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    • Final Conclusions


About This Class


There is a little book you can’t buy on Amazon. Well in Amazon and in any other bookstore or library on Internet or worldwide. But this little treasure was read by most CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, in spite is so hard to get…

It started decades ago as flashes of insight scribbled on loose scraps of paper. Then it morphed into a PowerPoint presentation that distilled years of business wisdom into a handful of easy-to-remember aphorisms.               

Eventually, Warren Buffett received a copy—and liked it so much that he asked for dozens more to give to his CEOs of his Berkshire Hathaway companies, friends, and family.

This tiny handbook has become an underground hit among senior executives and management thinkers. This gem was created by William H. Swanson, chairman & CEO of Raytheon company.  Raytheon is a huge industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics (they invented the microwave oven)

This book contains 33 rules of management.  These rules represent the work & the thoughts of this amazing manager on how to perform effectively.  They are so powerful that most of the Fortune 500 CEO’s comprehend that these rules go beyond management and they can be applied to your own  life, your career as designer or teacher or even to solo entrepreneurs.

On july 2005 I read a small article about this little book on Business 2.0 magazine. The article stated that Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and many other CEO’s praised greatly about it.

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch said there's something about both the man and his management style that makes this little book a worthwhile read for any CEO or entrepreneur. "It's a neat little manual, and each of these rules makes sense," Welch said. "It covers almost everything, and I like Swanson's feet-on-the-ground approach."

Bruce Whitman, president of FlightSafety International, a Berkshire Hathaway company that's one of the world's largest aviation training firms, went even further stating: "The book is something you can carry around with you like a Bible and live by every day."

So 11 years ago after reading this magazine article, I was so intrigued about it that I completely lost my shyness and wrote a letter to William Swanson’s Raytheon company asking for information about how to get that book.

3 weeks later I received a small envelope containing a letter from Mr. Swanson plus a little book containing the 33 rules. I was greatly surprised not only how this busy CEO was able to respond personally to my inquiry but also for the value contained in that little gem.

Since that year I lived in many different cities but the only book I never forget to carry with me is this little book titled: “Swanson’s Unwritten Rules Of Management”.

Enroll in this class to discover the 33 rules of management that can be applied to improve your business, your productivity and even your own life.

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Very good tips. I will try to use form now on.
D. Ortlieb

I will learn for life!

This class really helped me a lot and i am waiting for its next part. Must watch class to every individual who is in business or wants to do business.
Ashish V.

Power lies within you

I like rule #5. It's so true...thanks for creating this class.
Adwin Ang ❾

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Francisco Moriones

"The Insider "| Knowledge For Your Success.


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