Take Charge of Your Career by Realizing Your Potential | Michael Boyle | Skillshare

Take Charge of Your Career by Realizing Your Potential

Michael Boyle

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21 Videos (46m)
    • Take Charge of Your Career by Realizing Your Potential

    • You Have More Talents Than You Realize

    • Where to Start

    • What is Business Anyway?

    • Where Your IT Skills Could Be An Asset

    • Passion and Purpose

    • A Realization at 55

    • What Do You Like to Do?

    • What Do You Do Well?

    • What Would You Like To Do Better?

    • What Kind Of Change?

    • Try Before You Buy

    • Career Transition Roadmap

    • IT Business Career Mapping

    • Look For a Business Mentor

    • Associations and Volunteering

    • Job Ads Mining

    • Your Business CV

    • Remember to Trust Yourself

    • Don't Be Afraid to Ask

    • How the Transition Could Look Like


About This Class

  • Learn what you want to do
  • What you're good at
  • What needs improvement
  • What options you have and
  • Go after that change


Very often in my live courses, I run across a number of participants from the IT sector that all seem to have the same affliction. They feel that they have reached a career dead-end, and they are looking for a change of direction.

Your IT knowledge is a key asset if you are able to use it on the other side of the organization – the business side that is.

This course addresses  how you prepare yourself for the change. 

Assessment: Do you know what you want to do? This might be the most difficult part. We have so many options. How do you make your decision? This chapter addresses these points.

Transformation Planning: Here, we spell out an approach of how you plan from moving where you are right now to where you want to be.

Prepare to Execute: This section looks at the steps you need to take to help you reach your career goal

Making the Change Happen: Our last part of this section covers the doing part

Even if you are not in IT, the tips I present you in this course can be used by anyone who wants to make a career transition.

Everything I put into this course is based on incicents that happened to me throughout my career or things I've observed. I might be wrong, but I feel I am not alone and am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you.





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My journey started in Los Angeles but moved on to different venues after becoming an adult. My first trip to Europe was at 19, and it changed the direction my life would take. 

After finishing university, I moved to Berlin but in an unconventional way. I bought a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, not knowing how I would get to Berlin. China had just opened up the borders to individual tourists, so I ended up taking the Trans Siberian Railway through the Soviet Union, Poland, and t...

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