Take your fitness to new heights - with the simplest piece of gym kit ever - a Rope | Colin Holding | Skillshare

Take your fitness to new heights - with the simplest piece of gym kit ever - a Rope

Colin Holding, Live life - love life

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21 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Rope intro

    • 2. Rope welcome

    • 3. Elliot

    • 4. What will you learn

    • 5. ROPE history

    • 6. Why use a rope

    • 7. Ideal ropelength

    • 8. Hangman knot with tubing

    • 9. The squat and pike

    • 10. Hangman knot

    • 11. Gymnastic rings (imitation)

    • 12. The stopknot and loop

    • 13. Anchoring your rope

    • 14. Branch resistance

    • 15. Reverse crunch with pushup

    • 16. The reverse row

    • 17. Lunge with flys

    • 18. The rope slackline

    • 19. The squat

    • 20. Push or press up

    • 21. Rope final


About This Class

The rope course is part of - The SHINE Model series. Shine represents what I believe to be the key components of overall and complete holistic health. Sustainable Health Inspired by Nature and Evolution.

One of the main aims of The Shine model is to simplify our quest for health. We are ever bombarded with new fads, new 'science' and new scams which prey on our desire to be healthy but with the fastest track, least discomfort method possible.

SHINE suggests that we undertake health goals that are sustainable - which means they have to be fun and have purpose. They need to make sense - so in an evolutionary context and with 'good science' to back them up. We have to be inspired. Inspiration helps us quest for a new level or a new mode of health challenge. Nature provides us with the environment in which we, as humans, spent millions of years evolving, Nature can, very often, provide everything we need; peace, serenity, challenge, play. Our bodies and minds feel 'at home' in nature, and find a well-balanced state of well-being.

The ROPE course gives you a glimpse into how, with a little inspiration and imagination, you can add literally hundreds of new movements to an exercise session. A simple length of light rope wrapped around your waist and taken on a run can turn itself into the most awesome piece of gym equipment, providing incredible possibilities for body weight, power, mobility, balance and postural exercise.

The course is quick and easy and for every level, from complete beginner to elite athlete.

There are three main takeaways from this course:

1. Why use a rope for exercise.

2. How to tie easy, safe and easy to untie (important having exposed them to your full body weight) knots and anchors.

3. A series of movements and exercises you can do with your rope. Hopefully, this will be ever expanding with inspired ideas from students - and I will add more over time.