THE ART & SCIENCE OF DRAWING / Week 1: Basic Skills / Day 4: Charting the Course of Curves

Brent Eviston, Master Artist & Instructor

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    • Charting the Course of Curves Trailer

    • Charting the Course of Curves

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About This Class

The Art & Science of Drawing is a remarkable new program that will teach you how to draw one day at a time. The program is simple, each day you’ll watch one video lesson that will introduce an essential drawing skill, and then do the recommended practice. The Art & Science of Drawing is overflowing with powerful insights into the drawing process and offers some of the clearest, most accessible drawing instruction available.  Many of the tools and techniques you'll learn here are rarely seen outside of private art academies.

The Complete Art & Science of Drawing series consists of 40 mini-lessons that are designed to take you from basic skills to more advanced shading techniques.  

This is the fourth lesson in the series. Here you'll lear how to analyze and draw beautiful and accurate curved lines.

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Great class for me. I tend to want to go towards an end product too fast and although it is fun getting results fairly quickly, I think this series of classes will bring me further in actually learning how to draw. The exercises are deceivingly simple. I find it quite hard to learn to hold the pencil in this way and to control my lines by using my whole arm from the shoulders down. But I am confident it will get better. Brent is a great teacher and this class is highly recommended if you want to learn a strong foundation for your drawing practice.
Lucy Lambriex

Photo & video teacher for the camera shy





Brent Eviston

Master Artist & Instructor

Drawing has been my lifelong passion. After studying at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, I have continued to study numerous forms of drawing including the timeless traditions of the old masters as well as cutting-edge contemporary practices.

I have been teaching drawing for over 20 years at studios, museums, galleries, and schools throughout California. I started teaching traditional drawing and figure drawing online in 2016 and love working with students from more than 125...

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