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TRAP BEATS THAT BANG 2: Make Your Own Trap Beat- Music Production Foundations

teacher avatar Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Trap Beats That Bang 2 PROMO

    • 2. Trap Beats That Bang 2 Intro

    • 3. Trap Melodies

    • 4. My Secret To Dope Drum Patterns

    • 5. Trap Drums #2 Continued

    • 6. Trap 808s

    • 7. How To Glide 808s

    • 8. Mixing & Mastering Trap Beats

    • 9. Arranging The Beat

    • 10. Finishing Touches

    • 11. Walkthrough #2 Melody

    • 12. Walkthrough #2 Vocals

    • 13. Walkthrough #2 Drums

    • 14. Walkthrough #2 Mixing & Mastering

    • 15. Walkthrough #2 Arrangement

    • 16. BOOM BAP THANK YOU 1

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About This Class

Do you make trap beats but they aren’t quite hitting the way you want?

This is the course for you.


We build on the foundations learned in the first course and take ‘em to the next level.

If you haven’t taken the fundamentals class yet, you can access that here.

In this class you’ll learn how to glide 808s, my secret to trap drums, and more intermediate techniques for mixing and mastering trap beats

My courses are effective, impactful, and include extra resources to help you level up.

In the Class Project section you'll be able to download all the files I use so that you can create your own beats and follow along with me. 

That being said, your progress is completely up to you. I can’t do the work for you. 

But I CAN lessen the learning curve, provide an easy to follow blueprint, and shave years off your path to mastery.

I hope to empower you with the knowledge, practice, and resources you need to realize that this isn’t rocket science. 

You can do this.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and commit to learning a few hours a week, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve your goals with music.

You ready to rock?

Download the files, set aside a few hours for dedicated learning, and let’s make some beats!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Trap Beats That Bang 2 PROMO: make a promise to you. You can bet keeping their everything money you don't even know you needed. That came second guessing there's a secret that modem back never but no needing help. So they have you have to try to done and just me. You keep bringing because become a foot, get snow a show you everything scanning to track down, got weights and even mixed. Check it out yourself. You want going stems. Make yourself. You're making beats, but they don't quite hitting the way you want. This is the course for you. Welcome to trap Beats that baying to we build on the foundations, learn in the first course and take him to the next level. In this class, you learn how to glider eight awaits my secret to trap drums techniques from mixing and mastering hip hop beats. So get the files follow along as build your feet from scratch together. Ready? Let's get it 2. Trap Beats That Bang 2 Intro: welcome to trap Beats that Bang two. If you haven't taken the first course, please take that first as the foundation gonna learn the fundamentals, This is gonna be a little bit more for beginner to intermediate beat makers. My name is Keogh Ryan. I'm an artist. I'm an educator of a beat maker. I've been making music for over 10 plus years, and this course I'm gonna break down trap beats, but a little bit more detail than I did in the first course. So this when you gonna learn more about how to glide and slide, your eight awaits, Mixing a mastering techniques that come to trap beats and also some tips and tricks that I recommend, uh, kind of help me get my trap beats to really bang when it comes to drums. That sounds fun. Please check out the course project. If you've taken any of my courses classes before, you know that I'm a big proponent of learning by doing you don't learn this just from watching. You really got to get in there and get your hands dirty. So with this, I provide all of the course files that you can download them for free click below, and you can tweak the knobs and switches with me as I go, you can see all the creative decisions that I make that by the end of the course, you'll have your own trap beat that's mixed, mastered and ready to rock. Hopefully can add your own kind of swag to it so that it's ah has your own flair. But by the and you have your own track, you can show your friends. Show your mom she'll be proud of that. You made something from scratch and ah, that way you can actually get some hands on experiences that are just watching. Of course, you know something that you can actually a tangible take away from this class. So this is for beginning to eat intermediate beat makers. But if you haven't taken the first course Ah, please take that one first. This one's gonna be a little bit more intermediate level. But if that sounds fun, Gabi Beverage of choice. Grab the stems. Follow along. Let's get it. See you on the inside Peace 3. Trap Melodies: All right. I'm gonna be honest. Welcome to some trap. Walk through material. But I just made an entire beat and walked it through, and it turned out trash. I'm gonna retry. I'm gonna jump into this. Ah, sometimes the magic works. Sometimes it doesn't very important producer lesson. So this one is loop that I got on spiced a sample, and I'm going to start toying around with it. Typical key fashion. I've got a little bit of, um, saturation on it and a little bit of ah o t t compression. Because I like that. So this is what we started with. So see how this sounds reversed. - That's kind of a rough loop that I have. I'm just going to start with that, um and then add some drums and see where it goes. This is kind of like a starting a place to start from a jumping off point. I normally will add some vocals in here, which I might do now. Samy. Minor vocal. See if I can find some Imagineer ads in vocal texture just to kind of give it a little bit more, um, space kind of beef it up a little bit, so let's jump into that 4. My Secret To Dope Drum Patterns: Now we're jumping into the drums and this is the part where you guys are gonna laugh at me . But when I tell you to steal, I really mean it. So when I think about this track, I was like, you know, one that would be dope on these some drums, like from started from the bottom. So a way that I often do my drums because I find if I play my drums out, I get stuck in the same patterns. I'm not playing a lot of the same drum because I like certain pockets over and over so away that I kind of you're welcome to do that. And please do that. Um, but I find it's easier for me to find other drums that have certain pockets that might not have thought of. It helps you kind of break out of my loop. Otherwise, a lot of my beats end up having the same kind of pocket. So I was like, Yo, wonder what drums? I feel like we worked with this. It's kind like a Some started from the bottom drums. I love those drums. They're super bouncy. So what I do is I'll find the drums, whether it's from a spice pack of loop. Or actually, I just find the instrumental from whatever it is online. And then I'll seek you out, um, different parts of that instrumental so that I can hear mostly drums. I don't get too particular about this, and then I'll straight of just Jack the drums. So if I listen to this, it's pretty simple pattern, but I like that pattern a lot. So then I'll come in here and I'll find some of my drum sounds. Find some kicks. It's cool, bouncy kick, kind of like that one again. These are just kind of placeholders for now. Or maybe they will be my kicks later. But you're just looking for something that will be, um, this gonna stick so you can stick in there that kind of sketchy idea. So now oh, copy their drum pattern and then I'll mess it. The dynamics little and I might even spice it up a little a Hey, this is actually gonna be my kicks. I'm gonna put these up for my kicks. Um, and then we'll do some snares them If we listen to this without the e que On. Since I was like a snare and a clap. So that's one Probably do is I'm going to layer snare with a clap on this joint right now again putting them where the stairs are boom, boom. - And one of finding what I love about this beat by zombie my exam be Is those shakers or crazy? So I'm going to, um, probably steal that as well. Percussion is everything. Um, so, yeah, it's still some percussion, too. If you listen to Mike's, it's just so the dynamics are It's gonna be You're like, Ah, Yankee I know. Mm hmm. Get out of your sample. - Not quite the same is Drakes, but we're getting there. Nothing does. He put some these open hi hats on the snares. That's kind of cool. I said, It's like a little bit pitched up again. I don't love the placeholders. I'll definitely come back in a place that is in a minute. Um, nothing that I do love is I have open hats at the end of freezes. So something like this a Hey, hey, - Right now I'm having fun with it. I'm going to be honest, I'm kind of just adding things, feeling things as I go, um, the hi hats I just like I hats I like my eggs zombies to But again, I don't I want to Kind of still key if I in a way, someone is still I'm going to take a lot of what he does my example with his drums. But then just kind of still add my own vibe to it. That's those things you take it you build on that you approve on it says I'm doing now is just gonna add percussion random things here and there. See if I can kind of get my own bounce a different feel I'm gonna add. Yes, I had the chance. Hey, this is hey, I'm going to switch it up a little bit. There a couple, try a couple of these and see what works. What I am going to do what I think is super cool. Um, that mike does is those he does those, ah, high hats that kind of like slide into the snares. So if you listen to this, those are pretty cool. So I might try some stuff like that. So these air, basically, I have no have my my main drums built out. I'm gonna add stuff to This is I go. But I just kind of want that same pattern so I can have my 808 2nd or more percussion. I can kind of take it from there, but I have this kind of stolen drum pattern that then I can build on, um and kind of created I m create my own beat out of this kind of borrowed drake start from the bottom pattern. 5. Trap Drums #2 Continued: That's another we have. The ah are started from the bottom drums. Let's see how they kind of go back with our sample and then we can add tomato, wait some other things and start having fun with these. I'm just messing with these. High has going to try to make some trap high. ATS pitched up, pitched down little things like that delayed. It's kind of toying around with him again. It's all experimenting, trying to find some other high that I could get trapped for now. 6. Trap 808s: I'm going to try something. Wait. The notes in one way that I can often I figure what the notes are is all play. I'll just play along with a simple synthesizer. - What I often do is I'm not super crazy with my fate awaits all normally just, um, follow the kicks. Follow the leader. There's some exactly sound on in tune. Help me on this one. The meat, my tuner. A little people turn tricks If we can convert this melody and just see what the notes are or then steal him. G g b. - Let's see these in Centene. Oh, does are pick that up Are sometimes like doodle crazy Made awaits. - Now we're gonna come in here and start to get a little bit more fancy. With the eight awaits, we're gonna, um, glide them. But glad it just means transposed. So I'm gonna come in here an experimental bit with sliding. My eight awaits 7. How To Glide 808s: All right, So let's let's glad to meet awaits. Shall we unable to You're gonna click this little transposed, but you're gonna choose your eight await and then you're going to choose transpose And now cool. So that's kind of a simple gliding eat away tutorial. Next, I'm going to try to add either another, um, some sort of melody or something over top of these so that this I feel like this is a good verse section, but I'm looking for something that could possibly be a hook, so it doesn't have to be anything crazy, but just something simple. I really like choirs for trap. I think they're one of, ah, my favorites elsewhere, like mallets and bells for trapped to the kind of that, like eerie trapped vibe. So I'm going to experiment with that next 8. Mixing & Mastering Trap Beats: or another have my rough loop. I'm going to mix it down and then see if there's some room for. I'd love to add something else to this beat. Maybe, um, some sort of other instrument or something like that, but or maybe some vocal traps. I just want to mix it down first. See what we're working with. Should have everything label correctly, and then we'll see what space we have left. Kick. It awaits near one clap shaker. High hat. I had to at three. What are these things? That the shouts I took those out. Oops. Shut for real chant. Open hat, open hat one to All right, let's make this joint main sample vocals, Anything instrument. So when I mix, things don't always like to mix him in one of the time, so I'll bring everything to zero and then mix them back in. So is here everything that sneer in the high hat? Nice. When it comes to my kick, I like you to come in around seven somewhere in there. Cool. Then add in Q eight. Roll off the bottom and at a glue compressor. Google Breast, unable to end, isn't super strong, so I turned that joint all the way up. I'm gonna be honest. I don't love this kick, but we're gonna roll with it for now. Bringing in 80 wait on the side chain might kick him. I ate away to my kick. Whoops. He's there. We go, Uh, - reason why Pan Things because it makes it a little easier to hear them. So now everything is coming straight down the center at you. That way, if you have a lot of things going on, it kind of makes a little bit more interesting to listen to and allows more space. I think for you to get creative. So that way you can have things going to go on left to right and, um, getting here Things will be easier because not competing with all the same frequencies drag these off the bridge to a little bit, seeking a little bit more of a bop going. You know, I'm actually gonna replace this with a different shout. I'm gonna see if I might I might actually bite the entire started from the bottom. When at some more of such income person to my main sample. - Some tones in here. I don't love someone to come in here and mixed these out now while I'm in here. So some real resonant frequencies that I'm not a huge fan of. So it's Let's see if we can get these out pretty much you want to turn your cue super high , and then you're gonna come in. You can skin for them with these headphones. That's not something you want in your mix. And then you cut him out. Yeah, right there. - Way . There might be one around here, too. Come here and even a little bit way underwater. Let's get it. I think it still might be the wrong note, but for me close . That's kind of the main mix. And then for mastering, um, I'll come in here, probably take out the very bottom frequencies, clean these up. And if I had more time, if you weren't watching, I'd come in here and skin run for resonant frequencies again. But because I know your time is precious. Just gonna throw in a quick master and we'll get you out of here. So it's This should be a mastering. I do it. Find the loud is part of my track. And then I'll come in here and see what it looks like. See if we need to maybe level things out. E I want this is coming around negative. 13 14. As it says here for streaming something to keep in mind here. If you're kicks air peaking like mine are just a little bit. If you want, you can bring them down a little bit so that it allows you to bring it kind of other parts of your track. But for now, I'm not gonna worry about it too much. I have another course on mixing and mastering all in and of itself. Right now, we're just worried about making trap music. So with that being said, I think this is a good, um, kind of eight bar loop. And then I'll build the beat out around this by adding removing percussion sections, doing things of that nature at some finishing touches, transitions, all that good stuff and then maybe some sort of vocal or something in there, which I'll talk about in the next video. It's either 9. Arranging The Beat: Yeah, All right, Joe. So we're back in the project, and I apologize. Uh, the audit was gonna be a little bit different. I'm just rocking off my, um my apple headphones now. So I got my mike, but, uh, this is part of the experience is when you're making a beat, this little pro tip, um, make sure that you mix with you. Listen, your mix on different headphones. So both your apple headphones, nice headphones in your car, all that good stuff and on this beat, now, we have pretty much everything rock n roll, and I'm just gonna add some finishing touches. And I want to track the beat out now because I'm going to use this for a promo for the course, and I want to write the song to it. So let's start tracking this beat out the way that I did. I think of it. This is how the track feels right now. So I think right now what I want to do is I just want to track this out, and then if you want to add other stuff later, we can. But for now, let's track this out. Uh, the way that I like to track Beats out, is how I'll drag. Want the portion I'll drag the loop way down the beat Wait on the campus Just that I have this almost like for backup. Because sometimes sometimes be scale weird. You feel me Sometimes it just gets weird. So now I'm going to come in and then start looping these things. I'm going to join them with command. J joined these up and and others are good to go, since we don't Really I'm not using this right now. I'm gonna take that off. I'm gonna take this off to OK, so let's start checking this out. So this is kind of our main look, this is gonna be our hook, right? So I'm gonna bring our main sample over here a things when those beats that with that, that'll drop into the hook waiting for that. I like to have some. - I want a little in short of this. - Something simple just to hold it for now. So now we have our main hook. - So now this is the way that I tracked my beats out. Um, I I keep it really simple, so I'll then pretty much just bring in some sort of, um, a track out. This. I mean, I'll take out the base, the eight await, or the base room, leave the kick, and then just start bringing things in and out and see how it goes. 10. Finishing Touches: And so now the base. I'll bring this in, and I built out my beats. Pretty simply, Um, where I just add and take up percussion a lot. I think the shakers kind of the driving force in this track, so I'll probably take out these, like, accent. Hi hats. Let's see what this Theo and I don't have that in their on. Then for this, I'm gonna have it. Doesn't want to be 16 bars for the verse, right? I'll have way. Maybe this vocal chop will just be kind of something that signals that something new is coming. I must do something here. Maybe I'm getting too fancy. I think it was at this filter in here. This is one of my favorite ways to create a transition is just great. Simpler? A little. It doesn t really a bridge, but just something that kind of drop that beat out make it interesting. Um, I love order filters and then the frequency. We're going to just bring that up at the very end. Kind of get him, get him hyping in. I still want I still want to do that. But I don't think is gonna work so that's something to So So we have this. That's pretty simple, straightforward way to track your beat and then a duplicate it, and then you come back to your hook and then maybe in here. Oh, I'll switch this up where I'll have it be both of these here. Maybe just for something a little bit different. And then, um, in this part of the track, I might come in and create some sort of, Ah, I made here, make this longer and make this some sort of a bridge so way. Maybe that's just a short verse, you know? So I'm gonna make this verse shorter. I'm gonna bring this hook back or yeah, I'm gonna make this verse shorter just over the hook. You have another hook like this First short, and they're going to do a bit of Ah, um a little bit of a breakdown on this joint, - and I'm just What I'm doing is I'm just kind of taking elements in and out. So I want this to break be a breakdown. You can You can get your drink on you sing right here or something. Breakdowns the part when you start talking that talk filming. Maybe on these drums we go eso on these drums. I'm actually gonna put I put out a filter on all of the drums. Whoops. Um, and then I'm going to automate that on just for this part of this bridge, I think would be cool to do something here Way. Did it? The very intro where it's ah, it leads back into, like, another drop. - Cocoa . Cocoa. All right, so we'll take this last bit. That what? Sorry size that whole bridge sound the whole bridge. How did you get in there, Theo? That's how you tracked the beat up. Pretty much. And then I'll come for the little intro. Maybe put that on the end. But that is in a nutshell. Tracking out the beat for May. I might add in maybe another something a little something maybe several high hats here and there. But again, you don't have to overcomplicate it when it comes to trap beats. You want to leave room for your vocalist and that the more stuff you add in, the harder it is to create that space, so just keep that in mind. All right? Hopefully you learn something. Let me know what you're thinking. Let's get it. Check in a minute. Poops 11. Walkthrough #2 Melody: All right, So this is a B. I'm feeling something bouncy. I'm feeling something in Mexico right now. I'm feeling something inspired. Latin American trap. Something that doesn't rely on American influence. But maybe I'm feeling some Maybe some of those rhythms or something. So let's see. Let's you get into. I found this little loop. I liked a lot. Ah, 1 30 Let's try this. Let's see where this goes. Looks I o okay. I like that he has this other part here, but I'm actually gonna make my own because I like to do that. Oh, oh, Uh oh. Maybe I'll put you down later. But for now, I want to keep it tuned. I'm just going to roll with it, E Major. So let's see what we can do. We've got some vocals, any major way we got displaced. Let's see what it finds out the notes in here. Maybe you could speed it up a little o s. Oh, there's gonna be at least the first melody. Let's jump into a seat we can find. See, we can go with this 12. Walkthrough #2 Vocals: We're keeping the momentum going. Found some vocals I thought could be kind of cool there. Um, like it's Ah, dance, harmony or something. Let's see where it goes. - There it is way Oh , oh, oh, oh, oh, - no 00 no. So I don't love those vocals, but we'll see. Maybe you can come back to him. 13. Walkthrough #2 Drums: So I'm going to start putting some drums in just fine on some vibes. See if we can get some cool. Pattern is gone. Um, I found a cool just a cool kick group that I liked so might try doing something similar to that. Let's see, kind of where this goes. - A No, no, a. - That would've been just too many. Doesn't maybe too many kicks. And I just keeping a ruling with the mo mentum, See where this is going. And when I convert this to ah melody from my eight awaits to weaken, Get cracking with this, - Now we automate the eight awaits. Let's jump into it. You're gonna click this little envelope going to go to your 80 wait. You're going to go to transposed. Let's transpose some joints. - Maybe not quite that much. Cool. This is at least a good place to start with. Um, I feel like it needs a bit more melody, but we're keeping them moving, trying to keep things on track. Let's get it 14. Walkthrough #2 Mixing & Mastering: So I added some keys to it. Ah, I just took the melody here and added some keys. I didn't want to save you from going through all the sound selection? No, in on the sphere, but something pretty simple. And so I want to actually have some vocals to this. So I'm gonna and I'll probably keep that Probably at a base late Iran. So I'm going to actually steal this. But this in the instrument section looks What sees? Stop. Don't tell me. I think I just copied it. Ah, I think that I just deleted the track. There it is. There doesn't see if this is the same. There it is. Thank you. Able to and let me get that back. I appreciate you. So it's mixed this real quick. Some feel I want to write to this. I'm feeling good about this one. Gonna do Rename this one and a base. This one just got good. Got good energy. You feel me? I don't like that little click That was at the end of the tick. I know it seems nitpicky, but you got to do it. Devil's in the details. A yea key. I'm tired of this, but, hey, you do what you gotta do. Ifs okay. Okay. Okay. I tried to get through it. There you go. All right. Effective mix coming in around seven. I kind of like that. So chain that to the kick. What's going to direct the hi hats off just a little bit, just to makes me feel a little bit different. Oops. Cool. That's what I wanted. - Just smooth it out a little. - So few tracks. I'm gonna see if I can actually do this. One with my really bad goes This kind of a mix of master. Let's arrange it and then I want to write to it. 15. Walkthrough #2 Arrangement: to do a quick arrangement of this one, and I apologize if it's getting dark out. Um, shaggy, Easy. One time when it's dark out. Um, so this is another MIDI file that I had just his backup. But before I joined all the clips going to take him out here, I'm gonna duplicate that, and then I'm going to join them. Enjoy, knows and rest. Take these out to nine. See how this looks. Whoops. This is where I think I probably probably at a base in here automate the filter a little bit more to let's bring out that total filter device on this. That this mess around with the frequency a little. Let's go just for this part. Let's go like this. Whips. Let's go like this. Oh, you know what? And that's how you do a very quick arrangement. All right? I'm gonna write to this bad boy and see if we can come up with 16. BOOM BAP THANK YOU 1: I hope that you enjoyed the course. If you did, please leave a review. If you didn't, please leave a review as well. I'm a grown man. I understand that I am not for everybody. But the only way to improve is to get your honest feedback. If you did enjoy the course and you want more materials like this, find all the resource is either below or at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource Is anything that you saw in this course I have available for free download. I have a built in templates of free, able to crash course. I've got sample packs. I've got free guides, everything that you need to level up. I guarantee that I can help you do it. So that being said thank you again for taking the course. It means a lot few tuning in. And I appreciate you for watching. I'll check you on the next one. Tell me again, keep making beats and I'll see you at the top. All right. Check you in a minute.