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Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving and Stick with Your Diet

teacher avatar Meryl Hershey Beck, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach • Master Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Check out this class!

    • 2. 1. Overview

    • 3. 2. Meet Meryl

    • 4. 3. Objectives

    • 5. 4. Introduction

    • 6. 5. Background

    • 7. 6. Tapping

    • 8. 7. Overcoming Skepticism

    • 9. 8. My Change of Heart

    • 10. 9. SourceTapping®

    • 11. 10. Diagram of Points

    • 12. 11. Steps 1 - 3

    • 13. 12 The Spiritual Element

    • 14. 13. The Pleasure Breath

    • 15. 14. The Craving

    • 16. 15. Getting Centered

    • 17. 16. The First Round

    • 18. 17. The Second Round

    • 19. 18. Your Experience

    • 20. 19. Script, Diagram, Video

    • 21. 20. Audio

    • 22. 21. Is this Really a 5-Minute Craving Cure?

    • 23. 22. Will the Craving be Permanently Removed?

    • 24. 23. Tapping Carry Overs

    • 25. 24. When SourceTapping® Doesn't Work

    • 26. 25. Using SourceTapping® for More Than Cravings

    • 27. 26. Congratulations

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About This Class


I have not overeaten since I viewed this course, this is a miracle!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen to overcome cravings. It is much better than any other tapping I have ever seen, and she makes it fun and easy and simple to do. I am so happy that I now finally have an effective tool that works to overcome binging, something I have struggled with my whole life. GET THIS COURSE, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ~Alexis Harrison

Eliminate Those Darn Cravings and Have More Peace Around Food

Learn SourceTapping®, similar to EFT tapping, for overeating, binge eating, sugar cravings, sticking to your diet, and an aid to addiction recovery. Enjoy having more control over what you consume. Increase the likelihood of being able to stick with the food plan of your choice. 

“SourceTapping® completely healed my lifetime obsession of daily consuming peanut M&Ms.”  ~Elaine Maez

“I am very, very pleased that I no longer have a tendency to look for food like a grazing cow since I have used SourceTapping®.” ~Ron Masters

Are you sick and tired of…

  • Feeling out-of-control with your food?
  • Eating food that is on your personal “no, no” list?
  • Succumbing to that voice that screams from the freezer of cookie jar, “I’m here, come get me!”?
  • Having an irresistible urge to consume something and you just can’t stop?

This course will discuss those darn cravings and how to head them off before they take control.

In this course you will:

  • Discover why you overeat, binge eat, and have sugar cravings;
  • Learn what cravings are all about;
  • Briefly explore energy psychology (such as EFT Tapping) and how it is a valuable tool;
  • Experience for yourself the effectiveness and simplicity of SourceTapping® to eliminate your personal cravings and get your power back;
  • Have an effective tool to aid in dieting and help deal with addiction.

SourceTapping® was created 20 years ago and it has helped countless people worldwide eliminate those darn cravings. It is a powerful step-by-step process to give you more freedom and control around food.

We’ve gotten rid of cravings for ice cream, candy, cheese, chips, soda, and so much more.

This course is for anyone who wants to get rid of cravings and enjoy more freedom around food.

What a great resource!! Meryl simply explains the steps to be free from cravings. Sugar has always had a hold on me and now I have the tools to continue keeping it out of my kitchen and my mouth. I started out as a skeptic about tapping but it has helped me in many ways over the years. SourceTapping is on a deeper level. Thank you Meryl for this amazing gift. ~Frances Desmond

“I did SourceTapping® in 2013 and it took away my desire for chocolate covered almonds. It hasn’t returned.” ~Marie Farren

Get Started NOW

If you are sick and tired of those darn cravings and want peace around food, this course will give you the tool to eliminate cravings.

I look forward to hearing about your results.



 “SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success. ~Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

 “As a professional energy psychology practitioner I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such an ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a licensed psychotherapist and greatly appreciate the spiritual aspect of this method. Tapping into Source and accessing the Higher Self is very empowering. This is the piece that is missing from many other approaches. Thank you Meryl! ~Susan Wisehart

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meryl Hershey Beck

Emotional Eating Recovery Coach • Master Teacher


Meryl Hershey Beck, M. A., M.Ed. is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, an Emotional Eating Recovery Consultant, and a Master Teacher

Before becoming a counselor, Meryl spent more than 2 decades using food as her 'fix,' just like the alcoholic uses booze - to numb out. But not any more!

Her Amazon best-selling book, Stop Eating Your Heart Out tells her story of recovery and includes many tools and techniques to break the chains of emotional eating.

Meryl created an energy psychology technique, SourceTapping, to help ease pain, decrease emotional eating, curb cravings, manage stress, and feel better.

She is an international speaker and presenter, and has appeared on radio and TV.

Receive a free copy of "Roadmap to Stop Emotional Eating" at S... See full profile

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1. Check out this class!: Do you have cravings for certain food items or maybe even beverages? Maybe it's the ice cream in the freezer that's yelling out. Here I am. Come get me. Or maybe as you want past the vending machine, it screams in your ear. There's lots of choices. Which ones do you want? Or maybe it's the drive thru fast food place, and your car just has to drive through. Hi, I'm Merrill Hershey back, and I'm a licensed professional clinical counsellor. I'm here today to help you get rid of those cravings I know about cravings. In fact, I had binge eating disorder many years ago and it lasted quite a while. And then later I became a councillor in 1980 and I worked with people that had food abuse issues in 1997. This technique that I'm gonna be teaching, you hear came into my life, and it totally changed the way I worked with my clients and with food cravings and with drink cravings. When we worked with the cravings using this technique, that item becomes a choose to rather than 1/2 to I was able to get rid of my ice cream addiction ice cream was my biggest comfort food. And using this technique, it is now gone. Ice cream has about as much appeal as a celery stick or maybe a piece of cantaloupe. You know it's OK. I can have it sometimes, but there's no draw. There's no pull. There's no urge anymore. And I'll tell you more about that story later on. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you're ready to get started so that we can take away whatever it is you crave and you'll be free to make food choices that are healthier and make you much happier. Let's get going. 2. 1. Overview: tamp cravings away the five minute craving cure. Welcome to the course. I'm so glad you found it because I'll be able to help you get rid of those darn cravings. Let's take a look at what the course is set up at an overview of it. First of all, we'll take a look at the nature of cravings. Why do we have them? Where do they come from? What's it all about? We'll talk a little bit about entered energy psychology. Energy psychology is a fairly new field, and it's pretty large. So we're only gonna go into a just a little tiny bits. You have a sense of what it's all about. We'll discuss source tapping, which is the tapping that I created in 1997 and have been using for myself in my clients ever since. You'll experience source tapping for yourself to tap away your cravings, go to see some bonuses that you'll get, and then I'll be answering frequently asked questions. Since I've been doing this so long, I know a lot of the questions that are often asked. Now let me just say that some students don't ever finish a course. They begin it. And then they put it away. I wonder who would do such a thing? I've done it. Okay, I'll admit it. What? I recommend this. If you want to get rid of the cravings, you don't skip. Section four makes sure Section four is something you cover because in section for you will actually experience for yourself how to do the tapping. So you eliminate whatever it is you're craving right now or at the time we do it. 3. 2. Meet Meryl: So here I am, Merrill Hershey back. I have a master's in education. I have a master's in counseling, and I'm a licensed professional clinical counsellor that since 1980 the people I work with are mostly people who had eating issues. So I've had many years of experience doing this, and it's based on my own experience off recovering from binge eating disorder. So I know about this both personally and professionally. I'm known as an emotional eating recovery consultant, so even before I had my degree, when I was sponsoring people in 12 step recovery program and giving them lots of different ideas of what they can do to feel better and do their own inner work. That's the title that I was given emotional eating recovery consultant. Because so many people have issues with emotional eating and I can help them with the recovery. I'm a personal growth expert. I mean, I work on myself all the time. My clients, I help them work on themselves. I've been doing this for many years. Way before I became a counselor, I'm a grief relief guy. In 2011 my son passed away and I managed my own grief and now I help other people manage fears. And one of the tools that I use for them, by the way, is sourced tapping. And I am the creator of source tapping, which is a little bit different than other forms of tapping. For those of you who are familiar with it, you'll see the similarities, and you'll see the differences and Asian. If you've never heard of tapping, you'll be able to get a lot out of this program because I will lead it you through it, step by step by step and hold your hand. I'm the author of a bestselling Amazon best selling book, Stop Eating Your Heart Out the 21 day program to free yourself for emotional eating, and it came out in 2012. It's the story of my own emotional eating issues with binge eating disorder and then the tools that I use for recovery, which I shared with people. I was sponsoring that a long time ago, but now I share it with my clients and with people that I teach because I love doing the teaching and the books available in five formats. It's in print version for those of us who still like to touch those pages. And for those of us who don't you can get a Kindle or e book format. It's available as a workbook, a Pdf download workbook. It's available as an e book and workbook form, and it's an audiobook. So there's five different formats you can use whatever way works for you. And I'm really excited that people are saying it's been very helpful. If you go on Amazon, you can read some of the great reviews you can find me on any one of my three websites. In fact, you can join the lists and get more information. And sometimes there's freebies that come with the website. I think all the time there's freebies, so they're Stop eating your heart out dot com source tapping dot com and you're grieving heart dot com 4. 3. Objectives: When you complete this course, you will have a basic understanding of cravings. You will have eliminated at least one craving for yourself. You will have it easy to use tool source tapping so you can continue to eliminate cravings on your own. And I think that's really important. It's not really just doing it with May. It's being able to take this tool and use it in your own life. Whenever you need it, he will have source tapping directions. They'll be PdF. They'll be in audio and they'll be a video, so you'll have different formats of it. 5. 4. Introduction: when were babies? When we're kids, we all learn that eating is a part of our life. It's something we do every single day, usually three times a day, if not more. But these kids and we were just like that. They stop when they're full. They don't keep eating. Have you ever had a child in a high chair or little baby? Then you tried to feed them one more bite than they want that either spit it out or they close their mouth. They don't want it. Even you want to play that game like okay, it is an airplane. It's coming. It's coming. Open the hangar. You're not gonna open their mouths because they self regulate. They stop when they're full. Some how many of us lost that ability as we got older and we'll talk a little bit about that. Food really is a form of pleasure, not just for this little girl who's loving her sketchy, but we can still use food as pleasure as long as we're not over doing it. As long as it doesn't become our drug of choice, but enjoying our meals. That's fine. That's great. Let's find the pleasure when we eat and not just eat to stuff our feelings. Food is used as a reward, not just for us, but look what we do for our pets When we train our dog. We use foodists reward all the time. It's not unusual, but food is also used as a reward for people. So here's a little child that was very brave and going to the doctor and getting a shot. What's the reward? A lollypop food is also used to soothe. Look at this little girl. She was hurt. What is she given to make her feel better? A sucker? How often, If your own Children or Children that you've seen in the neighborhood, they do things like they skin their knee and Mommy says, Oh, honey, here, have a cookie. I don't want you to feel bad. So food has been used to soothe for a long time, ever since we were little kids. But look what happens. Look how we start using food to suit. It's not one piece of candy, it's the whole backs. It's not one bite of ice cream. It's the whole curtain. It's not one you know. It's not one donut. It's the whole bag. So we learned one ago we were little weight tights. That food could soothe that. We would feel better. Some of us learn that we feel empty inside, and I'm really talking from personal experience. So I needed food to fill me because I had so much inner emptiness. So food has taken out a bigger picture than what it was really designed for, which is nutrition and pleasure, and we use it for many other things. So let's take a look at the nature of cravings. I'm on Lee going to be touching this just a little tiny bit just to give you some basic ideas so there could be physical cravings. It's been documented in researched the one that I think of. The most you probably have heard of is that women, especially when they're PMS ing they create chocolate and one of the things that's missing in their body some of the time when they're craving chocolate is magnesium. So they go for the chocolate and get it that way. Emotional cravings we saw in those pictures how we use food to soothe. We use food to numb out. Maybe you're angry with your boss you go down the vending machine and you grab chips, you go around my wrap and chomp on them. You really want to jump on him. We'll cover. But you're champing on something, so we use food because of emotional needs because of emotional challenges. And we also use it like I said before, to fill up in inner emptiness. And that's all about emotions. And it's also about lack of spirituality. So what's combined? My chemical? Did you know that the regular use of drugs like foods such as, Oh, you know, the refined sugars and refined flours you know, the foods that are more like drugs than anything else? Did you know that those can really inhibit the production off some of your brain's natural pleasure chemicals? So look what we're doing. When we're eating some of that stuff that we affectionately call junk food. We're inhibiting our own pleasure center from activating those chemicals. Sometimes we could be Lohan dopamine. So we go for the starches and go for the sweets. Sometimes people are overeating because they have a depletion of endorphins and those air natural pain relievers. So I recommend that you check with your health care professional in case you're missing anything at a biochemical level to see if you need to be taking some supplements and there are supplements that help, and I am not qualified to tell you about it, but your health care provider can, or a nutritionist. So it's not unusual to have cravings, and the cravings can be for many different reasons. Let's take a look at the triggers some things that can trigger us to eat or ovary to convey an event. For instance, if you're a shy person, you find yourself at a meeting or at a party, and you just don't really want to talk to anybody or don't know how where you gonna end up standing at the buffet table and helping yourself and picking here and picking there. That's not unusual. That's just one example of a triggering event. There's so many others. I'm just gonna go through this pretty briefly just to give you an idea off some of the triggers that will cause us to want to overeat or start craving certain foods. Another is memories. When we're having memories that cause upset, we want to feel better. We get pleasure from food and sometimes we overdo it and eat way more than we need. But the memories uncomfortable memories can give us a need to get rid of that feeling and use the food. So that's a trigger people, especially difficult people who are in your life could be triggers for you. You know, that person just argued with you and your feeling so upset. So you want to go grab something to eat? You're not feeling loved by your spouse or your companion. So you're gonna go won't get something smooth and creamy. Probably chocolate, maybe ice cream. Because you want that love. Those air triggers people, events, memories, places off, huh? Places really? Now, I don't know about you, but for me, my biggest weakness before I got into recovery was donuts. Then my car would pass a donut shop on my way to work and would have to stop that. There wasn't an option. It had to stop. I saw the places that up gotta go there for other people. When they see fast food places there drive throughs in their car just drives through. So those air triggering places sometimes. And it's not even out here. Sometimes you see an advertisement for something eat on TV or a billboard. And that's a trigger that you want to go get something to eat, even though your bodies not really hungry. Sometimes dates can be a trigger, and these are may not be a conscious level over and over and over again. I would have a client command and say, I'm family so depressed and I don't know why. And we look at their calendar and they'd realize, Oh, this is the anniversary of my father's death, for instance. And when the dates come up, even if we're not consciously aware of it, our bodies, no. And we're seeking some pleasure were seeking some relief from those depressing feelings. So those are some of the triggers that we have. So that's an overview that what's what causes us to overeat, what causes some off the emotional eating and especially what costs the cravings. Let's take a look now at one of the techniques that's been my favorite for a long time, and it's called energy psychology, and when you go to Section two, I'll be teaching you energy psychology and how it works and how it worked for me. 6. 5. Background: I wrote about a lot of tools and techniques that you can use toe overcome emotional eating in my book. Stop eating your heart out. Let me just tell you that my most favorite tool of all is what we're going to start talking about. Now we're beginning Section two and taking a look at energy psychology techniques. So what is energy psychology? It's based on Chinese medicine, which believes that we have a meridian system and the meridian system, our energy pathways. It's often called acupressure for the emotions. In energy psychology, we often not all of techniques but often use tapping or touching on points to release physical or emotional pain in Chinese medicine. The belief is the reason we have pain is because we have blacked energy, and when they insert the needles with acupuncture, it will open up the energy field. And what we've discovered is that and the research shows is that acupressure is Justus effective as acupuncture, and we will be touching and tapping these acupressure points to release the cravings. Research also has shown that what energy psychology techniques air doing is rewiring the brain. They've been used a lot to heal people from trauma because when we are in trauma, were in fight, flight or freeze. But when we're tapping on these points, we're telling our body, Calm down. There's no tiger out there ready to pounce. So we're we're rewiring the brain and getting rid of that trauma loop that lived there for that existed there. And we also rewiring the brain when it comes to cravings. And you'll see this for yourself in Section four when we do the tapping to release a craving for yourself. There's been a lot of research done within the last five or 10 years, and you can read it for yourself on energy psych dot org's. For instance, 98% of all the energy psychology studies show that they work in 100% off. Follow ups show that the benefits lasted. There have been studies done with eating. There's been studies done with trauma. There's been studies done with anxiety. So if you're interested in the field, take a look at energy psych dot org's 7. 6. Tapping: the energy psychology technique that I do the most and that I'm going to share with you now involves tapping. And I'll tell you the story about how it started. So there's this man who is this who was a site? He's no longer on this plane. He's deceased. Roger Callahan was a psychologist in California, and he was working with this woman, Mary, who was so afraid of water she would take a bath in this much water. If it was raining, she wouldn't go outside. I mean, she had such a phobia about water. And Roger Callahan worked with her for 18 months and made about this much progress hardly at all. But then he Roger Callahan became interested in the Meridian system that we just talked about that energy system that runs through our body. And he also became interested in muscle testing away to see if something is a resonating with your body or not. And he said to marry one day, would you be willing to try something? And she said, Sure, He said, Why don't you just think about water? Just thinking about her? Her fear was way I and he said, Tell me if anything changes and he started to tap right here, and you can find this point yourself. There's a bone believed beneath the center of your eye, and there's a match in the bone you can just tap right there very gently. And he said, Mary, I want you to think about water as the tapping was happening and in just a few minutes, she said, It's gone. He looks at her like what any sign he's. He has a home office and a swimming pool in the backyard, and he sees Mary getting up and going toward the pool and he gets scared and he yells out, Mary, don't go in, you can't swim! And she yells back, Dr Callahan, it took away the fear. It didn't make me stupid, and the fear never came back for her. Now Roger Callahan was totally impressed and totally mystified, like how could it work so fast? And he went on to discern what feelings were connected to what points and he came up with a technique called thought field therapy that connected the different points with the different feelings and he wrote out algorithms and I study TFT, but I don't remember, So I'm gonna make it up now. But let's imagine that somebody says, Oh, I'm really have a lot of fear So he we'd say, Let's tap here and let's tap here or somebody else, Kenyon said. I'm so sad. Says, Well, let's tap here and let's tap here That's so Each point had different place to tap in a certain sequence. It was very specific for Roger Callahan's technique. Now along comes one of his students, Gary Craig. Now Gary Craig studied with Roger Callahan. In fact, he spent $110,000 to study with Roger Kelon, and Gary Craig was trained as a Stanford engineer. So he said, Yes, this works. But using the engineer mind, he said, Let's simplify it. So his technique, known as E. F. T or emotional freedom technique, taps on all the points in particular. No particular order. And he's able to get these amazing results, and he's been doing this technique for many, many years and teaching it it's been out in the world. I learned it from him in 1997 8. 7. Overcoming Skepticism: my story of learning. It means I had to overcome skepticism. And there's so many people that hear about this technique and they're very skeptical. And they say things like All my, It just looks way too weird. It can't possibly work. The results won't last. Well, I was very skeptical, too. And I'll tell you about that. I was like I was number one. It's way too weird. I'm not doing this weird thing. 9. 8. My Change of Heart: I had a change of heart. My friend Melanie, who lives here in Tucson, invited me to learn tapping. And I said her, uh, it's too weird. I'm not doing that with my clients. So that was my stand that I was living in two side and going to Cleveland once a month and doing a core belief workshop, and we would start out by going around the group and finding out what the issues are the person want to work on. And there was one woman and will call her Louise. And she said, I have this issue and I really want to work on it. So we worked on it. My co leader and I worked with her on it, using every tool in our toolbox, and nothing was changing. Louise was still feeling so depressed and upset about this issue. So I got on the phone, I call Melanie and I said, Okay, how do you do that tapping thing? And over the phone, she told us what points to tap, what to say. We did it with Louise and like that, it was clear. So I said, Okay, I need to learn this. I need to find out to help my clients release these emotional feelings that are causing them so much distress. I was so impressed with his technique that I called up a trainer in Tucson and she came out and taught it to us, and I was amazed. I was amazed how it worked if I had some emotions, emotional difficulties and challenges and memories that were cleared on that day of training. And then I went and got some training with Gary Craig in 1997 and I loved e f T. I thought it was fabulous that we just tap and the feelings would be gone, so I took it to my clients. Now, remember, I was working with a 12 step recovery population, so the first thing they said waas Well, where's the higher power piece? And then they go home and they come back the following week. And I said, Did you do what did you do? The tapping. And they say, Oh, well, I didn't remember how I didn't know what to say. I didn't know where to tap, huh? What's a person to do, doc? Data source tapping was born because source tapping met the needs of my clients 10. 9. SourceTapping®: source tapping uses a script so that when I have somebody working with me, I give them the script to take home, and they can do it on their own. They don't have to remember what to say. All they have to do is read along with it. It brings in the spiritual higher power high yourself, God, whatever word a person's comfortable with you, tap or touch these acupressure points that are known as acupoints. It reduces anxiety, reduces stress, and it effectively curbs cravings so that you can use it. When something in the refrigerator or cookie jar is calling your name, come and get me, and when you're aware of it, you can do the tapping for yourself, and that's what I'll be teaching you and section for It increases ACSI toasts in an ACSI. Toasted is a feel good hormone, and when we do the pleasure breath that I will be teaching you in the next section, you will be increasing your oxytocin and feeling good, so it increases feelings of well being. In the next section. I'll be telling you more about the components of source tapping, and then in Section four, you'll actually get to experience it. So keep going. It anchors in joy, love or other positive feelings so enhances feelings of well being in the next section. I'm going to be going over the components of source tapping so you'll have all of the pieces and then in section for you conduce oh, it along with me and get rid of whatever those cravings are, so you'll have more peace around food. 11. 10. Diagram of Points: welcome to Section three in this section. Albig ongoing over the components of source tapping so that in section four you'll be able to do the tapping yourself along with May. You'll know all the different parts, so let's begin by taking a look of the different points. These are the points that we're gonna be tapping on. You'll be tapping on the karate chop point, which is the edge of either hand between your little finger and your wrist. You'll be I'm gonna do this in order, not according to the diagram. You'll be going next to the sore spot on your chest. It's between your collarbone and your shoulder, and if you poke around, you go might go out because it's a live drainage point and you're not gonna actually tap that point. You're gonna be gently rubbing it around in a circle. Those of you who are wearing a pacemaker make sure you use the right side of your chest, and then we're gonna be going two points on the face and on the body will be doing the head would be doing the sadness point, which is the inside edge of your eyebrows and when you tap. You can usually use two or three fingers, and you do it gently. Fear that point under your eye that we talked about the center of your eye. You'll fee under the center of your eye. You'll feel that bone, the natural, the bone, shame and embarrassment. It's a point about the lip at a point below the bottom lip, and I'd like to do it by using the sides of my thumb and first finger. Hurting grief. Are two finger widths below your collarbone. Guilt four inches down below your armpit. It's for those women who are wearing brides. That's where your bra goes across. Trauma third eye point. It's in between your eyebrows pain, this risk point, and I like to do both wrists together. That's always optional. If you do one side or both, anger the edge of your little finger, and it's the edge closest to ring finger, and you want to be tapping up by your nail bed forgiveness. It's the point on your pointer finger, and it's the side of your finger close to your fum, and it's up by your nail again. And then the addiction point. The addiction points a little trickier to find, and I do it by taking my right hand and allowing my thumb to go, pointing toward the ceiling my left hand. My palm is facing down. Then I take my right hand with thumb up and put it right here in over my left hand. And the point that I get by my thumb is Theoden ction point to make it simpler. What we can do is find the webbing between your thumb and first finger and trace that line down to your wrist so we can tap that whole line because that will include the addiction point. 12. 11. Steps 1 - 3: so the first step in setting up source tapping. You're going to imagine that you're a tree and you're gonna be clearing from the branches of the tree, way down to the roots and the branches of the conscious mind and the roots of the unconscious. And then the second step is to think about what it is you crave. It could be a food item. It could be a drink. Whatever it is you're craving, you could actually have that item in front of you or you can just be thinking about it. And the surprising thing is that just thinking about it has as good as results as if it's in front of you. So you have that food item or you're thinking about that item, and then you need to determine what's the level of craving. How intense is that urge and we're gonna use a 0 to 10 scale. Was zero being not at all and tending as high as it could be. And then the third step is to gently tap the acupoints on your face and body. Those points that we just went over, we're gonna gently tap them using two or three fingers and you will be saying specific words that are given in the script. Actually, in Section four, you're going to not only see the words you're going to hear my voice and you can echo them so you will be given the words to say. 13. 12 The Spiritual Element: source tapping includes a spiritually element. It's up to you if you say God. Higher power universe creator loving presence. Whatever word works for you if you don't have a belief in God or higher power if you're agnostic or atheist, chest use high yourself. Many of my clients have done it and find it equally effective. So if you're not sure, if you want to bring in spirituality in terms of God, go ahead and use high yourself. It will work just fine when we begin. What you'll be doing is creating a partnership with source God Higher power. High yourself So you're not doing this alone. You have a partnership that's created. And to begin that partnership, you begin by saying a little prayer in your own mind. It can be a simple as please help me with this or please release these cravings from me. So it's your own prayer before we actually start the tapping 14. 13. The Pleasure Breath: during the second round. We include something that I'm calling the pleasure breath and the pleasure breath rains, bringing in the breath, inhaling into your belly and you can even put your hands on your belly to see that it's rising. And then as you exhale, you'll do it with a sound ha and a smile on your face. So it looks like this, um, big smile, the sound A J or H A. H and what we're doing is stimulating the vagus nerve. And that increases Acsi, Tosa and ACSI. Tosa is a feel good hormone. Are you ready to begin the tapping for your cell? Section four, You'll be actually tapping away that craving. 15. 14. The Craving: Welcome to Section four. Now, this is the section where you're actually going to be doing it. You're gonna be tapping away your cravings. So what is that you crave chips, Ice cream, candy cookies. Hi, Coke. Something else. What is a You crave this woman here. You can see that she's way into eating sweets and doesn't look so good. But she's been overeating on those to begin source tapping. Think about what you're craving or actually have that item in front of you. Remember, it works both ways. You can have the food or drink item, or you could just think about it. And I want you to smell it and taste it. Or imagine smelling it and tasting it. And now what's the level of craving? How intense is it? Zero is none. Tennis high. How intense is their craving and write it down because sometimes we forget the number 16. 15. Getting Centered: So we're gonna begin by getting centered. Just take a breath Who say A simple prayer to your higher power. It could be a simple as please release the least these cravings Or please help me with this in your own mind. Just say a simple prayer asking for help, letting go off craving. 17. 16. The First Round: the first round. So we'll begin with the karate chap Point between your little finger into wrist the edge of your hand. Either hand and repeat after me. I released this craving to source to transform it and my relationship to it, never to take it back or passively receive it back so that this whatever it is you're craving becomes a choose to rather than I have to. Sore spot, left sided chest Unless you're wearing a pacemaker between your collarbone and your shoulder robin gently around the circle. Even though I have this craving, I totally and completely love and accept myself. Even though I have this craving, I totally and completely love and accept myself. If that's too much of a stretch for you, try this. Even though I have this craving, I want to totally and completely love and accept myself. Top of hit. I bring in source in tow, all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving and asked for healing for the highest good inside edge your eyebrows, one side or the other. I like to do both. It's totally optional. I released the sadness you know all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving. Hold your fingers still, think about the sadness and exhale it out. Under I. It's the middle of the I, um, center of the eye with your feeling matching the bone again, one side or the other or both, and be gentle. I released the fear in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about any fear and exhale it out under the nose and under the lip elected use night sides of my fingers to do it. At the same time, I released the shame and embarrassment and all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about any shame or embarrassment and exhale it out. We're going down to finger widths below your collarbone. I released the hurt and grief in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about hurt in grief and exhale it out under arms so it's about four inches. Blow your armpit and it's a lying with your bra for women. I released the guilt in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about any guilt and exhale it out by the way you could do it this way. Give yourself a hut, whichever you want. We're going up to the third eye, which is between your eyebrows. I released the trauma in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about any trauma that's involved and exhale it out. Gonna do the inside of your wrists together I released the pain in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold Think about the pain Exhale it out We're gonna use the inside edge your little finger I released the anger and all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold Think about any anger Exhale it out. We're going to do the addiction point But finding it with your thumb right at the end or you and you can use this whole line from the webbing down to your wrist. On either hand, I release any addiction in all the branches to the deepest roots around this craving hold. Think about any addiction involved and exhale it out. And then the last point is the pointer finger and we're gonna be doing You need to Onley do three of these, but I'm gonna have you do all for them now so that weaken you have practiced doing them. But when you're doing it on your own, do at least three and you can do all four. I release all the energy invested in this craving so I can use the energy for my own well being. I totally and completely forgive myself for forgetting I'm doing the best I can. I totally and completely forgive myself for eating or drinking more than my body really needed. And I totally and completely forgive myself. And I asked my higher power or source to release this craving so that it becomes a choose to rather than I have to And take a breath, imagine smelling it, tasting it. What's your level of craving now? You might want to write it down, and we're gonna go right in to the next round, which is gonna be a little bit different and faster 18. 17. The Second Round: so the second round. What it's about is nature abhors a vacuum. So we eliminated all these feelings. We want to put something positive in to replace all those feelings you just released. What positive do you want to bring in peace? Joy, love, happiness, acceptance, pleasure. Whatever it ISS for the purpose of this demonstration, I'm gonna pick joy, and you can put in whatever word you want. But close your eyes and see if you could remember a time when you were feeling that. And where is it you feel it in your body? Just be aware of it. Where do you feel it in your body? Allow yourself to feel that feeling off joy or whatever, that pleasant experiences that that positive state of being is for you. And then open your eyes thinking about that pleasant feeling. Begin by tapping the top of your head. I bring in this joy in tow all the branches to the deepest roots around the craving inside there to your eyebrows. I bring in this feeling of joy. Then hold your fingers still and will do a pleasure breath. So when you inhale, you fill up your belly as you exhale. You do it with a sound high and a smile on your face under I point that bring in this feeling of joy hold Allow a pleasure breath whom under nose and under lip I bring in this feeling of joy. Hold, allow pleasure Breath Who just below collarbone I'm bringing in this feeling of joy whole. Allow a pleasure breath. Who under arm point This way or this way, I bring in this feeling of joy. Hold. Allow a pleasure breath whom third eye between your eyebrows. I'm feeling joy Hold. Allow breath inside. You risk together I feel joy. Hold. Allow a breath. The little finger point. I feel joy hold. Allow a breath addiction point. I feel joy hold. Allow prep pleasure breath on. Then one mawr your pointer finger. I'm feeling so much joy. Hold. Allow one more big pleasure breath with a big smile on your face. Whom to take a breath? Imagine picking it up. Whatever it is, you're whatever the item is or if you really have it, smell it. Taste it. What's your level of craving now? Zeros not in tennis high, so generally people's numbers will go down. And if you're more than a like a three of your three or more, I reckon, recommend starting all over again with number one to reduce it. Most people, the numbers will continue to go down. If you're having difficulty with this, please send me a note and I'll see what I can do to help you out with it. 19. 18. Your Experience: so I'm wondering what your experiences, some common reactions people Now the same person will tell me more. More than one person has told me this. I feel so relax and I feel so energized so you can have both of those experiences at the same time. Many times people are doing a lot of yawning as they do it, and the yawning is a way of releasing it. When you're doing this on your own and a lot of feelings come up at one particular point, stay on that point until the feeling level drops. So if you're here and all the sun, all this fear comes up of whatever else, just stay there, tack with it until it goes down. The intensity of the craving for most people has changed, and I want to know if that's what happened for you. I want to hear what your experiences did. Your numbers go down. What did it feel like for you? What did you What was it like for you doing the second round? Bringing in the positive? Please share your experiences and I'll be able to dialogue with you and comment about whatever you wrote. Now we're gonna go take a look at the bonuses, so stay tuned 20. 19. Script, Diagram, Video: Yeah, you did it. Section four was all about using source tapping to eliminate a craving for yourself. And now I have some bonuses that will help you continue to do it. First of all, I created the script, which you can see on the left side of the screen, and it gives you all the words to say as you're doing source tapping. You already saw the diagram, and you see a little piece of it here that shows you the points, the acupoints that we use for source tapping. And remember, you can do one side or the other or both. It's always up to you. Thirdly, I created off video off my showing you how to do source tapping for a craving. And you can use this any time you want. So this is a bonus. This all three parts come as one bonus for you because you've done the tamping, and this is so that you can continue to do the tapping for yourself. And you can get this bonus by going to the resource section. Or you can go to source tapping dot com video script and get it there 21. 20. Audio: Now some people want just the audio so they can have it with them. They can have it on their on their iPhone or their smartphone. And when they're somewhere that's not at home and they don't have access to the video, you can listen to just the audio and tap along with me so I'll give you pause is to do the tapping just like we did here. For instance, I might say for the sadness point you can tap on one eyebrow point or the other or both. It's up to you and repeat after me. I release all the sadness in all the branches. Okay, so I go slow enough that you can actually echo my words. You'll have time. So that's a recording just for you, and you can find it in the resource section, or you can get it. Its source tapping dot com forward slash cravings audio. So I hope you like these bonuses. It'll help you continue to do source tapping on your own whenever a craving comes up for you. Now you might have some questions, and next section I'm gonna answer some of the common questions that I've received. So stay tuned 22. 21. Is this Really a 5-Minute Craving Cure?: Okay, let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions. I will say that I am an expert in source tapping since I am the creator and I've been teaching it and doing it since 1997. So I know some of the questions that have come through that I can answer. And if you have additional questions, please use the comments section, and I will answer them for you, too. But let's take a look the most frequently asked questions. First of all, people say, and I'm sure you've asked this yourself. Now, why is this called the five minute craving cure? It took way longer than five minutes. Yeah, did the tapping section that we did probably took 10 even 12 minutes. But once you know it, once you know the points and you're familiar with it, then you can do it under five minutes. I actually do this for myself on my morning in a work walks. That's what I call them because I walk and I tap or I do other inner work the same time and I timed it and it takes May. I've been doing it for years. It takes me like 3.5 minutes to go through both rounds. So I know that after you've done this a few times and you're familiar with the points and all you have to do is echo back what you're hearing or actually do it yourself without echoing it. Just read through the script. It will take you under five minutes, so that's why it's called the Five Minute Craving Cure. 23. 22. Will the Craving be Permanently Removed?: another question. Will this craving be gone forever? Well, yes, Sometimes that he is. I'm gonna tell you my ice cream story now I scream was my biggest addiction. It was my biggest comfort food. When I was six, I had my tonsils out and guess what they gave me in the hospital. Ice cream E throat feels so much better. And I learned that ice cream would soothe me, and it became my major comfort food. I mean, I use ice cream for anything. Any time. I was upset, I had a physical pain, anything I thought. Well, it screams gonna fix it. So after I recovered from binge eating disorder, what I did so that I didn't constantly eat ice cream was not having around. And that worked. Ah ha! Until I went to visit my mom, who at the time was about 92 years old and said to me, Honey, every night I like an ice cream cone. I want you to fix it for me. So help in upper freezer. And there's five kinds of flavors, including my favorite mint chocolate chip. The first night I make her an ice cream cone, and I have a scoop. The second night I make her and ice cream cone and I have two scoops now. I knew I was in trouble the third night. I was very fortunate that I was teaching a course on source tapping and that we paired up so that people could work on their individual cravings. It was an uneven number of people, so I got to work on it too. And guess what? I picked ice cream. So I tapped that night releasing the desire for ice cream. I went to make my mom it ice cream cone later, and I made it for her, and I didn't even wanna lick the spoon. It was so surprised. The next night, I made her ice cream. Cole No desire to lick the spoon. I couldn't believe it. I flew home a few days later and I was given a voucher from food because our plane was delayed and I went over to the gelato station and I thought, Well, let me just try it. And she gave me a taste of two or three kinds of gelato. I didn't want it. I had no desire. So releasing the craving is not necessarily forever. But for me, it was a forever thing. So that ice cream now is in the same category as, Oh, a piece of chicken or an apple. You know, it's take it or leave it. It's no big deal. I had ice cream one time since then. That was an ice cream bar when I put my favorite toppings on and I had three or four bites and I didn't care about it anymore. Now this is totally amazing to me. I just can't believe it happened. Now, sometimes it's not gone forever. And when it's not gone forever, then you just pick up the script or you listen to the audio and your tap on it again, it's that simple. 24. 23. Tapping Carry Overs: people say to me so if I tapped on one thing, will it also carry over to this other cat or same category? For instance, I had a woman who came in and said that she had just bought this huge container off Eminem's at the store and she tapped on it. And she has not won in M and M since. However, she did say that she still eats other chocolate Candies so it doesn't always carry over. It does, for some people some of the time, but not always. And when it doesn't carry over and those other chocolate Candies are calling you, take out your script or listen to your audio and tack fourth, then. 25. 24. When SourceTapping® Doesn't Work: When doesn't it work? Okay, source tapping works most of the time. If it doesn't work, I suggest drinking some water. Our bodies are electrical. This is an electrical system, and it needs the water to keep moving things through. I also suggest that you tap and focus on the tapping. I had a client once, and I think she may have been the only person who didn't work for. And I said to her afterward, cause her the numbers didn't go down. What were you thinking about when you were tapping and she said, Oh, I was thinking about what am I gonna have for dinner? And what am I doing tonight? And what am I gonna wear tomorrow? So she wasn't focused on the tapping. So if you're not focused on the tamping, it might not work. So I would suggest beginning again. Focus on the words when your mind drifts away, bring it back into what you're actually thinking about the substance you want a tap on and the actual tapping that you're doing. Um, those are the two main times, I think. Let me say, Are there any other times and it doesn't work? Probably. Ah, probably That's all. I mean, least all that I can think of right now. Um, sometimes people say to me, Do you have to believe in it toe work? It helps that it doesn't have to happen. People who are skeptical, they start out skeptical and find that it works. My particular story is that when I learned tapping and I was very skeptical, I was working on this wasn't a craving that was working on this old feeling of hurt when I felt really abandoned and I was tapping and I was tapping and I was tapping. And when I got here, I couldn't find it anymore. Now, I was skeptical. I didn't think it was gonna work, but I couldn't find that feeling of hurt. It was like a piece of me was gone that I had been caring for years. So even if you're sceptical, it might work. It's better if you really are open and say, Well, let me see if it works, rather than it's not gonna work at all 26. 25. Using SourceTapping® for More Than Cravings: what happens if you didn't tap and you already picked up. You already were caught into that craving the whatever it was called you and you ate it. And now you're feeling guilty where you can tap on the killed, you can tap on the craving even if you already went to it so that you don't go to it again . And when you tap on the guilt, it brings us to the next question. Actually, which is can I use source tapping for anything besides cravings? Well, yeah. If you've just felt guilty about eating whatever it was you were craving and now you're feeling guilty about it, you can tap on the guilt you can tap on any feeling Any time you feel distressed, the words will change a little bit. Instead of saying I released the craving, you see, I released the feeling I released the issue. Whatever word you want, you can substitute instead of craving, say issue, say feeling. So let's say I just over eight and then I will start out and I'll start by saying I release this feeling to my higher power or I release this issue to my higher power and then you can use the word issue or feeling all the way through. It's a really good tool. Tahan toe Let go of emotional pain so that it doesn't drive you to the cookie jar or the McDonald's or the vending machine. You have a technique to use. Now remember, if the craving is already a 10 you're not gonna want to stop and do it. So pay attention. When something is calling you, it's calling you small little voice. Don't wait until it's booming. Don't wait until the cravings attend. When you first are thinking about Oh, I have such and such in the cupboard or oh, maybe I'll stop it this place on the way home from work When you first start thinking about it, that's when you do the tapping so you can do the tapping for cravings for anything else, the causes emotional stress, even old traumas you can tap for that tapping is a wonderful tool, and I'm so glad you took the time to learn it, and you can use source tapping now. It's a tool for you to hack in your in your own toolbox to use whenever you need it. 27. 26. Congratulations: Yea, Congratulations. You completed the cores. You did it. You made it all the way through. Now there's a lot of people that don't complete a course. You did. You did. You're a special kind of person. You're a special pre. Now you have all of the techniques that you need to stop cravings for yourself and you can be an ambassador. You can tell others you could do it for yourself. You could tell others and you can even become an expert if you want, because I'm offering a training in source tapping so you can increase your expertise and do it for yourself. You could even become a practitioner. If you want to take it the next step and become a certified source tapping practitioner, It's up to you. You know you have a tool. This might be a Sfar as you want to go, and this is great. But if you want to take it further, you can go to source tapping dot com, join and become a part of my training program. So you will feel competent and confident for using source tapping for yourself. Or you can learn to be a practitioner and use it for other people to, and you'll discover that when you're upset when you're feeling stress, when you're in pain or even when you want to clear all traumas, you have a tool now to use. Just remember, keep tapping and you'll feel better. You'll release those cravings. You'll have more choice in your life, and I'm so glad you join me in this program. Please let me know how you did. Let me know if there's any cravings. I'm looking forward to connecting with you more. Thank you so much, I forgot. Would you like a copy off my free roadmap to stop emotional eating? Just go to stop eating your heart off dot com and I will be sending you. Once you give me the information, I'll send you the download for with this road back to stop emotional eating. And if you want more information about source tapping if you want to get on the mailing list to receive more information, go to source tapping dot com. Thanks so much for being a part of this class. Please send me your comments, your questions. I'm looking forward to continuing our dialogue. Thanks so much