T-Shirt Design How To Design T Shirt In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Christmas Style 2020 Episode 2 | Oisamoje David | Skillshare

T-Shirt Design How To Design T Shirt In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Christmas Style 2020 Episode 2

Oisamoje David, Graphic Design | Personal Branding

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About This Class

T-Shirt Design: How To Design T Shirt  In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Christmas Style 2020

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In this video, you will learn how to make a t-shirt design in photoshop. I would advise if you want to learn properly watch this video to the end! If you want to come back and rewatch it in the future, then SAVE this video and also SHARE IT!

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1. Tshirt design merch by amazon tutorial 2020 2019 photoshop: Hello, Skew show. My name is David in this cause I'm going to be showing you out to create a T shirt. Designing photo shop on the team for this T shirt is a Christmas team. You know, Christmas is around the corner. So a Christmas Tim kind of t shirt to be perfect for this video. So please subscribe. Follow me. Watch this video to the end. Do you know to laying You have to watch a video calls to the very end? Yes. Now you know. So let's get straight down to this cause. So open my photo shop. I put my foot the shop. Yes. So now the next step is on to set the dimensions good. New. This is what I like to use Toe creates my graphic for T shirts 4500 pizza by 5400. Pigs out. Resolution three on dread on with that click. OK, then I want to feel this layer so that I can disseminate outputs the layer off the end to their country Fight my the shit the gonna click from here down to these parts, right click feel it's going to come out of whites years. You can see Well, I don't want it to be white. I wanted to block. Well, look, um so just correctly kier globally and luck. Okay, Now, well, that's sorted of Dennis. Scene is to insect What we want on a T shirt for this one is going to be my You can see after genius toe white today Conceit doesn't change the whites Now attempts change white. So it's gonna be my make this bigger. Make it speaker. My so my family, family, My family increase months. Yes. Now the up that gonna increase thes with increased his control. See, oughta shift Left contra Most boating and drug of this apply Come to family controversy again. Drag. And, uh, you just have to my condo beats. But before Dana shifty might to the top, I already don't date. Um, a kind off. It's good. See the radio piece on t. So this is what I'm gonna use. It was going to drag it into thes and, you know, make it bigger. Stick it both. Yeah. So you have that it's there gonna be Yes. So you see, the design is the design is simple. Don't know. Need to be complicated. So with this design now I'm gonna group all the layers together, going through t controversy again. Make it bigger, make it bigger and it's Ah, Now you see it. This is my family Christmas. So remember what I said at the beginning. We have to put off this Leah. No contract for toe T shirts. I'm gonna put this off. I'm going to save desires. My family Christmas. Save it. Us. My, uh, Molly Crease. Months saving to roll for, you know, live in the rope now, Civitas, P and G No one. Because it is not the background that you can see. So after Civitas PNG's right comfortably. But I can trust fight to my T shirts, please. Up LPs to follow me, please fill them to the end. Follow me. Or skill share. I tried to really the video every week or every two weeks for the meal sketches that I do miss out. You become an expert in T shirt design and you can do print on demand for yourself as a business. So don't follow me. Follow me. Well, I mean, watch to the end. If you've no watchman or their cause already have another calls about Tisha Design. You can't check my pro fight to see that costs. I'm saving India's You see, It's not, Does not taking us to more time. Just about six minutes. If you just about six minutes to get this sorted. So the next step now would be to Trafford. His design transferred is designed to a mock up. A realistic moco. Ready. Beauty comes out. So just wait for this to save in a way for these to save that 95% seems saved now. So go back, peak chubs Mark up. Shit. Smoke up anger. So this was when I worked on before. So we'll have to do now. It's changed this, um, design. So just come the ship Just look for it is to design it is to say, Does he So now bring in that design we just made Just made my family Christmas. Remember the design? So this is it. A brain gets into Teoh Shit. You can see it's kind of big. Just want to show you is extremely big. Let me save a good book. You obviously can't sit on the sheds because it's kind of big. I'm going to reduce it. Beat going to reduce it, reduce it a beat and save again. Let's see. Okay, Think Still looking big. So go back the worry body shit. Which in that later on, Rick Eustis again. Take it up of beats. Save Well, small. Okay, I think it's good now. So the nastiness change the color of shit. Let's get C Justin, You from right to black Could make it blue. Make it blue boarding with your limited luck, just leave it. That luck. Just leave it that block. So I think I need to increase the beats Contra c save peaks you can see so no, save it. You just keep doing this on to you have a perfect looking position on your shed. Once you have a perfect looking position in a shit, you can know Dan content. Soto, add toe this toe kiss can just created ship three to ship Tweet this ship? Yes. Put it over. Well, this, if longer to tell the caller does cooler He just shifted up. You can see is a T snow. Well, we'll just take Just stick to the block. You can You can change. You can change the block can change any cooler country into any color. You want any call or you deem feet and cooler, and you call it if you just keep changing into your happy with the color because it all depends on your marketing. We want different colors for different, totally different things, so you can see and you can go to the background just changes. Background toe Change your background white. No luck, which is no fancy you go does not take much time. It's gonna see with Justice State imminent for this on it's your phone. If you enjoyed this video, please for let me ask you share. Describe, invite your friends toe watch. I'll be releasing more T shirt design like this as we go on. Please subscribe. Follow me on ski share like leave or review. If you enjoyed this, please leave a review. There was a very important execution to read the courts. If you enjoyed it, please leave a review. Thank you and I'll see you on the next one. I've agreed Day