Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving and Stick with Your Diet | Meryl Hershey Beck | Skillshare

Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving and Stick with Your Diet

Meryl Hershey Beck, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach • Master Teacher

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27 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Check out this class!

    • 2. 1. Overview

    • 3. 2. Meet Meryl

    • 4. 3. Objectives

    • 5. 4. Introduction

    • 6. 5. Background

    • 7. 6. Tapping

    • 8. 7. Overcoming Skepticism

    • 9. 8. My Change of Heart

    • 10. 9. SourceTapping®

    • 11. 10. Diagram of Points

    • 12. 11. Steps 1 - 3

    • 13. 12 The Spiritual Element

    • 14. 13. The Pleasure Breath

    • 15. 14. The Craving

    • 16. 15. Getting Centered

    • 17. 16. The First Round

    • 18. 17. The Second Round

    • 19. 18. Your Experience

    • 20. 19. Script, Diagram, Video

    • 21. 20. Audio

    • 22. 21. Is this Really a 5-Minute Craving Cure?

    • 23. 22. Will the Craving be Permanently Removed?

    • 24. 23. Tapping Carry Overs

    • 25. 24. When SourceTapping® Doesn't Work

    • 26. 25. Using SourceTapping® for More Than Cravings

    • 27. 26. Congratulations


About This Class


I have not overeaten since I viewed this course, this is a miracle!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen to overcome cravings. It is much better than any other tapping I have ever seen, and she makes it fun and easy and simple to do. I am so happy that I now finally have an effective tool that works to overcome binging, something I have struggled with my whole life. GET THIS COURSE, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ~Alexis Harrison

Eliminate Those Darn Cravings and Have More Peace Around Food

Learn SourceTapping®, similar to EFT tapping, for overeating, binge eating, sugar cravings, sticking to your diet, and an aid to addiction recovery. Enjoy having more control over what you consume. Increase the likelihood of being able to stick with the food plan of your choice. 

“SourceTapping® completely healed my lifetime obsession of daily consuming peanut M&Ms.”  ~Elaine Maez

“I am very, very pleased that I no longer have a tendency to look for food like a grazing cow since I have used SourceTapping®.” ~Ron Masters

Are you sick and tired of…

  • Feeling out-of-control with your food?
  • Eating food that is on your personal “no, no” list?
  • Succumbing to that voice that screams from the freezer of cookie jar, “I’m here, come get me!”?
  • Having an irresistible urge to consume something and you just can’t stop?

This course will discuss those darn cravings and how to head them off before they take control.

In this course you will:

  • Discover why you overeat, binge eat, and have sugar cravings;
  • Learn what cravings are all about;
  • Briefly explore energy psychology (such as EFT Tapping) and how it is a valuable tool;
  • Experience for yourself the effectiveness and simplicity of SourceTapping® to eliminate your personal cravings and get your power back;
  • Have an effective tool to aid in dieting and help deal with addiction.

SourceTapping® was created 20 years ago and it has helped countless people worldwide eliminate those darn cravings. It is a powerful step-by-step process to give you more freedom and control around food.

We’ve gotten rid of cravings for ice cream, candy, cheese, chips, soda, and so much more.

This course is for anyone who wants to get rid of cravings and enjoy more freedom around food.

What a great resource!! Meryl simply explains the steps to be free from cravings. Sugar has always had a hold on me and now I have the tools to continue keeping it out of my kitchen and my mouth. I started out as a skeptic about tapping but it has helped me in many ways over the years. SourceTapping is on a deeper level. Thank you Meryl for this amazing gift. ~Frances Desmond

“I did SourceTapping® in 2013 and it took away my desire for chocolate covered almonds. It hasn’t returned.” ~Marie Farren

Get Started NOW

If you are sick and tired of those darn cravings and want peace around food, this course will give you the tool to eliminate cravings.

I look forward to hearing about your results.



 “SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success. ~Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

 “As a professional energy psychology practitioner I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such an ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a licensed psychotherapist and greatly appreciate the spiritual aspect of this method. Tapping into Source and accessing the Higher Self is very empowering. This is the piece that is missing from many other approaches. Thank you Meryl! ~Susan Wisehart