T-Shirt Design: Transform a Sketch Into a T-Shirt Design | Steve Wolf | Skillshare

T-Shirt Design: Transform a Sketch Into a T-Shirt Design

Steve Wolf, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

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7 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • T-shirt Showcase and Drawing Tools

    • Concepting and Rough Sketches

    • Developing Your Concept (Updated)

    • Turning Sketch Into Vector

    • Setting Up Artwork for Production

    • Final Thoughts & Class Assignment

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About This Class

Learn how designer and illustrator, Steve Wolf, creates a unique design for apparel using hand drawn artwork. In this class, Steve takes us through his process for researching, drawing, designing, and executing great looking t-shirts. This class is perfect for designers, illustrators, and anyone else who is interested in creating a unique t-shirt design. By the end of this class, you will have the confidence to dominate your next apparel design.


What You'll Learn

  • Research: We will go over the importance of researching before drawing and talk about how researching can inspire and influence your design.
  • Concepting: In this section, we will talk about the proper setup before sketching and look into the process of concepting ideas.
  • Sketching: We will talk about the most efficient way to turn your rough ideas into a tight hand drawn sketch.
  • Vector design: I will share my process of how to take your finished ink design and transfer it onto the computer to create an editable vector design.
  • File Preparation: We will talk about the proper way to organize your finished design in illustrator and learn the basics of preparing a correct file that can be sent to a printer.





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Steve Wolf

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Steve Wolf is a designer/illustrator living in Austin, TX. Born and raised in central Nebraska, Steve Wolf has been designing since he was a toddler. Never without a pencil and paper, Steve has turned his childhood hobby into a successful career. His work combines vintage elements and modern techniques, creating a unique style that can be used on a wide variety of projects.


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