case, she looks like she's in a garden in front of a forest in the particular bot a cart. So I would I would use those kind of words to draw the image into my head and then look at what the nature is. Its fertility. It's nurturing its tube, stabilising those of the energy. So it's not just that she's pregnant kids that there's a possible of possibility of new things coming. It's that fertility, whether it be biological or creative or in building it's it's that creation energy and it's also stabilizing force. It's not wild energy. It's not Yang. It's very yen. It's very quiet and powerful and so looking at those in associating each of those things back to the card, and that's what this meditation is all about. 4. Family Tree Web: Welcome back to Terra Meditation. The Empress I'm Heidi, Snow Grove Mystic Tree. This is also a new meditation we have not done before. Called the Family Tree Web. Within the Tero, there are family cards, cards that denote relationships we have with people and understand that when I talk about family, I am not specifically talking about biological family. I'm talking about roles. It is very easy to get twisted with this. When you're doing a car re card reading, you could do a reading where it shows one person, his mother and another is daughter. And you start talking about the daughter energy to the mother and discover that you're not really talking about this woman's daughter. You're really talking about apparent that she is now taking care of. So you have to understand how those energies work, and this is one way to kind of get that into your head. So in the case of the Empress, she has a specific relationship to the king guards to the night cars, to the queen cards to the page cards and specifically the emperor. And that's where I'd start this kind of meditation. I build it out in layers So where that maybe we're a start. It may be a little bit later that I add yen things like the lovers card and how the family that shows up in the judgment card relates into this. And so you're pulling more and more in as your Web builds outward. But this is the basis. This is a harder meditation. If you're a beginner, it may be that this is something that you skip if you're brand new to Tero and maybe go back and do the might, the my drop my minor Arconic class to get a better idea of how these court cards work within because they are very specific in the way they function. And you need to have a good understanding of how they function with the majors in order to do this. But this is about story building, and it's taking and looking at not just, and I might break this into several. The first time you do this meditation, I might just take maybe her and the Emperor and look at them together or her and the Queen cards. And how does she relate to the different queen cards? And how are they different aspects of her energy and then look at the king. And so this could becomes. You don't have to bite off the whole web just to a part that is comfortable with you and give yourself a time limit. And then at the end of that time note do you feel like you've exhausted? Are you good with the relationship you were looking at, or do you want to come back and try it again? But this could help you build. This is again about building storytelling so that when you're in a reading and you're trying to relate those cards, you already have some of the storytelling of the cards built into your subconscious, and that's what this is all about. 5. Looking through the card: This is terror meditation, the Empress. I'm Heidi, Snow Grove, Mystic Tree. This is a minute we're going back to a meditation we've done before the looking through the card in this one, we have the empress sitting looking out to us. So the point of this is to actually try to in visualize yourself as her. What is she saying? And building a story around what you see ter seeing again. This is to get to know the card better so that you have more material in your subconscious . When you go to do a reading, that can be cute on. To me, terror readings are kind of interesting. You build all of these story lines in your hand, the art of it in the moment. The psychic part of it, if you will, is as you're doing a reading Which of these storylines come up to you and the more of them you have in your head. The more relationships, the more phrases, the more thought process I have that regard her. The more material my mind has to bring forward the pieces of the nuggets that the person sitting next to me needs. And so you're looking through the card and you're looking. You're using your imagination, your perception to determine what it is that she seeing based on what you know about her energy. And this is one of those moment in time things where what I see her seeing today, maybe different, six months from now. Similar but different. And so it's quite interesting toe go through journal and actually read back of what I got last time after I do one of these kind of meditations. This this is yet another plug for for keeping that journal in that notebook. 6. Looking around the Wheel: This is the Empress Tero meditation. I'm Heidi Snelgrove, Mystic Tree. All right, so the hero's journey, looking around the wheel, looking around the circle that is the hero's journey. We find two cards flanking the Empress, the High Priestess and the Emperor. And so this meditation is about trying to determine what her relationship with those two cards are. So to give you some key words that are meaningful to me, and they may or may not be the right ones for you. I see the Emperor Empress is being a spouse, a husband wife type relationship. And so how do they? How do they work together and and how is one overpower the other. How does one interact with the other between the high Priestess and the Empress? I see him a maiden and a mother. I see that young, that young, vibrant teacher that is putting her energy out into the world as opposed to the Empress shoes, putting her energy into her offspring into her Children into her family. And so it's amore inward. That's how this works for May those air some keywords to get you started, but the idea behind it is to really take a look and come up with what you find about these cards. I would give yourself a little longer on this meditation and all. Honestly, it needs to be 10 to 15 minutes. If you could do it. Don't necessarily need to write anything down while you're working on it. But if you want to jot notes down as you can, scrap paper is great for that. Copy it into your final document after you're finished. I always give myself five minutes to do the transcription at the end meet. 7. Looking around the Tableau: Welcome back to Terra meditation, the Empress. Today we're looking around the tableau. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time talking about the tableau if you've done the other meditations I've spoken to you about get. But the columns of Tebow tableau always provide us three cards that have a relationship to each other. And so with the Empress, she's the top of the column of three cards. The Empress, the Wheel of Fortune and Temperance. And so these cards have a relationship, and it's actually to me, kind of. This one's one of the cool ones because you've got the Empress, which is all about receiving in that energy. She's pulling things in. She's in creation mode. She on the card. She's actually creating a life, but it could be the creation of a new business or the creation of a new idea or a new piece of writing. It could be anything. It could even be in my world, a piece of jewelry that's being made and then we have the Wheel of the year, which is all about balance. It's about the turning of time, and finally, the Empress. I'm sorry, the temperance and in temperate he's pouring out water into the Universal River. So he it's It's the exact opposite of what we saw with the Empress. So these three cards have a definite relationship and a turning of time from this, receptive to the more giving of energies. And so that's kind of where I'd start exploring this if I were you and looking at how they relate together, give yourself a little bit longer. I would probably give 10 to 15 minutes for this close from Trump's about five minutes transcription time, and I think you'll find that there's a wealth to be had inside in the relationship of these three cards. And again, you're crafting a subconscious story so that when you see these cards show up in a reading , you automatically know how they connect to each other. 8. Final Thoughts: Welcome to the last lesson for terror meditation. The Empress. This is Heidi Snow Growth, Mystic Tree. What I'm looking for in kind of your project in your final thoughts on this is for you to go back through what you did with the meditations that you did. Which ones did you like the best? Which ones did you get the most out of? Which ones did you find the most challenging? That's the kind of information that I'm looking with. This one on the project. We want to know what was what has been a So what did we do with this? The goal here was to look at six different terror meditation techniques to take a deeper look at the at the Empress. The next terror meditation I'll be doing is the emperor in a couple of weeks. I've not added anything recently to the court Tero class. I'm kind of curious. Is there a topic within terror that you'd like to see me right more about? Or do another set of lessons at post within skill share and let me know? I do check skill shirt least once a week to look and see who's who's written what and posted What? So let me know if there's a topic that you'd like to see me cover right now, I've got to new Kabbalah classes coming out, um, ones, a statement of faith and the and it's not. It's about how to write your own statement of faith based on your belief system system. And the other one is the relationship between Kabbalah and astrology, which is a very unique relationship. And it's a very interesting class and then, under hearth crafting, I've got some planting classes, some perennial food garden information that's about to be coming out, so that's what's gonna be happening shortly.