Take the Pain out of Proposals & Pricing: Think, Simplify and Engage

Emily Cohen, Principal/Lead Consultant

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4 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Guiding Principles & Qualifying Clients

    • 2. Guiding Principles & Asking The Right Questions for Proposals

    • 3. Proposals - Content Strategies

    • 4. Pricing Strategies


Project Description

Develop a Proposal and Price the Project

Getting Started

  1. No project


Content Requirements for Proposals

  1. Below is a sample Request for Proposal, drawn from my archives of many such requests. Your assignmen

    Below is a sample Request for Proposal, drawn from my archives of many such requests. Your assignment is to incorporate the lessons I've taught and design/write a proposal responding to this RFP. During the next unit, we will cover pricing strategies and, after that lesson, you will complete the proposal and include prices in this proposal. 

  2. Proposal for “Famous Entertainment Troupe”

    Share your progress in your project section to get feedback from other students

Pricing Strategies

  1. Using the proposal you have developed, add in your prices based on the strategies you learned in thi

    Using the proposal you have developed, add in your prices based on the strategies you learned in this session

  2. Pricing the “Famous Entertainment Troup” project

    Share your progress in your project section to get feedback from other students

Additional Resources

  • Guidelines for Successful Creative Briefs

  • Request for Proposal from “Famous Entertainment Troupe" Brand Redesign

    The Big City Theater Company’s (BCT) Entertainment Division is soliciting requests for a proposal for logo design, consumer facing tagline, brand look & feel, design concepts, design development, and brand style-guide for the evolution of its luminary sub-brand “famous entertainment troupe”.

    We are inviting your company to participate in this event. 

    High Level Background

    Big City Theater Company is a fully integrated sports, entertainment and media business and venue located in a large metropolitan city on the east coast. It is comprised of dynamic and powerful brands. The Company’s three business segments: BCT Sports, BCT Entertainment and BCT Media, are strategically aligned to work together to drive our overall business, which is built on a foundation of iconic venues and compelling content, including live sports and entertainment events, that we create, produce, present and/or distribute through our programming networks and other media assets.

    Our entertainment business is one of the country’s leaders in live entertainment. We create, produce and/or present a variety of live productions. We also present or host many of the most prominent entertainment events in the world including concerts and award shows at our diverse collection of venues. BCT Entertainment increasingly utilizes the strength of its industry relationships and live event expertise, as well as the reach of BCT Media, to create performance, promotion and distribution opportunities for artist and productions that, in turn, provide new programming and promotion for both our entertainment and our media businesses.

    “Famous Entertainment Troupe” logo & identity system underwent a redesign in 2009, the result was met with limited success. As a result, the famous entertainment troupe has undergone an extensive research and brand audit exercise resulting in a new brand strategy and positioning platform. This exercise has resulted in a concise “Zestful Movement” brand definition & roadmap.

     In the near future we have ambitious plans to extend the reach of the famous entertainment troupe beyond their existing venue via strategic partnerships, new shows, etc.

    Assignment for the Client

    Develop a transformative visual identity and design language system that builds on the newly developed “Zestful Movement” positioning platform. The re-imagined logo, tagline, and design language system must clearly:

    - Project the newly defined brand vision through a cohesive and flexible set of brand tools.

    - Transform and push the brand beyond its nostalgic and traditional connection.

    - Project a vital, independent, and forward facing brand that inspires and empowers a new audience to action.

    - Be simple (easy to use and understand), bold, memorable, brand appropriate, and enduring.

    In short, we are aiming to move the brand from its current rational framework to an emotionally connective framework.


    The new identity system must signal a distinct shift from a traditionally portrayed brand to an emotionally inspired brand. It must balance the need to break through, be more culturally relevant while maintaining the troupe’s credibility as world-class athletes.

    Please take the time to visually audit the brand, understand its history and place in the live performance entertainment category. Review the customer/guest touch-points, analyze the components and give recommendations.

    With this, we will look to you to provide solutions as to how a re-articulated famous entertainment troupe brand will come to life across a multi-touch-point platform; consumer facing touch-points, B2B communications, business partnerships, sales, and event activations, as well as employee communications.

    What does success look like: A clear, compelling, and differentiated brand identity system (language and design) that elevates the brand, builds off a strong differentiated single-minded idea (Zestful Movement), distinguishes famous entertainment troupe in a simple and clear manner, resonates with a broader target audiences.

    Deliverables for the Client

    1. Logo

     2. Look & Feel: develop concepts that demonstrate the elasticity of the new brand language system across a few core samples (poster, brochure cover/spread, merchandise /POS, web home pg).

     3. Final Brand Style Guide & brand assets- Final Brand Style guide including templates for representative communications. The toolkit will define overarching design elements (tone, voice, color palette, logo treatment, type treatment, photography direction) and provide templates for our creative partners or in-house design team to implement and execute on live communications. 

  • Grill The Pricing Experts

  • Pricing Strategies for a Value Driven Industry

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