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Tackling Difficult People with Barry Winbolt MSc

Barry Winbolt & Skill Boosters, Training good people to be great

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13 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Tackling difficult people - why take this course?

    • 2. Introduction - Who are these difficult people?

    • 3. What makes people difficult?

    • 4. Types of difficult behaviour

    • 5. Types of difficult behaviour

    • 6. Four things to know about ourselves

    • 7. The Three 'C's

    • 8. Five guiding principles

    • 9. Controlling your emotions

    • 10. Think 'how' not 'what'

    • 11. The ASSUME Strategy

    • 12. The SALVAGE Strategy

    • 13. What do good communicators do? Conclusion


About This Class

This course is for anyone involved with others – at work or at home – who wants to tackle difficult behaviour wherever it occurs. It'll help you successfully settle those difficult interactions that just won’t resolve themselves.
You'll learn to handle apparently impossible situations where people just won’t co-operate: bosses, co-workers, customers, patients or members of the public who act in unpleasant, unpredictable ways.

And it isn’t limited to the workplace; if you ever find yourself struggling in your personal relationships there's help here too.

This course tells you how to identify seven common difficult characters, recognise clues to the patterns in their behaviour, and most importantly, how to understand how to prepare yourself so that you become more effective more often in your relationships.





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Barry Winbolt & Skill Boosters

Training good people to be great

BARRY WINBOLT MSc. is a trainer, mediator, psychotherapist and writer.
For more than 25 years he has advised people in many cultures on how to
improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their
lives. Over the same period he has provided professional training in
conflict management, communication skills, Solution Focused Brief
Therapy, workplace mediation and related topics.

SKILL BOOSTERS design, customise and deliver workplace and behavi...

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