Jatin Grover, Gamer, Animator & Video Editor


Jatin Grover, Gamer, Animator & Video Editor

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Linework

    • 3. 3. Colouring

    • 4. 4. Conclusion + Class Project

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to turn your image into cartoon using Photoshop. I will cover everything in detail. Even if you don't have previous knowledge of photoshop, you can still follow along as every step is explained clearly in this course.


1. Adobe Photoshop CC (or any version you like)

2. Graphics Tablet/ Pentablet (Any Brand)

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Jatin Grover

Gamer, Animator & Video Editor


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1. 1. Intro: a lower everyone In this course, you will learn how to turn yourself into a cartoon character. Using photo shop, I will guide you through every single step in the process. But still a little knowledge of four to shop is recommended. No. Sit tight. Grab your stylists and all to you in the next lecture. 2. 2. Linework: Hello, everyone. As you can see, we're in for to show up here on. We're going to be working on this image right here. So press controlled shift. And and so I knew there. Make sure no color is selected and click. OK, no. Grab the breast too. Press be on your keyboard. Laur, select the restaurant from here. Choose the brush size, whichever you like, and make sure to keep the pressure sensitivity on. No. Start by drawing from the edges like so and you can always use the Here is a to to refine those lines and just all of the close pattern. Try to draw the confident lines like I'm doing here. It's okay if you make some mistakes. You can always press controls the to undo that and also the eraser to now do this for the whole pot. No, do the buttons right to. And if he if we hide the background now, you can see it's looking pretty good. You can also adjust something here if you want just some lines here. If you want. Well, let's go to face and neck will drop by here. We'll start by drawing here also the year and we'll draw the hit. It's quite straight forward, as you can see, and and the basic outline is now complete against the rights here. The basic outline is complete. No, we will now do the facial features and the rest of the things. And first, we will do the color and the bow tie. Just follow the pattern and drawn it. It's looking pretty good. Make sure to hide the background there to see your progress. Pay attention to every detail as it's important for the character to look good. No draw that years. Also, they hear lying. I will throw the beers to We'll have more details. An official features draw their lips, talking them if you want and, well, now draw the nose. As you can see, I'm just falling the pattern right now. You need to do the same. As I said before. Now, through the ice eyebrows, make sure to add some details like that and will draw the eye now just for the grew wander. It's looking quite good. You can talk in it if you want guys. Make sure to hide your background. Time to time to see your progress and make some adjustments also and also make some adjustments. If there's needed no well at some details in the hair and the bed, like like so you can also add another background. If your wants, like idea here at some details in a beard and that's ladies and gentleman, your line work is complete. I'll see you in the next lecture very colored this. 3. 3. Colouring: Welcome back, everyone. As you can see, this is our line work here, and we're going to color it now. This is the original image for the reference we're going to pick color from it. Good used to do any color you want like I am doing here. I'm picking black color and create a new layer and said it to multiply and start Hillary, as you can see right here, color carefully. You mean if you make some mistake, you can always use a razor to operas controlled to undo it. Just use it ready to to refine the edges. - Now we're going to pick the color of the shirt. As you can see, it's white. We're going to stick with that and in the new layer selected to multiply and do the same. Color the buttons to if you like, and we'll move on now to the bow tie. Create a new layer again. We're going to color the bow, tie red, create a new there and name it bowtie and said it to multiply and repeat the same. No, and that's done. We're going to color the skin now again, create a new layer started to multiply click OK and select color picker to and select the skin color variety. Now we'll start coloring from the neck. Also color that years except the eyes and the eyebrows. Sure, there are some other ways to color, like using Ben to, but I find this one much easier, so we'll stick with that again. Create a new there for here and bid. I said it to multiply and click. OK, no. Select the hair. Cover the color because so now start Hillary a little color here. Beard and eyebrows with this color no again creates a new layer for eyes and lips for lips, particularly and said it to multiply. Click OK and select the color off the lift from the pen to like, so color the lips. It's quite straightforward at this point. As you can see right here, it's looking, particularly now, the color eyes. You can select the color from what we're here. Make sure to create a new layer for every part of the ability. Now, if you want to do something else, you can also experiment like here like I'm doing here. You can see on the right side batons. I like this one So Levi said that you can also experiment like me. You could also experiment with different batons, whichever you like. I like this one here and I'll leave it at that. No, our character Carter and painting is done. No, if you want to do something else, you can also do the shadows. But I'm not going to go in detailed in this course. I will make another course on shadows by itself, but I can show you a little something which will give you the idea. Make a new layer, Foreshadows said. To multiply and click. OK, change the opacity to 50% or less and open the background. And just for the elite Here, I'm just doing you an example off what you can do. I will not go in detail in this course one shadowing. But if you like, you can do something like this and thats they didn't gentleman. The cartoon effect is done. As you can see, it's looking pretty good. Thank you for watching this course. I'll see you in the next decade 4. 4. Conclusion + Class Project: thank you for watching this course to the right. And if you like the course appreciated you leave your valuables over you so that I can improve in the future. Now, for the class projects, you can follow the same steps off shown in the course and applied to any picture of your life. Or you can also use this picture provided in the resources tab below. And I'll see you next time.