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Take Ultimate Advantage of Procrastination in Your Favor

teacher avatar Vajahat Tyagi, Live a Happy & Successful Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Secret Strategy of Successful People

    • 3. 5X Your Work

    • 4. Project

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About This Class

Creative procrastination is successful people's method for ultimate success

Hello there, Have you ever felt like you’re not achieving as much as you’re working means you’re working hard all day long but still you’re achieving very little and very late.

I also used to feel the same long ago until I figured out something that made me more successful richer or I can say made me produce more high amount of work done than others. Well, let me reveal what is that, It’s called creative procrastination. In the next 20 minutes,

I’m gonna teach you how to take the ultimate advantage of procrastination to become successful in anything you want. Wait wait a minute I think I can hear you. You may be thinking this man is crazy. He's going to teach us to procrastinate. Procrastination is a bad thing.

Yes my friend it’s a bad thing but this class is different from any other class on skillshare. I have another class in which I’m teaching how to break procrastination habits but in this class, I’m teaching how to procrastinate to become successful as soon as you can.

I’m not gonna waste your time you just believe me for the next 20 minutes and you will understand how life-changing this class is.

Let’s jump to the next video and know the secret formula to skyrocket your success



HERE IS THE LINK:- https://skl.sh/3mZGuUw

Thank you, see you inside the class

Meet Your Teacher

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Vajahat Tyagi

Live a Happy & Successful Life


Hello, My name is Vajahat Tyagi I'm an entrepreneur and life coach.  I'm passionate about helping other people improve their quality of life and achieve their potential through all aspects of their life. I really hope my courses will help you to achieve your personal & professional goals so you live a happy and successful life. To help you I'll share the process, tools, and technique so you can live your dream life. I'm so excited to share my knowledge, experience & skills with you.

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1. Introduction: Hello there. Have you ever felt like you are not achieving as much as you are working, means you are working hard all day long, but it's still, you are achieving very little and very late. I also used to feel the same long ago until I figure out something that made me more successful region, or I can say made me produce more high amount of vertical than, than others. Well, let me reveal what is that? It is creative procrastination. In the next 20 minutes, I'm going to teach you how to take the ultimate advantage of procrastination to become successful in anything you want. With, wait a minute, I think I can hear you. You may be thinking this man is crazy. Going to teach us to procrastination. Procrastination is a bad thing. Yes, my friend, it is a bad thing, but this glass is different from any other class on Skillshare. I have another class in which I am teaching how to break procrastination habit. But in this class, I am teaching you how to procrastinate to become successful as soon as you can. I'm not going to waste your time just to believe me for the next 20 minutes. And you will understand how life-changing this class is. Let's jump to the next video and notice the grid for more likely to skyrocket your success. 2. Secret Strategy of Successful People: Creative procrastination sounds delightful, doesn't it? Can be both a procrastinator and successful person as well. That sounds like surface and a sky without any distance. Well, let me tell you what is Greer do procrastination, everyone procrastinates you, me, and even other successful man and woman you admire murder difference between successful and failed. The pupil is which task they choose to procrastinate on and which task they choose not to procrastinate. Almost everyone knows and list of things they want to do better. They can't do everything, or they don't want to do everything, they just choose a few darks to do for our data list of doctors and they believe they are productive. Maybe they are or maybe they are not. It depends on choices they make. For example, you work eight to ten hours every day. You are always busy and you feel that you are productive, but you are not as productive as you think. Let me ask you, is your big project then? Is it even moving in any direction? The answer is not exactly. You are presumably a victim of productivity by keeping yourself busy with lots of to-dos, your distract yourself from doing the work, the work that is important and impactful. Yet HDL remained and touch in creative procrastination. You procrastinate on not so important taxes and put your focus and time on the most important task or goal of your life. Not every darks are goal is so important for your dream life. Then why we should finish them first instead of our most important goal, which are going to fulfill our dreams and which matter for our success. Veggie gonna bring more result. Augustine is and is venue procrastinate on all those notes so important axes, except those taxes which matter for the thing you want in life or one to become in life. For example, let's say you want to become a successful writer. This is what your dream life you wanna make real circle do that. You know, your biggest project which is writing a book, Novell, documentary, or whatever it is, you are not right. But instead of working on this at the very first, on the day, you'll find yourself doing things like washing your car, learning how to repair a computer or probably something else, irrelevant, helping a friend to finish off this VARK learning really their disease, etc, and etc. Let me ask you, do these darks make you, or anybody a successful writer? No, they are not. Then why? First thing in the morning pupil do this type of taxes? Because of it, they feel tired and at the end, the most important task, left and touch. Maybe you do because you have no idea how much time you are wasting on the thing that can be delegated. Petawatt you can't delegate is a virtue. Wanna become in life. You can't delegate your dreams, your current delegate your passion. You're not saving money. You're just wasting your time and delaying your success by doing those things you shouldn't do or anyone else can do for you even better than you. The point is, while you are doing this, you are neglecting the most important task, which is writing in our example. In your case, it could be something else. According to our example, default, loving dogs could be the most important task for you that you should give all your time as much as you can. So first of all, is writing and practicing, learning about writing, going to writers, meeting on workshop, spending time with other writer and learning from them, changing location to find inspiration. I'm spending time and thinking about the topic and learning more about the topic. These are the things you should be doing as aperiodic felt the pupil or less, achievers almost do everything. There don't know the difference between low-value taxes and high-valued axes. There don't know what is important and what is really most important for them. On the other hand, successful pupil, or I say, high achievers are creative procrastinators. There take advantage of procrastination and also take leverage of other pupil time to finish there an important or urgent tasks so that they can buy more and more time to do things only they can do. And most important for them. Creative procrastination means focusing on those worthwhile goals, darks, and activities which are most important for your dream life and career and procrastinating on those goals, tasks, and activities which are not important to do or not important for your dream life and career. Now as you know what is creative procrastination, the question is, do you know how to find your most important task? If not, then in the next video, I'm going to teach you how exactly you can separate the most important thing, important things and unimportant things in your life better. Before that, I'm going to tell you few examples about how you can apply creative procrastination technique in your life and what obstacles you're going to face and how you can overcome them. So first example is gleaning. Let's say you have no taxes at the same time cleaning your dishes or something else and the writing. Now you know, I shall finish the writing tasks first. And I can do locally in him later after one or two hours. But inside you avoid say, writing is so hard and don't do it now, instead, you should start cleaning first while listening to music. It will be fun and easy. So now, if you are creative procrastinator, you will procrastinate on cleaning and usually it started writing, but it is not going to be easy because of your inside voice. So to make it easy, start cleaning, but don't listen to music because music makes it fun and pleasurable. That's why you feel hard to procrastinate on those notes, so important taxes. But when there is no fun in it, it will become easier for you to procrastinate. Now, on the other hand, on your most important goal writing, according to our example, usually add a divide or pleasant with writing. If you don't like to begin writing as your first task in the day, then you will make not so important tasks as Boating as possible. You will realize two things. First, it delays the working on your project. Second, it gives you time to think. The power of Bolden doing M&Ms activity for awhile, it can promote creativity. If you work from home, there is always something to clean in an office. Organize your decks are hard to the break room and do everyone This is cleaning, just an example. It could be anything that seems enjoyable but not most important, especially when today's most important tasks is still untouched. If you are feeling like, I don't wanna do my most important tasks right now. Then you can give yourself a break by doing one or two simple things like talking to efferent or having a short walk on the street. It could be anything that doesn't require full focus or attention so that your brain doesn't feel tired after thinking DO much. I suggest to you, watch my other class 2 on procrastination, in which I have shared some techniques to get each titled venue don't want to, or you are feeling bored and not excited. Well, that's enough for this lecture. In the next lecture, I'm going to teach you how you can find out your most important tasks. How you can multiply your design to achieve your goals faster than ever. Selects, jump to the next video. 3. 5X Your Work: It is first creating that you're either working hard and being busy throughout the day, but you don't get to their desired results. Hello there. In this video, you're going to learn how to multiply your valuable results. But before that you must know what is decreasing or sabotaging your result. It is probably something that you are doing wrong. There are following things I want you to set in your mind. If you want to produce a high amount of valuable result and so that your success is skyrocket. So first thing, do not use busy-ness to keep yourself from doing the thing that you need. In this way you fail to reach your dreams. Second, hired worker doesn't not equal to success. If you work hard on their AI tasks and activities, then this can be its component. Think about it. If hired works bring success, then all the construction workers supposed to be millionaires, but they are not. The biggest obstacle between you and success are those that are dumb taxes that you don't know come from where and you give doing them without realizing they are aiding your time after that. And under biggest obstacle are your bad addiction like playing video games or stay engaged on social media all the time. You have to do something about it. They are eating your time and you are not getting anything good in return, did you? So now, let's know how to find out your most important tasks every day, month, or year. To know your most important tasks for every day, you must know what you wanna do with your life. It isn't why you are in this world. Your passion, mission, or dream you and are fulfilled in your life. Now take a blank paper and write a one to five goals that lead you to your passion or emission of your life. For example, my mission is to help people improve their quality of life so that they live a meaningful and successful life. To do so, my first important goal will be to improve my own life by learning wisdom, tools and techniques. After that, when I feel I get some experience and results. Then second goal we will be teaching through videos, articles, course like this one. These two goals can have subgoals every day, taxes and activities. But when this is clear, I know that everything else will be unimportant. In the same way, you may also have your passion mission, a place where you and I fit in this world by doing something that makes sense and give meaning to your life. If you know your mission, dendrite it on a paper, divide it into achievable goals, like an everyday goal, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Now take another blank paper and write all taxes and activity you are doing every day and separated them by asking yourself, doctors and activities leading me to my mission and which taxes and activity have nothing to do with my passion for the mission in life. By asking this question, you can separate your all important and important taxes and activities. After that, you just focus on most important taxes and the rest cut completely or delegate. Or you can also hold them for very large. So you can finish the most important tasks first, like creative procrastinators. I would like to tell you an adenoma 82 independency, but you can use to find out your most important tasks from the list of all taxes, the 82 independent samples is the 80% of the consequences come from 20 percent of the causes. And 20 percent of the consequences come from a deeper sense of the causes. Let's say if you are a salesperson, you may find out that 80 percent of your sales are made by 20% of the customers and 20 percent of sales are coming from a deeper sense of the customers. And being aware of data will help you optimize your time and sales. After that, you'll want to make sure that at least these 20% of the pupil who generate 80% of sales, I will take care of them with extra attention and maintain relationship because these pupil going to generate you the maximum sales among the others. The same thing you can do in your case. Next time when you are writing your to-do list, think about the most impactful tags among all the important one that you should do and make sure you finish those darks first hopper using 80 percent or more value for you. This should improve your productivity in a significant manner as we work with during the day, our mental power, like our willpower and ability to concentrate keeps discharging slowly. I feel this maybe you have felt at this too, that in the morning I feel full, energised, motivated and concentrated as I keep working in the afternoon, this power get half as I used it and in the evening it almost discharged. And because of it went to five taxes that I postpone it for evening or night. There are 95 percent time. I never touch those taxes because there is no energy left in me for those taxes. That's why I am telling you should finish your most important task at the very first, because right now you are with full energy, willpower motivation, and you can fully concentrate. Many of us think that we have to work 16 to 20 hours every day to become successful, but most of these others are not even productive. Don't focus on the number of others. Concentrate on the value you create. Keep in mind that being busy is not the same as being productive. Busy pupil tend to work harder without first analyzing the value of the darks. Being busy is all about doing as much as possible for as long as possible. And being productive means that you actually work on your priorities first in an efficient manner. It doesn't matter how hard you work if you click on the wrong things, just because it acts or activity holds any value, it doesn't mean you should actually spend your time or energy on it. Identify your vent to five most valuable tax and to protect your time in the morning to work on those dogs as ven via must finish it in this class. I just have one final step for you. After her daddy, you have inability to God and to crush. Let's jump to the final video. 4. Project: Congratulations. You have done very well. I just have one final step for you, which is submitting your class project without the project you are learning is an incomplete. So real quick, let me tell you what is your class project and how you can submit it. Your class project is, you tell me you are when 25 most important tasks which are going to help you achieve your short-term or long-term goals related to your passion or mission in life, whatever you call it, to some augmented this project, go to Project and Resources page. Click here on creating Project button. After that, a new page will be open. Now here, give it a title. It could be your goal, like I will complete a reading of eat that frog book this month. Or I am going to teach batching technique on Skillshare in my, what do you could just enter my three or four most important task that I will do every day or I'm going to do this month. Guys, I want to make it as easy as possible. So enter whatever it makes sense for you. I'm just giving example here after that in the description here, right? Those most important to go in for loving by numbers like 123 for example, I am choosing to publish my new class as my goal. So my most important tax will be you can also write these darks on paper first and then take a photo and upload it here by clicking the Image button. You can also do that. It will be even more greater for you because then you're going to have your goals in writing which may go and I'll remind you what is most important today and unfinished. After you did all these, click on the Publish button and that's it. You have submitted your class project, guys, this goal, thick, only for my man, which makes it short term goal, which also going to complete my long-term goal, which is publishing a series of 10 productivity classes on Skillshare. I just hope you're going to watch all of them anyway. You don't have to feel any limits. You have full freedom to write about your short-term or long-term, or just your personnel task, you like to do as most important in your life, like visiting church or Moscow everyday, fielding the orphan, the street dogs, taking care of birds, activities and taxes like that have nothing to do with the money or career. But they could be your passion or life called to do well, I think I am taking too much time. Just a quick reminder, make sure you follow me for an upcoming classes and visit my profile for more classes like disciplined. And lastly, thank you so much for watching this class. I wish you have a great day and good it life ahead. See you in any other class in then they gain your penalty. Bye bye.