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Talk With Style: Five Ways to Be Heard and Happy

teacher avatar Kiki Zen, Create Change. Be Changed.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Talk With Style Intro

    • 2. Talk with Style #1: Giving Gifts

    • 3. Talk with Style #2: Giving Hugs

    • 4. Talk with Style #3: Spending Time

    • 5. Talk with Style #4: Providing Services

    • 6. Talk with Style #5: Saying Words

    • 7. Talk with Style Summary

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About This Class

Do you sometimes feel you are not being heard? Or the other person just doesn't seem to 'get it' with you? 

Let's pause, perhaps, the other person isn't receiving the information in their preferred communication styles. Yes, we communicate differently. Nothing wrong with that. We are unique, social human beings. You can master the five different communication styles so your message can be heard and understood.  

In this class, you will the five preferences of communication through: 

1. giving gifts

2. spending quality time

3. providing acts of services. 

4. giving hugs

5. words. 

By understanding the communication patterns of your loved ones, co-workers, and friends, you will be able to communicate more effectively, reduce misunderstanding and miscommunication, and achieve mutual harmony because you chose to communicate with compassion. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiki Zen

Create Change. Be Changed.



I'm a passionate teacher on health and wellness, and a Pilates, Barre, and Yoga teacher who wants to share the wealth of health to all.

I have graduate degrees in public health, finances, management, and biology. I love to study and teach the science of wellness and healthy living. I've been a workaholic scientist for many, many years until I developed severe lower back pain and I realized at that moment, I needed a change, a better way to live. I began my journey in Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation, and now, I see the amazing changes in my work and personal life.

Self-care therapy is the key to preventing long-term chronic diseases, and to enhancing the quality of life.

In Skillshare, I hope to provide simple, efficient tips on getting fit, eatin... See full profile

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1. Talk With Style Intro: Hello. My name is Kiki. I'm destructive for this class. On how the talk off style master to five communications style Hever said something and the other person misinterpreted. Are you trying to express something? And the other person just doesn't seem to understand what you're saying? Learned a five preference of communication so that you can be understood and the other person can understand what you're saying. And there was a mutual harmony in communication. So enroll in my class so that we can learn how to talk with style. See you on the other side. 2. Talk with Style #1: Giving Gifts: communication style is gifts. This person prefers to have tokens of appreciation given to them. How would you be able to identify whether this person is a type of person who prefers gifts as a way of communication? When you're about to go on a trip, visit a new place and you have friend who says, Oh, when you go over there, can you give me something? Gifts is a way to communicate how much you can about that person. On the other hand, if you're a type of person who does not prefer gives as a communication style, you're probably not ask a friend to bring you something back because you don't expect someone to bring something back for you. You tend to not break something back for someone else. However, if you have a friend or relative or parent who says, Bring me back something. Oh, if you can check out that one gift, see, was available, anything that deals with gifts, it's a signal to you that this person senses love compassion through items. Someone with this communication style does not mean that they're materialistic. To them, gifts seem this object, feeling it, sensing it gives them pride that you acknowledged him 3. Talk with Style #2: Giving Hugs: was you? What type of communication style this person prefers if they ask, I want ah hung. And you refused to hide this person fuse. Very subconscious. Even a little bit damaged because you rejected their communications dialled. But what if you think I'm that guy type of person? Well, maybe you don't know this person very well. So maybe a personal hug might be asking too much, but maybe a handshake. We can all give Handshakes are nice. High five. Gent tap on the side. Any type of personal touch signals to this person who prefers personal touch that you acknowledged that? No. 4. Talk with Style #3: Spending Time: another communication style is quality time. This person prefers communication through spending time with you. If you have a friend who prefers to chat over coffee rather than on the foe or email or tax , this signals to you that this person not only values to conversation, but the time spent with you. When you reject quality time with this person, this signals to that person that you did not acknowledge them. But what if you're a person who just don't have time to spend quality time? I suggest that you make time. It is not. The quantity of time is the quality of time you can simply chat up over lunch. Well, coffee break are simply stopping by to say hello and spending quality time. But asking how the person is doing the other person senses your acknowledgement by the quality of your questions, how much you care and the time that she took Have your day to stand with them. Now, this person who prefer quality time may not be as receptive Teoh gifts and personal touch. If you are a person who prefers personal touch or gifts and you give this person a gift, this is the same. No, that you thought off them. This person may not acknowledge your gift or may not understand why you gave them this gift , because to them, communication is do quality time, - No . 5. Talk with Style #4: Providing Services : four of communication style is acts of service. There's person communicates through providing service, contributing. Uh, how do you know if this is a person who prefers an acts of service? Were you having a conversation with this person? And let's say you have a flat tire or you want to get some information about your car. There are a couple of responses a person can offer a ride a person can offer to help you fix it. This person tends to communicate by the ACA service because they're providing you help or assistant. If this person preferred gifts, personal touch, quality time, they're responsive. Would have been different for someone. Prefers gifts in the situation may offer you their car for you to borrow. It's a height. Um, they feel that communication is through an exchange of items. Someone who prefers quality time makes be sitting there to listen to your problems and offer Got space and comfort to discuss this issue. They may not offer service in the sense of helping you with your car. Person was a preference for personal touch. May listen to your story with empathy and give you a hug at the end of this conversation these air signals to you to know how to reciprocate back. If this person prefers an active service, you there for me to communicate, To get through this person by an act of service, by spending quality time, giving them gives and giving him a hike would not be as effective to getting your message across to this person who has a preference of acts of service. This person prefer that you show a contribution to action. To them, actions speak louder than words. - Um 6. Talk with Style #5: Saying Words: the fifth and last communication style is words of affirmation. People with this preference prefer that you communicate through words. These are people who will love to get a greeting card from you, an e now a signal to show that you understand working vacation through words. What if you say that I'm not a person of words? You may not have the words for all occasions, but you could find help. A greeting car the speaks how you're feeling or just short phrases to indicate how you feel about the other person. Ah, person who prefers words of affirmation will prefer you to express your issues. Your thoughts through written language or a verbal choose this person would not be as receptive towards gifts. Quality time are acts of service. Miscommunication can occur when two individuals are not giving information in a way that they had a person appreciates. If you are a person who appreciates acts of service and this person, it's on Lee sharing words to you. It will be hard for you to understand information you feel that you're not being heard are being understood. If you are a person who prefers gifts as a signal off communication. And this person does a favor but doesn't give you a gift for you. You will feel unappreciated a night knowledge while the other person is scratching their head because they're communicating way that day for sure, - I'm 7. Talk with Style Summary: as you learned that there from communications style and learn that we all have five of these tools in our toolbox. When you recognize the communication stop preferences of the other individual, you'll quickly grab the tool from ritual box and be able to respond accordingly so that person can be heard. We are a social being. We can always find a common ground in communication. Be open half embassy.