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Taoist Yoga: An Introduction for All Levels with Heng Ni

teacher avatar Aquarius Academy, Where attention follows excitement

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (3h 14m)
    • 1. Tai Chi Basics

    • 2. Tai Chi Ball Flow

    • 3. Traditional Warm up for Yin Yoga

    • 4. Golden Egg Flow

    • 5. Monkey King

    • 6. Journey To The West

    • 7. Spirit Sun Qigong Flow

    • 8. Chiron Flow

    • 9. Theseus in the Maze Flow

    • 10. Taoist Sun Salutation (Shinto Shrine)

    • 11. Shaolin Stretch [Legs]

    • 12. Shaolin Stretch [Shoulders]

    • 13. Shaolin Stretch [Back]

    • 14. Interview with Heng Ni

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About This Class

Welcome to this flow course! In this course instructor Heng Ni will cover some simple and effective Taoist Yoga-based chi flows that anyone can do. This course will focus on Taoist yoga, but incorporates elements from a variety of disciplines. These flows are based on the movements of Taoist Yoga, Tai chi, Vinyasa yoga, Monkey Kung-fu and Qigong.

Why take this course? If you are older, these flows will help you regain your vitality and stay strong and mobile. If you are younger they will help you to reach your ultimate expression of self! No matter your background, age, or fitness, these flows will benefit you tremendously.

Lesson Descriptions

  • Tai Chi Basics
  • In this video, we will go over two great warm-ups that help you to connect with qi and are great as a moving meditation to open the meridians of the body!


  • Tai Chi Ball Flow
  • Tai Chi Ball Flow is a traditional Tai Chi warm up. Traditionally this flow was done with an actual jade or wooden ball, but can be done with just the hands. Focus between the hands, not so much the hands themselves! The Tai chi ball is used to cultivate qi in the hands to make a stronger qi or light body! It gives a sense of peacefulness in the mind!


  • Traditional Warm-ups for Yin Yoga
  • These warm-ups temper the meridians, joints and tendons. This is great as a practice in itself!


  • Golden Egg
  • The Golden Egg is a Taoist yoga flow based on the movements of Chinese qigong and Indian Vinyasa yoga (flow yoga). This flow targets the lung, heart and bladder meridians and is used to flow qi and break up blockages in the energetic body!


  • Journey To The West
  • Journey to the West is a Taoist yoga flow, more of a yang energy, borrowing from Indian flow yoga. It’s used to strengthen the legs and open the stomach and gallbladder meridian, as well as the bladder meridian. This flow will strengthen the muladhara chakra! Great for a morning or mid-day practice!


  • Taoist Sun Salutation or Shinto Shrine
  • This was created as a morning flow that stretches the bladder meridians, opens up the shoulders and the middle tan tien. This flow is great to do if you only have 5-10 for warm ups, or are in a limited space!
  • Monkey King

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1. Tai Chi Basics: I welcome. Two days practised of Thai cheating, Chico. So I thought we were going to continue with these kind of words. Day six. Fundamental tight. She movements. And these I can use early morning. Just kind of wake up or all right, go to bed. So these could be done quite faster, quite slow. And there's two of them. And, like I said, a very basic. Very good from warmups. Pulling down the body, whatever you feel like doing. Um, so the 1st 1 is corker holding the ball. So from here, I'm going to you take the arms. I could hold this big ball that want to do from here. A shift to the right. Keep the ball now from here. What? Your step. Right hand goes up, left hand pushes back, Lean back to the factory, Dallas to mortal. The drunken bunk A drink. And I come down back to center. Take the hands to the right like you're holding this big teapot shift. Energy to the left. From here, I shift to the right. That storm upward. What are back? Every the arm down Back to center. Shift to the left. Weight to the left. You Look at the hands. Bring the big cup down from here. Look at my feet. Look at my legs. Got to shift. Let me a little bench. Right hand comes upward. Left. Pushes back. Back to center. Relaxed hands. Keep that ball. The tea cup. There's the arms. Up, down. Now he's shift to the right. Right in the little right hand pushes back. Center the teapot. Teacup. Bring it over your head. Watch the ham shift to the left. You want to move your feet? Press left hand. Back right hand drinks, lifting the chest. So we get this or open the upper or middle donkey right on down center. Bring the hands up, and so relax. Shoulders shift, Right. First right of 10. Drinks by the center. One more hands up Because I watch the hands. Hold a big teacup. Right arm, left hand pushes back. That's come down. Hold the big teacup arms upward and, uh, pushed right back. Hands back to center. Stay there. I'm going to show from the backside. About is easier. Sometimes it's easier to follow what I'm facing this way. Hold the big teacup or big teapot. No, my the arms up they don't have to go. So much thinking just started here. Shift to the right. Right now that Campbell pushed back right hand with drink. But you, right, shift to the right. That can just get a drink. Right hand will push back. Yeah, Dr. Center, if you want to go higher with the hang wringing hands of both headed Look how we should interview notably, right? Respect left hand. What? Hendrix? Drunken, immortal. And so shift to the right. Left hand is gonna drink. Right hand pushes back. One more inside. Hands up. Work the circle. Watch the hair, Right. Maybe that is weight moves to the right lakes and Peter friends Look back. What town pushes back right hand rings And, uh, and late your friends from here, right? Not from me ever gonna inhale and exhale Hands under the table that were don t n 1st 2nd Chaka Indian yoga Something like to breathe into the lower don t m hands can also sometimes be off the dog again on on the legs. Good for the kidneys, the hips, wherever your hands. Wherever you want to put your hands. Okay. Shipyards takes on. That was carrying the ball or the types like to call the drunken immortal vote because we're drinking. Okay, The next movement we're gonna do I don't live a name for it is just a kind of a tight she warm up or or cool down, I'm gonna show facing the camera in a white is much easier for you to follow. So, kid niece but hip, this is apart a little, a little bent. I'm gonna take my right hand out as if I'm offering something but the elbows relaxed left hand. Is that the hip? But it's relaxed and also maybe a little bit out to the side. Or here, that's up to you. Now Stay there. Change. This way's easier to follow here. Todo to the right. Moving from the naval The trust of the right right handed to force a floor or two The grass away Drop the hands. So the kind of friends from here I started sick watch all the way down and from here from the ceiling because you from here, then you need to bring the hands down, do the same side again. Stay there. Right hand is offering. Left hand can be at the hip or a little outward. It's up to you here. So you're twisting from the horror of the hips. The doctor. Nice little twist at the right hand towards the grass, the floor drop the hand or to drop the right hand So they become friends back working to be able to see going to show you now to stay there like the center and I moved moved to the floor towards the grass and bring the hands upward. If I lift from here, they've been the knees is there, Bring the hands down. So let me show what we're trying to do. Things at three. The last right switch homemade four year happening. Hand upwards towards the sky. From here, the other side left 10 for here was to the right that a left hand will come down to beat the right hand. From here, it's a downward spiral. Emotion. These from here. Not again. Left arm is also elbows bent said like you're offering something right hand. Here are a little bit after here. What state? 10 down there. Left hand will flow down to the right hand down here. Palms upwards. We're prepare Assistant hell, clear the next the hands of the lower Don. I literally have a name for that. For that last time. We can call tight, she twist. It can also be done in reversed order, which is a little more complicated. But this is the basic way you start love for staying into the spleen into the liver as well . And also we have this gold bladder meridian and a stomach reduces twisting is hoping opening these meridians also get money. Pour a chalk as well. The naval right hand out, turn out the hip, twisting to the right, right hand down first. Good luck. Right hand down, Spiralling to the earth. We're sinking to the earth, lifting the hands. Here's a clear. They bend right hand out as if you're offering left handed the hip you spiral a little bit out or towards the front of you. Show the relaxed for us to do the right and notice how I'm not really giving it. Her body is more from that. My hips or naval area, right hand of the floor to the grass, back to center. Drop the hands. The floor of the grass in the hand upward. 15 From here, clearing right hand out last time. Show the relaxed twist. A tent before the earth with floor. Do it again. The right hand down sparkled with the earth in the hands coming up clearing. I'm sorry that fear shoulder relaxed. I'm relaxed. We're still right. Left hand will float down the right hand, Mr. Spiralling to the year lifting. There's a clear as clear. A bended knees left a out again elbow. It relaxes also in the center line, from offering to my mouth or to the heart. It's not off to the sides, right at the hip, on the floor, loading back. You know, Rachel to relax. Have yourself check in for me down. Offering 15 clear yes, from the Don t and the horror hips and clear. Take the hands under the Naval Lower Dante and the Hora 1st 2nd chakra Doris. What he's done. Replace the hands on the legs on the hips, hips and the kidneys. So these twisting movements they are to activate with the gold blood ever reading. Also, stomach Meridian also money. So we're trying to open up these these meridians. I'll period the heart birdie in the lung, meridian and legs. What a lot of radiant. So we're trying to activate the chief of the whole body. So I hope you enjoyed today's Cici Gone class. Shea Shea. All right. Yeah. Thank you. That will conclude today's XI Gong yoga practice Shea. 2. Tai Chi Ball Flow: hi. Today, I thought we would work on something a little bit different. The past couple of sessions we've been working a lot of work cheek on Taoist yoga to tell you we like you kind of enter Maurin deliberately or come food tight. She warmups. So these air just more warmups and we're gonna working with a circular ball today and in ancient China with this, with these techniques they were using, he would actually use balls or jade balls or big crystal stones or even wooden ball for these techniques. But wait could just use the hands for today. So let's get started. So this is called tight. She ball very basic. And this can also be done is it has a Chiko warm as well. Um, hands relaxed. He's a little bit I want to do from here. Is very relaxed. I've raised their hands, Keep the ball in the center, bring the hands towards bring the hands down. So raise hands up holding the ball, circle the hands back up. Keep the hands connected, The hands are friends. And, uh, I don't focus so much on the hands. I focus more between the hands, the arms up. Circle them back towards you and down do one more if in the ball tired, achy bowl, young circle and down from here I would reverse this. Bring the hands up close to my body lifting the ball Then I flow it out and down Now working with the breath Maybe I ain't telling lifting the ball kind of handing it out and down Working with the breast I would inhale Lift the ball exhaling Circle it down in hell In the cheap, all tight she circle the ball selling dough Just one Maurin hell and exhale Bring the ball down from here What you do Inhale the arms out inhaling in Halle exhaling Take all that she or prana What do you wash the body. But she wash could even near the hands towards the don The ends of chalk Ra's I push negativity toxins into the earth. What I could do from here that is take the cheese good. She under the naval. You hold this for a while after real sent to do you can feel that she between the hands. So what I was trying to say before is don't focus so much on the hand just between the hands which is going on, we will focus on now Let me show you another another tight she ball exercise Now I'm gonna take my right leg and I'm gonna step it back So I left leg forward. Right leg back from here. Hold the ball. I can bring the hands up now. From here I've been the left knee in a circle The arms out and down And from here Now when I come back, both legs are straight Lifting the cheap ball Tai chi's circle No, I bend the left knee I circle the arms out here 15 Circle the arms out. We'll work with the breath. I am How If the arms both lakes somewhat straight Exhale circling the arms out Do one more Why in hell Lift and exhale Now What it can do from here is reversed The circle Bring the arms out Lifting this circle now I premium tourist May I start to straighten my legs And here it dropped the arms and then a zit cream your arms All they've been the left If the arms up towards you both flakes Flakes straight right leg Little better has down in the circle in a tight T ball. The hands back. First down, one more. Take a look at my legs a little bit and they bring the hands out defense. Step there. Right leg up. Hold the ball. Hands down! The way you in hell left in the hands the next. Here I'm just kind of cleaning the body of washing the body of any kind of negative energy on one of thoughts. Toxins. Push it into the earth, Take the hands under the naval. But we're doctor. Have you ever Sorry that flake. It steps back. He's a little bit. Don't get so caught up in the legs. This is very basic. These are very, very basic introduction. Most important thing is the hats. So don't get so caught up in the legs. So from here, I'll start this way I lift the hands and bring the hands back towards me. Then you could remember street right leg A little bit. Hands down. That is it Pushed the hands out. I've been the right knee a little bit. They pushed the hands out. Hold the ball hands! Hold the ball. We could have towards may have been the left leg a little bit, right? Like a little straight. The lakes in the hands are friends. But like I said, I find it difficult. Just focus warm hands. One more good from here. The hands out has towards you. Football ST to write like a little bit. Hands down that I bring the hands out. Super the hands up. Look straight, the little fence Hands down. No, the arms, Hands back to my face. Drop it! She down the middle. Don t m lower circle the arms. Two more here, holding the ball, Always holding this fall. Golden ball, silver ball, crystal ball, purple ball. When the ball's cha CRA's well, there's any of the chokers do one more beautiful. He'll step very sensitive. You may feel something between the hands. Magnetic cold, hot sometimes. Were you in hell? And I exhale cleaning, clearing the body, negative energy, thoughts, emotions. They give emotion, stress and push it into your But I take Richie under the naval to be on the legs, have you on the hips. We could also work with the kidneys. It's all connected here. It's like one lords chakra, Lord doctor, which which actually lower Don t ended. It goes with the 2nd 1st 2nd chopper in Indian yoga. Just rub with could she? Thomas size below the navel, the legs, hips and lower back, even maybe down to the knees. I hope you enjoyed today's basic tight achieve all flow, okay? 3. Traditional Warm up for Yin Yoga: I thought today we would practice a four sequence about she gone. We're not just standing, and people often ask me, Are there any sequences on the floor? And the answer is yes. And this is kind of coming from this yin yoga tradition. And, you know, guys become very, very popular in the West, and this is some of the sequences were flows that are actually kind of missing out of yoga in yoga, people believe is, is very static. And that's really far from the truth. And these flows I'm gonna show you. Um, you could think they're kind of like the warm ups for yin yoga, and you didn't mean static or still. And, um, we're gonna play with more of a kind of a more playful flow which will eventually lead into yin yoga, which I mean by that is flow and static. So these arm or warm ups or could be a practice in itself rate in the morning. Great at night time. Um, so let's let's let's start, um this is called se za Japanese sitting, and I'm gonna just turn around. So you see, I'm sitting. I'm gonna take one foot over the other, and I'm gonna sit back. I keep my eyes open. I'm gonna change again. There's a reason why I'm doing this. We've acupuncture points on the bottom and top of the feet. So as I sit back, I stipulate these acupuncture points, especially with one will keep me one. But it's on the top of the footage. Well, we have a lot of acupuncture points as well. So from here, sit back. Just for a few moments, not from reading. And I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna bring my hands into these kind of flick laws. Eagle Claw. I'm gonna bend forward and I'm gonna roll up. Been forward against it's gonna look a flow Come up. I do one more. Did you do five of these? I just want to say something about my back. Called us Dragon Spine or serpent back. So as I move forward, watch my back. The neck is the last thing that come up this kind of co bro. Dragon serpent movements do one more Now. What I can do from here is now I need to switch feet. So stay there. So have I originally feet like this all right. From here just get up. They switch feet. Are you there? Keep the same foot. This is gonna do a little odd when we usually sit in stays that we usually sit kind of always on the same foot. This is going to re balance the energetic seven feet and also the acupuncture points. So do you sell it open? I'm gonna bend forward and I will look to the spine. These kind of just serpent Ragin cobra with the breathing I could inhale Wait out. Just exhaling rolling ever. This is from the yin yoga tradition, which is not an Indian style of yoga to Chinese style of yoga. And these are deter star warmers. A lot of people say there's no warm ups in this unio guy is absolutely not true or more months not from here. Come up slowly. I'm just gonna open my knees. I'm gonna sit back. Be careful with the knees. This is not new friendly of any of the injury. Take it easy. Open the news that I kind of sit back and I could just shake your head out of it and I could move from side to side. There's already even get my butt right to my heels. If you can wash the knees, shake your head out of it. Have also taken a lot from Yossi yoga or flow yoga, which is a more modern style of yoga or even something called yoga cards, which was created by a master Duncan Long from here, moving from the hips will bring the hips up slowly. I'm going to go to here and with floor. Now from here. Open my legs and I speed the hands out to the size. So come almost my stomach, but not to my stomach. And from here, Chris, Upward, Take a look up now from here. Going to you left shoulder forward. I looked behind. I can also take his right leg Fools over to the left. I'm looking. The cobra is gazing or dragging gazing. Do you have a side now from here? I just pulled back. I'm gonna do much to people like to do things in threes. She va Vishnu or Brahma Shiva Rahman Vishnu Shiva Beginning middle end from here. Creation Maintaining destroy. From here I come back down relative to the spine. The head is lasting. That kind of connected looks upward from here. Dragon Twists Does that bring the shoulder four right leg. Hold over like a center beside, I guess. Kundalini serpent dragon slow If you look up for a bit, roll the shoulders back. Beautiful. Then from here back into this kind of wide leg in an Indian job, they call it child posture, maybe move from the hips of it. Woman the hips. I am. I thought today we would practice a four sequence about she gone. We're not just standing, and people often ask me, Are there any sequences on the floor? And the answer is yes. And this is kind of coming from this yin yoga tradition. And, you know, guys become very, very popular in the West, and this is some of the sequences were flows that are actually kind of missing out of yoga in yoga, people believe is is very static. And that's really far from the truth. And these flows I'm gonna show you. Um, you could think they're kind of like the warm ups for yin yoga, and you didn't mean static or still. And, um, we're gonna play with more of a kind of a more playful flow which will eventually lead into yin yoga, which I mean by that is flow and static. So these arm or warm ups or could be a practice in itself rate in the morning. Great at night time. Um so let's let's let's start, um this is called se za Japanese sitting, and I'm gonna just turn around. So you see, I'm sitting. I'm gonna take one foot over the other. I'm gonna sit back. I keep my eyes open. I'm gonna change again. There's a reason why I'm doing this. We've acupuncture points on the bottom and top of the feet. So as I sit back, I stipulate these acupuncture points, especially with one will keep me one. But it's on the top of the foot is Well, we have a lot of acupuncture points as well. So from here, sit back. Just for a few moments, not from reading. And I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna bring my hands into these kind of flick laws. Eagle Claw. I'm gonna bend forward and I'm gonna roll up. Have been forward against it's gonna look a flow come up. I do one more. Did you do five of these? I just want to say something about my back called us Dragon Spine or serpent Back. Move forward! Watch my back. The neck is the last thing that come up this kind of co bro. Dragon Serpent movements do one more. Now what I can do from here is now I need to switch feet. So stay there. So have I originally feet like this All right from here. Just get up. They switch feet. Are you there? Keep the same foot. This is gonna do a little odd when we usually sit in stays that we usually sit kind of always on the same foot. This is going to re balance the energetic of feet and also the acupuncture points. So do you sell it open? I'm gonna bend forward and I will look to the spine. These kind of just serpent Ragin cobra. Now, with the breathing I could inhale Wait out. Just exhaling, rolling ever. This is from the yin yoga tradition, which is not an Indian style of yoga to Chinese style of yoga. And these are deter star warmers. A lot of people say there's no warm ups in this unio guy is absolutely not true or more months not from here. Come up slowly. I'm just gonna open my knees. I'm gonna sit back. Be careful with the knees. This is not new friendly of any of the injury. Take it easy. Open the news that I kind of sit back and I could just shake your head out of it and I could move from side to side. There's already even get my butt right to my heels if you can wash the knees check ahead of it. Have also taken a lot from Yossi yoga or flow yoga, which is a more modern style of yoga or even something called yoga cards, which was created by a Master Duncan. Long a year moving from the hips will bring the hips up slowly. I'm going to go to here and with floor. Now from here, open my legs and I speed the hands out to the size. So come almost my stomach, but not to my stomach. And from here, Chris, Upward, Take a look up now from here. Going to you left shoulder forward. I looked behind. I can also take his right leg. Fools over to the left. I'm looking. The cobra is gazing or dragging gazing. Do you have a side now? From here? I just pulled back. That would do much to people like to do things in threes. She va Vishnu or Brahma Shiva Rahman Vishnu Shiva Beginning middle end from here. Creation. Maintaining Destroy. From here I come back down relative to the spine. The head is lasting. That kind of connected looks upward from here. Dragon Twists does that bring the shoulder? Ford? Right leg. Hold over like a center beside, I guess. Kundalini serpent dragon slow If you look up for a bit, roll the shoulders back. Beautiful. Then from here back into this kind of wide leg in an Indian job they call it child posture . Maybe move from the hips of it. Woman the hips right arm across left arm will follow so I don't bend in the spine. Now, from here the arm could be straight from the deeper you could bring this even to the grass or floor. A little deeper stretch I opened up Good. Then from here you can come up slowly now. From here I left leg floored. I bring this closer to me and I put that white layer. This is also a very subtle hip stretch. Not from here. Start here. I'll bring right arm across. Left arm will follow Playing in water with the hand and I roll up Work is a very free flow movement. So it's here, Here, open. You can't really do these wrong. Does it hurt you? So it's here. Here's her playful, very flowing. Do you do this faster? Slow? I'm just so it slow So you can the hang of this Now we want to get a little deeper. See, I've been towards the floor. So here year this spirals upward Here, here, spiralling upwards. Don't do one more but you breath inhaling. Exhale So exhale into the posture most slowly Stay there is going to show you Hands behind me now from here. And your flesh Not you four out. You have to close to the body. Somewhere between here I sit back Many others. But I didn't help him here Exhale Wash my hands over. Push forward They release the next That relaxed. So having in hell that lady was exhaling Table four. Yes, recent and neck Stay there so I can show from this end. Hands behind. Sitting back in Harold the next year like this waves the naval, the chest, then they're kind of throat leases that this flow. This is the first subtle back opener. So why in hell and exhale? Yeah, I can't even straighten the street, the oboes and happen fingertips towards me as well. Hands towards may do one more and he even put pile this one topic once it becomes a little different stretch. So you held and I excel. Good. I hope so. Doesn't for some call the lesser yet means still soft, meditative. That's three in Mead's a little more flow. I'm gonna show one more for stretches from this Taoist yoga tradition. Um, Flight four, right leg back. So you find this lot else on Indian yoga? This share a lot of the same postures. Um very tight, foot relaxed. You want a deeper stretch? Put his flex toward to sky. That's up to you now from here. So I have the left leg for Ben Ford. Walk my hands out so they start the bend. Ford, is it okay there? I feel the stretch. What it could do from here is I moved from side to side. Just a warm up the Meridian ladder Meridian under the leg. So I saw you still yen. But there's a movement. You should have that a bit. Now what I can do is walk the hands a little more. Farther, Ford. Now, from here I've been four. There's the stretch and I roll up of the dragon spine bending forward. I feel the stretch about here and I roll up working into the leg. But also lower back dragon spine or code respond. We call it three to fire. No, you can sometimes. Just if you want to hold that, you can hold that. But But I want to show you another. The sequence some but have come up this way. So bring your hands up. Take that right hand out to the side from here. Take that left arm. I spiraling out and up from here. We walk the hands back towards the foot like this. Like a little walking where any side, maybe. And from here, right arm, right hand blows out. Left hand follows. Had a spiraling upward from here. No, I walking the hands back towards the foot knows how close the end of the floor when it's work into the leg into the lower back. They want a full instruction. The leg will do one warranties from here. White or mount. I left arm up spiraling upward and his hand. I don't want this hand stuff. You that relaxed. Okay, then it bring the hands back. Not from here. Just gonna switch legs from here. Bring the hands from your in hell. Exhale almost like a home food. Kick the leg out in a little floor. So from here, toes pointed the ceiling or foot relaxed. So from here back and forth, we're in the meridian bladder Meridian rocking back and forth, kind tempering. Warming Meridian. Yeah, there's a myth about some of these postures. Should be practiced in a cold room, and that's that's not true. I don't know where these came from. Body wants to become warm. What? We want a warm the body to release tension to really stag nations in the meridians from here. Wolf, it has that little more. And I do a little bit of a dragon spike. But I wouldn't get into that right leg. You nice flows. I'll do one more. Let's do one more walk. Has a little more lay my navel down. First chest. Relax the neck. Hold myself up his heavy. Get these movements. Naval chest, head. Pull up a lesson. The Clippers. Not from here. Think that left arm out. Right arm. Although hands were friends, I spiraled this upward. I smiled back towards here. I'm gonna walk the hands back. We'll do two more left. Arm out somewhere, wherever you like. Right arm with low across spiralling upward and just relaxed. That is relaxed. Bring the arm across right arm. It's like these walking. They seem pretty close to the ground. I want to get that stretch in the leg. Do one hero just roll up slowly. We do this kind of little do this whole hip release. So from here, bring feet together, knees together. Try to get my sit bones right into my heels used together from here. But the knees fall to the right and I bring my chest a little reward Here. You just center and needs of the left and bring my chest. It a little center that you could do as much of your life. What we do to yet. So here he's to the right. Just a little center do One more to the left. Just a little center. Let me bring her. So it's back to easy sitting. Do it, Caesar again. Firstly, se za women have the knees closed and these open. But for this practices keeping these open some do it with a recap. This was traditionally hold Taoist yoga. They change. The name got changed in yoga. But these are warm ups for yin yoga or could be a cool down. And we're just trying to flow, become very playful, very loose. And, um well, George is more secrets. Thank you. 4. Golden Egg Flow: Well, im hang need Today we're gonna work through a Taoist she going for the golden Age. So from here, restored with the feet, hip distance apart. Maybe a little wider depending on your hip flexibility. Use a little bit. And what we do from here is shoulders relaxed and bring the hands upward again. Hail from here. Bring the hands to prayer. Have you spending needs just a little bit. Still inhaling, exhaling Pushing the hands outward is if you're pushing mountains Relax the hands to win Hell Bring the hands to the floor to the grass Next relaxed and exhale. Straighten the legs fixing the hands. They also bring their feet a little inward. I have the fingers lined up with toes. Relax. If you look behind you, take a break from here. You can't walk my hands out. Relax the neck. This is the elephant sticking water. Look at the club behind you. Bring the hands in work. No, he did it tight in the back of your legs. It has been a diesel Collude you from here? Is leaks better straight? Were I inhale? Exhale. Open up. Have a way. Look at the head. He's been there straight. I know the right arm. I didn't help. Exhale Underside of great You look at the floor. Your hand Absolutely. Hands out. Just a little bit back to you're looking Change water there Get your hands back Then the knees cans upward Inhaling the earth CI pressing upward Exhale, inhale from here Exhaling, bending forward Drag no wind Help a spiral outward I sit lifting this guy at list list The sky shoulders relaxed The next tail flying dragon Here I spiraled a few little inward in the chest. No, I didn't help Bend the knees. Bring back the hands together we wanted despite bringing the heads to the eyes lifting hands upward shell If relaxed, exhaling Bring in heaven itchy down Place the hands under the neighbor You can also walk the feet inward keeping the hands under the naval hands on the legs We have the kidneys Call this don t in or the horror the rest of hands here through moments Don t In the storehouse of life energy, she prana She and I take the hands to the legs, Maybe to the side, to the hips. I walked feet inward that will conclude today's XI Gong Dallas Flow golden egg 5. Monkey King: everybody. Today we're going to go through the monkey Taoist yoga flow dedicated to their epic Monkey King. So I suggest that we store with our about him. This is a part. He's a little relaxed. Take the hands in a prayer position, natural breathing through the nose, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the nose. Look around the feet into the earth. Stick about natural. That's let's play for the hands down, shoulders relaxed from here. Inhale plums towards the sky. Hands towards a chest, pressing upward, shoulders relaxed. Exhale knows the hands were flexed. Ben did for Would you get your hands to that to the floor or to the grass to feel the pole . You can bend the knees. Keep your legs a little straight neck relaxed. We're inhale almost like laws. Strengthen the fingers. Bend the knees. I take it as a prayer position from here. Maybe the 1st 1 Place your hands on the grass or on the floor. You're just gonna slowly sit back, opening the hips that here you could bring the hands, prayer, hands to the floor or ground, or even lift the hands. And from here, inhale. Let's bring the hands upward, baby background exhaling slowly, slowly towards the earth. Notice my back around the back. That's not straight. This is the hiding monkey Now from here you could inhale right hand towards the earth Left hand upward Knows how I press into me Get this kind of baby twist back to center Inhale again Exhale, rest and open back to center and inhale from here Come all the way up and exhale Certainly arms Bring the hands lower dog Can another variation of the monkey King from here inhale Bring the hands upward Impress Exhaling the flying dragon Bring in the hands to your feet or to the ground Needs a little bit if you like Mary Inhale Maybe don't use the hands this time Slowly bending the knees, bringing the hands to the sky That's too much. Bring the has to prayer. Just take a moment of breathe Just lifted to make a little tight. Now, from here, next level, you sort of sit back. If that's not gonna work, use your hands Is your hand or your friends help from here? Rest elbow to knee Open up. Nice. Little twisted in the kidneys. Dr. Center, The breath you inhale chest lifted Exhale, press elbow, knee opening up looking in the sky So leave back to center Now from here Inhale Press upward. Look at the hands back exhaling this You already know around the bag Hands touched 1/3 eye I didn't chop now from here Not where you want it. It's not working for you yet. You just use your hands like this. Lift the heels If you're ok, Stomach is tight and I left from here, you know, challenging chest lifted. You bring the hands to the sky now from here flowed the hands down Sort of slowly straighten up. These could be bent or straight Next relaxed Ben Journeys and bring it back to the hands together. Having all the way up he touched the third eye Lift the hands of the sky Next sale Bring the hands down. It's last time with variation in Halle pressing upward, shoulders relaxed Exhale diving for answer the feet or to the grass or floor These air better straight in hell Tighten the stomach monkey lifts the stone Could be challenging. Sitting back from here in hell Opening now from here Take that right hand. I tried Bring it behind me. His left hand reach around. I try to clasp. If that's not working for you, Maybe grab your shirt that I try to look over the left shoulder just for a breath. The night of the living. These bring the hands back to prayer that I'm inhaling again. Left elbow, toe left me opens right hand in the sky, gaze of the hand. And from here, left arm comes around and it's sort of class. Look over the right shoulder. Take a breath. Beautiful. Now slowly. Now from here. Inhale using your leg strength. Look at the hands of a backpack exhaling down to this fighting monkey. No, From here, you can use your hands or use the strength from your core to move forward. You lift a hand to the sky. Challenge yourself, shoulders relaxed. Bring the haves flow. The answer with around no. Here, just slowly straighten the legs in the chest. Danielle has been the knees back, hands together, rolling through this fine in the hands to the heavens, Shoulders relaxed, exhale hands lower don tan so the hands could be on the legs under the naval. Also the kidneys. We have just the hips as well. So this whole area lower don t n middle don tan above the navel to about the neck, your stomach in the heart so as you place the hands in the stomach or the heart, So wherever you your body feels like it needs extra energy, you should hold like 30 seconds to a minute. So thank you. This concludes today's practice of Taoist yoga. 6. Journey To The West: Today's flow is called Journey to the West, based on the Monkey King's travels to India. So first we'll start with feet. But if this is a part, hands in prayer position and from here will take the hands upward slowly. So we inhale. Recent has towards heaven maybe a little bit of baby background still holding the breath next, hailing, trying to keep the back flat that they start to feel the poll in the legs that you need to keep the lake straighter. Bending knees a little bit you want to do from here is I take the hands and was like a sword bringing the hands a little bit behind. Time to release the next we're inhale and hold a sword. Be careful with the knees. Try to squat down is called monkey posture. Taoist yoga Pretty hands over the head like a like a sword. Swing the arms down. Bring the hands of this prayer position. Relax the hands really relaxed like monkey has. So I inhaled. If the right leg and I circled the alarms. Big circle. Do this baby kick cut me. It's kind of strong. Take the right hand relaxed circle the right hand back We still we stepped back to this hunky holds that spear or they called us a warrior to in Indian yoga From here To get in relation, I exhale flow to the staff Think of a staff from the sky to the grass No, I inhale back up, Left hand upward Keep the left knee bent. This is called Shield Maiden. No, I held back to center and I exhale I do it again Hold for inhale backup Left hand upward Exhale back to shield Maiden one more right in hell Back to the spear Monkey holds a spear Exhale back to to the staff or monkey hold to stamp No, I inhale Back up Left hand upward Excel back to shield Maiden Keep the left knee bent I flew back up your spear from here I take the right arm and I circle it a big circle and I So this left me can be a little better Strength left to the more right hand upward or hayseeds Look straight ahead. Take a few breaths here. We didn't actually through the nose were taken in relation. Next they'll take away that she and I bring it to my legs do the other side. Handsome prayer inhaling hands upward. Back, little back, Ben, Keep us to make a little time over in the heart exhaling Fold in for that. When I start to feel the pull in the legs need to be a little better straight. And I take their hands like a sword. Honey number behind she in the chest. No, I didn't have to pull the sword. I wish you a different variation. Sometimes you can lift the heels, keep a stomach tight, a little more challenging this sort over the head. Swing the sword down and they do that. I sort of stand up. I do the left side for circle the arms like monkey hands. Relax. Monkey hands lifting me. So a baby kick called the height of your needs. And I pressed the armed ford and from here relax the left leg circle the left arm back and I stepped back. Recall monkey, hold spear. I think it inhalation and I exhale a sigh flow into the posture. This that for Miss Straight is like a staff from the Earth to the heaven. This is a symbolic staff. No, I inhale from here upto Hold the spear Right hand upward. Exhale a flow it back to the shield Maiden. Keep that right, Ben. Strengthen the late. No, I didn't. Helly, flow it forward. Inhale Exhale back to that staff Entailing. Coming away Up right hand upward. Exhale back. Who Exhale this down. What? Didn't show another side? I'm gonna show variations here. I can also swing this arm a few times. You liken Inhale, exhale opening So you could do this Both sides Just different variations. Three times I like to do now from here. Pull myself up. Well, I inhale from here in exhale Swing that right are back this right? Like you Straight a little bent left me or left Later. Social crimes, Ancient fighting stats used to train the legs here. Ah, hold for a few natural breaths, friend Legs, Chest lifted in in relation I'm going to swing the arms up and exhale Bring the CI the prana to my legs or below the navel. I mean, that place the hands anymore. Like kidneys is a good place. Hips You know the heart. Feel the need to place the hands here. Here, Wherever the hands like to go t shirt from a side or stand this way. I'm just here to show one side. So I inhaled a hands up work back and the next sailings, the X elation ending for Michelle Variation. Maybe your little tight in your legs keeping these bent on to bring the hands behind me in the chest. Maybe sick had out of it. You could try. Straightened like. See how that feels. They're from here. He kept swore. Pulling a sword through the grass returns up over the head. That was too much of your shoulders. Keep the hands of a face. You need to have a shoulder. Gee, maybe you could even have the hands apart. See how that feels. Now that even hurts. They have a shoulder injury. Keep the hands on the ground. Okay. From here, I inhale. Take this sword up. Right? Sure. This one. Right leg. And I relax the hands and I circle the arms and I do a baby kick right or relaxes. Circle the right arm and I stepped back. And this is like I'm holding a spear or a javelin left leg is bent strong. Right foot is also into the earth. Look at the left hand and taken inhalation. Exhale. I flow forward to staff. No inhale. Come all the way up. Left leg's still bends left hand upwards like a mirror. Exhale. I flow it back. Intel, Dr Speer and Exhale flow to staff. Now let's say you have a neck injury. We'll look. Look at the foot. Otherwise you could try. Look at the hand or sky from here. Inhale back up left hand upward except flow it back. Try to keep the yoga street of the left arm Right hand tries to touch me to one more inhaling, exhaling staff His would be string the arm a few times, Maybe in hell and exhale. Big circle. They're like to rotate the whole body inhaling next. Haley, they did your prana flow in the upper body. That right arm just pull you up to spear? No, I didn't take that right. Are And from here ancient fighting posture to see my left leg is straight. That's too much. Goes up in the need. Look towards the front. Take a few breaths during the legs, get inhalation or start to relax. Exhale, inhaling. Exhale in the same river, the hand like to moved to or really to put the action. This is a heart below the navel. Sometimes the legs, hips and kidneys lower back. That will do the other side. And I'm not going to speak through this. I'm just gonna flow through this. So that will conclude today's practice. Thank you for joining me. 7. Spirit Sun Qigong Flow: hi today. I thought way would run through a what I would call more of a slower she gone lunar flow, which I personally used more night time. Or, if I'm teaching maybe new beginners. It's a very passed, a slow, nice form, and I think you may enjoy this one. So, like I said more for people, maybe new beginners, Maura at night time where you could use this very early morning as well. It's kind of like a way to get cheap into the body. We're just to kind of wake up so we'll run through this one. This is called Son Spirit. She go, and it's not so much stretching with this one. Obviously, it's more of just working with the CI and yeah, and there's also a bit of she massaging this. So I think you made like this one more of a lunar nighttime. Wanna calm down or maybe slowly awakening before your morning tea? No, let's Let's give this when I try. So I first start usually what hands in prayer position. When a crown it closed, the eyes eyes open. Maybe look at the floor for the ground. This could have been Haley and exhaling, maybe around the feet into the floor, into the earth connected, connected the earth. Now this isn't four segments. The first segment I start with my hands, which is a source, or the source of G, or even hold she here. So what do you do from here? Is what you got to stand this way. Take my hands down the back of the you get the point, that gold within the back of the legs and bring the hands right to the toes. Now it's a little tight. Bend the knees, shake your head out of it. Then from here, take the hands to the inside of the legs. Similar up the body. And from here, are you inhale? Take their hands out. So inhaling and exhaling pulling this CI down. You're washing the body of any kind of stress negativity and it pushes into the earth. Do this one again. I'll turn this way again and I'm taking the energy down the back of the leg. I think you get the picture on the back of the legs, hands to the feet. Then you need You have to from here bring the hands of the inside of the legs, The body Vera be inhaling and exhale less One A bit of a variation Hands of the kidneys that moving energy down massaging for But she massage hands of the toes then the needs you have to from here I'm gonna bring the hands up work, maybe take a look up now from here I come down here just to stretch the legs out. Little grounding earth monkey posture of a variation from here Roll up then from here, you inhale Bring the hands out and exhale Lane It is not the first. The first step of spirit of spirit A spirit she the next step. What I'm gonna do from here is 50 feet about hip to support Bend the knees inhaling I think the hands up called the middle don t n hands were kind of reflecting she into the heart and exhaling Christian energy down inhaling that I moved the hands up to the throat Throw chalker or upper don t n exhale pressing down entailing taking a birth She right up to my face relax in the elbow should even look up. Or maybe that I excel. I press the chief back in into the earth. Who's in the game So I'm inhaling has to the heart spread their fingers little wide exhaling pressing that she down back to the earth inhaling, bringing she up from the earth up to the upper don t n of the throat chakra Exhale pressing Here's inhaling Raising that she up hands up to the face Third I dumped If you look upward and exhaling Pressing the hands down this time hell exhale in early up to the throat exhaling Halle Earth Chief up to the face Look up! If you like exhaling, let's quit This second segment of the spirit some she gone So this will be the third segment or the third phase in the spirit Son, she go. So first I take my hands up hands Relax that lifting something. Lifting the right leg Circle the hands towards me or you kick and push and relax From here I take that right leg and I stepped back both legs straight left hand to the left kidney. Right hand flows to the hip. Now from this is here for support I want to do from here is it's called a drunken immortal in hell. Lift the teacup and I exhale. Go back into this little baby background and I flow the arm down. So it's like I'm drinking in. The arm comes down from here. I inhale lifting the cup if you watch the hand. If the teacup exhale, lean back into that. Hand the hands for support. Try to get this lift in the chest. The hand flows down. Show from the you're ready. 10 on the kidney bean fairly supporting the back drinking and they flow the arm down. Step up. Do the other side being fairly lifting. The big teacup baby kick has pushed the hands out. Lift the left leg, but I step it back both legs straight. Left hand to the left kidney, right hand to the hip. Ryan. How with a teacup Exhale. That's low. The arm down from this side. Palin Those. I lift the chest, released the neck one last night and exhale. Finish off. There she's gone. Spirit son float, able a Come up, the more of ah kind of loose horse stats. This is that the last phase. So I inhale from here and exhale. I push no! So I bend. The knees are push Bend Indy's Relax the hands in Jalan exhaling, Bend the knees and pushing. Relax the arms in Haley and Exhale. Push no inhale from here. Exhale. Take the hands like mirrors, reflecting she into the Don t M's of chakras. Different meridians of the body. Place the hands on the table, hand to the legs if you like. Sometimes I take the hands of the kidneys for a few breaths, finishing take hands prayer So that will conclude. Spirit, son. She gone like I said before, Beautiful for a nighttime practice. Beautiful for just getting up in the morning. Beautiful suggestion. Feeling very low on she or or product, so thank you. 8. Chiron Flow: hi. Today, we're gonna have a little bit of fun. So we've been doing some cheap gongs and Taoist yoga, some cheek young floor movements they didn't do was tie cheap. A six. So today we're gonna do a little bit about what I call a flight elements yoga and she which is this is used form or of conditioning the body. So we also learn how to flow the body, but also to keep their bodies strong. So this is just talent. You just have fun with it. Don't take it so seriously. But I've created these flows to strengthen the body, but also to develop inner inner strength balance in these kind of things. Call this flow. Chiron is after the Greek mentor to Achilles. Hercules. Do you meet us? And I think Ajax. So he was a center. Was training these Greek heroes. It also was a healer, center warrior here. Healer. So this dedicated to him. So the first part of Chiron, it's a flow. They get a lot of this from a lot of light. Been yasa yoga, but also some She going elements as well. So have fun with this. Don't take it so seriously, but this is something to work up to. And it's something to build inner strength, specially the joints and connective tissue to become very strong from these yoga five element flows that I've created. So from here, if you'd hit this apart, hands in prayer position, natural breathing inhale. That's telling the nose very natural. Now from here has come out of the sides. Begin to wind. Hail the hands up over the head as I'm doing this. Be careful with the knees now. Maybe you can only go this far. It stops. You go a little farther. Maybe all the way down, if you can. Okay, so from here, relax the hands I'm gonna stand. They're cheap. Kung kung fu inspired with the arms. Right leg, maybe. Kick that. I push now from here, straight in the front leg. Point the toes. This comes down with standing split fingertips. Line with toes. If you need to bend the left knee, go ahead. You're good. Keeping legs straight, Mr Rightly High. Then the left Me, you seniors Leg strength. Core strength that come up now from here. Take the outside. Right. The ankle. Why in hell Exhale? Pull that right leg back like a boat. Left arm goes forward now from here. Inhale from here. Flow that right leg up. Lift the hands. Chest lifted. Now from here. Exhale. If you could be a little bit clasped. The hands point the toes. Release Inhale. Lift the hands again. The late exhale down. That's a little challenging They call Chiron. He was the mentor for these Greek heroes. Do the other side just the same side again from here in hell. And I exhale. Remember your watch your knees low as I can release the arms So I inhale from here. Exhale, kick! Push Now from here. What? The toes. They tried to be straight. You can go This standing splits lie back. Figure tips lined up with the toes If you can otherwise walk the hands out in front of you . But don't fall. I wanted here left. He can repent your chest Late with high Now from here. Bend the left knee. Stomach strength. Core strength. I heard. Stand up for bear. I grabbed the ankle. I need help. Exhale. Flow it back from here. Relax. Hands upward. Lower back here. No. You wanna fly? You know to hear production clasp The hands fall like me. It happens And from here flow the orman's the feet back up every the arms down on the other side from right And how I exhale Down Watch the knees No release left like and have excel Kick, push, point the toes So this goes into that standard Split your stomach. Gin chan store Had any left leg high bend the right knee standing up from here. Dr. Help Exhale. Pull that late back. So you work as far as you can now from here. Swing the left leg up. Lift the arms just lifted. Prepare tightened stomach flying. So whoever you fly back here, it's not even a class. Do one more of these Bring out like forward with, like, high chest lifted Point the toes Here, bring the Bronner she down called over Don t and the first or second shot challenging you have fun with. These is something to work up to do One more on the left. So from here, inhaling If a man I exhale, watch the knees. Lift the hands over the head If you can release stand up, kick, push, appear point the toes tightness stomach. I flow back to the standing split. You keep it right, Ben, if you're late, Jim just left like high, then the right knee and I come up. So I didn't help. Grab it. Ankle Excel sponsors called. Not garage in a named after Shiva. Now from here. Release below the leg up. Flow the arms up, Lift the chest tightness. Story point. Those toes flow back now. Any kind of variation. It also class last protest sequence here. Just lift it. And down. I'm gonna flow through this on each side without really talking. So when I start, let's start here. Take a few breaths. - Other side. - You know, Next that was That was Chiron and this was It's challenging, but it was named after Cairo because he was a teacher of these. It's great heroes. So which means you need to train as they did. I need to practice. Don't take it so seriously. But the more you trained or you do this the easy way. So you have had respect for these postures. There also respect herself and have fun with these. So it's concludes today's practice. Shave almost a thank you 9. Theseus in the Maze Flow: I welcome today's Dallas yoga and she don't float. And today we're gonna work a lot of mates Strengthening your late since is quite young, and we're gonna do love you. A lot of possible people warrior postures, twisting and holding the postures So she going is flowing. But it also could be very static as well. So we need to learn the flow. But we also need to learn to be still and strengthen the body as well. So this is more young float. I call this PC ist in the maze. DCs was a great read warrior and hero, and he's he's the one who was killed Benatar in the maze. He was a great warrior, like I said, So we're doing what the warrior postures. And the Greeks also say he was the first a kind of a club with Greek martial arts. They kind of hold him like this great, great fighter and warrior. So certainly standing this is a mix of, like, a lot of xi Gong energy massage and also that that was joga, um so extreme in the hands in prayer position, Of course not breathing eyes closed or gaze at the grass or floor. Take natural breaths. Keep your feet about hip to support. Start, Stay there. I'm going to you. Keep your hands in the back of the lakes. Bladder meridians here. Back the legs. Hands to the toes. Now take his tight bend, you knees. Otherwise you giving the hands of the grass lacks the next. Now, from here, bring the hands up to the knees. I kind of take a look on now from here, They're both knees. Come down with his monkey posture. We're kind of a squad, but I have the heels up from here. I had the knees bent on a rule of spying and they take class. Stayed there. What? Hold the hands away toe look of a back bend. Least that exhaling We'll get the really so hands on the the kidneys. It's been a side of the legs, actually. So here, all bladder and stomach Meridian a way down touch the toes bending. He's a little bit as the grass or the floor released the next. From here. Bring the hands of with these I Slowly, slowly down. Not from here. Role of the spine. What a great class! That's a back bend What This Almost a comma posture. Have a median. Yoga I'm gonna release will be one more Got asylum legs again the toes and then you have to change it from here. Bring the hands up from here to the crowd. If you also want to challenge yourself Spring hands over head at this holding the your worth of sky From here we are in front of you keeping He's been in the role of spying blessed behind you Go to this Kabul standing camel Pull the hands away. Okay, first phase from here I sort of the right side in hell. And from here So we do a baby kick Push the hands forward from here Bend the knee. Step back. It's a strong left leg. Stomach tight Just about the right leg From here in how exhale this come across Hands of prayer was chest They only come out Keep warrior hard Here hold the arms up back Until I was back in forest you can and from here release and I twisted Good I come out slowly and from here I step up. We're bring the hands up and come down into the miniter is a form and come up slowly. We'll do another one. So for your hands down Mary, inhale lift, Right leg kick, push and the right knee Step back, right Hands in prayer just lifted Inhale exhale twist I twisted intestines slowly and inhale. Place two fingers comes to the earth Pull the shoulders back from here Inhale. Exhale first A from here release will come out Step back up in hell Exhale back down to the Mitar Come on, It's the last side So you know Exhale, kick on the right knee Step it back in Nearly excel in twisting now Sure variation hard in your legs Drop back me they twist from Here's another variation Come out slowly from here So variation and do the variation I still got a little more Pull back from here Variation Step up, You're in hell Excelled miniter the other side, you know Lift the left leg Big circle chick Bush chest lifted in Exhales stepping back Strong right leg Just that This to make a little tight No, wait! Help! Excel Twisting to the right Handsome prayer Did you try to put the chest This ceiling Come out slowly The arms bag From here taken inhalation. Exhale beautiful from here. Step up in hell excelled with Benatar from here. You know, Exhale, Check the left knee stepping back strong right leg. Inhale. I'm gonna twist horse the rights. I don't twist to the left. It was to the right, towards the name past the floor The grass in hell Excel shoulder release Go where? Where the hands go And from here taken inhalation. I think so. Twist Step up you now exhale Mitar Cool from here. So last one show with variation I need help. Exhale kicking, stepping back Step back Reached with the foot and I stepped back Do the floor It's a variation Just change it up Hips for to get the ball of foot Here I am how xlt was toward the knee Get the oboe right side of the knee Rest the palms hands going to center The heart slowly Won't this like a little four? Phil Instructional left muscle Inhale Has the floor exhale? So baby gonna lift the chest a little bit? Note a little background We'll just keep the hands as is Release Mary in hell. Exhale Twist again, Lovie! Arms out! I'm going to stand up hell. Exhale down the guitar all the way up. Secondly, ours differ. Very inhale hands to the sky. Excel clear, Hand under under the table So that was feces in the maze. Little warrior postures Strengthening your legs strengthened in defeat. So we enjoyed today's Tao is gone Young flow? Sure, sure, almost. Thank you. 10. Taoist Sun Salutation (Shinto Shrine): Hi. Welcome to today's She gonna galaxy overflows. And today I thought we would work on a little bit of almost like colic. It's been Yosses sun salutation. They kind of have been inspired by one of my teachers, Duncan Long from Yobe Courts tradition. And, um, a lot of times I travel a lot in the hotel rooms. Very small. I can't really practice because I cut it. Came up with this something to kind of do a very small spaces. It's similar with like a sun salutation with this cut Taoist. She gone kind of flow. I think you'll like it because it's very inspired by something with Yobe cards, which I'm very inspired by. Hope you enjoy this. Oh, So like I said, this is for something small spaces, Not not a lot of room. A little time to practice. I think it like this. So here I start with feet together and take the hands of her position. And sometimes we can also we have this kind of your records. I like to take a well, place the hands at the chest so you could go here or here. Whatever feels comfortable for you that would be to do from Here is a few together toes touching heels, touching chest did Let's take some inhalations exhalations through the nose. Do the natural eyes closed or the eyes are open? Look at the floor or the grass. It's up to you just taking inhalations and ex election to the nose from here. I'm gonna warming these up a bit. So from here, just kind of bend the knees, straighten the legs spend is going to pull us. Holtz pulsing the legs five of their superhero I held hands upward. Let's get this son of a back bend next hell, Pull the hands down. Report chakra lace the fingers palms pressed to the floor or to the ground Bended knees, chest lifted. Flow the hands upward Now sometimes opening my shoulders So if you can t trip behind or just in line with top Chaka, maybe live in front from here. Circle the arms now from here Stay. They're gonna show It was a classic from here There were no the way. Straighten up. Go to this little bit of background. Hold the hands away Just a bit from the sitting bones. No X help! Bend the knees keep bend in the knees. You pending, not from here. Straighten. The legs were just a little bit not from here. Then the knees release. I think it was the harder part. Try to keep the feet close. Possible as I can, and I come down and sitting. I try to keep the knees open. You can lift the chest from here, Inhale arms up back. Next, they'll hands to prayer position. Let's go like one around. We're gonna do a few of these. So from here, handsome prayer together, bending the knees, straightening the legs. Then you're five bodies bended knees. After their straighten the legs inhale arms up. Sell hamster prayer. Bend the knees, chest lifted lace the fingers you spent Hold back, opening his shoulders. Press the palms to the sky, floor of the arms. She's going style laced behind you from here in hell. Straighten the legs. Hold the hands of With this approach, you can take a look up. Exhale bended knees on a folding forward. These better street now from here, Garland posture. I'm here to release. I sit down in this kind of the toes touching. You can heels flat if you can he's open. Just look. Inhale the arms up. Stand up from there. Lean back. Exhale hands a prayer with around from here. Hands together. Trust the hands. Let's get this. Don't make a little tight now That was a as I polls a little stronger X elation to or one more from here. No inhale street in the hands. Straighten the orbs. Tightens stomach with lean back. Exhale hands a prayer. Bend the knees, chest lifted. Laced fingers. We're not taken in relation. Exhale. Shoulder release below the arms She got style leaves behind that would help lift the chest . Hands away. Take a look. Excel on bended knees. Now I'm kind of rolling forward, having headed and for me release the hands. I try to sit back and just garland posture. Inhale up being back. Exhale Handsome prayer. One more of these from here, Legs together tightens stomach. Strong X elation. The only more slows breathing. Exhale we're inhale. Hands up back. Exhale Hansa Prayer in hell. Bend the knees, Press palms on the floor. It's like you're painting a line in front of you. Lift the hands to where they want to go. Push the palms, The ceiling here really Slowly in hell reaching behind. Lift the chest, Pull the hands back. Released the neck. Exhale bend knees holding forward. Check from your Indian that I released the hands, his Garland lobster, Vinnie's watch. Lift the chest. Take a few breaths. Here you don't hold these stomach tight. Breath is mine has always focused on the breathing. One more we're inhale. Stand up. Let's go back. Excel the prayer. Do one more. I know I said one more, but like do 35 of these from here, bend the knees. Just kind of the war. Main stomach tight. Whole thing. Lift the chest. Wind hail. Hands up. Soldiers relax and back. Exhale. It would help. Bended knees, chest lifted, press opening his shoulders. It's really worse with the heart ridding among the ready in fresh, the hands this ceiling from here, released slowly below the arms like wings class behind. How? Straighten your legs. Intel. Roll back. Hold the hands a little bit away from the sit bones exhale, bend the knees rolling for and from here. And I didn't help. Try to sit down. You also holding hands called Atlas Greek titan holding the sky or the earth over his head and also just bring the hands of prayer position. Chest lifted. Few breaths? No, I didn't have make strength of all the way up. Shoulders relaxed back. Makes hell hands to prayer. Take a few breaths. There was just kind of ah warmup flow, or it could be so you have a lot of time limited space, and it has a kind of a yoga cheek on field of this coldest flow. That Shinto shrine. So you could do this much as you like. 125 10 times. So thank you for joining me. Sure, sure. Almost a. 11. Shaolin Stretch [Legs]: Hello. Welcome to today's episode of she coming Taoist Yoga. Today I thought we do something a little different. I wanted to get into more of healing modalities and Maura Orci or product bodywork. I call this some Sheldon Stretch, This is a This is based on a lot of giving modalities chyna Japan, India and also from Thailand. I think this is really important part of that. The human experiences learning bodywork, but also giving it as well. So I'm gonna do a very, very simple shall in stretch massage. And this works into the physical body but also works in the energetic body as well. So that works with them Chinese meridians. You also have the time meridians, Japanese, and also the Indian Bedzyk meridians as well. But it also works with the chakras, the Indian and also the Chinese choppers. So we'll begin the first. I move his feet about hip. This is apart and he's really relaxed and he lets me do all the work. So first here I just take the heads of her position, take a few natural breaths I can also do is inhale universal ci the top of the head to the heart and out. So is this a few times again? Inhale energy or qi or prana? From that happen the top chakra upper don t n don't through Arjuna a throat to the heart and out to my client to make this connection. And I see the heart energy or this product or orci energy coming from the ultimate shop Chris to the heart chakra and the fans out into the world and also fans at a client. Then when I feel satisfied, I just open the eyes and I rubbed their hands Good hands, Nice and warm. Place the hands over the feet. There's a minor choppers will defeat from here The palm of the hands I press and I release and I press up your times So working from the hell out to the big toe. So then I work my hand back to the hell. So the feet we have what you This were impressing spleen Meridian also connected to the lower don t n. It is also connected. Two will adore chakra and with shell in stretch we work from the feet up. So we're following horse of energy, actually from the bottom Chalker up to the top says that we kind of worked feet up. I learned a lot of this in Thailand. Learned a lot of this from different Japanese practitioners. A lot of this from Chinese practitioners, even some partition Indian healers. I just do this a few times from here like a lot of what the hands, the inside of the lace coming, walking like a cat too hard. Work up to the knees, Circle the knees so kind of circle this way back your times little lighter when the thighs in it I don't walk too far up. Halfway that walk back down towards the knees, circle the knees a few times catwalk using the palms down the legs down to the ankles and I walk walk back out to the big toe spleen meridian. So in inside of legs we have three different meridians according to tradition. Three Chinese meridians, three time meridians. But I can also do from here so I could turn the feet outward. The toast wanted this to the sky, and I'm gonna do this rushing down on the feet. Any tension, the ankles rest, so I kind of do. They do things three times from here. I pressed the feet back so I kind of press slice before the fever being pressed down. Now I pressed this way. I'm moving his feet towards his his hips and release connected to the root chakra feet. Rula, Dora, lower downtown. You don't give a nice hole. So I take the ankles, pull for a few seconds, who's kind of shaped like his legs out. We're gonna do a few simple stretches. So to his right side, that flight comes up, Take the left hand. It is Hell right hand on his right leg just to stabilize. I'm not gonna be impressing on his leg, so I don't fall. He feels a little bit of a touch as well. It doesn't put my fingertip since I was my palm. Like I said, not too hard on his right leg when his left leg. I mean, my right hand. So from here I moved from a Don 10 or recall the horror push forward. Gotta feel and even listen for the stretch about there. That's one. And I release We're from the horror Naval. Now I can also use my breathing. I can inhale and exhale. I also push which maybe you couldn't see every time I've been pushed the leg. I've been walked My right hand up the leg three times. Now from here. Step the left leg back. I take my right leg across his left leg. This is the hold. His leg down And I take my hand my arm into his right foot I flex his foot up just a little bit Now you be the right hand comes out a little more and I stretch him. Stripped him out. It's by flexible here so I get a little deeper I slowly bring the leg back. What I don't want is this. I want this flex with Scott. I bring this back from here. I switch legs here. The right leg comes across right hand to his right foot. Left him on the hip. Bring this right across my stretch. Do it three times. Move the hand up, bring like a cross, and I do one more. Deeper maybe. And I should just like out Have a nice hole. Look the other way with the left leg. The right hand, right leg, right hand, left hand to the knee. A little closer to him. Push I feel his stretch and I release left him was up a little bit onto his thigh from a horror. Your navel. We don t do it more. Hold for a breath or two release My left leg goes across his leg to hold the leg down. Keep it foot flexed frieze like out. I need to be my body as well. A way out. Do you feel his stretch? Slowly Bring it back. Nice and slow. I'm going to switch so right late comes down Left leg up. Right hand was right. Hip left hand porting his heel here. Reams across. Come out a little bit. Right hand who's a little bit down side The leg. Gold bladder, stomach meridian. It's out beautiful. Slowly bring it back in. Shook his legs out back to putting the hips. You're a little pull at least the legs. So as I perform this, I look at this as a form off flowing meditation as well. So when I do this, I will use my breathing. For example, lay in how on the exhale I will push the leg, so I'm constantly using my breathing as well, and I can also engage them in breathing as well sometimes. So this becomes a moving meditation for you. It was a very therapeutic, energetic massage for them as well. This can work in all sorts of stag nations in the legs. Lower back. The hips start to release these things. Thank you for watching my shallots. 12. Shaolin Stretch [Shoulders]: I welcome today's Dow showgirl. She gone, And today we're gonna look a little bit of something sacred bodywork or what I like. I like to call a Sheldon Stretch one segment we did stretching your legs. Another segment we worked on the back. This is a very simple shoulder release to relieve that tension in the shoulders, neck, even the head. It's very simple. And I think like us. So your client or your partner there sitting easy sitting position sometimes because they want a pillow, they need to where you can roll yoga mats, whatever works. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stand behind And what I stand behind him, I'm gonna put my knees on each side of his spine. I'm not gonna dig Windies into his point, but it's more of a support for him and me. Okay, So when I start here, knees on each side of this point, so not pushed, or if I I was digging into his back would be like this, he'd be almost moving forward. I don't want that. I want him just kind of supported. So he did he just fall backwards holding him there So you have long hair, so I want to the hair out of the way. And also people necklaces, watches, necklaces. So when I first start, I want you take my hands, horseman. And there's this less you part of the body upon his shoulders. Astronomical repressing. So, with a few more radiance, you're gonna go a bladder meridian triple warmer, I believe. Even the small intestine maybe running up through here. So from here. So what did you from here is I inhale and exhale Push his shoulders down like I'm tryingto put your shoulders into the floor Push And he tried to keep his back streets I don't want him to collapse And I release on a work The hands just had a little bit I in here and exhale and lean forward Just trying to press the shoulders down. Couple lawyers make sure you pulling their hair either long hair, They come up slowly and then work my hands out towards stock. A little bit of bone here. That's OK. I compress here. So you in hell. Excellent pressed shoulders down for about five seconds and I release now What I do from here is switch to a hand for now The woman curl the fingers inward There's a man. It's okay. So I inhale from here exhaling pressed out I release Bring the hands a little bit in word or in hell Next satellite trust down five seconds and I moved more upon to the flesh apart in how And I actually pressed out I come up slowly release I'm gonna kneel behind him. Thumbs the patch, not the nail. So from here, go to the flesh apart. And when a circle a few times clockwise counterclockwise. That's why in hell next daily press people really sensitive here I won't press you hard Another ask them, OK and I came up slowly. I worked my fingers out Just a little bit of a circle counterclockwise and clockwise warm up. Uh, acupuncture points away in hell and exhale press release. It comes out just a little more circling, warming up the meridians points. All right, Actually press now I can get a little more. I don't want ruin a personal boat, but right at the edge of his bone here circle warming up the meridians where the acupuncture points I help next press and I release Walk the thumbs back in forced neck from here. Watch the chairman necklace. I can just rip gripped his shoulders and release redness. Your times, no next part. He's gonna take his arms. Walk the hands for almost like into a yoga posture. Told comfortable. Position down. Yeah, he's gonna most right. Get his head to the floor. You can order the grass. So here, take this corrupted shop Super flexible risk and move the hair. No, I don't want to hit the spine. I feel very well. And there were bodies. Kidneys, either. What is dropping Shop? Start shoulders worked out down towards a kidney and back up, down, down And on the other side. Almost fine. Down, up. Oh, down. It also takes a couple of hands That's not horribly kidney. It can also massage down the arms, kind of gripping and really sane. A few times Go the shoulders crypt release. You go to the neck, watch the hair washing necklace kind of take the neck and release a few times kind of gripping and releasing. Make about the shoulders. Now I can't even careful with the Saudis. You're gonna watch their knees, a palm walking the bag like pressure on his shoulders back down. Like I said, this could be a little comfortable for some people. Just ask them how it feels. I just do one more now. I can slowly sit them up. Super slow. I help them. Sometimes I could finish up there. Sometimes I can lay them back, but for this segment he will just finish here. So I hope you enjoyed today's shell them stretch shoulder release and also releasing tension from the bladder. Meridian Shake, shake. I will stay. Thank you. 13. Shaolin Stretch [Back]: I welcome to today's version of Shaolin Stretch, and today I thought we were gonna work on his back, which is quite easy to learn from from a video. So last time we did shall in stretch. I worked a muddled mates when he was on us on his back. Now he's on a stomach, so we're gonna work the whole back legs, defeat the arms, his shoulders. So we're gonna work everything. Um So the first thing you want to do is when you work on somebody is I was like to check the legs. So what I do from here is I wanna pick the leg up. They want to put its feet in work, so I don't want the feet kind of lanes. Strangely, I want to bring their the tops of the feet a little inward and he's going to relax, just in case I stepped on him a little bit. I don't want to bridges me or his ankle over his toes. So this is the safest way he didn't work on flat. First thing I'm going to do is I want to relax him or her. So I take my foot on the sacred sinker Mrs Kind of upside down pyramid bone. So I placed my foot here, hands on my hips and not really stepping. Kind of moving, moving the hips. So I have a little bit of a step, but I'm rocking this hips. This is to relax his whole body. This you could do as long as you like. 30 seconds a minute. Five minutes. But what I do sometimes is I get different speeds, slow it down a little bit faster in between. Could even group that for So I moved a foot a little bit down. Back up to the sacre. Um, a little bit upward. It is very good for relaxing the client. I'm not pushing with my foot more about of a rocket. Like I said, 15 minutes. And when I do want to finish yourself, start to slow it down. They come to a complete stillness for a few moments tonight with a cough. So come to the feet. No. Working on a hard floor, a pillow underneath. I heard a speed and you don't want a break. What we're gonna do from here is I'm gonna take my my left foot, he said with his left foot. Where's right foot? All right, take a little bit step and I'm and I'm stepping on the big, big toe side. Just life. Little steps. The feeds are connected with mood or chakra and with Shelvin stretch for upward following the energy of the body starts feet or you'll adore chocolate little steps. I switch. Like I said, pillow under the feet is a hard floor step on the big toe side. According to Ira Veda, apply massage in Chinese medicine. Many, many pressure points from here Sit in a comfortable position, use the palms and not gonna work too hard. But I'm gonna slowly walker for the links. So when you get to the knees, no pressure on the knees and I step above the knees, the hands walking It was like a cat does it get above the knees, You get president harder. Work back down towards the knees. Skip the knees. Just acknowledge the knees. A little pressure, the back of the legs So people could be very sensitive here, and some people want a lot of pressure. So to be getting a just kind of go a little bit light on them, I don't really know them. No work back. So we've been ready on the back of the lake. A lot of reading Chinese medicine Press up the knees Knowledge, the news. No pressure. A little more pressure in the back of the legs. Walk back up Now What's the knees? Press upward Now as they get to his hips, I would have put a lot of pressure here. Now you could practice yoga from this point. Go back downward facing dog Your moments release from here. Walk up to the hips with the glutes. I want to do this catwalk with depression, the back of the hips, A lot of tension here. Back pain will start around the kidneys and it will move down into the to the glue, dearie and ties down the back of the leg. The interconnection of the energy. A lot of times their work a lot in this area all those fists wants attention. Here. People have lots of injuries here. It is also working to First of second Chakra, where most of her issues seem to be a person. Second shocker. It was kind of really just home like or me. No pressing with a press hole work, Play hard. I can also just kind of do wonderful, I guess. Pressing to the hips, moving from the horror of adopt. Nice pressure here I'm gonna do from here. I'm gonna work up the back. We have the spine. You don't press on this. Fine has an east side of the spine we have dependent on with Tom. Wisdom. Tradition. How maney meridians air here. But we have two on each side of the spine from Ira Veda or India or Bedzyk massage. But so what I can do is like, either stand up little off the body, So I'm gonna warm the back up slowly. This cat walking again, Not after the neck, but almost walked back down. Catwalk. Not on this Fine. Down to the hips. Right. You'll go non stop on a walk back up. So as I'm working, I'm feeling for attention. Really? Not some feeling for stagnant energy cheer prana. And I'm be very quiet. We just warmed up the neck or spine. Gonna walk up again, get to the scapula. US press. He had a nice shoulder release. There was attention up here as well. Press. Just play hard. You're back down. We have all the organs. New side of the spine according to Chinese medicine along the heart, Large intestine, liver, gall bladder, kidneys They're all on the side. The spine. So what? They do this? I stimulate the organs. Now I'm going to do double pressing, so extort. What about the hips? Percent move from the horror. Not usually would my arm strength using from my horror I don t n you can walk the hands upside press walk the hands up just a little bit like for us. Hands up a little more, Yes. Walk your hands up my press and their hair, their hair out of the waivers and we'll pull the hair walking Hands up a little more new press walker Hands back down So resting up walk the hands back down We'll do another round now when I'm working personally with a client I'm not talking so much So what I'm doing is I'm usually inhaling myself. Liken Exhale. It becomes like a moving meditation. What in hell Times like connect with their brief. One more. I work in threes Rama vision beginning, maintaining, destroying that that creation I walked back down and you could do this as much as you like next, would you? For me? A right hand scapula, right? And to their offices is a here. And I take their arm, That's why. Rest on a whole. It's shoulder remix. Other side left hand and I pulled. You're so moved. Back down the legs. Careful with their knees. Here, cross the ankles. Fresh switch and don't drop their legs. Suit therapist. We lay things down nicely for them when my favorites. So somebody is smaller than they ever put a blanket thinner than New York in her bone structure. So what I'm gonna do here is I hate my knees under their Sipos. They're sitting in Japanese, sitting stays up. I'm kind of comfortable. I usually ask them, Is it all right if you look, you say yes and they take my my wrists. So what I do from here is so I told him to grab my arms. So I inhale from here the next Haley hold him up. It was pretty flexible. And don't drop them on their face slowly down. Next step, my knees come up to there to their glutes. The lawyer said sometimes you need to put a blanket here if you're a little happier than them. So very generally my knees up. And also, this is a source of a lot of acupuncture points as well. Putting my knees here as to stimulate after puncture points and the roots in the hips. And they grab my arms again. Mary, inhale. He also in hell. Next, he'll pull them up from here. Twista. One side slowly. Pull them up a little higher. Same thing. Don't drop them on their face. Very generally. 3rd 1 Go back down. He's behind the bleeps or under the police in this one. Grab exhaling. Pull them up. He's quite open. Slowly. So he let him. Leo, take my thumbs. So that sacred a bonus An upside down pyramid. Almost take my thumbs when you cited the Sacre pressing work. Well, not the tension here. I'm not person with a nail will do that. Perfect from Pat. You persuade hard here a lot. Attention here. 123 times. Finish this up And this could go on for quite a while. Way to left hand in this quint right hand. Do you trust me? Holy I press hold. That's here. Rest I pulled her hands away of each other. They get a different angle with the left hand. Right hand will move a little upward Rest. Who? Now you take the right and a little back Back down again on another angle with left rest From here, I switch right hand left hand, Lower back. Pressing. Pulling. So to conclude, that massage will sit back. This Asia take a few breaths What I'm doing from here. So I'm inhaling loving universal Bronner, chief from universe down through the top choppers out of the heart into my client Kind of visualize this energy moving down the chalk cra's I don t ends now through the heart. Kind of just increase. Give him a big hug. So this kind of healing energy we get from the universe So what I'm doing is taking energy , healing energy from universe down through my heart. Just kind of see this energy going around them energy and Peking is very healing. Let me conclude today's shallow stretch. So shall unstructured. It's a combination of Chinese active Crestor, medic, massage from India, timely shots and as low and corporate shots. So this is my few years of working with this thousands of appliance and working for different doctors, Professional police. My kind of my own mix. Sure, sure Must a thank you. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I am teaching street and I teach this. I want to get him out, teach you so teach yoga. She she gong and I teach healing. 14. Interview with Heng Ni: Hi, My name is a moon. I'm here today with Hang me, the instructor of this course, and we're going to learn a little bit about him as well as the practice of Dallas yoga. Hi. All right, So my first question is, what is Taoist yoga for? Some of us who might not have ever heard of that you may have heard of Dow ism may have heard of yoga, but never, never really. Bill been delved into what that really means. Sure, Taoist yoga. It's a Chinese form of yoga that it's always always been around. They work with the elements. Five Chinese elements with CNN. Yawn and it. It's a very fine line between Xi Gong and Dow. Issue over, sometimes very hard to see. But the more modern Taoist yoga you'll see, it's a little flows, and they may resemble postures or movements. Find an Indian yoga and in fact, sometimes we'll even borrow postures from Indian yoga. Which official Dow issue ago? One of animal movements. A lot of nature movements like water, metal wire. Um what? So we worked with the elements as well, so it could be so what? Demonic, actually. So the first Dallas were shamans, first Taoist amount, SAGES, men, women. So that answers the question. Cool. Yeah, I know it's a kind of a long history, but you guys working with movements flows. Sometimes it's static. Pounds is flowing. So what got you involved? Well, it was almost by my accident. I got an email about Holy Zinc and he's he's the kung fu master or the Taoist yoga master, that kind of broad popular in the West. And you don't know, Paul. You think you should look look out for him because he's kind introduced this practice in into the yoga world into the West. Um, I e randomly found, Ah, workshop. He was giving, and I went there and they knew about him from when I was a kid. I was really popular back in the seventies with martial arts come food and I was like, Oh my God, it's nice. 40 minutes from my house. So when I went there, he was giving a lecture and seminar when Taoist yoga and it blew me away. And no, at that time I was being introduced to Shiatsu, a Japanese for a massage and terminology. He was using the five elements in unity. Almost Griffin. Later with this and I saw similarity tight she and calm food and yoga, and I really just don't work. There's about 10 years ago. Well, it's great to see that your path has continued and grown in your practice to the point that you can share this with the world. Because just in learning as filming and as well as a little bit before, it's helped me a lot. Teoh get in touch and get in touch with with different flow movements that are different from you. So that brings me to my nuts. Question. You said there's some movements that are similar to Indian you. So what? What are the sort of similarities and differences just in brief as to a practice that might be a little bit more popular today, like the Indian version of you or even meditation? Yeah, the differences are in Indian, which I also teaching yoga in a lot of Indian yoga. They will hold the postures, and it can be a bit without being negative. It's not a negative. It could be a bit rigid. Everything is kind of very linear. We're down. Wished yoga. Um it could be very circular. It could be moving spirals. In fact, sometimes you don't use your over mass. A lot of times people practice in nature. Um so we don't were not limited to a yoga mat. It's a very free flow form or practice. Yes, you need a teacher, a mentor. But practice will start to teach you, and you start to connect with nature is sure to connect with the animals. And, um, that's the difference is not that Indian Europa doesn't have this guys, but it's very quick to see Ian Dowie show. It's very circular. Very flow is also dance. That's the bigger biggest differences. How should we do whole postures? Um, but there's also very much a flow, and it's based on wonder Down circular room spiral meditations. Indian Yogi will use a lot of Montrose and the Dow. It's yoga. One of movements, circular movements with body Um, you also focus on different focus points that don t ends as well. Indian yoga meditation could be quite similar, but also they could be different. It is a dour showbiz based on, I would like to say, loosely based on Chinese medicine, so we were with the meridians. I don t ends. The elements were Indian yoga. They're working with chalk Rose Indian elements an ira vida. So the differences, others differences. Cool. Thank you. Okay, So my next question is for the people who might be practicing something else and be saying you know, why should I practice Dallas yoga as well as the people who might be New Tioga, new to the flowing energy in general. So my question is, why should you practice it? Focusing on what are the benefits that one receives when practicing? What I noticed right away with Taoist yoga was after practicing Karate Day, a lot of weight martial arts and also Indian style of yoga. I noticed they were very kind of in stiff. And I know some people will disagree with this, but I found them kind of very hard, very stiff, which is in a positive or a negative. Well, I found that with the Dow issue over was I could relax more in my body, seemed to open up more, relax. And, um, that was the biggest difference. Like I could start to flow and like it was very stiff in the beginning. the Dow wish Go. It's very hard for me to kind of let go, and this is the positive dollar. Sugars let go to flow, which people have a hard time doing letting go on, just flowing teaches. You don't flow with life, just a flow. Oh, and that's That's the big difference in my soul that Dallas y practices, um, you build your immune system flowing more, releasing tension in the chalk press release intention in the meridians it actually, it's a whole system of yoga. It's You'll find everything in Dallas. Jovial young yoga, yoga, meditation, XI Gong movements. You'll find martial arts, sword movements point everything assistant. Actually very cool man, that's at least me like if I wasn't introduced to it before, that would make me pretty excited because I really found the holistic sensitive, you know, and I see that I see exactly what you mean with we didn t yoga sometimes and Indian yoga. Sometimes I think new practitioners get stuck in. Can I do this posture? Can I not do this washer? And it's almost like a comparative thing. Whereas that was sugars Mawr. It's easy to just get in and hello and then. So it's a less of, ah, a learning curve in order to actually feel the energy. So that's one of the benefits that I've seen. Well, so I've also seen to every movement of Taoist gov works in certain Meridian. And when you start to, like, study a little bit, you can incorporate which movement affects which meridian which effects which Oregon or emotion restored to put the pieces together. Okay, this four event or this movement, it works with the heart. Meridian heart really maybe goes anxiety. I want to put the pieces together. And this is how I found a very holistic Well, I knew which movement we're going to stimulate with meridians report, choppers don t ends. Like I could take the practice for myself. Use it as a medicine. Yeah. Yeah, no doubt you You also get an Indian. You, But I'm not disrespecting Indian over. Yeah, yeah, Very cool. All right, so I have one last question, and this is for students that have taken this course and that are very interested in and what you continue. So the question is where What do you recommend students also look for that? May be it may be shortly Dallas yoga or maybe something that just help them with their Dallas years. I think that's a good question. Taoist yoga today has has kind of spread all over the world, and there's a few teachers that are very old school, which I have a lot of respect for. Wish I would recommend some of their books or DVDs. One is who I was learning from his Paulie's Inc He has a lot of DVDs, I believe is a book, Um, but definitely DVDs. And I should be all these things. He's the one who created. Why was that? He created? But he's the one who made Dallas joke very popular. Oh, she's gone. You kind of enhances also studying like she ought to or oppressor or learning about that morning about, like, Meridians and Don t. And one has to practice. Oh, I'm also very influenced by Main Paul. Really? Waas. He became very popular for popularizing yin yoga. He's a very good books. Um, Duncan Long is another one that I really respect. Um, so there's some teachers out there who I really, really like that you could check out, um, come through as well just practicing come food tight. She these kind of things learning body, Asian bodywork. As I said, you know what kind of enhances the practice? And even when Yasser yoga, you know, you know, when you also flow yoga has a lot of good good flows in you could take and incorporate into the Dow show of practice. Well, thank you very much. Hang me. I do. It's been a pleasure co creating this course of you. I hope all of you watching at home if you have already taken the course. I hope that this kind of re integrates it gets you in the right direction to continue your practice. If you're considering taking the course, I hope this answers some of your question ensures you all the benefits that you're going to get from this. Thank you.