T-shirt Design for Non-Designers #1 - Best Practices, Templates & What Sells Best on Merch by Amazon | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

T-shirt Design for Non-Designers #1 - Best Practices, Templates & What Sells Best on Merch by Amazon

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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6 Videos (45m)
    • An Introduction to the Class

    • Merch by Amazon Designs - Best Practices

    • How to Use the Merch by Amazon Template

    • How to Create a Custom Template

    • Designs that Sell Well on Merch by Amazon

    • What Next?


About This Class

Hello and welcome to this class on Best Practices, Templates & What Sells Best on Merch by Amazon.

In this, the first class in the T-shirt Design for Non-Designers series here on Skillshare, I begin by taking a look at the best practices when creating t-shirt designs for Amazon.

Here, I cover the recommended guidelines suggested by Amazon themselves, as well as the technical parameters necessary to ensure a quality t-shirt design.

The class then looks at how to correctly use the Merch by Amazon template, before taking a look at how to create your own customised template for those of you who do not work within Photoshop, Illustrator or GIMP and thus cannot use the aforementioned template. Or indeed for those of you that feel the Merch by Amazon template is a little bit too crowded and complicated.

Finally, the class looks at the different types of designs that sell well on Amazon and the good news here is that for the most part these seem to be simple designs that non-designers, that is to say those creatives amongst you who are not graphic designers and do not have any formal training in graphic design are more than capable of creating.

So why not join me in this class today and discover how easy it is for us non-designers to create the type of t-shirt designs that sell well and make a great new side income through March by Amazon.





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