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teacher avatar Mariam Pitti

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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8 Lessons (1h 47m)



    • 4. M4 INITIATING

    • 5. M5 PLANNING

    • 6. M6 EXECUTING


    • 8. M8 CLOSING

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About This Class

Project Management is an essential skill-set for many careers and in many contexts in our lives. This Crash Course is the ultimate starting point if you need to manage projects at work or at home, while not necessarily being a formally trained project manager. It will help you if you are considering undertaking a project or if you are seeking to learn and apply essential project management knowledge and skills.

The Objectives of this course are:

- To understand the critical role of project management in contemporary organizations.

- To develop a working knowledge of the basic concepts and tools of project management.

- To understand the role of the project manager

- To understand how the types of business organization facilitates or deter the application of project management

- To understand the steps necessary to plan and organize business initiatives into projects.

- Apply project management “Good” Practices

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1. M1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW: welcome to my curse about the fundamentals. Off brake management. I am more Ian Petey, and I will be your instructor. Brake management is an essential skill set for many carriers and in many contacts in her life. The fundamentals of project management is an ideal starting point. If you need to manage Great War or at home will not necessarily being a formally trained brick manager. It is also suitable if you're considering undertaking a project in the near future. On our seeking to layer on, apply essential product management knowledge and skills I hope you enjoy. In order to understand project management, one must begin with the definition of a project. A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique brother service or result . The temporary nature of products indicates that a president has a definite beginning on him . Examples off a project may include the development of a new brother or service developing a report. An investigation even know wedding could be considered a project. Project management is the application off no English skills, tools and techniques to break activities to meet prayer requirements. The main objective off the product manager is to deliver the product within the time stated on a budget defined. However, that's not all when it comes to predict success criteria. In addition to these conditions, the break manager needs to work closely with the customer on should ensure the break. The Liberals have met the customer expectations. One of the main concepts off project management is called the Product Management Triangle, or constraint. It is a model off the constraints inherent in managing a project. Those constraints are truthful. First of all, we have the cost, which is the financial constraints off a project also know Necip Reddick Budget This cope The task requires to fulfill the product goals on the time this cattle for the project Tourist completion. Basically, the triple constraint states that the success of the present is impacted by its budget. That lance and features as a manager of that predict you can trade between these three concerns. However, changing the constraints off one means that the other two will suffer to some extent. A major part of your project management effort goes into managing constraints nowadays, the PM but consider six main constraints that are all part of the 10 knowledge areas that will discuss in later lectures. First of all, we have the risk. What? Conover on on what can be done about it. Second resource is who and what is required to do the work quality. How close the outcome matches the expectations scope. What exactly is the expected outcome time by when showed the output be delivered on cost? How much money is available to a shift? This outcome? One of the first decisions we face for each of our products is wish project management approach. We use the two basic MUS. Popular approaches are the traditional or waterfall approach on the agile. The traditional approach is practiced. Union Person on includes a specific techniques that are applied to the planning, estimating and control off the activities that make up the process. The aim of the approach is to help right Manager's and team's as shifter goals as required on time on quitting. But the waterfall method does not allow for changes or modifications to be isn't included during a project process on a step sets out everything before the products, hoping that everything will go according to the plan and then there won't be any need for shame. It is mainly used for products that are not complicated animal few coordination requirements. On the other hand, the agile approach allows product managers on alr stakeholders to assess and examine the direction off the bravery in its life cycle springs for it. Orations are regular and consistent product works, which allows for a concert group model which team members followed at the end of each spring or integration. It is required that the product the lever, results in moving the president alone. It's motivation is to seek alternative to traditional product manager. The agile adult is not just one man, an example of a natural methodology and break management. Is screwem or camp haven't emphasized enough on some of the basics of break management keeping the right set of people on board. It's crucial to be able to realize the project objective ambition. Here are the roles for insurance a project success. These rules will be assigned to one or more individuals and commercially individuals may play more than one role dependent upon the organization, structure and type, as well as the scope of the project On its if strategic alignment, the product manager is responsible for coordinating on integrating activities are across multiple functional lines. The integration activities performed by the project manager includes integrating the activities necessary to develop a project integrating the activities necessary to execute the plan on integrating the activities necessary to make changes to the plan. In the print environment, everything seems to revolve about the project manager. Although the product organization is a specialist as oriented entity, it cannot exit apart from the traditional structure off the organization, the product manager there for most walk defense between the two organizations. The term interface management is often used for this room, which can be described as managing relationships within the Break Team. Between the project team on the functional organizations between the product team on the senior management between the project, him on the customer's organizations, whether an internal or external organization to be effective, break manager, an individual, almost half management as well as technical skills. The six personal competences for a predict manager include communication. Neither she managing cognitive ability, effective nest unprofessionalism, the functional line managers, their tree main elements to this room. The functional manager has a responsibility to define how that us will be done on where that test will be done basically the technical criteria. He or she also has a responsibility to provide sufficient resources to accomplish the objective within the product's constraint. Who will get the job done unless he or she has a responsibility? 40 deliverable functional employees rule when the line managers committed the deliverables . It is the responsibility off the Assange functional employees to as shifted functional deliverables. The functional employee is expected to accomplish the following activities when assigned to projects. First of all, accept responsibility for accomplishing the assigned deliverables within the project. Constrains completely work at the earliest possible time. Politically informed both the product line manager off the critics status Bring promise to the surface quickly for resolution and share information with the rest of the price team. Executive Room executive are expected to interface a price as follow M project Planning on objective, sudden in conflict resolution in priority. Setting on a spreading expensive executives are expected to interface with products very closely at initiation and planning, but to remain at a distance the re execution unless needed for priority setting on conflict resolution Project Management. Three Ledges to to ensure a solid balance approach on the brake management functions as plan on a shifty expected benefits. All three legs of this to most understand break management on how it should function, if only to off the legs. Under Samberg management, it is impossible for the stool to stand president. Governance is a framework by which decisions are made. Governance relates to decisions that different expectations. Accountability, responsibility, the grunting of power am very fine performance. Without a flexible, pretty governance structure, most projects are likely to fill with the ship in a successful outcome. A governor instructor is a framework for resolving issues and managing problems that arise through in the present life cycle. On for considering recommendations on planet Play with the Liberals, a project sponsor is a senior executive who owns the business case. That's where he's also known as product owner. A project sponsor. Is Stickley responsible for initiating and sharing a proven on establishing a Siri's off key aspects in relation to the product, which can be some up under categories of Bishan governance on value or benefits Realization . The steering committee. Its role is to provide it buys, ensure the delivery of the product outputs on the A shipment off parade outcomes. These may include insurance. Brilliant is aligned with organizational goals on policies. Assists with resolving this entry level issues risk provided buys on guidance to business issues facing the project. I'm approve or reject product changes based on major impacts to cost on time baselines. Product driven versus no project driven organizations on the micro level, Virtually all organizations are either marketing, engineering or manufacturing dreamin. But on the macro level, organizations are either project or non predict. Dreamin in a product rumen organization such as construction. Always correct restaurant products with each brilliant as a separate cost centre having its own profit on lost a statement. The total profit to the corporation is simply decimation off the profits on old products in a printing through an organization, everything centers around the brakes in the non productive in organization socials. Low technology manufacturing profit unloved are measured on vertical or functional lives. In this type of organisation, products exist merely to support the product lines or functional lines. Priority resources are assigned to the revenue producing functional line activities rather than projects product management for the mantle's. In this lecture, we will discuss the key elements we need to know when storing product. One of the first steps in brave management planning is the identification off a stakeholders. In order to accomplish this, you need to understand what a stakeholder ease loosely defined. A sick holder is a person or group of people who can affect or be affected by a given project. Stakeholders can be individuals working on the project, groups of people, organizations or even segments of a population, a stakeholder, maybe actively involved in the project work affected by the brakes outcome or in a position to affect the project's success, A stakeholders can be an internal part of her predicts organization or external socials, customer creditors, unions or members of the community. Deliverables. Undeliverable is any unique or verified product resold or capability to perform a service there is required to be produced or complete a process, face or project. Some examples are a facility, a report, installation service or an equipment assumptions. Assumptions is a factor in the planning process that is considered to be true. Riel or certain would approve or demonstration. Some examples are words kettle 40 hours per week, or 48 hours per week. Equipment will be on time at installation site procurement department would make the purchase order that lines resources will be always available for the project. Deep Reddick, manager on the project team, will have to make assumptions regard the product life cycle. The lack of information constraints are the limiting factor that affects the execution off a product or process. These factors limit the projecting options to continue project work Enhanced May Year Paradise Meeting. Depressed objective. Some examples are a budget at that line. Resource availability on a single provider. Break constraints are also considered to be someone mutually exclusive in the bag management ray angle. It is assumed that making a change to one constraint will affect one or both of the others . Risk race are uncertain event or condition that if it secures it, may have a positive or negative effect on one or more prey objective. Some examples are dependent on only one provider for all supplies. The scars is served personal. Lack off. No polish off project work on limited time to perform predict positive risk versus negative risk. We can also the fire risk as a threat or opportunity. At the same time, it could be a threat if it caused damage lost or struggle, and it could be considered an opportunity if it a shift revenue increasing or if it refused the use resources. There is a brown perspective, even for some off brake management experts. They're considering the risk of something negative that leads to break fell on. All effort has been directed to this way, but it also could be positive as well, by being an opportunity that a shift benefits to the product over the organization. Marston's a significant point or event in a project program or portfolio. Um Nelson is a key event in the products kettle defined by the product team. Some examples are predictors. STARDATE purchase order date for supplies they supplies. Receive installation site on testing. Start date a must. In short, it's a simple way to schedule an illustrate milestones in your they are an excellent tool for planning or managing projects were initializing. The key components need to be displayed in chronological order on a time schedule. Muhsen, on a must, in short, can also be shining. Birds color through in the guest status. There are many other acceptable ways to this play. Bring information on a mouse and chart in the master Ganda Mu, You can view the milestones passed list on task on the left, on the correspondent bars on the right that shows the time span required. 2. M2 CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS: welcome to model to now we will talk about the brake management concepts and definitions is stirring with process groups in break management. Generally, best practice dictate a very specific Siris of process groups that should be performed. These are referred to as initiating planning, executing, monitoring and controlling. On closer these are called process groups because each one contains a specific processes that should be performed. These processes give us an organizational background to successfully plan, execute and manage a well wrong project. With that said, we will look into each of these process groups on discover why Inch is so vital to product success. Initiating this process helps the sedative ation off what is to be accomplished. This is where the product is formally authorized by the sponsor, initial scope defined and stakeholders identified. Planning a crucial element off planning is establishing the total scope off the product. Here, praying documents are developed at a much more detail level. B M I A finds 24 descript processes that are involved in climbing, which we'll discuss later in Model five executing naturally. The next thing to do after planning is to execute, to do the work. But what's important here is that we now have a project management plan to wish weekend execute. It helps keep us on track. Here is where the product team starts doing the work off, creating the deliverables while the product manager coordinates those resources. It is in this area off executing that must off. The budget will be spent on the deliverables. Off the product will be produced. Chronic execution could go on for days, weeks, months or years dependent on its duration. But it is not enough to execute. Only one must make sure the president stay central. That is where our next process group comes into play money turning and controlling, while the other process group secure sequentially. Money turning in controlling hover over the whole product and so happened throughout the product on they're not linear. These are the processes required to track review regulated progress on performance off the brighter, identify any areas in which changes to the plan required on initiate any corresponding changes. Threat issue cannot assume you always stay. Implant monitoring and control is where you get back on track, where you compare plan to actually measure Brian's and take corrective action closing. This is the final process where you formally closed the project, the product manager should formally close to pray by a shipment records holding a lesson slur session and celebrating a release in the team process. Groups interactions process groups have overlapping activities, not a cure took out the product life cycle. The output off one process group is generally the input to another or the liberal off the project, for example, as shown in the graph break management plan, is an out put off planning process group on the name book to Execution Process group. As you pray progresses depraved management land me get updated as a result of the monitoring and controlling processes. The updated project management land once again forms and input to the execution process group. No less areas. The product management. No Polish areas are essentially what you need to know about effective project management. In this lecture, I'll briefly explain each off the stain areas. Product integration management, Bring integration management easy umbrella The covers old, your other product management, foolish areas. Interesting. The break activities is a key role off a project manager. The Break Team focuses on completing the break activities on the break sponsor wants the team against unsolicited changes. Because this is the broader area, you may want to save it for laughs or at least were visited at the end of your problem. Product scope management, it's called management, ensures appraise cope is accurately defined and map on enables break managers to allocate the proper labour and cast necessary to complete the project. This is primarily concerned with what is and is not part of this cold. The three processes involved employees cope management are planning controlling UNCLOS product time management. The purpose of break that management is to ensure that the projects get completed on time. This knowledge area is primarily concerned with developing a price cattle on ensuring that credit goes asper The agreed schedule. If there is a need for a change, the brothers cattle mission shall happen by following the progressions Control Christian here. The key activities that are part of the product time management include I then define activities. Estimated time. Our resources on sequencing activities, product cost management, with or without about your product will cost money. Keeping us low or at least an unexpected a reasonable level, is a fundamental part off charming your Roy on a project. After all, if you can definitely lay out how much a brilliant will cause, how will you be able to quantify? If you have made any money, you will need to continuously evaluate your cost to a boy. Anisur Prices at the end of the project breakers management involve activities like estimating the cost off Ish of the break activities are in the cost. Estimates off the related activities to arrive at the cost structure on controlling the cows to ensure that pretty activities are completed. We didn't define budget product quality management quality management involved performing activities like creating a sounder policies and procedures on ensuring that does. Istana procedures are being followed properly in the project. Three broad activities are done as part off quality management quality planning. It is the first step in quality related activities off the price of our plan. Quality Assurance. It It's a nexus stage off implementing those quality plans. Quality control. It is the last stage when periodic checks are done to see if the quality is improving. Break Human resource management break humorous. Tres management includes the processes that organized manage on lead the product in one of the key elements of humor reserves management is that each of the productive members to have a clear assignment off the rolls on responsibilities. In addition, even the team working on break management US should be part of the project team and they are responsible for break management functions like initiating planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing along with other dealership activities. Pretty communications management break communication management includes the process is required to ensure that information about timely and appropriate generation collection, distribution, storage on ultimate disposition, off prayer is prepared and circulated toe all project stakeholders. It is the responsibility over project manager to ensure that the information requested by the stakeholders is communicated to them. The frequency at which the information needs to be sure may also vary from stakeholders to stakeholder. There are three pretty communication management processes. Ish process is carried during different process. Groups plan Communication management isn under in the planning process. Groups manage communication is down there in the executing process. Group on Control communications is known during monitoring and controlling process group product risk management. Very Chris management is the process off risk management planning, risk identification, risk analysis off both qualitative and quantitative response. Planning on risk monitoring and controlling on a project. The key objective off risk man Inish Mint is to increase the probability on or impact off positive events on increasing probability on or impact off negative events. Product procurement management. Very procurement management includes the process is required to purchase or acquire products, service or results that are needed from outside the protecting. So by following the procurement management process, you can determine whether issuing a fixed price contract is the right thing to do for the project or a time on the material contract you'll be issued. These processes also guide on how to manage the contracts once issued to this other. This break management area give the blueprint for which tasks or services will be completed by outside contractors. It also feels implants the legal paperwork on coordination process ahead of time. This may not be a break management knowledge area you may use every time or very often, but it is incredibly valuable when you do need it. Proving a stakeholder management stakeholder management is both an art and a science. Since eating both dealing with people on people are inherently nonlinear and unpredictable . There is no one size that fits all the strategies or tools that will work with managing them. However, a pretty manager may use futures and techniques well. Managing stakeholders, which are classified as interpersonal skills on managerial skills operating manager, must possess good interpersonal skills. This involved multiple things, such as establishing a personal report following through on commitments made, punctual etcetera. Once the trust is established, it helps in smoothing many difficult bends. Conflict management is an important skill for a project manager. We're communicating with stakeholders. The break manager must practice active listening. They must not assume that they have all the answers. Instead, they should spend some time to understand the issues on the stakeholders. Point off view managerial skills. The Pride manager must be able to influence people, often without necessarily being in the position authority. He must be skillful to negotiate agreements on must be able to understand a modified organisational behaviour in order to move the product in a certain direction. Project management framework. Now that we have finally disgusted process works on bullish areas, I want to show you the big picture and how they relate. Ish area has process that belonged to one off the group's discuss. Previously, there are four x seven processes. According to the PM book and the end of the lecture, you will be able to down the complete table off processes of inch area brake management framework interactions. Remember the graph that I showed you before about the process and directions. Well, here you can see wish break management areas are action responsible for each stage on the level off activity for each process. Groups bags on time on content dimensions. A separate manager, you should know the basic concepts off program number for you and how they relate to each other on two projects. A portfolio our projects programmes, supper folios on operations managed as a group to a shift. A strategic objective. A program is a group of related projects, sir Programs Emperor activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to greet the unique brother service. A result here you can see an example off the relationship off a portfolio on its components . Just remember, the key points products are temporary endeavors to be a one or more deliverables problems are very large initiative that are broken up into a set off a small under products and then coordinated centrally. The projects in a problem are related for four years. Are collections off work usually projects on our way to plan and manage the products from an organization perspective, The projects may or may not be related maturity and excellence. Some people content that maturity and accidents inappropriate are the same. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Consider the following definition. Maturity in break management is the implementation off a stunner metrology and accompanying processes such that there exists a high likelihood of repeated successes. This definition is supported by the life cycle. Face is shown in the picture. Maturity implies that the proper foundation of twos, techniques, processes and even culture exist organization excellent in break management our toes to create the environment in which Terex is a continuous stream, successfully managed projects on where success is measured by what is in the best interest of both. The company on the project. Excellent goes well beyond maturity. You must have maturity to achieve excellence. Once the organization completes the 1st 4 lifecycle faces, it may take up to two years or more to reach some initial levels of maturity excellence. If a she verbal auto may take an additional five years or more maturity models, there are many crave management majority models available. The maturity are based on the software engineering institute Capability Maturity Mother C M M the C M M Waza said off guidelines for improving the software development process. These maturity mother has its roots in the total quality movement. I was based on Phillips Crosby's notion that an organization will go through five maturity levels. These five levels are initial fear processes are defined on success depends on individual effort on heroics. Two repeatable basic processes are in place with enough discipline to repeat earlier successes. Three. They find the processes are documented and stand, arise and integrated across the organization for managed Quantitative measures are used to understand the process. I'm brother quality five. Optimizing Never there continues. Improvement is enabled by pointed out the castor Project management maturity model. It's like the C M M in that most defined five levels of maturity with the Syrian that the higher the level of maturity, the better the oral product management performance level one. Common language. The organization recognizes the importance and the need for a good understanding off the basic novelist language and terminology on break management Level two. Common process Common processes need to be defined undeveloped so that project success can be repeated. Level. Tree single methodology. The organization recognizes the synergistic benefit off combined only pathologies into a single methodology. The center of fish is project management that makes process control easier. Level four. Benchmarking process improvement. It's necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. Level five. Continuous improvement. Evaluate the information obtained through benchmarking on this side. If this information will enhance the metallurgy, the movement between the different levels is not necessarily a sequential process. Some off the levels can overlap. However, inch must be completed in the order given. For example, level one and two can overlap, but never to cannot be completed before Level one is complete. Organizational Project Management Maturity Model by B. M. I. OPM Tree is organizational product manager Maturity Mother created in p. M. I Predict Management Institute to suggest the way to improve and measure visas processes related to break management inside organizations OH, being three can benefit organizations may ensuring efficient use of break Resource is I'm providing cost savings associated with the elimination of products that are not tied to the organization of strategic globes. The assessment cycle focuses and the remains off project management pro yet program on portfolio to the German, the robustness off the O. P. M. And restrictor off the maze, both individually on in the aggregate project. Success factors. Historically, the definition of success has been meeting the customer expectations, regardless off whether or not the customer is internal or external. Success also includes getting the job done within the constraints off time, cost and quality. Using this a standard definition success is defined as a point on time cause quality and performance. Green Some of success. Primary factors include within time within cause within quality limits on if it is accepted by the customer. The secondary include full one work from this customer, using the customer snakes as a reference on your leadership with minimal or mutually agreed upon. Scott changes without disserving the main flow off work without violating safety requirements, providing efficiency and effectiveness off operations, maintaining ethical conduct, providing a strategic alignment, maintaining a corporate reputation on maintaining regulatory agency relations. Product failure CASS is the true definition of failure is when the final results are not what we're expected, even though the original expectations familiar may not have any reasonable sometimes customers and even Internet executive set performance targets that are totally realistic in hopes of a shaven 80 to 90%. For simplicity's sake, let us if I'm failure, as on meant expectations. Here are some of the mayor causes for Vader. Bad communication between stakeholders. Lack of planning, skeletal resource but activities. No quality control. Miles are not being met. Poor coordination of resources because our around mismanagement of progress or helper management players kills over stretch supplier on the resourced. Insufficient, measurable output on supplier people, Not consistent project life cycle. The Prayer life cycle is a collection of faces or stages. Generally sequential answer. Brain post his name. A number are determined by the scope Untie before defying depraved organization. The pride lifecycle typically passes sequentially through four stages, defining planning. Executing on delivering. The starting point begins the moment the print is given the go ahead. Very efforts store slowly builds to a peak and then the class to the delivery of the prayer to the customer defining stage. The specifications of the project are defined by objective. Are established. Themes are formed on main responsibilities, are assigned pianistic. The level off ever increases on plants are developed to determine whether product will until when it will be a scandal home with little benefit. World quality levels to be maintained on what the budget booby execution station is. Where a mayor Persian of the brickwork takes place, then costs and the specification measures are used for control class in state. It includes delivering the project brother to the customer. Redeploying Prey Resources on Prosperity Review. Product management methodology. A shaken Craig management excellence, or maturity is more likely with a repetitive process that can be used on each and every price. This repetitive process it referred to as a project management methodology. More specifically, a project management methodology is defined. Documented on this, Curable said off policies, practices, processes, tools, techniques on templates that provide guidance on how projects are wrong within an organization. The difference with employee management framework and methodology. Product management provides a framework off planning doing on delivering products off any kind size, nature and type brake management framework focuses on the realization of the Sarah Change in line with the shows and mythological approach. Actually change is the core aspect that should be managed. Break management framework identifies and defines how to best manage change on methodology serves as a way to systematically realize change in terms, off time, cost and quality. Here is a simplified example off how break methodology can be presented in the management hierarchical structure Management framework proceeds methodology, which in turn proceeds life cycle stages on, determines a break management processes task on activities. Basically the framework he finds what is to be done on the metal already defines how it is going to be done. Mother methodologies Mother methodologies do not focus on linear processes, but they provide an alternative look at project management. Some of the methods are best for i D and suffer development, while others can be implemented in production process, improvement for the engineering and so on. Mother break management approaches. He is different models off the management process. Here are the most popular break management methodologies bring us to critics in controlled environments to presents a suit off process dreamin methods on the communication oriented approaches that allow driving various projects in the private sector. It was developed by the UK government on today. This great example of frank management motility issues both in the UK and international safety EM Critical Path method Rick Apart Metal explores the most important or critical task off a product by defining possible activities. Sequences on estimating the long restoration off each sequence in healthy around how long it will take to complete the work on my task will compose this code. Me Lian Break Management Methodology intends to maximize customer value on minimus resource waste. Lean break management lets organizations create higher value for their customers with fear . Resource is these approach a shift Perfection in customer satisfaction? Um Valley generation through implementing on optimized process flow that eliminates waste in products service transportation in Venturi's etcetera six. Sigma The Method Off six Sigma was originally developing Motorola to improve its production processes by eliminating defects defined as nonconformity off a brother or service to its specifications. Today, six Sigma is one of the most popular on worldwide trusted examples of project management methodology for ensuring the accuracy and speed off a process implementation through eliminating or minimising waste c c p m. Critical shame Product management is the way to plan implement a review various kinds of work in single on multi product environment. These management methodology uses theory off constraints on the concept off buffers to establish improved restorations on monitor certain dependent tasks and activities. 3. M3 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES: welcome to Model Tree. We will talk about organizational structures. Breaking management structure is very vital to the success of any project in an organization or projecting that his instructor gives support to the work that's being done in this mother, we are going to be looking at the different types of product management organizational structures. As we know, an organization could be defined as a group off persons who come together to accomplish set goals in order to successfully a ship. Those that goals a break manager will need to familiarize himself with the brake management office instructor. Dependent on the environment, the organization finds itself operating in the goals they set for themselves on the nature of work being done. You will find that organizations are instructor in three ways. First of all, functional organizational structure, two matrix organizational structure and three product eyes organization scripter. Now that we know how organisational structures are, Patel writes, let's take a closer look at each of them to see what makes them unique functional organization as structure in a functional organizational structure, you will find the components of a hurricane system where alternative driven decisions on budget chateau on equipment rests on the shoulders off the functional manager, who possess a significant level off expertise in the same field. That is to say that the credit manager in the step off organization has little to no authority here in some functional organization. That position does not even exist. What is fascinating about this step off organizational structure is that employees appear to be more skill in the respective departments there by leading to greater work efficiency . Everyone knows who to hold accountable if something were to go wrong as responsibilities are predetermined. On the downside, the work may proof monotonous over time, which could result in less enthusiasm, are reduced loyalty to the organization. In addition to that, you'll also find that cross department on communication becomes poor on the high level off bureaucracy could affect decision making negatively Project Eyes Organizational structure. The practice organizational structure is the complete opposite of the functional organization instructor, even though the organization may still group stuff according to their work functions. In this case, the product management instructor is organized in such a way that the project manager has product authority. He or she has jurisdiction over the project's budget, scheduled on the project team. You'll find him at the top off the hierarchical structure after the general manager off course, with employees playing supporting roles for the project. What's great about this kind of instructor is that there is a clear established line of authority resulting in faster decision making. On approval. Communication becomes easier and more effective in protecting members gain more experience working on different types of projects, as in it for them arises. A major disadvantage to the step off organization instructor, however, would be that the employees could see themselves being under a lot of pressure most of the time, especially if they happen to work multiple products at the same time. These often leads to poor communication amongst the team members, as everyone is left more or less playing catch up matrix organizational structure. The Matrix organizational structure can be found lying somewhere between the function organizational structure on the product, eyes, organizational structure, depending on what type of a matrix structure is being wrong. For instance, the Strong Matrix organizational structure has some similarities with that off a product that's organizational structure in the sense that the Break manager is responsible for a project if the organization is running a with Matrix. Then the president authority will fall to the hands off a functional manager as it is in a functional organization. Interesting enough in a balanced mattress organization. Both the product manager on the functional manager shares equal authority for the project. If an organization finds itself working in a dynamic environment, then this may be the rest rector to run with it us. It promotes rated efficiency. Help in the organization, respond to customer demands or changes in the marketplace Faster. These is is area shift because while the preg manager exhibits pretty authority in a horizontal manner, the functional manager does in a vertical flowing downwards influence of organizational structures. Ive projects do off the key prodded aspects affected by organizational structure. Types are product manager authority. Our research availability as you move across the spectrum from functional to matrix, the Pride based organizational structure types. The organization will move from favoring ongoing operations favoring projects. On the left side of the spectrum are functional organizational structures. As a break manager, you will have limited positional authority In these types of organizations. You will need to rely on expert paternity, a referring authority to get project as completed. Because of these, you will need to develop your influence in a negotiating skills. If you want to be successful from a resource availability perspective, you will be dependent on the functional managers in your organization to provide you with the resources. In these cases, the brave resources will reporting directly to you. On the right side of the spectrum are project based organisations. As a break manager, you will have more positional authority before the writer Project six on the spectrum. These doesn't mean you can just come and others will. You have more formal authority to get everything completed from a research availability perspective. You will also have greater control over your predict resources since they will be more likely to directly report to you. I'm not to a functional manager. Understanding what type of organizational structure is used by your company will help you determine how should you manage your project. 4. M4 INITIATING: welcome to model for, as explained earlier in model to there are five process groups according to the PM Book Guy . First of all, we have the initiating process which has two processes planning 24 processes. Executing a processes, many turning un controlling 11 processes. UNCLOS in two processes will start discussing the initiating process group. The initiating process Work consists of those processes performed to define a new project or a new face off on existing project by obtaining authorisation to start the project or face, there are two processes here. Developed Reddick Charter on identifying stakeholders developed for your charger. The product charter is a document issued by the prime initiator or a sponsor that formally authorizes the existence off. A project on provides the pre IT manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to pray activities. The key objective are it formalizes a break Manager authority in the project on It documents product Initial requirements in order to meet a stakeholders need on expectations identify stakeholders identified stakeholders is the process of identifying all people organizations impact by the project on documenting relevant information regarding their interests. Involvement on impact on predicts success the most important thing to remember about initiation process is that it does not involve a stirring work on creating any off the products off. 5. M5 PLANNING: welcome to Muzzle five. The planning process group consists of those processes performed to establish the total scope off the effort, they find out refined the objective undeveloped a course of action required to attain those objective from all product management process groups. Planning Process Group contains the maximum number off processes. Out of 47 processes, planning alone has 24 process. That is 51% if we consider break management a company, BLANDING have the controlling stake. Therefore, everything rooms are on planning in a project. It can easily be understood that projects which do not focus on the break planning remain away from a shaving their objective. The 24 processes are developed for your management plan. Plant scope management collect requirements, defined scope Korea W. B s lunch cattle management, the fine activities sequence activities Estimate activity resources estimate activity. The rations develops cattle. Blanco's management estimate cost determine but yet plan quality management. Bluhm Human Resources Management Plan Communication Management. Bluhm Risk management. Identify risk, perform quality risk analysis. Perform quantitative risk Analysis. Bluhm Rece Responses Plant Procurement Management, Unplanned Stakeholder Management The Project Management land is the major output from this process. Developing it is a process off document in the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate all subsidiary plans. It represents the primary source off information for how the product will be planned, executed monitor and control on closed. The document may contain other subsidiary plan socials. Communication plans procurement land risk management plan. Coast Management Plan on Quality Plan The development off a product management plan is based on a process known as progressive elaboration. The iterative process of increasing the level off beetle in a break management plan as Raider amounts of information on more accurate estimates become available. A product management plan requires information that comes from multiple sources. Is dynamic in nature, involve an integrated approach that Christ evil from protecting members for EC sponsors and stakeholders, takes into account the Project on Organization of Environmental Conditions on Provides a practical working model to guide execution. Lance Cope Management. The plans coat management process produces a little description off the project and then spread it that ensure the confidence and trust of the stakeholders. Your practice cup statement on predictor command updates are the outfits off this process collect requirements. This process is essential for clarifying on managing expectations as adjustments are matric up the project, they're praying requirements Document on management plan plus the requirements Traceability matrix are outputs off this process Requirements rush ability matrix. These matrix is a great that links brother requirements from the origin to the liberals that satisfied them. Tracing includes, but is not limited to, business needs. Opportunities, goals and objective brother Objective Brothers CO. WB SLE roubles Broke Design Brother Development There's a strategy and test scenarios on high level requirements to more detailed requirements. As you can see in this stable, one test can cover multiple requirements on one requirement can require multiple test. Typically the metric shows requirements across the top as columns on the associative test down decide us rose. In this example, there is an X to indicate which there's cases relate to wish requirements. They find scope. This process for this is a detailed description of the project and its brother that insures the confidence and trust of the stakeholders. Your precious cope statement on pray document updates are the outputs off this process. Bradesco is a war performed the liver of product service or result with the specified features on functions Project scoop management includes the process is required to ensure that the project includes all that were required on only the were required to complete the project successfully. Broader Scope Statement provides a description off the project Scope Mayor deliverables assumptions on constraints Create work breakdown structures W. V. S. This is a process where you break down the product elements into manageable work packages, but he's in your W. B s unassociated dictionary. The WBS dictionary describes each component off the WBS with milestones deliverables, activities, scopes on sometimes dates. Resource is cost and quality. Other outputs include the scope Mace land that enables the stakeholders our project manager to assets, ongoing progress on the impact off necessary adjustments. As you're thinking about how to make a work rectum structure, let's look at an example. This is a war. Break them structure for launching a new brother. Notice how the rules of building a WBS are applied in this example. First, the luncheon off the Brother project is subdivided into three large components. Policies and regulations, marketing campaign and technology infrastructure. Those components are porters, subdivide toe one or two more elements. The marketing plan on the advertisement there is not application off were represented in this diagram no further and Haynes this diagram. It will be possible to add the budget for each work package on assigned a team that are trained main ways to represent WBS Destructor, the Trace Director View which is the most popular format off the work. Prayed instructor in this former did all you B s. It's shown using a tree structure with ish shell element connected to the parent element through a line. The parent is then decomposed into the shell element. They outlined you in this former. The WB is is shown using different levels off indentation with an accompanying WBS code number for each element. The tabular view in this format the hierarchical structure of the WBS, is represented use in the help off the columns off a table lunch. Capital management lunch cattle management is the process of establishing the policies, procedures and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing and controlling the products. Kettle dang management process roots the fine activities. It is a process of identifying and documenting the specific actions to be performed to produce a probably bubbles sequence activities. It is the process off identifying undocumented relationships among the pretty activities estimate activity. Resource is, it is the process off estimating the type and quantities off material. Human resource is equipment or supplies required to perform each activity. Estimate activity durations. It is a process off estimating the number off work periods needed to complete individual activities with estimated resource is develops. Kato. It is a process off analyzing activity sequences. The rations Resource requirements on schedule constraints to create a process kettle model . These processes created list off activities under attributes that are required for the project. These activities are then scheduled into network diagrams alone, with estimates off the resources needed on how long it will take to complete. These outputs enable benchmark goals to be set so that the teams with the right resources can be created. Bland. Cast Management plan Cost management is a process that astonishes the policies, procedures and documentation for planning. Managing expending on controlling project cost. There will be several product resource is in a project and several different types of materials will be needed. There might be necessary to on equipment as well. Planned course management process aims to plan, manage and control off these expenses in a project cause Management plan answers two main questions. How will I go about planning cost for the project because management plan will get you on how toe estimate cuts for inch activity is deliverable on how to construct the overall project. But it respectively. Secondly, how will I manage the product to the cast baseline after the budget off the parade is determined cause Baseline is taken, cursed baseline and shows the initial cost estimate off the project. If nothing changes in the project or if there won't be any approved changed request, it is expected that the determined break budget will be met. Estimate Cost Estimate cuts is a process off developing an approximation off the monetary resources needed to complete probably activities. Brennan. Because estimating skirts a lot off people, they don't know how much something will cost. But they do know that whatever value they gave, they will be held to eat by their manager. The challenge with estimating is that it always involved some uncertainty. Fortunately, there some tools and techniques used by professional product managers that you can use to develop more accurate cost estimates. Girls estimated methods analogous. Estimating is this historical data from similar projects as a basis for the cost estimate. The estimate can be adjusted for known differences between the projects. These steps off estimate is usually used in the early faces off a project and use less accurate than other methods but a metric estimating it uses a statistical model in to develop a cost estimate. It uses historical data off key cost drivers to calculate an estimate two different parameters, such as cost on duration. But I'm up estimated uses. The estimates of India will work packages, which are then summarized to determine an overall cost estimate for the project. This step off estimate is generally more accurate than other methods, since it is looking at costs from a grand lower perspective. Three point estimates. This method uses three estimates to determine arrange foreign activities. Cost the best case estimate. The most likely estimate on the worst case estimate the term in budget. This brings together all activity and were package cost estimates into a complete project. But these forms the documentation for the project funding that includes contingency for the potential issues and may arise on producers to cut for four months baseline to ensure a smooth authorization my stakeholders. Thes details must be presented logically on Clearly plan quality management. This process mostly find the quality metrics on checklist that taken to a camp attentional risk cuss performance, baseline on organizational and environmental factors. The benefit off this process is that it guys on directs how the quality should be managed and validated. All took out the implementation of the project plan. Human resources Management, Human resource management. Easy process off identifying and documenting product rolls. Responsibility required skills reporting relationships are creating a stuff in management plan. The key benefit off this process is that it establishes product roles and responsibilities . Pretty organization. Sharps on their stuff in management plan, including the timetable for a stuff, a position on release plan, Communication management plan Communication management is the process off developing and appropriate approach on plan for pretty communications based on stakeholders, information needs and requirements on available organization on assets. The prayer communications strategy should guide the development off the prey communication plan. The key benefit off this process is that it identifies undocumented. The approach to communicate most effectively and efficiently with stakeholders plan risk management. Glamorous management is the process of defining how to conduct risk management activities for a project. Identify risk in the identify risk process Unit will determine wish risk may affect the product. Undocumented their characteristics. A risk is any uncertain event or condition that may affect your project. Not always are negative. Some events, like finding an issue, awaited one activity. Organizations like lower prices for certain materials can help your project. When this happens. We called it an opportunity, but it's still handed. Chills like a risk risk register is a primary output from the identify risk process, and it's a document in which the results off risk analysis on Greece response planning are recorded. Risk. Brave Instructor It is a hierarchical representation off race according to the risk of memories. It do have different levels similar to the WBS, which makes R V S a very strong to for project managers to use, perform qualitative risk analysis. These easy process off prioritizing risks toe further analysis or action by assistant and combining their probability off occurrence on impact. The risk impact probability short is based on the principle that a risk has two primary dimensions. Probability. A risk is an event that may you cure the probability off it. A cure in can be arranged anywhere from just above Syria percent. The just below 100% impact is our is by its very nature, always has a negative impact. However, the size of the impact varies in terms off cost on impact of hell, human life or some other critical factor. The sharp allows you to rape potential risk on these two dimensions. The probability that a race with a cure is represented off one active off the shirt on the impact off the risk. If it occurs on the other, you still measures to blood the risk on the shark. This give you a quick ClearView off the priority that you need to give to each. You can then decide what resources you will need to allocate to manage in that particular risk, perform quantitative risk analyses. Perform quantitative risk analysis. Is the process off numerically analyzing the effect off Identify risk on overall project objective. The benefit off this process is that it creates information off the content of difference to support the decision making off project managers to minimize see uncertainty off the projects. To do this particular process, inputs are necessary These inputs include the risk management plan. Race register, interprets environmental factors cause Management plan on organizational assets, which are used to produce a project. Document updates Some of the key quantitative risk analysis techniques are sensitivity. Analysis. It is a containment if risk analyses on modelling technique used to help determine wish risk has the most potential impact on the project. It examines the extent to which the uncertainty off each product elements affect the objective being examined when all other uncertain events are held. Other baseline values The typical display off results is in the form off a tornado diagram . You use a sensitivity analysis to see wish parables have the most impact on the project. Objective. You can develop what if models or simulations to see the impact off a risk on either D budget or schedule. Many times the outcomes are graph in a tornado diagram. Alternated diagram has the following characteristics. The longer the bar, the more sensitive the project objective is to the risk the risk are presented in descending order, with the largest impact on the top on the list. Impact on the bottom. It allows the team to focus on those risk with the greatest impact on a present objective. Expected monetary value analysis. It is a statistical technique that calculates the average outcome when the future includes isn't areas that may or may not happen a common use off. This technique is within decision three analyses, which is a diagramming on calculation technique for evaluating the implications off. A shame off multiple options in the presence off uncertainty to determine the expected monetary value off a risk or decision. Do the following identified A scenarios that cooler here determine the probability of each scenario. The term in the monetary value associated with each outcome. Multiply the probability times a monetary value off each outcome and some the outcomes to get the expected monetary value off the risk or decision plan risk responses. Landry's responses is a process of developing options on actions to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats. The brilliant activities rece respond a strategies the shy says. Off responded Strategies for threats include a boy focus on eliminating the cars and thus eliminating the threat, mitigate their certain risk that cannot be eliminated. However, their impact me reduce this cistern as mitigation off risk transferred transferred the race to some other party insurance purchases. Warranties guarantees etcetera are examples off risk transfer. The choice is off. Response strategies for opportunities include. Exploit at work or change the product to make sure the opportunity or cures enhance increasing rapidity in positive impact off risk events. Sure I looking ownership off opportunity to attar Party I response traded you for both threats and opportunities are except passive acceptance. Live action to be determined as needed in case of Paris event. Active acceptance may involve contingency plans to be implemented if risk a cures on allocation off time and cost reserves to the project. A decision to accept race must be communicated to stakeholders. Escalate risk which did not be monitor on 100 by the project, are escalated to the upper level, for example to program management. Land procurement Management plan Procurement management is a process of documenting prayer procurement decisions specifying the approach on identifying potential sellers. The key benefit off this process is that it determines whether to acquire outside support on if so, what require how to acquire it. How much is needed. I went to acquire it. Lance Stakeholders Management plan stakeholders Management is the process of developing appropriate management strategies to effectively engage the stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle based on the analysis off their needs, interests and potential impact on break success. The key benefit off this process is that it provides a clear, actionable plan to interact with project stakeholders to support their project interest. 6. M6 EXECUTING: the execution process groups consist off. Those processes perform to completely work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the price expectations. The overall goal off the executing process group is too, said the team's in place to get the work done efficiently and effectively so that the president estates on target with regard to scope on goals. These process is where most of the work is carry out under products on deliverables are built, assemble, constructed on created. It is also here that procurement anti development takes place. The eight processes that make up the execution process group are the red on vanished broad accord perform quality assurance, acquire project team, developed protective manage, protective managed communications, conduct procurement manager, stakeholders, engagement, the red and Managed project work. The red and managed product work is a process of leading. I'm performing the work defined in the Project Management plan on implementing approved changes to a shift. The present objective. The main benefit off this process is that it provides overall management off the project work digging out boots off this process are reviewed, deliverables, perform mediums off the project management plans on off the project documents, perform quality assurance. Perform Quality assurance is a process off auditing equality requirements on the results from quality control measurements to ensure that appropriate quality Sanders on operational definitions are used. Quality assurance is a process center approach to ensuring that a company organization is providing the best possible products or services. Performing regular quality assurance checks has several purposes. First of all, it insures any necessary immense can be incorporated implant to maintain quality. It assures the stakeholders that prided is a staying within its budget. Sometimes skills on any quality issues highlighted can be incorporated into the organisation's processes as required quality audit quality. Other is a structure independent process to determine if pray activities comply with organizational on project policies, processes and procedures. The objective off a quality other 2 may include identify all good on best practices being implemented, identify all know conformity, gaps and shortcomings. Share good practices introduced or implemented in similar projects in the organization on or industry on proactively offer assistance in a positive manner to improve implementation off processes To help the team race productivity acquired, developed and managed Projecting acquire. Projecting a corporate team is a process off confirming human resource availability on obtaining the team necessary to complete credit activities. Project Manager Negotiate with Functional Managers Benders Suppliers are resource owners in general to obtain the best results available for the project. Develop Projecting developer A victim is the process off. Improving competitiveness is the member interaction on overall team environment to enhance product performance. Project in development includes but is not limited to interpersonal skills. Technical training team building activities Establishing run rules a recognition are rewards system manage projecting manage protective is the process off Trucking team member performance Providing feedback resolving issues on managing changes toe optimize project performance manage communications manage communications Is the process off creating collecting this riveting stirring retrieving on the ultimate disposition Off brake management information. In accordance to the Project management Communications plan, there are three communication channel types that the break Manager needs to consider. One separated has been started. The types can dramatically increase the probability off the project Success. The shadows are off for Shana allows using weekly status reports. Exception reports, email updates and face to face reviews to communicate with senior management on to hide like risk issues on exceptions down where Shana it allows using verbal exchange a Jenison checklist. Email updates credit brief on looks to communicate with the project team and to provide direction on hide life depending on schedule. Task for your calendars on delegate roles and responsibilities Lateral channel it allows is in the statement off work email updates on product shorter to communicate with clients, benders and functional managers, and to negotiate resource assignment on budget allocations. Conduct procurements Conduct procurements. Is the process off obtaining seller responses? Selecting a seller on awarding the contract. During this process, beats or proposals from sellers are evaluated on one or more seller is Atlantic to execute the work Some off the inputs off these process are project management, long procurement documents source Selection criteria seller list seller proposal maker By decisions, they may agreements on organizational process assets. The tools and techniques include bigger conferences, proposal evaluation techniques, independent estimates for procurement items, expert judgement advertising on Internet search, our procurement negotiations. The outputs expected for these process are selected sellers Procurement country A War Research calendars change Request I'm break management plan updates manager stakeholders Engagement manages Stakeholder Engagement is a process of communicating on working with the stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations. Address issues that you care on foster appropriate a stakeholder engagement in pray I do this trick out the private life cycle break Manager Responsibility towards managing a stakeholder engagement includes facility consensus to work pretty objective Influence people to support project Negotiate agreements to satisfy the break needs at modified organisational behaviour to accept the pre IT outcomes. The desire outcomes are increase support on the Christmases, some from stakeholders. Realistic expectations for the product on project addressing dependent on existent issues. I'm proactive communication. While many professionals, new to larger and more conflicts projects may feel overwhelmed by the many details on recurring processes over time, understanding a funeral processes patterns emerge. 7. M7 MONITORING & CONTROLLING: Welcome to Model seven. The monitor in UN Controlling Process Room consists of those processes required to track review on orchestra the process on performance off the project identified any areas in which changes to the plan are required and initiate. The correspondent changes this process group in both every new Polish area except for him. A resource is and he is worthy. Performance off the project is measured on actions is taken based on an analysis of the data. The 11 processes that make up the Monitoring and Controlling Process group are monitor and control project work, perform integrated change control, validates scope, control scope controls, cattle control, cost control, quality control, communications control, risk control, procurement on control, a stakeholder management monitor and control project, work, monitor and control product work is a process off tracking. Reviewing our reporting, the progress to meet the performance objective they find in the product management plan, giving him with Let's look at the difference between the monitoring uncontrolled military Nissen Aspect of Project Management performed took out the project. Monetary includes collecting, measuring on distributing performance information on assessing measurements and friends to effect process improvements. Continues monitoring give the project management team inside into the hell off. The project on identifies any areas and may require a special attention. Control includes determining corrective or preventing actions or re planning on following up on action plan. Salutary. Whether the actions taken result the performance issue. The monitor and control Pretty poor process is concerned with comparing actual pretty performance against the brake management plan. Assessing performance to determine whether any corrective or preventive actions are indicated on their recommending those actions necessary. I bet if I knew risk on analysis tracking on monitor an existing credit risk. Provide information to support status reporting. Maintaining an accurate, timely information based concerning the critics. Brother under associate Documentation on monetary implementation Off approved changes i se a que perform Integrated change control perform Integrated change control is the process of reviewing all change requests are proving changes on managing changes to the liberals Organizational assets. Pro your documents on depraved management plan on communicating their disposition, it reviews or requests for changes or modifications to pray documents, the liberals, baselines or the brake management plan on approves or rejects. The change is the key benefit off. This process is that it allows for document changes within the brake plant we consider in an integrated fashion. We're reducing risk, which often arises from changes made without consideration to the over operated objective or blends. Perform. Integrated change control process is conducted from really inception through completion and it's the ultimate responsibility off the project manager. The brake management Plan the Prius Scope statement on other, the liberals are maintained by carefully and continuously managing changes, either by rejecting changes or by approving changes, thereby assuring that only approved genius are incorporated into the revised baseline. Shanghai's may be requested by any stakeholder involved with the project. All the changes may be initiated verbally. They shall be recorded inbreeding form on enter into the change management on configuration management system changes. Records are selected to the process specified in the change control on CONF Eurasian control systems. Those change requests processes may require information on estimated time impacts on estimated cost impacts. Configuration control configuration control is focused on the specification off. Both did early roubles on the processes, while change control is focused on identifying, documenting on approving or rejecting changes to the project documents that the rebels or baselines some of the configuration management activities are. Give Eurasian identification, identification and selection of a configuration item to provide the basis for which the pro configuration is defined and verified. Products on documents or label changes are managed on accountability is maintained. Configurations status. Accounting information is recorded. I reported us to win appropriate data about the configuration item should be provided. These information includes a listing off a proof configuration identification, a status off proposed changes to the configuration on the implementation status, off approved changes, configuration verification on of it. It ensures the composition of her brakes. Configuration items is correct and the corresponding changes are register assessed, approved track on correctly implemented. These ensures the functional requirements they find in the configuration. Documentation have been met valid in school validates scope. It's a process off formalizing acceptance off the completed project deliverables. Balasko Process aims to organise frequent planned meetings with the customer or a sponsor to gain formal acceptance off the liberals during Break Monitoring and Control Process Group customer shake on acceptance of the deliverables is a critical activity. Since the final acceptance off, the problem will be received from the customer. Now let's go over the state's off value disco process to give a better understanding. First, the liberals off the projects are completed during direct and manage, break or process after the deliverables already and perform quality control Inspection step takes place. This is don't generally by the quality control department of the company. For instance, let's consider that your product in completed a model off a software in a project there's department will shake before the customer whether the completed model works Esper requirements. After the customer shakes, they can request changes or the defects may be fixed by the project team to meet the requirements. After defects are fixed, deliverable is now ready for the demonstration. Perform quality control inspection is repeated, but this time customer shakes the deliverables. After the customer makes his test verifications and validations, Priety meets with the customer after customer shakes the deliverables. There are two possible outcomes. If the liberal meets, the requirements undergo summer except to deliverables. If changes are requested, or if their defects, these are reported to the protecting for fixing know that change request will be evaluated by the Change Control Board on only approve Shane Request will be implemented in the Project control scope control scope is the process of monitoring the status of the product and telescope on managing changes to the scope baseline. After the scope is finalized and operate, it needs to be monitored. Trip How the project to see whether pray activities will lead to successfully delivery off break deliverables control. Skull process mainly tracks these in a project. There are five steps for controls. Go process. The first step is measuring performance against school baseline. In order to check whether the liver work meets the initially agreed requirements, it is measured against the scope baseline This girl based and stores the last on up today's cook off a project. The second step is determining the magnitude off Ryan's after making evaluation and checks . If the deliver work does not meet the requirements and scope, the level of Brian's is identified. The third step is deciding whether a corrective action or a preventive action is needed. After the Bryants against the school baseline is determined, these France must be fixed. These can be defect repairs or preventive actions that will reduce the possibility of future scope. Brian's is the first step is making the updates to a scope baselines break management plan or break documents regarding documents and plants must be updated depending on the corrective and preventive actions that will be taken to fix it. For answers on get back on track on the scope baseline the field on the last a step control scope process is the evaluation of the impact of changes. The output of the controls go process can be changed. Request on in order to assess the outcome off the change request to the product. Impact of these changes should be evaluated because the Change Control Board will determine toe approved a change request by evaluating the impact of changes as well. Controls cattle control schedule is a process of monitoring the status of different activities. Toe up a project progress and manage changes to the schedule. Baseline to a shifty plan. After developed schedule process is complete, you will have the presence cattle and it will include a start and end dates off each private activity during prayer execution. Actual result off the prayer will differ from the plant values. While some activities could be completed earlier. Dumb plants some activities will take longer to complete during control Schedule process actual results off the activities will be compared with the scheduled baseline. To determine any Barai Ince's break managers must measure against the plan and control the project if there is any Brian's based on the schedule performance control on If the prey cannot be completed on time, corrective actions must be plan on. Taken There are different techniques that are used to conduct performance reviews. The critical shame method this method comm Percy a month off buffer remaining from the buffer required to protect the delivery date. It is used to determine the status off this cattle. Erin Value Management. It is used to assess the degree of variation off the schedule. Baseline using this kettle, Brian's on schedule performance trend analysis. These methods except misty performance off the project over time, it helps determine if the performance off the product is iterating are improving Critical path method. It comparison progress along the critical path to determine the status of the schedule it has at the red impact on the projects and eight control cost control costs. It's a process of monitoring the status of the project to update the project cost and management changes to the cost base line. It is important that they know that there will be changes in the coast in any product life cycle. The benefit off the control cast is that it give project managers away to the term in different Brian's is from the plant, particularly on the cost, so that they can take the appropriate corrective action to reduce the risk control cost. Require paid managers to constantly review the budget as well as other financial information on a regular basis. This will ensure that all calls will be accounted for, as well as determined potential cast risk off the project Simply coming up with a prayer part. It is not enough during the planning session off your project. It is crucial for the entire team to keep a watchful eye on the coast that we always aware of the risk on how to avoid or mitigate them. Prayed Cost control includes influence in the factors that changes to the authorized cost baseline, ensuring that all change requests are acted on in a timely manner, managing the actual changes when on I say you cure ensuring that cause expenditures do not exceed the outer s funding by period by WBS by activity on in total for the project Monitoring cost performance to isolate on Under Stember answers from the approved course. Baseline monitoring war performers I guess funds expended preventing unapproved changes from being included in the report it cost or resource usage informing appropriate stakeholders off all approved changes. Unassociated Coast. Bring in expected cost overruns. Winning acceptable limits control quality control quality is a process off monitoring and recording results off executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. The focus of this process is to verify the output off the red and managed report for its adherence to project management plan. The key benefits off this process include identifying the Kearse's off poor process or product quality and recommending I'm taking action to eliminate them on validating that project. Deliverables on work meeting requirements specified by kiss stakeholders necessary for final acceptance. B B c. A. Mother The quality control cycle is a repeating cycle that above around the production process in the PDC, a mother is incorporates four elements plan do check on act be the C A is a four step management method years to control on continuously improved processes. I'm products, so let's start with plan in these a step off the quality control cycle, we established the objective and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output Do. In this step, we implemented a plan executed process and make the product. We'll also need to collect data for shorting on analysis to be used in the following check on act steps. Shake. We then compare the actual result against inspect the result to find any differences at after compare a bristles. Corrective actions on any significant differences between actual unexpected results should be taken control. Communications control Communications is a process off money turn on controlling communications throughout the entire product. Lifecycle. To ensure the information needs of the price, stakeholders are met. The key benefit off this process is that it insures require stakeholders received the necessary information to successfully accomplish their portion off the product process. Failing to meet communication expectations needs to delays in change, approval and understanding of actual project progress. Project managers are responsible for controlling communications, failing to exchange the great information we regret. A stakeholders can create confusion on unnecessary problems. In order for the process to succeed Injun stakeholders, informational needs must be identified so that the information they required on only that information is communicated in a clear and concise manner. Control Risk control risk is the process off. Implementing rece response plans Tracking and identify risk monetary resettle risk. Identify new risk on evaluating brace process effectiveness through car. The project. A good break manager needs to be able to meet again the risk proactively as well as keep an eye for potential risk. With control risk. Break managers are able to select alternativa strategies, execute contingency plans or taking necessary corrective actions. Moreover, they can also modify the entire break management plan in order to avoid huge risk altogether. The risk response owner needs to create Reese Report and send it regularly to the project manager to make the necessary decisions or see any effects on the entire project with the control risk process necessary updates on the organization process break lessons learned as well as Reese management templates will be implemented. Control procurements control Procurement is a process off managing procurement relationships, monitoring contra performance on making changes and corrections to contracts as appropriate . The benefit off control procurement is that it ensures that the performance off seller and buyer meets a procurement requirements. According to the turn set by a particular legal agreement, it involved different inputs, tools, techniques on outputs to complete the process. Under this process, it is crucial for the seller to meet the procurement requirements while the buyer needs to perform according to the terms that are stipulated in the contract. These include making timely payments on also creating a contract change management if necessary. Control Stakeholder Engagement Control. Stakeholder Engagement is a process of monetary or al Prius stakeholder relationships on a just in the strategies and plans for engaging stakeholders, it is done by just in different strategies in engage in stakeholders. The main benefit off this project management activity is that it helps improve the efficacy off the stakeholder engagement activities as a break life cycle continues to evolve due to the different changes off the environment, Amprey requirements. The control stakeholder engagement process requires input off information to create a product management plan. On these include the issue Luck were performance data on other require prate documents. All these imports will be used to create a war performance, information change requests and others on the management plan. Product documents on organizational process the control stakeholder engagement insure the commitment off the stakeholders during the entire stage off the project. It also ensures that their expectations are met as well. US anticipate any future problems so they can be addressed through in the projects life cycle. It is important to take note that the stakeholders have had influenced during the implementation of the project as well as during its progression. 8. M8 CLOSING: model eight. The closing process groups consist off those processes performed to conclude all activities across all break management process groups the formally completely product face or contractor obligations at credit or face closure. The following make you up pain acceptance by the customer or sponsor to formally closed the project or face conduct. Pass Brian or face and review. Record impacts off tailoring toe any process document lessons learned on apply appropriate updates to organizational process assets. The closing process group is divided into two main areas. Close product or face UNCLOS procurement, close product or faced close break or face is a presence off finalizing all activities across all off the brake management groups the formally completely project or face when close and the prey. The prairie manager will review all prior information from the previous face closures to ensure that all pre it work is complete and that the parade has met its objective. The key actions that should be taken during this process are off. Then close that product or face sign off transition off the final product service or result that the bread was authorized or intended to produce ensure transition, the responsibility to operations and maintenance on insure that all pray fights on documents are accounted unclos close procurements close procurement is in process off, completing each procurement. The key actions that you'll be taken during this process are ensured that all contract commitments toe ish contractor have been closed regarding account payments on our resolve, issues are still pending. Insured that all procurement and contra documents off every contractor or supplier are accounted on. Collaborate with appreciation or contracting department in meeting their needs are requirements. The brake management term is considered us close once the contra viciously deadline which is completion or is terminated without the completion off work. Congratulations. You have successfully finish these cars. Ah, have you enjoy and learn the basics off brake management. Good luck.