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Talk About Stuff You Love & Get Payed for It

Madelaine DeRose, Creative Director, Holistic Health Guide

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    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    • 3. Where to Start:

    • 4. 10 Tips for Affiliate Marketing

    • 5. Find Affiliate Programs

    • 6. PROJECT Affiliate


About This Class

I am a Stylist, Content Creator, and Podcaster and have always recommended products and services I love using. I started affiliate marketing for a couple of companies and doubled my income in just 2 months, by using my bog, Instagram, podcast, and e-mail lists, to promote them.

If you are also looking for a passive income, a side hustle, or want to support brands you really believe in, affiliate marketing is your solution. You won't even need prior marketing experience, or a huge following to be a successful affiliate. What's better than talk about stuff you love and get a commission from the sales you make? 

In this class I will walk you through what affiliate marketing is, where to start and how to find affiliate programs for you, as well as my top 10 tips for affiliates. I will also show you some examples of one of the brands I am an affiliate for


1. Class Intro: do you have a couple of products and services that you just love to use? And you find yourself referring to your family and friends all the time? And you sometimes witch? Well, damn, I wish I could make some commission off of these sales. Well, that exists. And it's called affiliate Marketing. I met Landy, Rose. I'm a stylist, content creator and podcaster, and I started affiliate marketing just two months ago, and it already is one of my main sources of income. That's why I created this class. It's for anyone who is looking for a side hustle, passive income or just really wants to support Brandon Services that you really, really believe in. This class is for anyone who just even have a good group of friends or family who will take your advice. Don't like you'll need thousands of thousands of followers to be affiliate marketer. I will go through my 10 tips on a Phillip marketing. I will talk about the different kinds, and I will also give you a great starting point off brands on companies that do affiliate marketing or give you some ideas which brands you could do affiliate marketing for so By the end of this cost, you will be all set. Turn money with doing what you do anyway. Talking about things you love. 2. What Is Affiliate Marketing?: So first I wanted to get more into what affiliate marketing actually is. Basically, you're getting paid for sharing, promoting and recommending another company's product or service. So if you have something that you use anyway and your friends ask you all the time, what do you use? What you use and you tell them, and you get paid for that? If they buy it, that's what affiliate marketing is. It's so amazing because you don't actually have to produce a product. You don't have to handle the logistics. You don't have to handle any of the production or anything else. You're basically just selling it, and you don't even have to worry about customer service. So if one of the customers has problem with the product, they will go to the company, not you. If you have a good connection with your audience, which I recommend, then yes, maybe they will come to you and you can share some two tips n tricks with um, but that's more on my tips later in the other videos of this class. So basically, that's what makes the food marketing So grades. So the three different kinds of Philip marketing I just want to mention we're going to focus on the 3rd 1 but the first kind of affiliate marketing is unattached to Philip Marketing. This means that you will have a link or an ad anywhere on the home page or blogged or whatever that you basically have no connection to whatsoever. But if the person that is on your home page clicks on that link, or add and buy something, or even just for the click, there's some ways that you can also get paid for. Just the click. Um, that is unattached to food marketing. Then there is related affiliate marketing, where you have a link of ah, product or service on your home page or blogged that has something to do with your home Peter Block up. But you haven't used it yourself, and you can't give personal recommendations. The third affiliate marketing is involved Filic marketing, so that's where you give personal recommendations. And these recommendations, as well as the links and coupon codes that your cells get tracked through, are incorporated into your content. So it's not just a random ad, and you wear or a button or anything. The product you are selling advertising or recommending is organically in your post or or your podcast episode or whatever you use to communicate with your audience or whatever you use to share your tips and tricks, and that is the kind that we're going to focus on in this class. 3. Where to Start:: basically, you want to start with what the need is that your audience has, how you can help them. And then the product that you're selling is the what the what you are giving them to solve their problem. So that is that I wanted to start out with because really, we need to remember that we're talking to people and this is not going to be, ah, how to sell a washing machine class. This is just sharing products that you absolutely look. I want to share a product that supports your audience. And maybe best case even leads thumb, too. Another service that you are maybe selling. Let's say you have a baking blawg and you do affiliate marketing for a mixer. So that is the perfect example for how your fleet marketing product will help your audience with when you are actually selling your recipes. The mixture will help them make the muffins that your recipe is for, so it's really a win win situation, and that's also a really great way to be super authentic with the products and services that you are promoting 4. 10 Tips for Affiliate Marketing: So the first step I want to share with you to be in the Philip Marker is Be confident. That is a great tip for anything in life as well as a food working. So you want to really make sure that your audience understands why you love this product so much or service, and why you think that it will help them. So again remember that you are giving them a solution to one of their problems. And that will also not make you feel like yourselves person but an actual person that helps them. And like a brother, sister, friend, mother, you know, kind of situation as opposed to a sales person knocking on the door. And like I said, trying to sell your washing machine. So be confident. Know why you are selling this product like, really know the product on and be honest? Of course. So that was my first tip is be confident. The second tip I can give you is be honest, not only with the product that you're using, but also that you are earning money through selling it. So there are FTC regulations in the United States that actually require you to be open about if it's an ad, so you may have seen it on Instagram, where it's like hashtag sponsors post or hashtag advertisement or PayPal's or whatever that is actually a law. Some people still don't want to share it, but I have been advised to share it by doing my research on. I have to say it makes sense as far as if you think about your audience. If they are, you know they like you, they follow you. They might be your friends or family or whatever. They trust your opinion, and maybe they are more likely to buy the product or service you were advertising. If they know that, you will make money with it. So if my friend would say, Hey, this is amazing by this product And if you do, I'll get money for it will be like, Sure, I want to help you out. It's not like the customer has to pay more, so be honest with your audience and say this is my favorite product because and I'm getting money because I believe in this product and I'm working with the brand. My third tip is telling the story off your experience with the product or even of you receiving the product. Is there a way that you can share when you're getting the product and you're unwrapping it , or a way that you can communicate how proud you are this product? Even if you didn't create it, act like you created it, act like it's your baby. Or maybe you do feel like it's your baby because you are helping this product or service grow by showing it with your audience. So share the background story, share any kind off experience you've had with it. That is also a great way to produce authentic content and content that your audience is gonna like seeing on will be more willing to buy the product for okay. My next tip is fair. Fair share sharing is caring and also with marketing. It's all about sharing it on all of your outlets on all of your social media platforms were talking about. It's a grand posts were talking about block posts. Newsletters. Be really creative with how you can tell your audience about the product or service that you were doing affiliate marketing for be like I said, honest, confident and creative at the same time, you wanna make sure that it's super easier for for your audience to find. So if you shared it on instagram on your home page and you don't share it on, for example, if you have a podcast, maybe some people are only listen to your podcasts and don't go on instagram. Make sure you're also shared on your podcast and then have one site on your home page where you share all of your affiliate marketing links. So have a page that says my recommendations or my top five favorite books. If you do affiliate marketing for a book selling company or Amazon, if then you are promoting your affiliate marketing product or service on your podcast is hard to share. You know those little really long links that they will tend to give you so they'll send you a link that is like this song literally or, if you're lucky, a promo code. But let's say it's the link. And on your podcast, you obviously can't give them all the numbers and etcetera. So that's when you'll want to use pretty links dot com. So pretty links dot com will give you the opportunity to basically redesigned those really long affiliate links into something super cute, short and easy to remember. For example, my home pages mado dot com. So it will be my dot dot com slash books. If I'm getting doing your feeling marketing for books or Madore dot com slash lipstick. If it's a lipstick that I'm promoting, so either either one of those super easy that your audience can then just happen to their laptop beyond the right truck. Of course, you can also use Bit Lee. If you're sharing the link in your instagram, that will just that's for free. Pretty length is actually not for free, but Bentley is for free, where there will take the really long link and you can't redesign it yourself. But you can actually just make it shorter to make it easier for people to then type into their laptop. Those are just some easy ways that you want to make sure that your audience goes through the affiliate link that the brown that you're working with will provide you or always should share the coupon code that they will provide. You are they might provide you with. So that's the only way that they can actually track what you how much you are selling and then give you the commission off that you will always want to track and adjust. So there waas one brand that just did not take off was journey flight marketing, for I felt like my audience left the product. I was really love with the product, and I shared and I tried different kinds of marketing, but it just didn't sell. So maybe you're gonna have to say I'm sorry we're not drink flight marking anymore. So you don't want a 1,000,000 different kinds of links and product on your home page That's just gonna look really un concentrated and look like you're just taking anyone who comes along. So always track under just the Philip marketing that you are doing a great way to boost your sales of the product or service you are drinking Flick marketing for is to add a little goody. So remember, maybe some of the products that you are recommending your audience can also find somewhere else. So think about why they should buy through you on. What you could do is again be super creative and giveth. Um, a little goody a little extra that they will Onley get if they buy this product through your feel affiliate link, for example, some ideas that would be, ah, section of how to use this product. Or again if we have the idea with the mixer, you can say if you buy this mixer through this link, I'll give you an extra recipe that you don't have on the blogged that will need the customers of this product of this affiliate link will get If it's for example, um, a yoga pant brand. You can share a little yoga flow video with, um, for Onley, for the buyers through your affiliate like Okay, so this is also really great tip to be super authentic and to bring the product or service that you are recommending full circle because I suggest getting really good connections with the brand that you are promoting and maybe invite the CEO or founder or head of marketing whatever onto your podcast or do little interview for your block or any of those things. That's how you can bring the history of the company that you are promoting even closer to your audience, and that will make them even more willing to then buy the product that you are promoting. The knife tip I am sharing with you is don't sell but share. Put your audience first and not your income. So don't think about Oh, if I saw this, I'll make this much money. But oh, if I sell this, I will help this person. That's what I mentioned in the beginning, and I wanted to mention it here again because I don't see myself as a sales person. I don't necessarily think that people need all the things that they're buying, but if there is really a product or service that I can tell, my audience is interested in that I'm using and I find myself telling them about it all the time. Then why not being affiliate marketer for that brown and earn money while I do what I do anyway talk about and share products that I love? The very last tip I wanted to share with you is don't be greedy with the brands that you're working with. You are doing involved a Philip marketing, which I recommend. Don't ever, ever share product or service that you haven't used before and don't use it if you are not okay with any part off the brand, so I give an example. A brown came up to me and said, We want you to share are meal supplements So they had key toe collagen protein. They had begun soy protein that had spirulina, and I was like, OK, I wouldn't use the this kind of protein, but I would use the spirulina, but I just bought a whole thing of spirulina. But the reason why I said no, it's because they how did their contract that I would have to share their product twice a month in my instagram. I'm like, I want to be in charge of how much I feel. My art audience needs to see the product. And then the other reason was that I just thought that the package design of this brand was not in line with my visual language on my instagram. So it comes down to very small details like that. I just couldn't see myself holding this big plastic black container in the camera. That's not the way I run my instagram. That's how some other people do it. But if you have a visual language, if you have a voice or any other sort of a signature. Don't break with that just to sell the product and always make sure that the brand and they're sort of a food. Marketing is exactly in line with what you want to do. So if they force you to post twice a month and you don't want to do it, don't do it. If they only offer you 10% or less than you don't feel like that's enough, then don't do it. There's anything from like 5 to 25% or even 30% that you could get commission for yourselves for. So don't feel like you have to grab all of the brands that you love and become affiliate marketer for if it's not quite the perfect fit, so make sure it's a perfect fit 5. Find Affiliate Programs: Now we're at the point where maybe you're like this all sounds amazing and I know what to do. And you gave me great tips and I want it start earning money with using shared products that I love. But I have no clue where to start. So the great news is that shoot friends like Amazon Target and all those things brands like that have a filic marketing programs. So I just started being affiliate marketer for iTunes on I did my research before and heard that the or I researched that the numbers of music and movie downloads on actions are actually going up, which surprised me because I thought everyone was just using Spotify. But since they're starting their own production and things like that, I was like, Okay, maybe this is a thing. And actually, I am still one of the people who buys their music on iTunes, so there seems very authentic. I don't have Spotify account on, and I like buying my album, and I like having it on my laptop and being able to listen to it, making my own playlists and not getting any suggestions. That's me on DSO. ITunes gave me gives me a link, and then it's a little button and I plug it in to my home page and it says by music here, And if my audience goes through there and buys music on iTunes, I will get money for it, which is awesome, but I haven't used it for very long, so I can't quite give you the super detailed way how to do it or how it's worked for me or how lucrative it's been for me. I just want to tell you that that is an option. Then there are also other ways that you can find it. Like I said, Google, I started out with cooling, sustainable brass that have a filic marketing. If you work with the brand or you love a brand that does not have a flick marking with, why don't you just propose it to them so you can talk to the marketing department or the development team and just say, You know what? I think my audience would be super interested in your product. I will give you real customers that I know will buy from you, and all they give you is 20% or whatever that they would be giving a whole cellar anyway, So it's a total win win situation on. And don't be afraid to ask companies to start on a Filic marketing program if they don't have one yet. 6. PROJECT Affiliate: Now we're coming to the super exciting Project section. I would love you to do a little fake foot marketing post as a project, so get your favorite lipstick, your favorite software program, your favorite yoga hands, your favorite mixer or oil, whatever. Take it and take a photo of how you will promote it on your instagram or under blogged and write a little pitch. So act like the skill shirt class community is your audience. And if you are actually totally in the mood and you start a really affiliate marketing by the end of this class, which I would think is amazing, feel free to share your story and link and all those things here, like Why not use the skill share community as an add on to your audience? Amazing. If you want to see my instagram and maybe see some of the products products that I'm sharing on recommending, Go to at Model M A. D e a. You for instagram or my home page, which is m a d eau dot com. I'm super excited to see all the products that you guys love and you recommend and you want to share, and I want to hear why you love them and all those good things. And thank you so much for taking this class. I love sharing my knowledge. Andi, if you have any questions or want feedback on anything, please write in the comment section and help you so happy to answer and you from you.