Taming Hadoop 1 - Hadoop Instalation and Hadoop Distributed File System | Naman A. | Skillshare

Taming Hadoop 1 - Hadoop Instalation and Hadoop Distributed File System

Naman A., Mr.

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8 Videos (2h 19m)
    • Welcome to the course

    • Hadoop Installation Part 1

    • Hadoop Installation Part 2

    • Hadoop Installation Part 3

    • Hadoop Installation Part 4

    • Hadoop Installation Part 5

    • Hadoop Installation Part 6

    • Hadoop Installation Part 7


About This Class

This is the first class on Skillshare from Droid Hub from the 8 Class Series "Taming Hadoop".

We already know the idea behind having Hadoop.

So how we keep this data? We all generate data, from varied sources, how do we store this data? Where do we store this information?

Inside a database? Really? Then what about the video files? The audio files? Images…. Is

storing important?

Lets checkout it here!

PS: Be sure to stay tunned, follow us and be ready for the next class this week or the next one.





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Naman A.


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