Targeting 101: avoid some annoying mistakes by knowing your audience | Anna Franchi | Skillshare

Targeting 101: avoid some annoying mistakes by knowing your audience

Anna Franchi, Digital Marketing, Life Enthusiast

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9 Videos (26m)
    • Welcome

    • Your product is not for everyone

    • Target vs Persona

    • Focus on the problem

    • Segment

    • Get real data

    • Observe your Competition

    • Where do they hang out?

    • Final Recap


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to have a clear idea on who your target is by niching it down and “hanging out” with them. You will learn the difference between target and customer persona and work towards building your ideal customer persona in your project.

At the end of the class and by project completion, you will have your target market and customer persona lined out, which will be the starting point of your positioning and all your next steps.

This class is for business founders as well as for the ones who have a business idea and are taking the first steps. No previous knowledge nor experience is required.





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Anna Franchi

Digital Marketing, Life Enthusiast

Hello, I'm Anna, a digital nomad and life enthusiast. I work as digital marketing specialist, focusing on content writing and branding for startups and small businesses. In my daily work, I noticed that many business founders are not very familiar with marketing and very eager to learn new skills that would help them taking their companies to the next level. This is why I decided to share my knowledge with my courses. I want people to be successful in following their dreams and I want th...

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