Tạo lập và thử nghiệm mô hình kinh doanh xã hội (Building and validating social business model) | YSEE Vietnam | Skillshare

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Tạo lập và thử nghiệm mô hình kinh doanh xã hội (Building and validating social business model)

teacher avatar YSEE Vietnam

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. 1. 1 Mô hình kinh doanh Canvas (Business Model Canvas)

    • 2. 1.2 iPod Apple (Case study: iPod Apple)

    • 3. 2. Lồng ghép mục tiêu xã hội (Integrating social objectives)

    • 4. 3. Đo lường tác động xã hội (Measuring social impact)

    • 5. 4.1 Thử nghiệm mô hình kinh doanh (Validating your social business model)

    • 6. 4.2 DN Rau Bác Tôm (Case study Rau Bac Tom)

    • 7. 4.3 DN Thế hệ xanh (Case study: Green Generation)

    • 8. 5.1 Thu hút vốn đầu tư (Attracting social investment)

    • 9. 5.2 Vai trò của tác động xã hội (Role of social impact under investors' perspective)

    • 10. 6. Nhân rộng mô hình kinh doanh (Scaling up your social venture)

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About This Class

Tiếp nối khóa học đầu tiên về "Lựa chọn và tìm kiếm ý tưởng kinh doanh xã hội" trong chuỗi khóa học "Khởi nghiệp xã hội ", dự án YSEE tiếp tục giới thiệu đến các bạn  mô hình kinh doanh Canvas và cách thức để biến ý tưởng kinh doanh xã hội của mình trở thành hiện thực.

Giảng viên:

Thầy Nguyễn Quang Huy, hiện là giảng viên Đại học Ngoại Thương Hà Nội. Thầy đã hướng dẫn nhiều nhóm sinh viên Việt Nam đạt giải cao tại các cuộc thi khởi nghiệp trong và ngoài nước: Giải nhì Khởi nghiệp quốc gia năm 2009, Giải nhì Thử thách dự án kinh doanh McKinsey Mekong năm 2010, Giải nhất Thử thách dự án kinh doanh McKinsey Mekong năm 2011, Chung kết Dự án kinh doanh khởi nghiệp xã hội toàn cầu khu vực Đông Nam Á năm 2012, Giải ba Thử thách dự án kinh doanh khu vực Mekong 2013. Thầy là người đề xuất ý tưởng "Tuần lễ Doanh nhân toàn cầu" lần đầu tại Đại học Ngoại Thương với Hội thảo "Tuổi trẻ với Doanh nghiệp xã hội" và Cuộc thi "Thử thách sáng tạo FBA" vào tháng 11/2012. Giảng viên: Nguyễn Quang Huy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

YSEE Vietnam


?? th?c ??y tinh th?n kh?i nghi?p trong c?ng ??ng gi?i tr? Vi?t Nam, d? ?n YSEE - YSEALI Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment ra ??i. D? ?n ???c th?c hi?n b?i nh?m c?u sinh vi?n c?c ch??ng tr?nh h?c b?ng c?a ch?nh ph? Hoa K? v? ???c h? tr? t?i ch?nh b?i ??i s? qu?n Hoa K? t?i Vi?t Nam. D? ?n YSEE k?o d?i trong v?ng 1 n?m v?i c?c ho?t ??ng c? th? l? c?c kh?a h?c tr?c tuy?n, h?i th?o t? v?n chia s? v? tr?i h? kh?i nghi?p x? h?i v?i s? g?p m?t c?a nh?ng doanh nghi?p x? h?i v? di?n gi? n?i ti?ng. Th?ng qua c?c ho?t ??ng ?a d?ng nh? v?y, YSEE mong mu?n c? th? t?o ra m?t c?ng ??ng doanh nh?n kh?i nghi?p l?n m?nh h?n, ??ng th?i g?p ph?n lan t?a kh?i ni?m "Doanh nh?n x? h?i" trong c?ng ??ng gi?i tr?!



YSEE - YSEALI Social Ent... See full profile

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1. 1. 1 Mô hình kinh doanh Canvas (Business Model Canvas): Are you cooking? 90 now? Day 40 And it took exacts a whole time Moving Kings doing some who can come not England Zoom Corporate online Tal Afar to get moving things on hold along with We sound very core to help too. Moving Kings angler Could like was in your moving Kings on Moto Moto two Up front for we Number 30 Morning. A Kanye Second Moving Kings and now he's looking Zayn Number came Rangae now moving Kings Ankle Bad Conduct Retained about Moshe Coffin Koban At least under Costa Widow Venus Pino Arlacchi. Moving Kings and convert Alexander Acosta Water lanyard twit Vacco When kings angry too she Venus Be no Last are super hit from 1920 that they have laws and we see hungry convoy sudam got momentum by and work off the books Business models Generation dollop Moving things going Um come coming here. Big carbon yet very moving King Zain, could you lock at full far? They came moving kings on Santa Ana Marie What title at moving things on Kyoko, tell height of that moving Kingston convert The reason The attention Coffin carbon Do you get focal Cacan custom Was Sigman something in the Pope Canyon Fire, Torture Mars and the moon Who believe football too high? Seif 30 Value Proposition. Something Carson from basic food. Massengale Tip Cut. We can convert you Dean to buy Came from 40 suddenly in character. Mussing your ticket very for coca Convert. You didn't go. Is that todo when he can customer relationship standing in front of Mars and give City Morgan hate very careful cooking ham to numb somethingto something looked in March. Masinga Studio to more from coca can to sow more looking key resources suffering in Tyson Quantum yet can call. They've been having more in King's line to bite. What daunting key activity. Suddenly, new hot dog can call the Zenga to keep them moving. Kings going to time, the retracting something Mont Louis back home, you know often, for we are no talk and card, even high moving, consigned to thine cocoa tea fee. Suddenly Latifi Fasching. They wouldn't have moving things like 2. 1.2 iPod Apple (Case study: iPod Apple): mark about commune vow moving kings and convert course. And from I bought I told sir from I bought Aleppo's that he'll found I'm Hicham combined daily more Tipnis I t So can't. I took so that promoted to inside T Murray. But that rather what? Inventing culture epo santo I part I told them Hicham combat not going Booty Dola, you've got number from time to EPO Zarco EPO numb Hicham combined See her mortadella New Queen I'm Hicham combined by 10 com corps A policy to not Akaka kidneys. I t come tightening to Ula Rio Diamond Monte Maria EPO comes easily tear Morrison from Come get called complete Out were quickly go to time he comes he down guys sent from coming tongue board I hope to return Mark on Tom Come with Morgan Kings and coming back home Katherine convert from Maine. You can go to Islam now Lord Cubana Coming. You think those are? I don't accept that out more. Hey, sink Taiwan. How just and from what I thought bottom you numpty pale ever that it took moving kings on time Com die. He's a video caption from iPhone iPod resulting Zukang get ever star ever stock or symptoms are go hang and compete from a motel Misery 3. 2. Lồng ghép mục tiêu xã hội (Integrating social objectives): harden up considering lumber Diem cut me a goes and gets a horse Africa So it took feeling in your locker ravine in tortured night That cop 20 and dumb cop took it ca tooting Saho Zandi of SoHo Fight painting being done Vacuum ban We can get to my home So, doll Thank you So I can go by kings and thank go They got it out of the blood being full Guelleh Going to say if I learned 20 Fi Barra says you don't kings trying New Lambert come coded that Saho new book. There's a whole range of Soho Exactly. Protector or? And I took him. We tangle up when you moved to Osaka and I say Coca book deals that Coban that will nuke Okoye might have some hope back home going l udhay bhai in England Labor Day Like I'm good Concho hand anti tax sent from here to Mars and Vanderkam Cup 22 a cometo concho can stand up and they do Yukos and sing. So you go with you know I'm going now You can be bought saying give So it's sort here. Young girlfriends. I quit biting to cut back when you do come from sick Carty fee for visual country cough. And so lots of hunger is an A cup from Concordia Finding good tonight that look Suzu Jackson from Kochi. Fees are a McTeer salvo through high. Frankie and Johnny are might have hoped. Zandi of Soho that Rocco this is so not looking. Attack A hot car. Got a flat coming photo photo Beach doctor And they called it, but deny Keiko Toda not African Bytom Dr. Ambien for some sort are doing that. You don't tangle up Kumbia Kings ankle being vacuuming, going for in house And if so, what are like coffee? Clam shell Can you take her? Look to yourself what you buy Last time, you know you could be my mood coaxing Give SoHo tighty chocolate ice is the canary in Virgilio sat from zoo too Visa complete girlfriend saying complete often today saying come cupcakes and from better can cool So it's a win win Really no longer baby got a sanctity and removed to him Gouffran some tie He moved to Varga Fun days I could fund a you talking . They also do a lot of no suit Times are diesel completed give You have more time V in Sabah Photo Sabah Macho cops like food, Julie, They attained bull took coat Kokko So no to one cafe. Go home toe coming equally, Mom. What? Don't usually by Jingo, your Kugler Moving kings at night. Borrego cocoons in Vienna, Dr M Zantop backup thing would be a calf. McPherson Who in I look long, Captain moving kings I hope about, uh you talk about critical faculties intact. Up to cook exam Saho second fighter Don't do they going up? Are the jumping you? Did you hear? What? Intending 19 number. The attack tending my hotel. Vicky looked back on Santa Union de Crema crk to Chloe, my gosh, And for being with, like got to tonight with a free man. When you get home, you like The drama goes on the they don't govern. Perfect G fee Coward! How come the Children that are going on me I'm good at that age and then I m going. My gosh! And from I don't write he drunk. Can you go look uniting? That happened early tonight into it. There's only like white when you were those income dealer. One thing the motive contract I don't know it. I know. Very lucky. Annoyed with called hotel, uh, active on untold season coming and going here. Delivery will be affected. Tone sideways now. My God, you hear about two season more time. They will be released. Completes over saying that union kills. And so often, Foye. Good. Nothing. Okay. Central Betty Science lesson from land. Some tiki time. The kinds of things which you sang It looked numbered and within champion's that made it high to a new low in four new people know for he found something new. 4. 3. Đo lường tác động xã hội (Measuring social impact): I hope you don't know him. They got eight anxiety in Congo's. What about hate? Took that to mean more? Sure got so high result You laugh so lluvia clam looked out out to people Class anti solar New I got eight. Your catatonia by Mark Dantonio Sell about you so long we got a tip being of sound from foods are about Tom's r T two courtside for music group about Duncan Cup Time fund Look, Fantail Gotten younger Uta going l You will be late. Why are you talking about them? Knowing very much more to Hi. Kim would look calm about Natalia Keita. Perconte Sonae Second, Fight your house. I Bangsar How about houses that look? Come take off and go to 13 saying men from factory in the tangle up counting homes and give Saho voice You might say the cop dumb Don't give sanguine vision Model took here concrete factory moved to advice it quite far green the absolute Boeing coming it Indian. So go to that room that supporting Tum Tum hungry north and set toe like them guys sent from the foundry in different for we sent from Tiger it you zoom Tom moving. Kings ankle five Green New Miller seeking Daishoho Got a union now about certain key tied up Look. Time Selfie of Brooklyn Draft. Hi, last sort than fun bouncing happen without I'm quoting Tottenham too high kite. Instead, look, cook something going bang vfr green. That's a green it was. And how hard of a time you can Tookie number some from 20 to take it. Ban salt and sand forms. Exume, the Blue Farm Income Corporate Tiger tourism. 5. 4.1 Thử nghiệm mô hình kinh doanh (Validating your social business model): don't give Saho second fight time being done. Vacuum ban. But it's and you, too might turn Tom Tom Morgan Kings and gods in Coffin Carbon Tom Dowd Take almost o D. Amato Mulu Eat a very fun cooking ham. Then give Saho consulting job T to Ni Mars and you would but know that Trudeau say fattier cutie to detail Very Seif upstart tea then give SoHo is certainly a cane after Coxsackie Boom carcass Rtv Makhmudov Vasa Mommy Moon Military Very somethingto Why Kyle Angry tells him to vote you gone? You thought it now Some sound to taka sound for music for clothes and get back home Result New Latching Full black After I took moving kings in SoHo said Look fucked How we can't that that from Kucha Camp But his life up Satti very came from 41 hit kick hand. Very good looking Very what? Noting very do it Acting very somethingto Vava Koko ci fy Sochi Moving kings on that photo might convert our hive and from coming high. But no, not you can't Tim Duncan, about sex name funding Go hot, hot new thing now avoid cuts out to it. Canyon Bondo comes out to one Dave of a son from Gunfight. You're sucking yet doodlebug check on unique whom they love life are fattier Some farms equipped with me at home technology But we got a manicure Vikings line They got a toe to know when you can't that It comes with kimchi de Marquet Vikings lying city lamb Woodman copyrighting Santa McCoy rotting lalo Korean cortex. That stiff lying Neulander lamp. Things going today? Heidi Hartmann. Yeah, but it's super. You going home? No, you can't go back. High note should be home by about consulting today. New today, Sahu More tomb about Done once I quit Lizzie Gray. Now don't find you date all new book. So, Kohala see, man Consuming looks I five going inside. Popular right now. 22 varsity Falco! But they circled up. Newco! Tobacco hearted it in kind and they come back. One top last I felt now goddamn like you quite fighting 6. 4.2 DN Rau Bác Tôm (Case study Rau Bac Tom): Can you go to Rio, my man be tumbling nearly 10. 90 among with Quantum net. Quiet guy. 21 days into Jordan tight him would be soon linking you with I go home Indictee is at the like dating the quick indictee Have love Quit toying oy, Tell high Tempting But one people Heidi, Heidi Le Bleu Hampton Yeah, On the no The guy 92 Yotam going took me and lie on the web in what looked English Give your night, uh, doing go, go numb court Booth, you know Hi. Hey, why the hotel is a long time season. Look, typical. Get your nightie. Uh, on June 9 could you feel good if I didn't have to toe exam you? Can you now learned? Why do you think? Number They learned to hide in Cool My goal. You hear pointing Who? Co village in Google. Why help us? See? Very lucky a CIA Freud took me go, Ben Nature jumping Exactly hard they come We are season but I can still feel How does that now the se do something going? Don't worry. Cool, Uncle, is it true? Uh, John, But lucky don't deal. Doing a lot of thankful because the rooms and good knowing when you got a good deal. Hey, tremendous. Be took music. You look one Lampton. Now go Overtime from Dato Newman is a food group. Allergic food will hand jumps up to one hell from tracking guarding the whole way Full open didn't go home. You know what number? 7. 4.3 DN Thế hệ xanh (Case study: Green Generation): as actually San from hand to hand is actually the infamous that taking some from because our time hopefully for hopefully t know tone from look numbered sound with Chandler, the new vital and your holdings and fighting will get to highs are high Watson from last I checked them and which will the sun from? Say zut took a picture that fascism Nuland No title someone with you off the hook Hand Chinglish Authority You can tell of foot moves of ach and guy No, no, no. One thing I know the way teeth Um too high monument over the science two games and often voice and movie night. I would have to last for himself to get a new life. But a sign of dissent for boy was entered with a on with the scientific legend tinsel. You think I don't quinces looking Indian? Things like that full happens and a new life will change the way they look of the silently You sound sensor. What about really peace is more Won't go on, You know you got for me hopefully a child going for finding the time for night You don't actually so you can coming out sounding the way you think like a dream 176 Don't you yet? 8. 5.1 Thu hút vốn đầu tư (Attracting social investment): on Union dig is now even day making day to day. I took load being retired. I wouldn't let that building Look out! I'm talking one likley reveille fighting that he, uh, among the 90. Doyle. Don't push your luck, Gillam. Removing the Northern foot boom would beat Catania. Uh, what's home? Writing like news. I looked at her heart school. All right? Sometimes No cloudy over one day. You didn't 40 hotel Different. I got a bit a newsy Anita. Nice people don't. I'd veto Don't tell my heart. Photo booth Cream P hall. Good cigar. It begin. Don't you let me take you can, you know But the cream Moti And I hope that you do it Hard to say How can you be more? I don't think you can look. OK, - wait , wait, wait 9. 5.2 Vai trò của tác động xã hội (Role of social impact under investors' perspective): casing. Do you? Do you have? Do you have of the value here, you know? OK, ground. He is a guy who give you chocolate to social impact. Get to the main and like moving You go. You don't do that. More women. Does he think black or not? Came a your games, You go. They help me. No, do it. Well, if you think about it, um, you think about that for you, do you? About I think you know Vietnam. So now funny. You OK? Get the investment now. Moving. Look. Moving. Working. Floating a like new lack putting But equity no liquidated. 10. 6. Nhân rộng mô hình kinh doanh (Scaling up your social venture): hell about Sam Borden? End up moving Kings ankle me He now it's a lot 30 And pick up the union Drop Kings in SoHo . But second fight. Something cut through Dramamine got five. They contain Ian Hopkins. I think call number widow Matos Elliot Kaye today yet what makings income dropped down to high turkey. Come for hope? How you got something? Absolutely, to buy quiting convictions out. Did the The suit comes outside to numb. They like to keep Della came moving batches and exit the lumber. Cocoa? They got eight things that the tank battery singla to go toe thing. Yet the bus move leaking Zion. Conduct something back. OK, Too high a peak ability. Cardinal Absolute, is that Fatima? But they said got a absolutely more loony come to buy. Just affordability. Moving kings lying cottage locate home. But yours are we come to to greatness. Xanga Robot that Samsung Union don't lie to you to numb implementation. Thank you. Combat, doc. Okay. Like to kid? They do when you took it here. Ok, but second fatality Namco high now way. Damn a naughty waiting. We're getting it kind of thinking. Nate, I I I want to talk to nothing. I think nothing will. So look up. Way, way, way, way He don't do what a man came. I need it that way. If I may say that I know I want a whole lot but couldn't stop. Don't look. Find intensity Mountain me. Can we go now? Don't you think? Against injury two packs a tank over cookies.