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KAIMA LM, BI/Data Scientist

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25 Lessons (1h 26m)

    • 2. 1 Why use Tableau

    • 3. 2 Let's Download Tableau Public

    • 4. 3 Connect Data in Tableau

    • 5. 4 Exploring Tableau Interface

    • 6. 5 Let's Create Our First Chart in Tableau

    • 7. 1 Duplicate Rows

    • 8. 2 Creating A Table

    • 9. 3 Creating Custom Fields

    • 10. 4 Creating Custom Fields And Adding Calculations to Tables

    • 11. 5 Adding Totals and Sub Totals

    • 12. 6 Adding A Custom Calculation

    • 13. 7 Inserting A Filter

    • 14. 8 Working with Joins in Table

    • 15. 1 Introduction to Exercise

    • 16. 2 Let's Create A Dashboard

    • 17. 3 Using JOINS in Tableau

    • 18. 4 Performing A Numbers Check

    • 19. 5 Data Blending in Tableau

    • 20. 6 Performing Number Check2

    • 21. 7 First Chart

    • 22. 8 Second Chart

    • 23. 9 Third Chart

    • 24. 10 Creating and Formatting A Dashboard

    • 25. 11 Adding Interactive Filters for Improved Analysis

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to Tableau for Analysing and Visualising Data with Real life Practical Examples , 

Tableau is one of the most powerful and intuitive data visualisation tools available out there.

Almost all large companies use such tools to enhance their BI capabilities.

Tableau is the #1 best- in-class solution that helps you create powerful charts and dashboards  

What you will Learn:

  • Introduction to Tableau: How and when Tableau can be useful in Corporate Decision Making
  • How to Install Tableau's Free Version
  • How to Connect Data to Tableau and what we can do with Tableau's Interface
  • Learn how to create a Chart in Tableau
  • How to Duplicate Sheets
  • How to Create Tables
  • How to Create Custom Fields in order to manipulate our data with Tableau easily
  • How to add Totals and Sub-totals to our tables
  • How to Work with Filters
  • We'll explore functionalities that will allow us to work with multiple data sources such as JOINS and Data Blending.
  • How to build a Dashboard etc

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics

You’ll need to install Tableau Public. We will show you how to do it step by step

  • Microsoft Excel 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in a Business Intelligence Analyst career

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


BI/Data Scientist




My name is Karima and I am super-psyched that you are reading this!

Professionally, I am a Business Intelligence Analyst with over five years of experience in e-commerce,, retail, information technology, other industries. Today I leverage Big Data to drive business strategy, revamp customer experience and revolutionise existing operational processes.

I combine my real-life experience and academic background to deliver professional step-by-step coaching in the space of Data Science. I am also passionate about regularly presenting Big Data to individuals and groups with no background knowledge in the field

To sum up, I am absolutely and utterly passionate about Data Science and I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge ... See full profile

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1. BI COURSE SERIES OVERVIEW: I and welcome to our business intelligence analyst course, Siri's. This course entails the six essential skills you need to make a great BR on a list. My name is Karima, another business intelligence analyst. Was spent a significant amount of time walking on business intelligence dust requiring more skills like statistics, Excel, database story, Bablu, beytin, the combination off SQL and tableau on even the combination of SQL with tableau and biter. I'm really excited to present to you because Siri's that stands out because each other call Siri stitches. You is done alone skill you need a Xabi are on a list, and by the end of critical Siri's, you would know how to apply Eat in the real world walking environment they cost. There is curriculum that has been prepared for you. Consists off diverse sets off topics are serious. Start with getting you to know the world of data and data signs. We explain all that to Science Jagan's on areas of activities before diving into more sophisticated analytical. Thus, once we have built a solid theoretical foundation, we go through statistics applied in excel and teach database management in s key. Well, then you will be ready to land disabilities off data of data visualization are reporting by creating professional visualizations with Bablu public, one of the most popular, be Iittle available all day. What I consider to be remembered if it's off this program, is that you will let out of leverage, ask your skill and combined them with Bablu to visualize the data contained in disobeys files. Once you know how to do that, it is time to start accordion infighter. But pretty soon he will understand that Lenin, a programming language, is meaningless without putting it to use. That's why, in final Siri's off, this course will integrate SQL bite and and taboo, which would allow us to build a model that predicts clients default rates on. Visualize your findings in taboo, and this will take your preparation to the next level. Because Siri's is it truly also adventure. To get the most out of this series journey, please don't skip any of the lessons in every Siri's as well gradually beauty or knowledge . Given that we teach several skills, it is essential he starts at the beginning as this lessons at the foundation, you need to tackle the more advanced topics you finally town in the program. Many of our lesson contained downloadable resources that will help reinforce what you've learned, such as cost notes, exercise files, pdf materials and the notebook files. Everything is included and can be downloaded easily. I strongly suggest you complete all exercises as they are designed, not only for practice but also as an additional source of information that will end the hands. You'll be I problem solving skills. Are you excited? Awesome. Let's begin this journey together. See you they 2. 1 Why use Tableau: Pablo is going to be caramel of the most popular business intelligence tools in the entire world. It's FBI Soft Way that allows no technical uses to visualize the data on what we ate. Almost immediately, Lori know how Barias immediately and the past business analysts needed the help of I t person now who could assist them in Calgary, Raw data on People says. In its only then could business analysts start walking on the visualization off such data. The address off Bablu demoralized this process and allowed beyond analyst to be independent . No technical people can easily load data into the program as stop playing with it tableaus insights on men in four intuitive immunizations. And sometimes that's really valuable. Analysts are able to explode your data right a week without spending too much time on numbers, which provide limited insights and instead focus on data data matters. That is why we can confidently see that's a Blue is an indispensable tool in the arsenal off most corporate business, intelligence analysts data analysts on data scientists. Many people are on set in about the difference between some blue and spreadsheets tools like Excel, and that's a reasonable doubts until we point out the self different purposes. Using Tab blue doesn't necessarily mean you can forget about Excel and vise versa. What Excel is not a spar food or into give us W When it comes to data visualization, tableau is not optimal when you would like to use it as a desecration to. Although it's as several disobeys management's functionalities, the program isn't the best solution when you would like to perform multiple operations with your data before you start analyzing it. Moreover, Tableau is in great form. Otilia calculations it's able to calculates in its coal fields, but it shouldn't be used as a spreadsheet tool for multilayered calculations such as the preparation off projects in Excel. What tableau surpasses the competition is in detail visualizations. It's a very smart program that allows you to visualize data in a more powerful way compared to Excel. So, for example, we walk with geographical data. There is no way Excel could interpret the cells in your spreadsheets as a geographical location. On the other hand, probably recognizes that allows you to visualize such data and see out the variable is distributed geographically, moreover, allows you to combine several times of chats on Bute Hope. Meaningful dashboards that's actually interactive on facilitates Additional analysis. Once we visualize your data, you can easily dig deeper and explore its granularity. Finding the reason for unusual spikes investigating set in trains. I don't know this W users will be able to see a significant amount of time if the transfer there pre designed Assistant Excel dashboards to W uploading new data on updating visuals. It's more happy in taboo. Therefore, we can agree that a competent analyst needs that excel anti blue, given that deserve difference purposes. W is superior when it comes to visuals on dashboards. On Excel is especially to we need another to perform multilayered calculations in the same way the combat soldier carries a rifle and a pistol. At the same time, I uses them on the difference. Circumstances. A business analyst should know how to work with boots, excel on SAB blue on, apply each off them when needed, 3. 2 Let's Download Tableau Public: Okay, guys, it's time to get started with a blue less type Bablu public in Gugu. As you can see the first results, we have points to tab. Lose websites at www dot w dot car. I'll click on the link on This Would directs me. It's a blue public to mean it shouldn't be too difficult to download tableau for me. If you're wondering where Research towards a Republic, the reason is quite trivia. This is W's free version. You can practice which most of the programs functionalities. You don't start to pay the blues on your feet, so it's up to you. You can either. You stumble public for free for people to blues. Dexter Perversion. What options will allow you to follow a look? There are some issues when you want to integrate tabla public on programming languages like are Vital and SQL. To do that, you will need tableau dick stop. But for now, it's a republic would do just fine and allow us to practice. All I have to do is provide an email address on walls. Are don't that's okay on the X e file would download automatically on my computer. Let's open the far. This is the start that installation procedure you'll find when installing any program out. They have to agree to tab, lose them on conditions and then click. Install was the solution starts How? Simply have to wait a year. We are Tableau is installed on my PC. We are ready to start our journey. 4. 3 Connect Data in Tableau: all right. Grits? Yes, our freshly installed version of Taboo. I'm sure you're anxious to create some fascinating visualizations, so let's get started. Best off. We need to learn how to connect Stab Lou to the data source will be walking with. There are two options we can ever create A connection to a far or a saver, of course, will choose one of the two. Depending on where the data is, let's connect some blue to a Microsoft Excel Far in general, every time we use a source file in one of the lessons, you'll be able to find it in the resource section. Just go to your course on download the available fouls for the lesson. Okay, greets for this lesson. Select the foul called GDP data and on the connections I cannot see. That's a blue hope on the foul. Our source has three sheets data metadata countries on meta data indicators. What we usually have to do is to choose the worksheets will need on drag it into the upper parts off the screen where drug sheets is written. Once we do, that probably is going to activity sheet with selected and provide us with a preview of the data. We are inside the 1st 2 rules or the sheets are empty on ends. We see all this null values. Tableau is really smart and kind after their pose with similar issues. As you can see here, the program suggests using it deter interpreter functionality to claim the data. All right, let's do that of Walla. The foster rules containing no values disappeared that's also in our next lesson will open up our force tableau worksheets on. I'll be happy to introduce you to its structure. This will do for now. Thanks for watching. 5. 4 Exploring Tableau Interface: So we've already connected our file, too. Taboo now in this lesson will be creating are forced shits. It's really easy to do a resembles Are we create a sheet in Excel or pretty much every other spreadsheet? Soft away. All I have to do is quickly on a new sheet will be created, right? This is what it's a blue sheet looks like we can have as many off them as we want. I can simply click on this little icon at the bottle, and the new sheets is added. The other toe icons, which are next to its, are for creating a new dashboard on a new story will do with dashboards for our any course , so we won't use these buttons now. Okay, let's give some structure to what you are seeing here. If this software is new to you, things can be a bit confusing. So it would be best if we spend a few minutes remained off this lesson. Taking you through tableaus interface Just off. We have 10 different tabs on tablas de for treatment. These are far data worksheets. Dashboard story analysis, mop formats, window, Andi Help! Let's quickly go through each of them. As with most programs, the foul top contains sets in functionalities related to opening, closing and seven fouls. If you like to, you can also exit tableau from here. But why would you want to do that? Data on the organ is where you'll find functionalities related to the data source you're using. Here. You can have a new data connection, replace an existing one or simply deeds the details toes off the wash it you're working with. Next we have the worksheet Stop. It's gonna be up for where we want to create any worksheets. I'd or sure charts, title caption summary and so on. I'm sure you notice that we already created in new sheets with a little high corner. We are at the bottom left corner off the sheet. You can do the same thing from the ship's tab as well. Sort repetition is common for most programs. Fortune ality is available in the ribbon can be assessed in other ways too. In fact, I really use the ribbon functionalities, but it is going tohave overview on be a way that they are they okay. Next we have the dashboard on story tubs. As I said, we learn more about dashboards and stories later on. Any course the analysis stop is where you can treat your visualization in terms of labels. Show for girls as a percentage of total actress lines, regions filters on more. We'll explore many of these options later on any course. For now, you can remember that here we have some interesting functionalities realtor to do. We would perform our analysis. Some of the tools will Corporates in it. I'm up is it's ab that is helpful when we used to a blues geographic visualization capabilities. Pretty soon you will see that this is one of the most powerful and impressive tableau features off course from That's gonna help us adjust the way our visualization appears. From here, we can modify its forms from size, access backgrounds. Liver size are sewn. That's another top containing plenty of useful functionality. As we will explore later. Windows help are two of this turn that tops we find in most programmes, so I'm not going to spend much time on them also because we're not going to use them throughout the costs. However, one thing we should mention is that tablet public has a nice and hoping community of users will be able to help you. I was walk. You can look at it needed all users or tableaux. Public will save your walk, make it publicly available. Therefore, this computers foot place where you can search for a given issue. You need help wits and see what comes up. So if I click or community as such for geography, I'll be able to see the walk off their users have saved previously, right? This is tableau ribbon below the rib in. We have several bulletins that can be quite hopeful. They shall start to pay. Departing takes us to the screening with so previously when we connected Tab Blue to our GDP, Data X so far to get back to the sheets that we created earlier are click here. I'm sure you know how to walk wheat on do and redo. So if I write a drug one of the fields here, I can go back and undo this section. Which one do off course see on done. Most all the typical windows shut courts can be used here as well. As you probably know. The shortcut for undo is Contra Z on the right. We have other use full bottoms such as save, allowing you to save the progress of your walk. Quite intuitively knew. Deter souls opens that connects functionality with Australia. The other buttons we are we are new worksheets Clash. It's swap arose on columns start ascending and so on will explore many of these throughout because now it will be best if you simply get an idea off our various objects. Our position within sub lewinter fees. Okay, on the left side of the tableau screen, we have to pains data and analytics. It did happen. It's quite important issues also what detail we have looted. And then some Blue classifies the data into two types animations on measures to put it slightly differently. This is a distinction between categorical on numerical data, the daytime, the dimensions field cannot be gated. It is qualitative in nature. Quite the opposite Measures can be aggregated on our qualitative in nature. In the next, few lessors will let out to walk with these feuds, but for now, it would be nice if I just show you there. You can drug dimensions on measures into do walk area and used them to create a visualizations there. The work area is roll. Create visualizations dashboards as Juries, and this is one way to create a charts. I'm sure you noticed that the columns and rows, but off the sheets started showing off. The variables we have added to the workspace area will explore this part of interface in a separate video in a few lessons. Okay, Perfect. What else do we have? The show me button on the right, which allows us to adjust the type of organization we use. It's a very cool feature because tableau tells us what's up. A visualizations we can choose from. As not all charts will be available depending on the data we have chosen to walk with. Once we decide we would like to switch to a different charts, all we need to do is select the respected type of chats on tableau mix. There just meant force neat, right, and finally, you're in the middle. We are three important sections, pages, futures and marks. The pages shelf lets you break a view into a series off pages, so you can better analyze our specific field, affect the rest of the data any of you will use a filter shelf while walking with filters on field Train our data. The Marks Shelf, on the other hand, contains functionalities related to cholera in size. Labels are so on this lesson was a quick overview off tableau interface. I'm sure now you have a better idea off what you see in front of you or you hope on the program and the lessons to call will continue to explode. Some blues functionalities are you Lend a tom about each of the buttons were mentioned. The eight. As for now, this will do. Thanks for watching. 6. 5 Let's Create Our First Chart in Tableau: all right. Excellent is time to continue adventure in taboo in this lesson who create our fourth visualization on is going to be also ready. Let's get right into its day. As you can see, the workspace area is empty right now. We've already loaded the GDP data far on. You can see that here. Actually, let's open the Judi Peter X so far for a second, I want to make sure you're familiar with its structure. The eighties. We have a few blank rules, but I blew took care of them. Then we have a column with country names. A column indicates in that this is GDP data and several columns with GDP figures for each of these countries, and this is the data sheet we're using right now. Profits. Let's go back to tablet. The wedding later is organizer is rather interesting. Attention should be foreclosed on. The donations are measures part for the screen. First off, we noticed that tableau has been very smart, managed to organize our data. Categorical variables are right here on the dimensions, while numerical data such as the country's actually P, is under measures. Dimensions have been coloured in blue are measures are in green bookie on My important remark we have to make is that some of the fields we have year in italics on orders. Ahrens. The distinction between the two is that tableau generates certain fields based on the data it finds when tableau generates its own fuse, such as the measure names field we see here these are feels that are not contained in our region editor souls. But tablet deems that this company is full and creates them force. The same thing is true for latitude longitude. Number of records are measured values we see in green other measures. The rest of the field retained without italic are the ones we saw in the Excel. Far reloaded Country name indicator name on the years from 2000 to 2016 when we have country GDP figures Good. Another important detail or light a nation Is that w ads on icon right next to each of the foods we have on the dimensions Andi measures This is what allows supposed to understand. Outside blue reads the data. The first field on a dimension is country name on its icon is the group sublet recognizes that this field is related to actual countries, and it is ready to open out where we need to visualize such data. If I click on the icon, are be able to see that this is a string on that its geographic rule is off country region , as it should be. At the same time, the tiny ABC icon indicates an infield shows us that this is its X value, and in fact, when I click on it, I can see that it is a shrink, but different to what we have for the country. Names viewed The geographic rule off indicator name is known. That's because this is purely it text value. What about the year measures? We have blue Well, despite numerical values, right? Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we will click on the icon designates in numerical values. We'll see. These are numbers. Okey perfect. Let's do the following out of the country name field into the workspace area. On board. It's a look. Rated the warm up, their shoes off the location off. Each of the countries we have in our debt is ALS. It's quite interesting to see that the future we see under columns are rule is in the column name but artificially generated longitude and latitude fields that forced it's missing strange. But then we think about it. It is intuitive. W understand. Country name is a geographical field. That is why it would do much more than simply create a row or column constant, at least off the countries we have in the Excel. Far no, the program is smarter than that. It reads the country names and then creates the two feuds, longitude or latitude in order to mop each country to graphically and hence the beautiful map we have here now. If I drag the year 2016 in the mob, some blow will update the charts at in the 2016 GDP off each country. We can see that happened if we over above each of adults we have represents in the country's on arm up city. U. S GDP for 2016 was more than 18 trillion dollars, while Canada's GDP was around $1.5 trillion. Okey perfect. Everything is good, are forced. Visualization in tableau is almost ready. We're last. Finishing touch our like to heart is to enlarge the bubbles it beats, and it gets in our lives. A country's GDP is to do that. I can't walk with the newly appeared. Some 2016 pain on the right side of the screen are critical. It's tiny R O R Select that its size is the size ist dollar Books allows me to enlarge the bubbles. We see individualization. I think this will do. Let's click. Apply as you can see the bubbles individualization increase. This makes it a bit easier to compare the GDP off different countries. They find out such will be to edit the name off this visualization about publicly Kiai and simply type. It's Eitel. Anything is better than shit, one that's while simply type GDP per country comparison on Dhere We are That's our first visual position in sub blue and we're just getting started. 7. 1 Duplicate Rows: I unwelcome Buck. In our last lesson, we created the visualization you see in the workspace area. What we'll do here is hard. A similar visualization, but for 2015 on expressing GDP figures as a percentage of total OK, which is the fastest way to do that. I can either praise God knew worksheet putting for me or from here and create a new blank wash it. But sometimes that may not be the best possible solution, as we will lose a lot off edits we have already made right out. Deal. It's empty worksheets I created. All I need to do is right. Click on Press the Let's and if we don't all sheets is gone. By the way, it is extremely easy to change your sheets. Name out of a click on eats and inside the sheets Name, GDP comparison. So we've decided we'll start from the periods visualization. We created our use the duplicate Bolton on the identical sheets we saw Elia would be created. I need to change detaches off two sheets. The first war will be GDP compilers in 2016 and the 2nd 1 would be DDP comparison 2015. Well, I didn't know how to do that. Okay, Perfect. Let's delete the Turn 16 data. To do that, I'll click on this Psalm 2016 field. I will press, remove all cycles, start having the same size because we removed the differentiating factor. Judy. Besides, let's heart 2015. That's easy to do, right? I have to drag the 2015 feud. It works basically area. And now we said that we would like to display each country's GDP as a percentage of the total GDP observed in 2015 are click on a tiny arrow next to the 2015 field, go to a quick table calculation and select percent off Toto. And of course, when we over over the bubbles of a given country, we were to city percentage of the total. What economic it accounts for. The United States represents almost 3% of the entire global economy. China produced 1.8% of the global outsports on Germany accounted for 0.55%. What's going in for meitiv visualization? Thanks for watching 8. 2 Creating A Table: okay, Perfect. And this lesson will continue exploring some of tableaus, men features in particular, we learned how to create a table with data on acts of custom fields. Did seven will create is going to be a pretty simple one, providing a monthly a nearly breakdown of the company's sales. We have already collected some blue to the Excel far just last sales data. It's available your cost curriculum. As you can see, our Gina Data cells contains a column called Period. This is where we have both yearly a monthly data. The 1st 4 characters designated the year when its sale was made and then the last to contain information about the month when it's sale occurred. What I would like to do it splits this information into two separate custom fields year on , and they were. To do that is to go to the United States. Stub on creates a calculated field, right Well, says Allah. Box opens outside the name of the field I'm creating, which is here and now use the left function. You know how to say the four left most symbol off the period field. This is where we have the year when they sail Accord. Let is a function of you're probably familiar with Inter Blew. It works in the exact same way as it does in Excel. For example, in our next lesson will be extra attention to the different sides off operation you can do to create custom feuds. Okie W recognizes we are right in the left function on its else calls with auto completes. Suggestions. The Left Functions needs to argument from also string, which in this case is a period field we have in our souls. Sheets salts, I period. And as I do, that tableau manages to recognize. I'm referring to the period field and allows me to select it right away. The second component of the formula is the number of characters who like to extract. We need four characters, and that's what I'll type here. Close the brackets on. Our new field is ready. It appeared feud was not on the string type who would have hard problems because left is a function that requires close to use strings. Our attended a type or the period feud on us. Not I do. That's something shows us a one in sign next to the new login retake field here, and it doesn't allow us to drag this field into the workspace area. Basically, we can't use it. Okay? Our attended a type off the period field back to string on this issue will be resolved. Now I can. Is it grabbed the year feud into the workspace area. See? Perfect. They also fueled, I'd Like to create is month on. You know how to do that? I'll use the right function again. We'll need to goto analysis and create a calculated field. Most will assign it really name months, and then I'll type in the right function. Following the exact same period as before the string will need is the same period on the number of cars that we need. It's too, given that chance at the to write most Carter's within the period field excellence. Now we have our second field monks less hard it right next two years in a walks with area. I can do that in two ways. I can either drag the field into the workspace area and place it right next to the years. Information or alternatively, dragged the months field right next to the years field in a row spots off the screen. The out sport is the same. Okey greet. You might create a nice table that groups all 12 months of training. 16 on ultra months or for 2017 are simply inside the auto generated field number Off records, which represents its simple counts off the rules we have in our souls. Data of Walla. This is a nice table that shows ALS the breakdown of the confidence to tell number off sales for each month in 2016 and 2017 also right. 9. 3 Creating Custom Fields: we already know how to create custom fuse really two times in our previous lesson, creating the years and months. Fields in this lesson will spend some time describing some of the other ways you can transform your source data and create custom feuds. Remember, we shouldn't go too far with these establishment. Purples is organization on, Not it's a creation or modeling. However, Sometimes it's gonna be really handy to perform Certain manipulations once we've loaded are detained. It's a blue and we need a certain type off analysis. Okay, here we go. The typical tableau. Pretzels. You will need to remember our plus for addition minus for subtraction stuff. For multiplication. Forward slash for division on carrots for television. Alongside these, you probably need comparison operators such as equal, higher than lower than or equal on different Dan. The logical function of a liberal inside blue are like the ones we have in Excel. Andi Oh, on do not a little phone shells on symbols using excel can be used when creating a calculated field. So, for example, some of the most commonly used functions are some for some average for average mean landmarks, allowing you to find the minimum and maximum values within a range on ABS returning the absolute value off a number I've already sorted text fortune left and right. The Allah also extracts left most on the right. Most number of characters within a string we've specified besides left. All right, we can also use the typical text functions available. Next cell mate providers characters that I in the middle of a text string opa, Andi lower allowing us to Iraq over eight toe all uppercase characters or convert it to all lower case characters. These was a nicer car or the taxable preachers we can use in order to create custom fields in taboo. For more information on this topic will add a downloadable far attached to this. Listen, thanks for watching. 10. 4 Creating Custom Fields And Adding Calculations to Tables: right. So we're ready to go back to Top Blue and perform a few additional operations with the table we created earlier. Right now, it shows off the number of units sold by the fame in each month off 20 1617. Let's change this merger. What our life is your source is a revenue the company generated during each of these periods. How can I do that? Well, it's fairly easy. Are so states are contains information about price on tableau concept number off Eun Suk. Each Rochelle's was a single Carcelle rights. Therefore, if we multiply the price field on the auto generated number of records, field would obtain revenues. Do you agree? Okay, good. Let's do that. We already know how to create a calculated field, our name, its revenue. I'll take advantage off tableaus. Auto Complete suggestions by Pont applying price. A number of records. See us. We're setting our periods. Listen, we can use the start operator to carry out a multiplication. One very useful future, you have probably noticed is that at the bottom of the screen, it's a blood cells is whether the collision with inside is a valid one or notes Right now, my calculation is valid. If I remove a few symbols, it's a blowed. Indicates that the collision contains a rose is a good guiding light where we create a calculation, right? So this is our revenue field we can is the substitutes the number of records, data any table with it. All I have to do is drug the revenue apples Janet over the number of records data tablet replaces. It's a feuds perfect on important metric contained in ourselves at our ease. Gross profits by definition, revenue minus COGSA equals gross profits. Currently, we have revenue and gross profit. Let's calculate dogs as a different between the two. That's easy to do. All we have to do is used in minus capital. Nice. Let's order our table in following away. First we have the revenue, then cause eggs and finally, gross profits. I can do that by dragging and dropping it. Three fields within its Able Chris note that their values appear in the measure values card on the left side of the workspace area, we can change our other either from the left by clicking and dragging or directly inside. It's evil. It's up to you one more thing. You are probably noticed. The measure Names Field, which appeared in a column section, is that also generated field W uses in a lot of form. Our table are separate names off different measures. If we're to remove it from the column section, the TV will lose its shape on all these measures will be put together. That's press Contras E on undue dicks. Action. Okey, excellent. In our next lesson will let out at 4000 toe our tables in some blue. This will do for now. Thanks for watching. 11. 5 Adding Totals and Sub Totals: most as a kid use on by most. I mean all of them prefer receiving tables that contain told thousands off hotels takes next. It's easier for them and helps them digest information in the first away. And this lesson we learned out of our totals as up hotels toe are taboo. They rose. That's nice, because the table will be walking on in the last few videos. It doesn't contain two towns for 2016 and 2017 will add them in this video. That's very easy to do. I'll go to another, says then hotels. I will select Chocolat. Grand Hotels. Hotels were just a date for the entire period. 20 1617 does not really useful, is it? Whenever a person is interested in a company's sales or gross profit, they want to know how much it made any specific A on whether it's perform better than the year before. A complaint will also want to know our it's year sales compared to other complaints. So I go to analysis totals and then click the show column grant hotels to remove the total . We just added what I can do differently for the second time is up for at all stopped hotels . And this will give us the total figures for Turn 16 and 2017 separately. Quite nice. Right now. We can read the table easily in fictitious number. We see oppose computer in 16 and 2017 and give us a good idea off what actual sales were for that period. In our next lesson will hard percentage of gross margin to our table. Thanks for watching. 12. 6 Adding A Custom Calculation: Okay, Excellent. We're doing good. We've seen quite a few interesting tableau tools so far. I will continue to do so during this lesson as well. Are table It's almost ready. We have revenue hogs on gross profit. Now that I think about it, one thing we should probably hard is gross margin car collision. Right next to the gross profit figures. Gross margin is useful because it allows us to see what's portion of revenues were converted into gross profit. Ones were considered the cost of goods sold rights less hard in new calculated feud. I'll limit GM percent or we have to do is divide cross profits by revenue. Right? Are we already know how to do that? Okay, here we are. If calculated in your field, less auditory table are inside. It's in a measure values card. I've added the new field right next to gross profits, for it looks strange, doesn't it? If we divide across profit by revenues, would usually expect in number in the region off saying to any dirty or maybe 50%. Certainly not 1000. What's going on here when I divide some to one million by two for the formula which is what we have in Generi obtained between 9%. Approximately. There are two possible explanations. That's a blow. Miscalculated the simple division We act, it's to perform or are formula. It's not 100% okay, it's most likely horse are not the computer right multi culti GN percent field From the measure of values books, I will hard the calculated field from here. What we forgot to type is some on our little variables. If we don't some of the variables, they're not dividing the total figures for each month. Let's I just calculated field in this week and see what upwards. OK, there's a column with numbers that look like zeros, but they have this percentage values. Let's change the way that GM percent column is displayed. To do that are simply click on the G M percent variable in the major value card and select the former option. We have quite a few options available year, so I'll select a percentage for months which one decimal police. Voila! Our table is ready in. Our next lesson will add in future. There were allows to choose whether to see both 2016 and consenting values or just one at a time. See you there 13. 7 Inserting A Filter: So what I'll do is select the analysis stop. But my users standpoint the only feud which makes sense to the future in this table is a year field a person who were interested in seeing numbers for 2016 or 2017 only, for example. So what I'll do is celebreality stop and then select futures choose in the year field. As we have already decided, we like to create a future for years on, as we do that the future appears on the right side, off a walk space area. Now we can easily high turn 17 for example, are simply on sick. Its value on everything related to train 17 disappears from the sheets. Pretty Cool writes off course. We can do the same. Wheat 2016 hours. Select 2017 on 6 2016 On Here we are. Why don't we click on the tiny Haro, which is in Europe, a right corner of the future pain? We find plenty of options that allow us to adjust the future we've created. For example, we can change it's appearance to a single value least, representing read importance of a future as a drop down menu, multiple value least and so on and so forth. We can easily change the futures for months in by selecting former futures or, alternatively, become changing future. Start to by clicking on the Adidas title bout in. What else can we do? Or years? We can choose whether to apply the filter so the Collins working sheet only or toe all working sheets and it's a blue foul we are working with and that's really useful were walking with several interrelated sheets. Okey, This was our short introduction to futures in taboo. This will do for now. Thanks for watching. 14. 8 Working with Joins in Table: all of the most important aspect of your working taboo is deter source you're using to perform analysis. Quite often, the detail be stored in multiple locations on hens. You'll have to deal with a number of data sources, which live in different environments. Nevertheless, you're going to want to use all of the data available to you our own analysis for everything. Together, the woman merge multiple data sources is by using joints. For those of you who have already followed our core Siris on especially our rescuer lessons will be familia with what for lose in this video. So feel free to skip or continue watching as a refresher for the rest. Please follow along. Now we'll perform cross data table joints. We want to combine two or more data tables to create a unique Italy's. How do we join separate data tables? Well, there are a few ways to do that. We can create an inner outer left or right, join less couple on Excel file to demonstrate it beats better. What's each type of joint represents? Here we have two very simple tables. The 1st 1 shows ALS, the age of tree basketball players on the 2nd 1 shows off the salary of basketball players . Please know that the two tables are different due to the last rules. We have LeBron James in the 1st 1 on current Ivan in a 2nd 1 on Key. Let's say we like to run some analysis. I use the data available in Botero's. Therefore, as described earlier, we have to use joints. But how do we do that? We can easily see that it tables have one column in common. The Basketball Player column This column will serve as a key. Will put together the information from Booty Booze. The left join would mean that the left column of the first table will lead the way who use it to create a table containing H and salary information about the three players we see here. Whenever we find one of these players to the right will hardly a salary in a new table. As you can see, if your name is not presents to the right, which is the case with LeBron James, salary will have no values in the table. Every player's name is not present in the Left column, or the first table will not include any information about them as this is a left. Join on any rules which are not present in the key field off the left stable are omitted in the new table, right joined functions in the same way. However, this time the left column of the second table leads the way. Kyrie Island replaces LeBron James, who is not present in the left table. Hence the only missing value would be carry. Ivins age. Given that the only information we have about him is in the right table, the case when we are interested in intersection of the two tables early is called on inner joy. This is where we create. It's able to contains rules where we have an exact much between. The key feuds were joining the two tables with in our case basketball player. This time he nearly committed table contains the two rules only, but it was contained information about three players. Hence, this is an inner join. An outer join would be the opposite case. We had a rose. Call it two tables. Regardless of whether there is a march in the key feud, we are linking with when the reasons would have no values, which is the case with Put LeBron James and Kyrie. I've been here. These are the main principles you need to understand when deciding whether to create a left right in our also joined in taboo, they prey on your needs. And on this specific case you're walking on, you'll be able to apply one of the structures and join your data. 15. 1 Introduction to Exercise: Hello and welcome back. Not that we're nearly finished with an introduction to Taboo. It is time to start creating great looking charts and use them to Butte a complete dashboard. This is way more exciting than getting acquainted with tableaus interface, isn't it? To do that will solve a complete real life exercise on each lesson will build upon the previous one. Sounds great rights. All right, then let's get started. There is the accelerator will use It was provided by a company that has produced several audio books and has been selling them at an online marketplace. One of the main components of that marketplace is reviews, so we have two fouls on about sales on another containing information about reviews customers left for each audiobook. Those flowers contains the dates when it approaches or a reviewer called. It would be great if you might produce a table that takes advantage of both types of data we have on the person boats on audiobook on when with which Brittan the person left a review. If we manage to do that, we able to create different sorts of chansons are blue that would allow us to learn even number of reviews the company receives has been growing out of the average reviews. Call change over time. What does that percentage breakdown between 10 star Nistor its star on other types off reviews What percentage of people acquiring another book. Leave a review? Visualize a coalition between on audiobook seals on the number of reviews, or perhaps visualize a coalition between average reviews, core and sales. In the lessons that come, you see how to do all that Stay tuned and thanks for watching. 16. 2 Let's Create A Dashboard: all right. Very good. Let's take a look at the following picture. This is where we want to get by the hand of our exercise. Our goal is to create a dashboard containing tree charts, charts showing also the number of reviews with a second access measuring the monthly average score. Then we like to create it. Bar charts show you know the percentage of reviews each audiobook obtained. For example, 50% call your book 1 25% for the book to center since college, Book three and so on on. Finally, we like to critique charts that gives us information about the ratio between reviews left on a number of audio book purchases. Such a visualization would help us understand what's portion of people buying on audiobook . Listen to eat and then leave a review. Okey district charts would be the foundation off the dashboard who created our Andi other nodes on the side, showing us that once the dashboard is ready, we will be able to look at the aggregate data or use a future to monitor the performance off individual audiobooks. Sound exciting rights as a side new T. I would like to hard that's in general, it's a good practice to sit down and design your dashboard before you start walking into a blue. This allows you to have a pretty find idea off what you would like to achieve to check whether you are able to do that at the end. Morava on what is probably most important, This allows you to think what visualizations makes sense from a business perspective. Okay, great, Let's get right into it in our next lesson. 17. 3 Using JOINS in Tableau: as usual, the frosting we need to do when starting a new project is lewd. Our data are too far. Sources are audio book reviews on audiobook seals. Let's connect them to W. Is the audio book sales foul in the same folder? We also have the audio book reviews Far. We'll need both, so I'll click on hard. I will load the other foul to, in order to be able to use information or pro tables at the same time. Will have to combine them somehow. What you want to obtain is a unique table containing information about all transactions. For all audiobooks on respective reviews. Let the clans, whenever they choose to do so. The transaction. Heidi column is a prophet link between the two fouls as it's available in both and conserve as a common field based on which we could link the two tables together. So one of the men suspects will explore in this lesson is outer created connection between two tables in taboo. Let's remember that will distinguish the terms data collection and save a connection Connection is performed by functionalities like joining or blending. It refers to combining deter from two or more deter sources. Little connection instead represents a single source connection between Babloo and edit assaults such as Excel Workbook or ask your data these. But we imported the second file. It's a blue, did some of the work force in the background and created a connection between the two fouls . The symbol you see, is an indication with created in a joint technical speaking on creating a joint tablets sense equity databases. The joint is implemented on the relevant tables at a little bees level. Any output off the operation is brought back to taboo, where it is ready to be used for analysis on inner join means that it should save moves we've headed, have a feud in common, and we can combine them using that field. Let me over my mouth about a symbol tableau indicates that it has created. And then I join using the barometer audiobook name. We don't want that who want to link the two tables. According to the transaction, I d. Parameter, as our analysis will be focused on user sales and reviews, so are critical in our John symbol, which will open the joint menu, forced off limits altitude. If you'd we use in a lot of create a connection between the two tables are like to create a connection using the transition. If I d feud on here, we are, Yes, it revealed the table we created to honor and I join Introduction I d. As a plumber key, as shown in the diagram we're agreed on in a joint between two taboos because it at the intersection the situation where diplomatically is found in portables to give you an example. If a person who was a given i d for chased on audiobook but did not leave a review, they won't be included in this table on and I join will require users to have purchased on audiobook toe have left everything on both the dates off The porch is on a date when you're written was posted to be known. Basically, it contains all of the rules in which we have a transaction. I d. Ditch off Bochy's deserve Review a review rating on information regarding which was the audio book that was purchased. I redid, for example, all the cases when a person bought on audiobook but did not read it are not considered. Do you think this information is important. Do we want to be able to understand our reviews, impacted sales or whether we can see a pattern in total purchases with respect to views? Of course. Who need this information on? If we use in our joint, we're not going to have it. Therefore, we need a different type of joint one that includes information about purchases on people who did not read on audiobook. So looking at the tiny die warm have yet I'm going to select a left join. Given that the audio book sales far is on the left side, we want to have a table that contains information regarding audio purchases, all of the audio book purchases and the cases when people will put these books provided in beating and a left join is more suitable than I'm in our joint in this case. OK, great. In our next lesson will make a check and see whether the data we have connected to tableau is correct. This will do for now. Thanks for watching 18. 4 Performing A Numbers Check: all right. Our peace is excellent in this lesson. Will have to make sure that it is how we've loaded through a joint is truly representative off the figures. We have any to source files, right? Let's open sheet one and do a few checks. First off, I would like to see how many sales transactions were ready. Start in Toto. Let's drag the number of records field into the workspace area tablets really quick and tells us that there are around 10,570 rules we transition I d. Information. These are the actual sales off audiobooks. That's what called true out the entire period off analysis. A quick look into the sales Excel foul shows us that this number is precisely one we should have. Okay, let's change the former off date approaches. Viewed to date, shall we? I like it much better. Hope here among the dimensions Fields. I would take Kalinda icon right next to it, suggesting this is a it's field. Next, I'll test in a number of regions. We have any reviews foul are simply drop the Retton's field into the workspace area on the result we have ease. 96,008 or 97 which is two I. Why is that? Well, something is not counting. This is the actual song off all regions that have been left by students. I want to current, you know of our ratings instead. Here, that's much better. People who bought our audio books let a total of 10,000 several 98 ratings. Let's make sure that this number is fine as well. Okay, it is very well, more final check where we are good to go. Let's add the date of purchase viewed to the columns of our workspace. More over all, increase the level of granularity of our data on will opt for monthly breakdown. That's something we can do fell easily and years. One of the top blues strongest features granularity it. It's him that's usually encounter quite often while walking with W. It is very important to understand what it's used for. In fact, it's simply refers to the following the level of detail in a feud over data sets an example . This men's taking a daily, weekly monthly or yearly breakdown are different levels off similarity of the date of purchase, field of the audio book sales date our source. There's a monthly breakdown off reviews with There's Something Strange, according to W will not receive any reviews in December 2017. However, I do know for a fact that we did yes, he proving Excel far What's up on top gets confused pretty easily when we joined the data and then use a dimension such as porches, dates from the sales far and I'll in our field, such as written from the reviews. Far, for some reason they did feels off. Both tables we joined do know much with each other correctly. What if I experienced such issues? It is best to use data Blendon on Native to W joins. That's precisely what we'll do in our next lesson. Thanks for watching. 19. 5 Data Blending in Tableau: the example. Indian is a method of combining data. The supplements. It's able off data from one deter source with columns off Data from another data source in our case would combine the sales data from the audio book sales far with Britain's column. From the audio book reviews Far How does blend into for from joining you can think off blend as a specific type of Lovejoy that is preferable or necessary to be applied, dependent on various conditions. Sometimes using a joint will do a profit job, while in other situations. Blending with either deliver it better or quicker results will be the only solution. Moreover, journey data is something you do Montali, whereas that are blending, is a functionality. That's our blue implements automatically while you're walking on your sheets. This makes it more intuitive. Future to use provided that it falling conditions are met. Boot data tables are separate. Deter sources. There is a feud that serves as the connection between them out. Allow us to carry out queries. The leverage information from boots tables So one of the preliminary basic requirements to blend detains a blue is to have a common field. Created the connection between the two data tables. From a technical perspective, what blended does is take separate quick results from each data source on aggregate them in the view that is in taboo earlier DAYN it'll connect. Enjoying equal results are the same common field, which should contain information on the same data type. This is different from the case when you're usually join what the aggregation is happening , and it's at this level on just the output off. The joint is being brought back to top blue when blending the allocation, of course, in taboo. So what are the benefits of blending data? It turns out that joining or blending come bring different results. A year is the tricky part if you join to deter tables containing duplicate values that are not allocated properly while doing some preliminary work, only data you'll obtain on artificial inflated data sets in taboo blended solves that problem automatically. The blue consider the level of granularity you have chosen in the view. In other words, in your sheets, I would combine the data sources which undated fields directly. Okay, I think we already to create an actual blend in taboo. Let's open the audio book sales far, they must open the foul out openly. Sheets click on new data source from the data top. This is how creates a new data connection. Load both fouls at the same time without create any joint, and we can see you. Both files are open in the blue to make sure we created it. Blend I can open the edit relationships Taleb books and see what it's a blue has created the connection between the two fouls in our kiss. Things are pretty straight forward because it's a blue immediately recognized that the two fouls content columns with the same name. Transaction I D. The primary data source is the audio book sales. While which is excellent, this means it would represent the left table off the left joint performed while blending the data in sub blue. Or alternatively, the view will use all rose for all your book sales. Audio book reviews instead acts as a secondary data source. The right stable, therefore, are blending tableau. We used the gated rules from these data source basically dimension off the common feuds for the sick off exercise. Let's select the costume relationship Radio Putin and choose not one put two different fields. The serves as a common connection between the two files. This is similar to having a two column primary key, and it's a column Foreign key in EHSKYOO. I'll click on art, and they would like to connect the data review undated of porches. I can't see the detail fortunes in here. What's the reason? Well, Pablo didn't trickling starts. There's a dimension. Andi added this field about measures. Let's change its data type on open division ships Windu and Select Add a new costume relationship, which connects the two fouls based on the date off, porches on or review deeds. And that's how we hand the relationship tableau created Orent. Let's switch back to the automatic connections. Are blue created in our next lesson. Who test what are blending? Solve the problem. We're experienced earlier. Hopefully will be able to combine. Sales are reviews with child any problems? Stay tuned 20. 6 Performing Number Check2: not all have created a blend. Gonna go ahead and make a quick check that would allow hos to see if the numbers work with look fine this time. Let's start with the number of sales. Transactions first are simply drug. The measure Values field into the workspace area. 110,570 Precisely what we expected. Good. The number of sales transactions is the one we expected. Next are removed this field on open the audio book reviews data to check the number over things we have are simply drug on Drop the Retton's field. And this time it's a blue displays an arrow that tells that if you cannot be used from the audio book reviews data source because there is no relationship to deprive radiator source , we find our data is not blind idiots. To do that, we have to click on that sign in link. I call right next to transaction I D. And choose this to be our linking field. The air we observed previously, is not going to appear again because our to deter sources are probably linked now. Great. This is a feud that shouldn't be stormed. What's counted as we're interested in the number of Britons left by students and not by the total sum off their ratings. 10,007 or 98 again, the number expected to see it's time for the two tests. This numbers were okay the last time to remember. LS plots the number of reviews on the date of purchase field. Formally audio book sales. Far. All I have to do is add did of porches in columns and then choose a monthly breakdown instead. Off Unwell breakdown. Don't know. December 2017 is empty again. What can we do now? Blending doesn't work, either. Let's have some faith will figure it out. I'll go to data on open theatre relationships. Many. Yeah, we can choose the provided a source, which should be the audio book sales on the fuels that serves as a link between the two fouls. Let's stopped for custom selection on Add the full Littlefield's Lost Our Link. The Year Review Deeds with a year off coaches dates on the months of review. Did the months off purchase dates once we already country cookie and see in this situation changed the same check The council number of reviews, which respects to poachers in deeds, will show all's whether we've managed to solve the problem by using a different Lincoln Field, and it appears that it has the at the time line that shows the number of ratings left. Each move we have 650th reveals for December, not zero, and that's excellent. Wow, it took us a while boat. We figure it out. We actually dates Relationships on adjusted field that serves as a link between the two fouls otherwise would have been left with zero graph that's would be unacceptable in a professional environment as wrong Visualizations leads to row business insights in our next lesson. Who created first chance for a dashboard? Thanks for watching. 21. 7 First Chart: okey. Excellent. We are ready to start with force chart that will be inserted in our dashboard. Therefore, our renamed the wash its name to just one. Okay, good. Let's add the date off. Review information into columns on this is where would be able to see the timing off approaches on reviews. As usual, we're interested in a breakdown by months. So all select month the walks with Syria shoes ALS. That review dates range from February 2017 to February 2018 which is what we expected to see less than SAT. Some data Shall we forced our heart in about Britain's using the counts for ocean. Everything is fine, but we have data for December 2017 so we can forget about that problem. According to our initial plan, this will be a chart that shows the number of reviews on average reviews call the month displayed on the secondary access. So I'll hard the written field to rules for the second time. But this time we want the average off these numbers. I would like to create a door access excellence. Obviously, we would like to find soon the access kill it beats as right now that charts doesn't show it much are simply double click and choose a fixed range starting from eight and going all the way to attain, which is the maximum review school You can have, however, right now the two tracks of a lab in a strange way, and we are unable to see their trains so I'll increase the size of access to 12. I would change a food column off. Put the reviews number of ratings on average ratings. That's easy to do. I need to select one of the two variables and then click on the color protein on their months. Once it opened the colors Linux, we can choose which variables color would like to change to a color we like data alike. Yellow and blue also almost really a fun of opacity, which hugs a transparency effect sort of mix is the Carlos we have in our charts. Therefore, opt for 100% capacity for both variables. See, the chat looks nicer, less hard. It's access again. That's something which is quite easy to do. We have to double click on a specific access and type the X title who like to have our change count off ratings to number off readings, month review dates to move on. I believe that the average everything doesn't need to be changed Very good. This is our first chance to seek Iwas any meaningful information? Well, yes, I believe it does. First off, we can see that the number of reviews left by people has been increasing, which is pretty great. The average reviews core is almost nine on, sometimes even higher than nine, which is a pretty high school but should be interpreted and compared with the rest of the market. Moreover, we don't see it dependence between number of reviews on average readings, which means that average review school are not influenced by the number of people living reviews. All of these is quite interesting. Let's keep up the good work we have been doing in honest listen when will create the second chance for a dashboard. Thanks for watching 22. 8 Second Chart: on Welcome back in this redo created second chance, which will be part off our Dashboard a Pie charts showing the percentage of total reviews that each audiobook obtained The number of reviews is quite important in the marketplace we're starting on. This is the reason why they're interested in finding out which Value Book collected more reviews on alternative visualization. Would be a pie. Charts show knows the percentage of people who produced a giving audiobook. Okay, Given that we know what we would like to accomplish, things should be easier, right? All hardly written fields to the workspace area. The number we obtained is a song for all ratings and has used counts for this measure. Perfect you to tell about reviews is 10,007 or 98 we know for your fact, that's that is true. Let's go ahead and hard. The audiobook names dimension above the Ritz infield, shall we? This creates a breakdown by holy book exactly what we want to have now. I can simply select it by child icon within the Show me functionality, and I'll create a pie charts. Really, it's tiny one. Well, still it by chance to increase its size. I can simply click anyway in works Best area or the control key, and then use the arrow keys. If I press control and hope the chats grows vertically. While control on rights are increases, the charts size for his own. Totally the opposite is true as well. We can decrease the chart size by pressing control on down key or control left arrow. Also, what else? We need any bills, right? Otherwise, it is difficult to gain on idea what portion off overall review is a specific audiobook accounted for out druggie written field in liberal on the normal reveals appears right next to each body book. Again, we need accounts of ratings and not the song. Okay, but how do we display these as a percentage? That's not that difficult, actually. Well, I have to do is go toe analysis, select percentage off and then click on table. Boom! Here we are. This not percentages. Each call your book accounted for Among the total number of reviews, the price charts and the liberals. We herded shoes Is that all you Book one and two accounted for more than 50% of the total numbers off reviews the company received very interesting. The business relies greatly on thes best sellers in our next lesson, who creates the third and final chance that would allow holes to complete our initial plan and obtain the dashboard we intended from the very beginning. 23. 9 Third Chart: Okay, we're almost day ready for Chuck. Number three. I hope you are. Here we go In this lesson would like to create a charts that gives us information about the ratio between reviews left on a number of audio book purchases in a given month, an important keeping. I surely knows whether the people who buy all your books leave reviews. To do that, you need to create a few calculated fuels. First, let's create a field which counts the number of ratings, not the sum of four regions. But he account. It would be much easier if we create this field and use its going forward and able to field we're creating is the number of ratings, and I'll simply need to use the count function. The next calculated field our light creates is not off purchases. Let's Jenny data source that said Audiobook seals. Yeah, I'll create a feud called the number of purchases, which will contain a number of audio book sales the company made. How do I count the number of purchases? Well, the transaction highly code is unique rights. If we can't eight, we should obtain the number of sales transactions, which is precisely what you're looking for. Okay, good. We're almost ready. Now. We got created the last calculated field, which will be the ratio between reviews on new purchases. Let's do that. It is a fairly easy task, given that we've already created a noble reviews on a number of purchases. All we have to do is divided two figures. I will obtain the measure we want to plot from the very beginning. Let's add it to the rules of our visualization. The result is a pretty nice bar chart, which is a bit too large but still looks. Men informed. It appears that the ratio off readings to new students will significantly lower in November 2017 on we hire the month before three times You know what? To be precise, I'm sure the firm's business intelligence team would want have a look and analyze what the reason is for this. Let's quickly had the title of the results are access to Month and Save our walk in. Our next lesson will organize the chance we created in a dashboard. Stay tuned and thanks for watching 24. 10 Creating and Formatting A Dashboard: congratulations for making it this far in outer blue training. Let's take a moment to see how much we have covered to this point. We started off by Lenin when on out of locally useful incorporate position making on lend out or install tableaus. Free version tableau public the land how to connect the toe to toe blue. What we can do the different parts off the taboo interface. Not long after we created your first tableau charts, we learned out of duplicate sheets and how to create stables. Then we lend out to create custom fields in order to manipulate our data within tableau easily. In addition, will end how toe had to thousands of hotels to our tables and how to walk with filters. We explored functionalities, allowing us to walk with multiple data sources, such as joints on the tab Blendon on. Most recently, we created 3,000,004 charts. Now they're going to build our dashboard, which would be the last piece of the puzzle. Really, it was interesting to put all three charts right next to each other and see the type of insights we can get by analyzing them in one piece. Okay, let's get right into it to create a new dashboard are click on the tiny icon We R V eight C When over the mouse over, it starts displaying new dashboard. Once the dashboard has been created, my first task will be to modify its size. Right now it's a bit too small, isn't it? I can adjust the size sentence from the left part of the dashboard screen. Let's walk with a range that is 1000 x l White on Has the height off it already. Pixel. I hope you're watching this video from a large screen. OK, his drug on drop three charts. All I have to do is drug them and place it's charts where wanted. The blue is quite smart and manages to find space, and guess is what we want to do. Well, position the car so above the dashboard area. Of course, there are few tins that need to be adjusted are removed. The legends we don't need living the audiobook legends only, moreover, are lots of plays. The audiobook legend, polluted pie charts. It belongs to this way. What we are doing will be much clearer are simply press on a legend and then grab the parts . You see Dragon it below the pie charts. Let's resize it to get rid off the arrows. Profit now to the movie Heroes off the pie chats on feet. It's in its allocated speeds. Without any problems, we'll need to adjust its size from the charts. Two ships Let's go. They replace the pie chart size just a tiny bit horizontally on vertically, and then we can go back to the dashboard sheets and see what's up. Wound. Okay, greets the arrows disappeared. We are one step closer. Let's change the charts titles a bit because, frankly, they don't mean that much. We should have done it earlier, but better late than never. A good title for the first charts would be normal reviews, on average. Written Also, I would like to adjust it's full size to a level and put the text in board. We'll do the same for the other charts to in order to the consistent, which is quite important when building a dashboard. The title of the pie chat will be the number of reviews, but all your book has promised. I'll apply a phone side off 11 on boozed text effect lastly, excited for the four charts will be here. Issue of reviews two seals very well at Dashboard is almost ready. In our next lesson, I'll show you how we can hard a future and make this truly interactive to that allows us to dig deeper on future. All three shots. Thanks for watching. 25. 11 Adding Interactive Filters for Improved Analysis: Okay, guys, we're almost day. Our goal in this lesson would be too hard a future toe our data on be able to look at the dashboard and choose which for your books who like to analyze and simply select them from the future. Sounds useful, writes the detail we see Year is quite men in four shows holes, some important trains. However, actionable decisions will probably have to be made at the audiobook level. I will need to be specific for each of the other books are firm sells addressing the story you see? All right, let's add the future to the pie. Charts are simply click on the tiny Haru in its right corner, continued more options. I will apply audiobook name as a future again. We will have to adjust the chart, size and position in the dashboard. It treats to remove the arrows very well. I think this will do now when I used the future off changes. The alcohol are 40 pie charts. Only the other two charts remain intact as the future we just have. It has no power over them at the moment. I want to be able to use this future in order to modify the entire dashboard. I'm not only one off its charts. How do we do that? Let's select the tiny Haro operate comma or the future. I will go to apply to worksheets where we'll be able to click on selected worksheets. Indeed, a law books. The hope was I can easily add Chat one on three and impressed. Okay, I hope this future makes changes toe all tree chance now and yes, it does nice. However, one thing is a bit suspicious when I or future the first few audiobooks. The ratio of reviews to sales continues to decrease, and this makes no sense. It's our tears. That's right. Now the ratios are calculated which respect to total number off audiobooks? That's strange. Yes, Chick, I suspect somethin is not as it should be when I go to take a look at the other two chance , I see that blending connection has not been activated for the audiobook named Field less activate the connection for boots and see if this changes things. Now when our future the fourth Fiori books, the percentage doesn't decrease, but it even goes up. I believe it's fine now. Please. They mind the following. If I like to use some of the chats elements of the future, all I have to do is select users future in the upper right corner off the charts on then Audrey. Charts will be updated. There's another way to play around with futures. What are we, future data from actual future? Or simply click on the giving charts elements. It doesn't make much of a difference. In both cases, the future will be applied. We've constructed in dashboard that can easily be future on on future. From here. Now we can explore the relationship between difference audiobooks, the number of reviews they received, the every school and every issue between reviews at audio book sales. That's also play a role. The data on do not hesitate to share with those insights you managed to uncover Great job getting to the end of this exercise. It was a great pleasure to change its a blue, and we hope to see you soon. Thanks for watching