TOP 3 MIND RECHARGERS : How To Boost Your Productivity, Creativity and Focus - Just 10 minutes a Day

Thomas J, Do You have a Goal..? Click the LINK

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7 Videos (15m)
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    • Introduction

    • Mental Recharger - I

    • 2. Mental Recharger - II

    • 3. Mental Recharger - III

    • Your Project

    • Mind Recharger : Meditation Practice


About This Class

  • Are you willing to gain increased productivity and greater focus?

  • Are you troubled or just stressed out with the fast pace of today's world?

  • Are you feeling low-energy levels towards the end of the day?

  • Are you reacting to the each and everything in life or worrying too much?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then enrolling in this class will be the best decision you’ve made this year.

No Matter where and what you are doing now, you are going learn the process of LETTING GO STRESS.

I will be teaching 3 mental recharges, which exists for long time but you might have not known or not used. Add any one or all of 3 techniques to your life style and observe changes in your life. THERE IS ONE TECHNIQUE YOU CAN START IMPLEMENTING IT RIGHT AFTER COMPLETION OF THE CLASS.


This is Thomas, a self-made entrepreneur and online coach.  It’s been 6 years; I left my regular job and followed my passion of educating people to achieve best in their business, career, relationships and life. During my journey, met few awesome people and today we together become Dreamosa to bring out the best in individuals.

What you will benefit from this class? 

That’s about me; and now let’s sees what you are going to achieve after this class. By implementing the techniques discussed, you are going to;

  • Double your productivity achieving through greater focus.
  • Strengthened immune system and physiological responses to stress and negative emotions.
  • Being simple and calm in almost all the situations.
  • Overcome negative thinking.
  • Avoid excessive worry.
  • Experience peace throughout your day
  • Maintaining the energy levels throughout the day.
  • Regular practice yield to more patience.
  • More joyful than even before.
  • Improved social relationships with family and even with strangers.

Why should You Enroll to this class?

Just imagine, you have simple techniques right in front of your eyes, and those tips help lowering your stress by spending just 10 minutes a day.

More interestingly, imagine what if you can start implementing right after completing the class.

So, I invite you to join our community and learn mental recharger techniques to get most things done.

You are one click away to join our community. Click "Enroll" button right now and join the class.


See you inside
Team Dreamosa.

11 of 11 students recommendSee All

Simple and yet with much knowledge. Thx Thomas!
Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

It'a a great course. Calling attention to some really good practices to bring peace to our stressed lives. Improves productivity and focus undoubtedly.
Dhara Doshi

To learn everyday and share knowledge with others

A nice project to start on the "SPIRITUAL" Journey. Or to cope up with our daily running life. 10 minutes each day and you can calm yourself with great 3 recharging ideas... A must take course. I love the perfect pictures and videos. Clear voice that you can follow. Will start working on the projects... Live in Light.
Kirti Handa

Spiritual Life Coach





Thomas J

Do You have a Goal..? Click the LINK

Stay Positive & Stay Motivated

You have a GOAL..!!! I Will Show You HOW TO REACH; Join me

Life is short, DO stuff that matters. Learn to be happy and make others happy by reaching your goals and helping others to reach theirs.; We teach you various courses in health, fitness, yoga, meditation and personal development. Choose the one you need and live the way you want to be. Because these are the primary factors affect your success or failure in ALL OF YOUR DEEDs. We are ...

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