Take the Pain out of Proposals & Pricing: Think, Simplify and Engage | Emily Cohen | Skillshare

Take the Pain out of Proposals & Pricing: Think, Simplify and Engage

Emily Cohen, Principal/Lead Consultant

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4 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Guiding Principles & Qualifying Clients

    • 2. Guiding Principles & Asking The Right Questions for Proposals

    • 3. Proposals - Content Strategies

    • 4. Pricing Strategies


About This Class


Do you write more proposals than you win? Are you continually under valuing or over pricing your design services? This class will provide seasoned design firm principals or independent designers with best practice strategies to better qualify new opportunities, write winning proposals, and price more effectively. The methodology presented is developed for design professionals that want to take their business to the next level and price themselves to reflect their full value.

Emily Cohen, a leading consultant to creative professionals and frequent speaker at industry conferences, will share her passion, insight, and expertise on writing winning proposals and creating smart pricing strategies that help you get paid what you’re worth. Having consulted and collaborated with thousands of emerging and recognized leaders in graphic design, Emily’s approach is tactical, honest and results-driven. Learn how to write winning proposals that effectively communicate your services, qualifications, voice and vision.

What You'll Learn
This class will teach you the steps to pre-qualifying clients, defining objectives, communicating project parameters and impactfull ways to customize your proposals. Discover common mistakes and ways to structure and communicate project information and pricing structures to capture client’s attention and interest. While there are no magical industry-standard prices, there are successful ways to talk about, negotiate and present your numbers that will ensure a more successful negotiation. 

The Project
The resulting project will be to write your own customized proposal and price a representative project. This is an ideal opportunity to learn the necessary skills to improve how you communicate your services and price projects. With all attendees working on the same project, this is a great time for you to get feedback from your peers and an expert consultant to ensure you are communicating impact-fully to your clients.