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teacher avatar Cheryl Oed, Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 1 Intro Travel & Helpful People

    • 2. 2 Elements & colors

    • 3. 3 Globe, maps, postcards & stamps

    • 4. 4 Places & Project

    • 5. 5 Groups & collaboration

    • 6. 6 Law suit, philanthropy, charity, mentor, hero & shero

    • 7. 7 Man's health, eletronics, golden apples

    • 8. 8 Magpie, selling a home

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About This Class


Friends, Social Life, Dinner parties, Helpful People & Travel

The Helpful People or Benefactors area.  This area is the most yang/masculine energy in the whole house. It influences our tendency to travel. The helpful people area is also associated with charity and philanthropy. When it is balanced, it emphasizes our qualities of generosity and fairness. When this is out of balance, we can become too attached to things and find it difficult to forgive easily.  If you are planning to move it is most useful to balance this area for an easy sell.

Meet Your Teacher

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Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor


Cheryl's extensive study of the metaphysical and mystical provide proven tools that are catalysts for change and self-empowerment.

Her other interests include Enneagram, archetypes, mysticism, astrology, numerology, Jungian psychology, symbology, shamanism, healing & massage, painting, and the arts. Cheryl is a published illustrator of children's books.

2017 Year of the Red Fire Rooster,

Cheryl Oed (FB Bus Page) (You Tube) (Skillshare) (Twitter)

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1. 1 Intro Travel & Helpful People: Hello. I'm Cheryl Owed and this class. I'm going to share enhancements for the travel and helpful people. Fung shway, friends, social life, dinner parties, helpful people and travel the helpful people or benefactors area. This area is most yang masculine energy in the whole house. It influences our tendency to travel. Helpful People Area is also associate associated with charity and philanthropy. When it is balanced, it emphasises their qualities of generosity and fairness on when it is out of balance, we can become too attached to things and find a difficulty to give and forgive freely. If you were planning to move, it is the most useful to balance this area for an easy sell. To find this area in your home, the template, the fung shui template, bagua align it along the entrance of any of the main front door or any room and the helpful people in travel area is to the immediate right of any entrance as indicated on the template 2. 2 Elements & colors: the elements that are best here in the travel Helpful people area are metal and earth, and if you think about it, anything, we travel on airplanes, cars, buses there, all the metal element and so metal items can be anything from shiny metallic things. Bells, wrought iron, metal utensils, brass ornaments, silver candle holders, silver and gold jewelry, shiny things. Metallic sculpture and furniture, metallic picture frames, decorative metal work, Quinn collections, birdbaths, gongs, swords, Elektronik items and computers. All technology is considered the metal element, and Earth items might be ceramic pottery, bricks, stones, sand gardens, concrete or concrete items. House plants because they have soil breath, salam ornaments, Summey, precious jump stones, gemstone jewellery, fossils, paintings or photos of the earth. Ceramic tile, small car of stone sculptures, ceramic picture frames or the use of earth and metal colors. Metal colors our white off white and silver and, of course, bronze brass. Aluminum. Gold earth tones are yellow, orange, peach, sands and towns. Tobacco's on brown's and, of course, bronze, gold and copper. And don't forget the shapes. The earth shapes are squares and rectangle, so a square table or a rectangle table is considered an earth element, even if it's made from other materials, like wood and metal shapes or domes, arches and round and again. Here you see our trains, planes and automobiles, buses, cruise ships, motorcycles, bikes. These are all made from metal. All our tools and the suss Aries are often fall under the metal element, like our jewelry, utensils and a lot of tools, like hammers and drills and buzz souls, all the metal element. 3. 3 Globe, maps, postcards & stamps: Now that you know where to place the items, it is important that you place appropriate room appropriate items. And so this area, of course, loves maps. A Globe passports, luggage travel bag again. Always room appropriate. Ah, book a poster postcards showing a state or a country You would like to visit items made in this area in which items made from the area you which to visit artwork or photography in black, white or gray artwork or a photograph showing people traveling place a small metal bill that you bring Often. This is a great way to activate this area again. Anything made of murder earth, and that'll work especially well here, even if you travel alone, place groups of items. Why? Because you want helpful people to show up when you need directions and assistance abroad. A Jane stone or pendant is considered the traveler stone and function way. It is thought to protect you while traveling. I'm regardless of how four you go or close to home or and what vehicle you travel in safe travels and godspeed and remember, have fun with Fung shway 4. 4 Places & Project: So this is the travel part off the travel on Helpful People area and the second group off lessons will be the helpful people. But in the meantime, think about your project. Consider sharing a photograph of one of your favorite trips you and your friends, or somewhere you'd like to go in the future. So where do you want to go next? Is it far? Is it New York near? Do you want to understand your country more? Do you want to experience other cultures? Do you share a photo using Fung Shui principles or even more fun? A photo from a trip that you loved taking feel free toe, have share a photo of your friends if you like and remember, have fun with function. 5. 5 Groups & collaboration: and now, for the second part of this area, the helpful People area, Helpful people or benefactors area. This is the most gang masculine area of the whole home. And so later in the class, we will talk about what place for the health of the men and the sons that live in the home it influences are in tendency to travel. Helpful people Area also is associated with charity and philanthropy when it is balanced and emphasizes air qualities of generosity, of fairness. And when this is out of balance, we can become too attached to things and find it difficult to forgive easily. If you are planning to move, it is the most useful to balance this area and enhance for an easy sell. So this area likes images of at least three or more friends or groups of people collaborating together, poster of your favorite bands or your favorite sports team, you and your friends going on a hike. Any groups of things. This can also be abstract, so if you have a painting here, it could have many stripes or many dots, and having a vase, especially a metal vase in this area, supports a man looking for a new career. An empty metal vase or bowl brings new beginnings and opportunities for male members of the family. Best four man who needs to start a new career. 6. 6 Law suit, philanthropy, charity, mentor, hero & shero: And so let's talk about lawsuits. Remember our metaphors, myths, cliches, folklore and, yes, superstitions have some weight. The unicorn and bodies is the embodiment of justice and princely virtue. It could be said that the folklore, the unicorn, discerns the guilty from the innocent by piercing people with his fleshy horn, which will not harm the innocent but is a powerful weapon against wrong doors. The unicorn has been used historically throughout the west and east, outside of buildings of importance, like the houses of Parliament in London, where he is used as a symbolic guardian outside several entrances. According to legend, he makes a noise like a musical bell. His body is of a deer, his tail was of a knocks, the holes of a horse and a single flush. He horn. He will eat no flash. I can walk on grass without crushing it, and his nose admits to Kyle's a purple messed burning. The unicorn's horn apparently coffers the ability to see into the future. So he is often portrayed as an incense pot smoke that exudes from his symbolic is a symbolic link between ourselves and the spirits. Placing the unicorn in this area of the helpful People area will do. Three things will benefit you. If you are speaking the truth, we'll bring you higher Payoffs. End will make lawsuits go more smoothly. Good luck. Have fun function way. The plum blossom or, um, riel or silk is best silk is best inside plum blossom. Planted outside in this area is especially good. A photo. A personal hero, a beloved ancestor, spiritually teacher attained person, your mentor, Any field you admire. Religious statue is okay placed here as they are unseen helpers, but only if we ask pictures of angels and of ST Francis. A sissy will encourage more positive energy for yourself and friends and promotes friendships and philanthropy. 7. 7 Man's health, eletronics, golden apples: for the strength of the man and sons. A bear symbolizes courage and is regarded as a potent charm against robbery and strengthens the men's health. It also draws him closer if he spends too much time away from home. There also is associated with stellar constellations of the great and little bear or father and son. A picture or a crystal figurine of a bear in the Children area won't courage the coming of a son. The image of a bear can also be used to strengthen the health of a man of the house or draw him closer. Best use for protection, encouraging a son or strengthening a man. Then you were noticed. The eagle and equal has a negative effect in a woman's office, but placed and a masculine Ariel or a man's office, this is a symbol of strength. Perch on the pine tree, especially for an older man, wishes him strength, oven eagle and longevity of a pine. And so a good long life. An eagle on a rock signifies man who fights a battle alone. So if he is in a relationship, this is not good stereo or audio equipment positioned in this area. will activate good luck and belongs to the metal element. Same with computers, electron, ICS, TVs, telephones Any form of communication and electron ICS are especially good in the helpful people area burning aromatherapy in the helpful people when you need support. It's also a great idea, apples or token of peace and therefore make a wonderful symbolic gift for a friend. A bow of fresh or golden apples golden considering everlasting creates peaceful atmosphere . 8. 8 Magpie, selling a home: a picture or drawling or artwork showing a magpie who is bright, quick witted and observant. It's especially good in the friends area bamboo, which is flexible and durable. And remember the plum bossom, which is also long lived, sincere and wise. A fish tank with black or silver fish inside will prevent stagnation and bring more activity into your social life. Fruits or snacks like candy and not served in metal or glass or crystal ball well generally encourage visitors and members of your family to make themselves at home and encourage giving and receiving. I remember the only way to have a friend is to be one and that you're in. Corn is also good for cultivating honor and virtue and trust amongst our friends. Best for selling a house on a photo of your home, right? Sold and place it in a black and white were white frame. Look at it every day for a few minutes, never voice that it is difficult to sell your home. So let me share a story. When I first became a function it consultant the first year, our teacher said, pick one category would like to see more off so I picked trail travel and Helpful People area. That year, three trips came up. I was so impressed with how little money it took to travel and how far and wide I went. Our first trip was to Morocco, a spiritual journey with a group that I've been involved with for 30 years walked in silence for seven days in the Sahara Desert who rode camels each day. That's me on the white camel. We had better wins. And Berbers, who cared for awesome, made our food. And our lunches and dinners which respect Tackett are healthy. We slept in goat hair tents, and this camel was the famous movie star camel that got a lot of money for the tribe in the Mummy movie. My brush with fame again, that the desert was so sacred. It was a beautiful pilgrimage. I highly recommend it to anybody. This is a casbah or Medina, a place for a local leader living with his family, usually high walls, and this is on the upper floor, looking out of the Medina out over the horizon. I love all the layers here. These are my husband's photographs, and now we're back in to Merrick cash. This is a knock in the souk, where they sell all kinds of things spices, carpets, nuts, dates, olives. And this is in the courtyard world of people gathered to watch different events. Musicians, let's get this meditation on the road. After this trip was a second trip. I got to go to Portland, Oregon, walk through the rainforest. It's very magical there and last a trip to Aspen, Colorado, in this crater lake. So my experience practicing Fung Shui was a positive one, and I got to go on three trips and one year. Please share a photo using phones, wait principles on whatever cures you decided to choose or share a photo from a favorite trip of yours. Or maybe a group of friends have fun with function way.