TUNE YOUR VOCALS LIKE A PRO: How to Autotune and Pitch Your Vocals For Unique Effects | Kia Orion | Skillshare

TUNE YOUR VOCALS LIKE A PRO: How to Autotune and Pitch Your Vocals For Unique Effects

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

TUNE YOUR VOCALS LIKE A PRO: How to Autotune and Pitch Your Vocals For Unique Effects

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Course Overview

    • 3. Finding The Key

    • 4. Autotune Walkthrough

    • 5. Alterboy Pitching Overview

    • 6. Pitching Walkthrough

    • 7. Automating Pitch

    • 8. Pitching Vocals In Ableton

    • 9. Conclusion & Next Steps

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About This Class

Ever wonder how artists like T-Pain and ASAP Rocky get their vocals to sound so interesting? It’s all in the effects. Autotune is the industry standard when it comes to tuning vocals. 

In this class I’ll teach you how to tune your vocals (and how not to). I’ll also show you the plug-ins I use when pitching vocals and a way that you can do it for free in Ableton.


-An overview of Autotune and how it works

-How to set the retune speed to fit for your song

-How to find the key and scale of a song

-How to correctly use the different types of tuning for what you want

-The biggest mistakes I see people make when tuning vocals

-How to pitch your vocals for cool effects

-A free and simple way to pitch vocals in Ableton Live

-How to make better decisions in terms plug-ins and EFX

I can’t promise that after this class you’ll sound like T-Pain. Or Asap Rocky.

 BUT I can teach you the basics so you’re one step closer to getting there. With over 10 years of experience mixing, recording, and writing records I’ve put together my own system and beginners guide to mixing rap and hip-hop vocals in Ableton. 

So, what’s next?

There are so many lessons I picked up over the years and through my time behind the scenes in the music industry that have helped me immensely and I’ll share them with you throughout these courses. 

One of the biggest gems I’ve learned is this: Do it yourself.

No one is going to care about your music as much as you do. If you have the DRIVE to succeed and the HUNGER to develop your craft you’ll be able to make it. This is the era of no gatekeepers. No excuses. So what are you waiting for?

Mixing is a skill that is incredibly marketable and distinguishes between an amateur and a professional level sound. 

I’m not saying you’ll become a rockstar overnight. But with what I teach you in this course and the persistence to apply it you’ll be that much closer.


Who is this course for?

This class is designed for engineers who are starting out and want to hone their vocal mixes, producers looking to expand their skill set, and artists who want to elevate their own vocal tracks. 

As an artist one of the best skills I ever learned was how to mix vocals. You have COMPLETE control over how your music sounds out and it’s an incredible service if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time hustle. 


By The End Of This Course

These are tried and true methods I have learned through countless tutorials and recording sessions over the years that I wish someone had taught me at the beginning. 

I also want to make the statement that there is no right way or wrong way to do this. This is simply my way. If you want to hone your sound take your future into your own hands and craft what sounds good to YOU. OK, go record some vocals, follow along, and let’s do this!

Want the exact Ableton template I'm using in this course? You can download it free from my website here. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Course Intro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another tutorial with your boy key Orion. I'm the man who is obsessed with making dope music and teaching you how to make your own. In this master class, I'm going to teach you step by step. How I use auto tune of my vocals how I've seen other engineers use auto tune on their vocals and then also how to pitch vocals. So this is something where if you are interested in, like t pain, you get those TPN effects with your vocals to get that like, super granular kind of machine sound. Or this also, maybe if you just want some that sounds a little bit more normal, but still want some help tuning your vocals? Another element of this course I'm gonna teach you how to tune your vocals and pitch them. So that means if your intellect rocky so like when he has those very deep vocals like When he pitches them way down like that. Or if you want like that, like Kanye West chipmunk type of sound, you'll be able to get those as well, so there to plug ins that I use when I'm tuning or pitching vocals. And then I also teach you how, if you was able to live, how to pitch these for free, with no plug ins in the program, how to pitch them up and down all that sort of stop. So if that sounds interesting, please follow along. Check out the course description, and if you want the ables and template that I'll be using in this master class you confined at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource is or all of my goodies. Whether that's drum kit, sample packs, guides, master classes, other free courses you could find at the producer volt dot com. That's the producer volt dot com. That's where I give away all of my dopa stuff for free. So if that sounds good and grab your beverage of choice, get a vocal track that you can experiment on. Follow along and let's jump into this course about vocals. I'll see you on the inside Peace 2. Course Overview: they all want to one. So what's good? It's a boy. Keogh Ryan. Come back to you live and direct with another masterclass for you all on how to tune and pitch vocals. In this course, I'm gonna be walking you through how I go about tuning and pitching my vocals. So we're going to be tackling a little bit of auto tune. We're gonna be tackling a little bit of sound toys. Do you mean little altar boy and everything in between So doesn't is good. Grab some vocals that you want a tomb. Grab your grab your dog that can work in any Daw, although I'll be using a built in. But we'll also be using a little ultra boy and on terrorist opportunity FX. So every refugee choice settle in and let's do this 3. Finding The Key: All right, well, let's get into it. So the first thing that I want to talk to you guys about is auto tune, and that's gonna be auto tune FX. So this is a track. We're gonna take this verse. This is a track I did, um, called wasted. You kill a black just drinks, making money, access you were blessed with angles in. So, uh, right now, we're gonna be looking at auto tune, the FX. So this is like one of their more basic auto tunes. But it's one that I find does exactly what I needed to when I use it. So the main things auto tune can do a bunch of different things, but what I use it mainly for is this big. But in this retune speed, and then possibly the style input type, key in scale, you can also do a bunch of other stuff with auto auto jean effects like they have stuff from my dean. They have, like, different effects and things that you can put on there, but often times, to be honest, I've never used any of these on my vocals. Was just keeping 1000 with you. Um, because I just prefer adding these effects. Kind of, after all, to tune out of auto tune for this. I like to use it for my just like for the main tune feature. So it's so these vocals. But I did that. You devil in black dress eight. You killer and black dress killer man. I'm missing the lyrics up its mounts on. So, um, this is this little mix, but in depends on, like, how much of the auto tune of you like this is like your dry, wet knob. Um, so I just I was keeping it 100 because then I'll mess around with my the whole mess around more with, like, these knobs to get it to be kind of almost like a dry wet. I was just leave. This makes 200. So first thing you want to do is when you come into auto tune, um, you wanna make sure that you're keen your scale are correct, So this is gonna be you can find this out a couple different ways. You can use auto key from on terrorists. They also have this thing that I use. This is a free app called Key Finder. I'll normally drag them into Key Finder. And if I'm really having a hard time, I might use auto key or you have perfect pitch and you just happen to know. But for the most part, this you really want to pay attention because we'll throw the rest of your track off if you mess this up. So because if you notice right, so say I had it. It f is f sharp. See how these changed. You kill a rent black Just serving drinks make. You can say I was off, like, depending on what do you choose? That's gonna depend. What notes are available to you and also Maynor Minor major. So see how that changed you killer and black. Just seven drinks making money. Our access. You were blessed with the angles in asset. So there you could also do chromatic, which is allows all of them. But for the most part, it's gonna help If you know what kind of a scale ascend the key? Um, it tells you what knows you're available to sing. And there might be parts of a song when you want just toe certain notes, Maybe there's one part where I'm trying to, like, bend into a certain note, so you might want to have that enabled in a certain part of the song. But for the most part, I don't click thes. I don't click the's on or off too much. I pretty much just leave them depending on what key and scale of the songs. And when it comes to input type, this is even. This is low male sprinter Tenor. This doesn't necessarily mean this is gonna be a woman's vocal or female vocal. This just depends where they sing. And so if you think of a low male, this might be more like you're like the game or Dr Dre. If they were going to be tuning, that'd be more like a low male. I'm in the alto tenor. I'm probably in between alto tenor soprano. Honestly, um, sometimes I'll go when I try to hit those higher notes. I'm trying to think of who might be a good idea. Her might be a good example, but there those people that like singing falsetto a lot and there's gonna be bullet you wanna set distance Soprano, Um, I'm also tenor kind of in because I don't have a super D voice. And I don't sing super deep that much either. Um, waiting to hit puberty one of these days. You feel me? Ah, but this really matters, because this is going to change the algorithm. This is pretty much, uh, low key. This is just a math program, just kind of telling it how to process the vocal. And this is going to change your entire algorithm. So when I have it in Soprano, you might have able to notice it. You killer and black. Just seven drinks making money are access. You, you, you killer and black Jess. Seven drinks making money access. You were black, but overall, this will end up really kind of affecting your track. And the I want to say, almost like the way if it sounds like, um or processed and like, a t pain type of vocal, something like that or something a bit more natural. So that's kind of our overview of how this looks and the buttons that I use. Um, and when you when you start out your track, you want to make sure that you get your input type right? Your key and your scale and you're in the right part of your auto tune before you jump into actually mixing the track. So that's kind of overview of this, and they're gonna jump into the other knobs and kind of what they do one by one. 4. Autotune Walkthrough: are when it comes to the actual retune speed and humanize and some of these other functions that I use, Um, this is going to be like the strength of the order tune. If you think about how, uh, how strong or not in anything above like, let's say, let's say above a 12. But like a 12 and 10 this is gonna be considered like, heavy auto tune. So, uh, let's check this out right now. Let you hear it, you killer and black. Just seven drinks making money are access. Just you're blessed with the angles in the asset. Lay it on a my friend. Awesome with the accent. You killer in black. Just seven drinks making money are access. You were blessed with the angles in the assets you can you can hear in that. But my singing I'm a little bit off, like a little bit flat, I think. And so what you do with this region? Speed is you can have it depends. Every artist is going to be different, right? So you can have someone t pain who? It's heavy on the retune. Or you might have someone, um, maybe like a drink where Sometimes his tuning isn't super parent or often times a lot of singers will have this on where they might still have some tuning. But they don't want to be, like, super in your face. Um, whereas like a t pain, a little Jati young thug like a lot of those guys, they're gonna have it future, right? Future. That joint is cranked all the way up. Um, it's definitely to be in this kind of heavier rain. So think about that. In terms of your return speed, this is the strength of the auto tune. Ah, when it comes to humanizing this, is this kind of like, if you can't really tell in this song but like, you know how the weekend, like, kind of hit those, like, I forget what it's called. It's like, uh, it starts with It's not like a tremolo, but it's like that. Um, he's kind of like wavering in between two notes. This will buy this humanize. It helps it feel a little bit less robotic, so I'll show you don't mean you're killer and black. Just seven drinks making money are access. You were blessed with the angles in the asset laying on her, my friend, That some of the accent you killer and black. Just seven drinks making money are access. You were blessed with the angles in the asset, so you might be able to tell their it sounds. When this is when the humanizes off, it sounds a lot more strong, like the all the little waivers, the robotic glitches are all going to be in there. And to be honest, I don't use the humanized that much. I you might use a little bit to smooth things out here and there, but, um, if I'm gonna if I'm gonna for me nailing this retune speed is half of it nailing the input type in the region speed and then the two things that you can kind of effect to smooth things out or the human eyes in the style. When you come to the style like this type of a style, I never move this off a trail. Always keep it true facts. I always keep a true um, but when it comes to the style, this could make a big difference to, especially if you have it. So if you have your returns speed, maybe a little bit higher, stronger here. You. But you might have a lot of a softer style here. And what hard effects is this is gonna be again T pain, Lots of glitches. Llegado It's pretty much if you don't really gotta me. That's pretty much the time in between notes. So if it is, like order at like say, you say you have two different notes the time that it takes to reach in between those two. If you have another heart effects, it's gonna just jump. It's an immediate ah measure. This is like a compressor. Something like that. Boom. It just knocks up to the next note llegado kind of It takes that time you almost, like, scan like, uh, almost like a crescendo. In a way, it kind of almost like Nicholas Sando like it kind of takes that time to hit some of those in between notes. Little bit more. So show you. I mean, here, you killer and black. Just seven drinks making money are access. You were blessed with the angles in the asset laying on on my financing with access. You're killer and black, Jess. Seven drinks making money. Our access. You were blessed with the angles in the SS so natural you can tell that there's a big difference there. But like God or definitely this is gonna choose this if you want, like a little bit more of a natural sound. You can toilet like like God or maybe some humanize. That's where you can really kind of start to smooth things out. Soft effects, heart effects. This this might depend also, um, on the tight, like the input type that you have, like maybe on your ad Libs on attract. So measure if I have you Killer and black, just seven drinks making money are access. You were blessed with assets playing on my Penis, Um, with so I don't have any Adler's in this track. But if you did, you might have some auto tune three that I makes my vocals because I don't like to change a lot of my like, keep it pretty simple, obviously Kentucky, but one vocal track for my 1st 1 vocal track for my hook and then Compton take the breast in that effects and stuff like that. But if you detect personally has a lot of doubles, a lot of effects, things of that nature. You might want different auto tune loaded on every single track, but because the plug in that takes a decent amount of bandwidth, I just put on my vocals total. And then I mix the whole joint because unless I want my hook mixed like with Mawr Auto Tune . But honestly, what I'll do is there. I might, um and that's actually think what I did here is I just automate my auto tune. Um, if you go to device on, so I turn it off. There's a rap verse in the year where I turned it off. And as you can tell, Oh, that's the delay of automated here. But I turned my daughter tune off here and then also which you can do is your retune speed . As you can tell, this is actually still here From when I had it enabled, um, I I wanted this part of my song to be ah, more tuned. So there's a part. I think maybe in this verse, where I wanted my tuning to be a lot stronger, so I actually just auto, um, I automated the tuning to be stronger here rather than having like two different auto tune . Two different instances of it running at the same time I have the one and then I'll just automate it as I need Teoh. So that way I can kind of like a just the retuned speed. Pretty much the strength of the auto tune throughout the song is I go without needing or possibly the style, if you need to, without necessarily needing to go in and have another instance of this running. So that's the way that I kind of think about it. Um, I don't really mess with this, and I messed up the tempo too much. But these air is going to be depend on how hard you want the attitude to be. And then this is really gonna be your main bread and butter this region speed the style, maybe a little bit of human eyes, depending on if you want to smooth things out a little bit. So that's kind of auto tune in general. When I go out to my vocals and I I found it to be pretty, I can normally achieved effects that I want with those tweaks 76 a little bit of finessing and maybe a little bit switching some some input type here, but that's pretty much how you're going to go about tuning vocals, at least when it comes to auto tune the effects. 5. Alterboy Pitching Overview: right now, we're gonna talk about tuning vocals. So this is another song, uh, that I got in the hook. I mess around of pitching a little bit so you can hear it here. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living now the suitcase. Nobody can beat them in the strip. The bottom Luke Cage going up Never hit the club on a Tuesday at the wheel. Steer who's crashing moves so fast those bills lose traction eyes on the future, doubling the move back horns. Helmerich do some hell Mary's eye catching. So as you can tell things that pretty tuned and pitched, um, so in this, I'm gonna talk about pitching in two different ways. When you can do it is from Mableton straight up from there from, like that, they're audio editor. But what I really prefer to use is the little altar boy. So kind of the overview of little older boy is, um, you're gonna have these different knobs that mean different things. So let's do this. Um, let's duplicate this, all right? And this way we can mess around with this one, So when it comes to, um, let me automate this off. We're gonna, um whoops. Gonna make this one. Uh, we're gonna automate this office that we don't You can mess around with it. All right. So what, this joint? Um, let's say we're in turn this offer now. True. Um, yeah, a couple of things going on. If you watch this, the pitch, I'll mess around with these for you in the form it thes air. Going to be where you get a lot of your kind of maine juice from, So these are gonna be I I tend to link them. But the foreman is almost like how much of the kind of artifacts that there are kind of like, uh, you see what I mean? Once you start messed with the knobs and the pictures, obviously the pitch. But if you link them, I found that I have better results if you actually link them the mode. Uh, we can mess around here in a second. I find transpose works the best for me. I don't do I don't mess around with contacts, a robot all that much. Um, robot. I find someone does make them sound a little almost like to mechanical, and then your drive is going to be. This is also like a distortion knob. So this isn't just for your pitching, your form it. But also there's a distortion element to this that can really give you some cool effects. But you got to be sensitive, sensitive with the drive knob, and then mix is obviously your dry, wet naps. This is gonna be kind of how much, um, juice. You want this need to give your vocals? That's kind of the overview. Overall, these we're gonna be remain to that kind of pitch. Things up and down is going to be the mode. How robotic or not you want it to be is going to be how much distortion you have and how much you will really want to push the vocals through. And then you mix is obviously your driveway. So now let's jump in here, and I'll actually kind of show you what the zone mean in real time. If we mess around with him 6. Pitching Walkthrough: All right, let's jump in this. All right, So this is how it is dry. I feel like I'm kind on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living now the same comptel. Even when I mess with this dry, wet knob from the jump it starts to sound processed I feel like I'm kind on a new wave I've been working overseas, living now the suitcase Nobody can beat him and destructive But Luke Cage going up never hit the club on a Tuesday watch Years till this drive this is the distortion. I feel like I'm kind on and wave. I've been looking overseas, living now the suitcase. Nobody can beat him and district the big difference there. So when it comes to the tuning what I did, But this was eso. Let's unlike these for a second. This is gonna be what happens if you only mess with the pitch. So I think I picked this up. Maybe three. I feel like I'm kind on a new wave of been working overseas. Living, not a suitcase. Nobody can beat him. Indestructible. Um, Luke Cage sounds pretty silly. So the pitch it changes this, but the actual, like vibe in the vocals doesn't change all that much Compared to watch what happens if I shift the form it I feel like I'm kind of on a new way, way like that kind us to picture all the way up, Pitch it up, kind a pitch it down that Rocky this really gives it this, like messes with it, gives you that kind of like, um, or actual mechanical feel. I feel like I'm kind of in. And so if you only put, use the form it that's what I mean by robot. Not great. But if you link, um, I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living at a suitcase nobody conveyed him and destructive when it comes to pitching your, uh, money. Yeah, I guess. Pitching your vocals. I keep getting infused tuning and pitching when it comes to pitching your vocals. A good rule of thumb is that normally 37 and 12 are going to be possibly in key, possibly five, depending on what you want. But so if you listen to this, normally I'll go. I'll try three. I feel like I'm kind of on the NuWave I've been working overseas and not a suitcase. Nobody can beat them in the strip. The problem. Luke Cage going. That's like some Mac Miller. Maybe a little frank Ocean vibes. And then you got on the other way. You got the East up, Rocky. God, I feel like I'm kind on a new wave of working overseas. Living another suitcase. Nobody can beat them. Indestructible teams going up never had to clothe. Nothing you can do is you. This doesn't have to be totally wet, so if you if you pull back a little bit off the juice, you can get some cool effects. This is like Eminem does, sometimes with ease, kind on a new wave of working over. She's living now. The suitcase. Nobody can beat him. Indestructible. Um, Luke Cage going up. Never had the club on a Tuesday at the wheeled on Steer. Who's crashing moves so fast those wheels lose track hard on the future will never move backwards. Helmerich. Awesome. Hell, Mary's I catch him. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living out a suitcase. Nobody can beat them and destructive but Luke Cage going up. Never hit the club on a Tuesday at the wheel down stair who was crashing so fast Those were his lose traction eyes on the future. I don't never move backwards. Hell, Mary, through some hell memories, I catch him. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, so it depends on what you're going for. But for me, I thought it would be cool to automate this. So that way, if we took let's see if this one is just, um that's if we turn this, um, back on with automation, you can see the pitch. What? I feel like I'm kind on it. So if we look at this real quick, so watch this So automated this. So this is the same little older boy. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living now the suitcase. Nobody indestructible. Um, Luke Cage, going up never had the club on a Tuesday wielding a spear whose crashed shelling down fast those wheels lose on Tuesday with wheels. Automated it real quick there. But another thing that you can do, which I think is pretty dope, is um, let's say we wanted to, uh, let's turn this one off for now and then we'll do our other little there. Boy turned this one on just we can have something to mess around with. 7. Automating Pitch: all right, This video always want to show you real quick Some fun things that we can do with automating our pitch. This is something like to do cause it's weird. So if you see how this says 0.62 that doesn't exactly correlate with, um, anything in here per se. It's just kind of like the percentage of what? How much pitching it. So upper a numerical code of one is going to say that's pushed all the way up way the same . So if you have a 0.5, you can guess that's gonna be I feel like I'm kind on and no way I'm going working overseas , living now the suitcase. Nobody can beat him and destructive but it's gonna be pretty much right down center. But what? I like to do something be really fun to take your pitch and automate this kind of as eyes a different kind of envelope. So check this out. E. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave of looking. Never see Cage going up. Never had the club on a Tuesday, so I think that's really fun to do. Except another thing that you can do is, rather than do it quite so extreme, is actually taking a little bit less and have it just be a little bit more subtle. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living, not a stoop case. Nobody can be them. And destructive bowling Luke Cage going up never had to club on a Tuesday at the wheel steer. Who's crashing so fast? Those wheels lost traction eyes on the future. I don't never move backwards. Hell, Mary Jo. Somehow memories are catchable so that I actually think it's a really fun way to kind of just and like, do fun things with vocals, which you can do outside of little older boys. Well, which will jump into in this next video? 8. Pitching Vocals In Ableton: so another way that you can do this if you don't have a little older boy is, uh, or any of those other plug ins. You can do this directly with your vocals here, but it's going to sound very different. So let's give this a shot and you can see what I mean. Let's turn both of these off. Try that off, All right. I feel like I'm kind on a new wave of bomb working overseas living now to suit. Okay, so here the way that you continue vocals enable Tin is with this transposed knob. But you'll see what I'm We'll see What happens is we mess with this is it starts to you can transpose Mableton, but the algorithm isn't quite as good, so it starts to send a little bit strange. So check this out. I feel like I'm calm down and NuWave working Novak CD living Another suitcase So unable tin , your transposed Everything's gonna be down here and the big knobs is gonna be your transposing up obviously And then it's gonna be your style. So this isn't the beats tones Texas re pitch complex, complex, pro. I use complex, complex pro and beats Probably the most. Beats is gonna be the most kind of, like Trudeau. Self shut up, Bryson Tiller. One time there's gonna be kind of like the most authentic one, but you're gonna have the most artifacts if you start tuning it. So like we're doing, check this out, E. I feel like I'm kind on a new labor work in overseas living, not a suitcase. Nobody can beat them in district in Berlin. Luke Cage, going up never had the club on a Tuesday, so you can mess with the formance and it makes a huge difference. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave of Bill Murray of the Foreman knob on our that format knob on a little altar boy is gonna be the same performance here. The more that you have keeps it kind of the original vibe of the tracks. You know, it sounds process, but you can't really tell. I feel like I'm kind on the news, not pitched that much where no doesn't need some liquid human voice anymore. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living now the suitcase nobody can beat them indestructible. Um, Luke Cage, going up never had the club on a Tuesday and then here. If you want to the same thing, we would go complex pro. We would pitch these down, get rid performance as well Wheeled on, steer who's crashing moves so fast those wheels lose traction eyes on the future. It'll never moved backwards. Helmerich. Awesome. Hell, Mary's eye catching the envelope a little bit if you want to kind of give you some or find kind of tuning in control over them. But, um, this is really gonna be what you want. Hike you. This is gonna be that it pretty much, uh, it's in the higher quality version of the one that you are tuning or the one that you're using and takes a bit more processing power. But it's no problem. And then de tune, this is gonna be a few. It's not quite in key with where you're at. You can de tune these up, and this is almost like a really fine tuning everything about it in that sense, um is going to give you more direct control. But as you watch as we use this because we're in tune right now, it's gonna start. Send a little out of tune E. I feel like I'm kind of on the NuWave. I've been working overseas living, not a suitcase. Nobody can beat them. And destructive bottom Luke Cage going up never hit the club on a Tuesday When you get to 50 cents, it's a one semi tone, so it's way to think about it is every every 50 cents is you can tell this. This changes is one semi tone. This is gonna make a big difference if you need to, like, really find to your vocals. But this transposed not is gonna be the main, the main bread and butter for what you're looking for. So transposed Nam getting to the same effect of the altar boy, and you're gonna want to complex pro and Mr Performance boards for having that we do complex. I'll show you a couple differences. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living now the suitcase. Nobody can beat him and destructive bottom Luke Cage going up never hit the club on a Tuesday at the wheel. Don't steer. Who's crashing? So there's a It's not like a super. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas, living out a suitcase that you can tell that it's not a super huge difference right now because our our for months or to another down but your little nose. If I turned these up, I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave. I've been working overseas living out a suitcase. Nobody can beat him. Indestructible. Um, Luke Cage going up never hit the club on a Tuesday. I feel like I'm kind of on the NuWave. I thought, There close that. You get to beats, the more it's going to sound kind of destroyed with the artifacts. I feel like I'm kind of on a new wave of working. Novak. See the living, another suitcase. Nobody can be them and destructive bottom Luke Cage going up. Never had the club on a Tuesday, So those are things you could miss it. But I do recommend getting used to complex pro and messing with your four months in your envelope. This is really gonna be where kind of you can start to achieve the effects. I think that you're looking for so I hope that that helps in terms of your actual pitching in some different ideas. When it comes to plug ins, you can use a recommended older boy just because again it comes down out algorithms and they seem to have the one that for me, at least, um, keeps the best amount of transients. But if you don't, you just rock Mableton Still transpose as much as you want with this knob. Just make sure that you mess around with your different style here. Complex, pro and again. Torre With performance, you can get things to sound a little bit more what you want. Hope that you learned or something. Don't forget that you can get my able to in template, my vocal mixing template as well as my actual beat music production template. All that good stuff as well as drunk gets in sample packs at the producer volt dot com. That's the producer vote dot com. All my goodies get him. They're checking on the next one. Thanks for much tuning in, as always, peace 9. Conclusion & Next Steps: I hope that you enjoyed the course. If you did, please leave a review. If you didn't, please leave a review as well. I'm a grown man. I understand that I am not for everybody. But the only way to improve is to get your honest feedback. If you did enjoy the course and you want more materials like this, find all the resource is either below or at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource Is anything that you saw in this course I have available for free download. I have a built in templates of free, able to crash course. I've got sample packs. I've got free guides, everything that you need to level up. I guarantee that I can help you do it. So that being said thank you again for taking the course. It means a lot few tuning in. And I appreciate you for watching. I'll check you on the next one. Tell me again, keep making beats and I'll see you at the top. All right. Check you in a minute.