Tailor Your World - Add Roll Tabs to Long Sleeves | Barbara Miller | Skillshare

Tailor Your World - Add Roll Tabs to Long Sleeves

Barbara Miller, Fixer of Things

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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials & Skills Required

    • 3. Choose the Buttons

    • 4. Class Project

    • 5. Mark the placement

    • 6. Choose the Tab Fabric

    • 7. Measure & Cut the Tab Fabric

    • 8. Making the Tabs

    • 9. Attach the Button & Tab

    • 10. Wrap Up

    • 11. BONUS! Quick & Dirty Workaround


About This Class

Here's how to transform any traditional long sleeved shirt into a roll tab shirt.  By simply adding a button and a tab to each sleeve, your shirt is now convertible from long sleeved to short sleeved. You can also apply this method to pants, creating a capri length option with roll tabs.  Don't miss the "Quick & Dirty" lesson if you're short on time or don't have a sewing machine.

It's so easy to make your things suit you perfectly.  Just a little attention is all they need.

You can do it.





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Barbara Miller

Fixer of Things

Always a creative and a problem solver, I enjoy the puzzles that life has to offer. I don't like to waste anything, materials, resources, energy of any kind - even other peoples'. The result is that I customize many things in my life, or, in other words, fix it to suit me rather than a target market audience. The good news is that manufacturers get it close to perfect most of the time. With a little thought, imagination and moments of crafting, most things can be fixed to fit your world.<...

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