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Take Low Light Shots Like A Pro


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4 Videos (11m)
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About This Class

Hi There Class :)

Thank you for taking 11min of your time to watch my quick Tips & Tricks and Learn How to Take Low Light Shots in just 11min. These tips and tricks help when faced with a Low Light Situation. 

You will learn from a Pro Photographer how to take low light shots without a flash.

Believe it or not but, with these tips & tricks your images may even look so good you won't have to edit them.

(Editing is a whole different class on its own)

I must apologize to everyone before hand for 2 reasons.

First reason is because this is my first ever attempt at making a video of this kind, and it was all done using my Android device, And the Second reason is because I prefer to be behind the lens rather than in front of it, so please know that my style of teaching may be somewhat different.

Please watch each video and then try them out for yourself and remember to post a minimum of 4 shots as your project.

I'm excited to see everyone's outcome 

I do hope that you all enjoy my class and that my tips and tricks work as well for you as they do for me.





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Dale Kopping


Hello there, I'm Dale Kopping a 35yr old male born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who is an International Photographer that specializes in low light photography mainly shooting without a flash. He covers all the local and International acts that grace the South African shores.

What Started for Dale more than 12 years ago, as a freelance photographer in his spare time using a 3mp Canon Point & Shoot camera attending events and supplying an online publication with photo ...

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