T茅cnicas de Testeo y Validaci贸n para Lean Startup y Pensamiento de Dise帽o | Inge De Dreu | Skillshare

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T茅cnicas de Testeo y Validaci贸n para Lean Startup y Pensamiento de Dise帽o

teacher avatar Inge De Dreu, Playground for Entrepreneurs

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introducci贸n: T茅cnicas de Validaci贸n para Lean Startup y Design Thinking

    • 2. Explicaci贸n T茅cnicas de Validaci贸n

    • 3. Entrevistas de Validaci贸n

    • 4. Observaciones

    • 5. Experimentos de Validaci贸n

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About This Class

Tienes una super buena idea, que quieres convertir en un emprendimiento o un producto exitoso en el mercado? Es importante primero averiguar que necesita el cliente, para que tu producto esta ajustado al m谩ximo. En este curso aprender谩s t茅cnicas que te ayudan a explorar y enriquecer tus ideas, con respecto a tu cliente potencial.

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Inge De Dreu

Playground for Entrepreneurs


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1. Introducci贸n: T茅cnicas de Validaci贸n para Lean Startup y Design Thinking: Ibm and you'll be over the course will take mucus evaluation parallel in startup right up inside the until they saying, you know, give almost, I said in this course was killed almost every day because it was middle of here Lean Startup events up until a CEO, give me a eula, I explored our mathematical problem. Existed in Seattle where cow or CFO, segmental Seattle, the unshakeable has done their kid I'd worked on the anomalies are Como Syria, Gamow, there is a sort of VR2 block 2 to service your local surface. Does this or young Iraqi there too soon and prolene mock EOS explored how it forms. And those forms are the various technique us through centralist us observe are shown as experimental sketch on common law. Because the Lean Startup B, the Pennsylvania today he said You eat tambien vamos have two boys often they are Insight. Schools. Get RAM and important. He can learn it as ANOVA differentia, the disaccharide unit two initiative. So it's good. Continuous case on which I hit this one I'm in doubt. Keep literacy is important in Barrow. Much important that I mean is Como in their predecessors, others hotels, gammas, our customers. Gropius conclusion is loggers murders the number two different loci acetone will not EIC longest and hair. Hello soon as he proved Dawson and medical care and medicine differentness, originalists, egophony. Sure, I'm Como differentia or in America. Does this barricade the silhouette technique as part explored? I don't know lemma, the sale, we're not necessary archaic system that cow but his career sila solution get to a hospital cornea and lens and valleys. But I haven't Zhuang Mentimeter. Solution optimal does exploit atom. 2. Explicaci贸n T茅cnicas de Validaci贸n: Going on our Covey muscle level and ego shows even store Law Center. I mean, does Q inequality, these are parabolic. Irs was a moral law, enables use vamos a meter, go most of their money. Heidi says, it says that our men does it get down there, got no mass molar posterior, are doing their animals your yard v-naught boys are to embrace hour or two to procreate, but I don't suit lost the value as soon is important, the Monte-Carlo assay for Premier Pro style of only assume the loan necessity that CS deploy limb our history. So they've added that import tagging logos that lavalier assume the last solution, solution Caesarea going entail know, probably macro surviving. Oh, yeah, so still see nausea, their income funnier and doses. But emeritus level, yes, shown there probably MATLAB, little unnecessary that he has more important than Syria still pocketed opponent than the mantle. Mucho my little uploaded Medica KI or they'll say okay, I was appointed him and that operative births are Lu Xun is e as he or cellular differentiation and Macau and the noun does is as important to know before they step back this, you know, that at about ordinary or more chain out here in mucho that they yeah. Is that they must work if where's happening, that amount on there. So people earlier soon base I would have, I will tell you Damas in the data in Guangdong Gaia that I'm Sean Gay, it grow more severity of money hard. What are the momentum? You important frontiers. But in metal money has lovingly assume that the non-associated up. But I, this was our last solution. Guam, the elisa value as shown there is a serotonin. The mortuary do ie they didn't get said I record her but isn't that deal better than medical? Does this is this helps you do get us from blogged or cares on business-to-consumer. This isn't broke dot masseuse. There is a set Seattle spent that it East US or the experimental, or the, the opposite of our sourness. But I'll add up the all know Basso there already. What care? So patrolling Mother of God, the existing oil. So this L as in you said gas or superiors or business to business, then there's I must embrace us and then there's Pro I meant approved. Does mucho mas grandes get nozzle done, Marcy all so you know, saw in MOOC or Massive specific got better, godly and thicker to Tn is known as he does see endosymbiont or center of East US better see there is quite good. But isn't that the ordinary medical? Whereas in through we start the blonde or various persona's then throw the game, but eta in through various embrace us, kiss on Glee and this potentialities to use ERC only water, sewer and probably motivated they exist that get them through Lanka. Experimental stuff, little long muscular experimental, Sarah, business to consumer or business to business law Musk experiment. Then they'll put away my enormous flu Strauss Kiersten, low-mass, more devout, but a bird. Do probed all to service your desk. What else was done important than the valley IS aspect. Luay got ultra Denmark is more important that Eskimo, dog or mournful note the line producer or the employee ecto my near houses, I'm only assume dual musical or nimbly. I'll, uh, you get biogas but a circular fashion. Normal tsunamis, more innovative up on data TO looking gone through IIE where she had good as I said, nothing to release dust. Dome is more board kit or dummy asthma. What good boys in there that it causes could their bodies in Indonesia on this, you don't abuse or skip Boy out opportunities in, in medical. What could the Boyer's adequate that they're lingua Henan vertebrae and the last persona's don't know their voice. They're less pressure on US dollar loss that they use to get the blend that in for my Xiang Guan Duan unnecessary up or a sale. And what does that bring you in your so-called Stella's persona's, that last ragas, the left groups that are shown yesterday that are Murcia inflammasome, they get done or hinder system is Asiyat that alanine leukotrienes, they're hint the Beta particle graph to product or service and entonces booth, Kasey and I say labialis, that last value as soon as stool moves, more common fool no, load at the ESR and breccia, boost gap. Una representative. Gao gives a saccade to tell us I'll be here. Eco-cycle Macau, attractive Jordan near isoleucine, a personal gas. These questions have padlock produce a product or service you had last dose, los dos seek loss in value as soon acetyl-CoA doses, premier analysis, Eda, Loyola solution in love ISR come from the premier unnecessary CSS or the vertical import dialoguing E. Here IS unnecessary up a data Quinta, the tone of that digests grittiness unnecessary apart up boiling interrupted, Lama horse will resume. 3. Entrevistas de Validaci贸n: When we're lumbering midnight and I mean that but appointed value are to negotiate soilless, intravenous as inoperative made Eden NBN landlocked important there. I'll Principia to implementing into a blink to build, to project. Those last interview says that better meet anymore. Looked at the concert was clear in this IANA Lisa loan from us who are used to then EA for the mass enthalpy statical Marianne and tsunamis in a video on that as important. But in middle value here, comas, who idea that necessarily upper medulla. Thus given did He heal our comfort zone and pass owl, mosquito allies, Piccola soon. So yeah, good US. But that putting for the my sooner it'll pass out, but I'll leave those costumers more. Devos, Uranus, EIA, I don't spray would ask is really important is because on Gamow SSID got EPA or Caillois, see those as glue your flip coins yet misses he does however, one does versus basale, what does versus courtroom but, or lemme. Lemme, or near him. Thus a muted color scheme. Nasser's either let her see this better at the words that I want to personally, what does versus who's their houses your LMS pass out to Guam does versus quantifoil load the minus QC spare her seizure. Illegal EPO or K doses Gamow for is a process of we said that a particle if we styled Ignacio Buddhism nurses could have shown him That's your first step to it. I don't want that if we've still got a foodborne corre con los amigos Como, who is a process or eat pork? If we are see what I said about him. Blocking factor associated muy importante para las personas intos as decent noise gorillas and my no, you're not fully companies. I mean, it was no fighting. Those are yearning for them outdoors and younger EPA, your lab book of WEP, mis amigos know foiled on those as your size and factor. Sociality is important on paper a stepper, Shawn, see lowbrow yet because as you add total lame hamburgers and moody foot in the inorder of flare hardness of sodium in there. And go to your costumers. Ylab multitasking, honestly less pressure on us. See body hidden preoperative. Does Google study us? It was deported. She will study other animals reported. Bro, I lament, give it could have on a contested. And Don says, so not good at this. You can then filter out there that says Partial not Viner said must have bought ultra low commerce ALU hourly, do booster Laconia. So boxplot element though to interpret porcelain toilets, personal narrative as you're assuming the Laconia so loudly. They don't see, let's put a good guy and more suggestive that but onto allow him to others who knows could not done yet the MPO style of you seen that E naught then at the input port get Daniella cut out your knee, you know, McGill, the emperor, but are you I will scatter those. Is no commune a pizza and it's a persona levels telecom yes or no. So they're not done to endorse this icon will scar, comfort them in. I give our customers the Galois, CINAHL, or kilowatts in RC. Now that is specular soon another, the induction and ptosis implemented for Medicare to sprinkle dust envied the seller's personal must, Garland commerce and Las Casas ePortfolios as an assay mortar business. I get it. But the main part of the Roses King and don't say a less amount of basalis, he said bought it. No, you know, you surplus for care, noisy surfboard, not working me something goes nowhere to Ian doses, tuple, Kino, noisy sir. But avoid your ears or inactive out sociality, move cellulose oceanic, equal wages noise. So the Aidan said that I had to jump was in the rattle, rattle. The common seamless costumers, he does multi-varied skewness a lot persona's, it DOI so wi in the middle petroleum or developed that image that don't know my horse will soon, as the sun entered a vistas good liver. That's on MTV stars. Kumasi. Yeah, my semi-circle to rouse kidney does better. Sudden Anki yeah, No sooner Comitia for set nine necessary that this year toilets, but it does appear later, see in quantitative. So I'm going to resample or she do ask una persona. Also Lingbao heard of nonverbal. Boys in Nevada must lick you. Look at that bus and away you go moist lessee to assume there's a partial got a boy login MOOC on a whore. But it should then Debian is important that acellular, this thing, N3, look here. So remember is that in okay, so when I inquest or named that of East Asian brush on a Tuesday. So lambda con la persona e interrupt to ask una persona ELA Seeger's but done. There's a C, Clara was Quinta. Mm-hm. Us the ERC chromophore. So in looking at la persona, this study CAN though. Near the law school and then Cuesta sun, but it does depend on toilet ways. I know that. So nine for the machine must superficiality. To domus note that they are reliably let go la persona. I goals AS number balance because they're selling WAC Corporal. Good with that can no loss does not unopposed Start Armando. Nope. But then in coinfected upon to Izmir HOT on those persona's or not. But I hope sort of vive la personal mentor the stat or theropod. Whereas inclusion copy it and aspirational and aspirin metoprolol, boy or girl awareness in Yan'an the cell does this waste dollars of marketing for my soon cares more illnesses. Audio employee, why nobody will determine where else would have shown. Is it deploy you are in cruise through Year Two more or less inquest us. We're so neither I mean, W did better noise. But I stuck facet the Maasai love the cuando Theodosius gelato narrows your studies here. No moral law in London. Egos was gone. Analysis it yet the universe collateral comorbid certain in boiler integrals. Whose mortal? Hello. Hi, this is just the Panopto I. Got it. That deal better port and momentum. This a C does is information quality, quality that you toil lockup ways, intent then that if we start his forehead less persona's must. Provincial saw an ad to segmental America. I look at the vasa data here. The mapply wanted a guy in TV stat dirty asset given mass, large yoke by dark nuclei into Poppins Yang. Concepts contained Maria, lacking must boy the ethanolamine. Today's ELC log graphs, more chiasmus interview system, be it. And it does is there's a guy called King must have either the annoying Quinta down Bianca, necessary. Does our outcome variable segment or some alcohol or two-point Gauss CAPM interface into service. Go TO blue. Those this is Caucus. The camera carpet in CI part of the client is bought in Shelley's ellos intravenous parallel Como, Como es loyal necessary doesn't know Malia assume those that are chin up or see entered their segmental America. And so then that agenda, kip ways value-add experimental. And it says here or a low lemma. 5 does sigma, does that belong to know as limit Dao, Bian and Sigma into the clean this ePortfolio. So estar experimental energies, yeah, you know, those is necessary that segment that I'm lucky Tomas and Medi-Cal Aztec Indians. Clara was a dental gender policy until Dell Medical Experimentation is Asiyat here. So they are, you are more chill. But remember, our formula, purpose I lowercase does as well, assume gives us over the sea and the waves are segmental and medical payload onion pulley him colonials canal is for K2 size. Dominic standards AS personal AS Masan antiviral, tell me you don't book or mass in their diet. Yellows, Merck housekeeper point on their sin embargo, delinquent that there's a jacket, NAMI whole segment. Assume the muscular kings to clean it and then we'll knock a deeper and deeper persona cases. So WM, GCM, or our value-add you for Moulin LSO to more yellow. And he goes and does his lesson BATL. But SRR S3 there for moulins two split-level does combativeness in the Common Data Service. This video, they say, corso, that Lucas soon as aspirin does, IPO. Those last political and thus gives us an endless clear this out by Leon. Many see that bringing into just normal, suddenly datum or Coriolis Baco casualness. But I will just by listening to East US but emit or less parameters Mu and said, Oh yeah it does. S1 and recessiveness. Eat lady, get into buttons, yellow and expert Augustus entropy standard, early in Don, systemic, etc. But I want this whole year thus, stallion does VR said No, I get on my local machine are coming so forth. We're not us. Better serve where there's BRC up at us and got us into the scientists. Dus upland there in the Tanakh is held lemma on the sale, but I bought up where discoveries or frustration, IPO or throw her cornea, so this poison to him. But any mental Como e Borges when pregnant does more important is for Kim, look at good AS explored are some Alito's costumers, multiverse yearnings. But Google Home Show and a stone notice here in estaba Shauna western had renamed my him. He ended early on into innuendo. More to us, hijack gently and more. They're not necessarily IRS collects beating men or not a handless that bring us doses, get onto acquainted the data, data across one of willow divided into basale, download records. Grammars is normal mentor. And of course, don't live ask you the lease has kick their lungs and see, I've got the end, sort of Verdun, but only macchiato was yellow acids or C, or good, no law. Reform doses as important or red but dear poor give ideas versus but are relevant in the gut in learners as he had the Zona glomerulosa momentum irrelevant. A corneal ulcer is the Bologna Maoist in Is he okay, States pretty much done. The little cheesy, more brain and they're good localist up by saying.com or worse do asset or blogged on sort of issue parameters here, more trauma, her conservator solar module, so at a loss. But our burden unnecessary, I'd certainly in the particular. 4. Observaciones: When your mom cell approximate, I'm sure it was lousy, mature. Now, sort of us young horses postmortem me and buying gold me now synchronous interview starts with an offset of other person, I guess until we start now. Yeah. Must sort of as soon as I see this going, said weaned that or something status Guandu and clear and they experience mental illnesses. See that due to prove, other two service requesters get less formally, Jasmine and mutual my heart, quantum state you're in. Most communist need to assume ink real number soreness is you've got a year to go to service your emitter and go more money. High sassy. Do I see on massage the data portals costume, please observe allocate staff. Can AQI is important? The opposite of our lingual can put alkyl know boil to provide a laboratory. Lucky me, a fun fundus. Lie something. I'm going to say large, startle, real medulla television KI in a schema, establish scandal. Either go up or down. No set S that partial neck histone, lucky to us, your goodness. To groped or sort of issue. You're sort of a law yet. Hi, this is normally seen in Butterworth immunosuppressed your nursing care, the dominoes communist in the kiln or why? Yes, he put him planners at door. No. Nausea E and Don says Borlaug done, don't know, sort of Ostia and liberal don't know noise better than industry law. No miasma. They don't boost guy upset. As us are shown us a up automator, they all not OCR airport may do that, all that aspirational in there skip way in the IDA, SPI, in the medius. But the allowable sort of assume place in Seattle, the amine is important. The opposite of adding up on but density of God, moses Duckworth, Angela competency, Acoma, system diffidence yonder, even Juno novel shown. So include Negroes who's into braccio, boy loves you that already here. For more than being sassy and put anemia and looking for some sort of handle In-order allows the good up local planes hitting the sound the interpolant on a boy, yeah. Yeah. So cutting speed osteon give them shown over medical again, often shown. Those is both owner left one muscle cell they saw as socket. Don't eat GAS that don't be in Google Books. Conoco has gone look at those totals here. No, But I had Kim places again planning and OCI gain or set you up. This goes down upon us here. No, it almost unfortunate handle. It gets it gets up way up there. So Sunni-Shia DUS board medulla line for most Ukiyo-e print that I nearly.net. And so it's in Guangdong. I love sort of assume the law competency. Kip, where is up and let it get worse. I've gotta be nil to lunch. And there's lawyer mentioned not only hemp lot della introduced us, sort of are shown as cool, moist run into DevOps. Sure. Those as, ASMM, the emperor started there were handled. But any new battle for they said, WE CDOs this set of issues, this unknown, so we don't know yet. And, and those cheap cost category Anopheles said. So he endorses Gideon, MBR, Port Royal us who are in motto in supportive booleq or mining equities, does the persona's chiasm sort of issues this I know Mary yes. Or bad up in dead last person on earth in so propria pass it. You saw young benzo. Okay. So I said sort of issue about, but up boy to quote out, what sort of issues are WC, Liam and the segmental in medical and it doesn't necessarily damages. I didn't give up well, on that particular set of cost also, if there's an issue you output out in more with that. But that's all history now. And consistently and dusk a year government goody star. If we ended Domo can DM, but he said the negative or rebirth them yet done so just as a sort of issue of RCR course dorsal gone also, be sure that the USA alone and don't say estar en las personas Kristen Israel, Gaza, DNN, CO2, polar, economical, the gammas and not more herders. The dose embodied that is Stella blockbuster. Lot of kids from those sort of issues. There's no yes. I don't see why. So she goes, why don't we start on status and creditors this potentialities. But I saw you. I've got the neon then the onus was Nessus, yes. In ANSYS. You got to know when a conclusion where Cuvier don't kid lot more headers, then there are lasting through the noise down then anemia. So yeah, there's a blue star like this guy. Yeah. I'm estar and Orlando corner, you'll see less the head of the bed or have not done, it decays. So there's no headers. So on those oecus than in luck Gaza. Gaza. A yes or no, yes or cartilage will be us. But I just bland soon on bus sale. But boy, it I said. So purgatory, the external locus or una forma or better law War II, I said I'll go check it. Yes, violence along the years, as I said, doggy persevere to Sonya's fellow. Though the policy issues, this, I don't know. Yes. I go north and gum and equity stick it through a hygiene island called chiasma meat and telenovela star MOOC that if you sort of care just the ESC bus. I know where rattled by doin I'm anionic. What should the US in and suddenly, Yes, Isa deviate them who to ask us endogenously. Okay. Uh, so she goes, You are now sir. Ada dot listen, plan ESL is Bogata mass alone and he goes, you know, you often sooner. Okay. Justinian employed advocacy. Do NOT getting us started knowing algo que lives by the CEO in prettier than through the zoo, the zoo format experiment that las cosas point. So endorses less intravenous, more important desire can Nava who should not. Percussing, not esto seekers who controls who us worse, albeit on ritual and applique assume not blood or former. Elo we ever not without haste us. More headers, enormous are weird eyes can now poor kid was there but don't do it on a Joan has meant those in Persona. Better noise down. And this is that this does persona's who are younger settlement on the enter here. There's four, so the input AND nato in oligo. Good, no, you ask them to another medical book in order. So Vietnam Don says you an asset them in Uppsala, sourness, so forth and all the liquidity is, is it that'll give us our doses, not that Anki or owner differentia interests and honest there, uh, yes, I guess than in battle yourself, Xunzi, Alice, ellos gets done in barrios. Don't name autosave phenotype today or in his buddy residency Alice? No pasa mucho. Mirror that I skipped in those barriers can also be seen us for llama. Those dark or yeah. Last Dorset in place. I don't know. Yeah. Go ahead. Is it does necessary down and says he loves Benartzi Bellow, saw, and that meant the louder the law more so parasol says and dances. Yes, opinion allows dossier that near enough fun. Istanbul bows per glucose. And so and I was sad middle and low notes interests are out or left Illinois lucky star. And until he saw gonna see an alimony could he says implement that Korea are certain terms that are each a lucky you eat enormous. There was an exosomal head as local files for k, gaining gains that are needed for environment then as those in there to see them, they're sort of presented to us. But I love LA, one unit more bookie told the input yet employees myasthenic go but how it is as more headers better fit them into some nice posters or para, on bookie DOM us, by our NOPAT is not the America but of bugs ELS you, you don't sort of issue into obviously no means may and will read, okay, Just Kid. And Don says, style, Merkle, root hairs there at about human. Es done this Westeros apart are very detailed into her EarSketch. So you know, noise, una sola murkiness as he dies, he said we should see no, I cinco, this MOOC head is kinda deceit. And I mean, who sort of easier and don't have so much, you're fearful that this blasphemy and to enter manically style the laboratory Jackie at the analogous clear this for Gino's Edenic is blue. Now that our guys, those as our, our mutual, It's the same deal. The employee la persona e. So mutual mass, a lawyer and he goes to school, uses Korea and dancer. So they copied the London bookseller subset of us Uranus, then the lingual quadrupedally mosquitoes or less, inconsistencies kept Bueno it but PIE, whereas this cooling liquid OCI called noise, the runtime and the respiratory zone, it appears in that arterial Monday. The Como es unnecessary hours or processor then throw Dell algo name consistent yet uploaded here I am, but a boiler. Vertical, more calm voice. It can be in a personal quest or CMP last option, Russia and have Con Law Center of East US dum ba in quanta law competency. But the middle, how low do see there's our respiratory us to some new to your persona's went and add information to know, not the uninstall earlier doses when the concert halls it, when that happened that day they ultra simply anemia intos chaos and LBO put LST low clip where setting for the machine more UTI. But at the exploit our website even for myself. When set implementing mentors, they can get the pointer 30-year EFC with muscarinic. Doyle occupy in tau equals mir, das Dann shorthand, boost GYN, Google blue-sky, socialist. Gordon assembling mentors, Yann LeCun expectancy organics. As soon as protein you're selling kids look as to Bassanio in and Macau, images versus the blend that mutuals dips. The domain controller or dressings are more common function anestrus orgasm when ozone or not on Windows. 5. Experimentos de Validaci贸n: When recalibrate and Amanda radio show ensembles experimental and dogs as EEG while colossal. Look at people see this, you end up in reading or must proceed. Then the negotiators could do DNAs, but avoid optimise abalone Gambia, locked door, look in his as he does. Those are the Book of Genesis are put in there. I would have gotten that are 0s, does a subset of us, Uranus is say, C out, but in the portfolio DACA into the CIA or sort of looking at him. Our equivalent experimental vaccine to dock door. Joe's ESOP. Well nobody has shown mutual must flow out of the book a DNS, et cetera, are spawned in A0 name that I've shown Cornelius say upward medium, bead, lot of portmanteau either weren't exploiting mental, certainly an expert in Mendota. So Seattle is born medulla. Then that's it. Always sorted out. Nobody or soon see Domo enable she was full. Sure enough. Komodo, Ben's house give from showing up AutoCAD Gambia. I would vomit. I London book of Mosiah lung there. The exponent, it doesn't bolt experiments wasn't book Amato on sales and momentum, lungs, heart, I loved the exponent. Does mucin seizures would give mortars versus Dallas or not? We're more data will not exploiting the endosome multi-sensory yum into, but I'd call MOOC on this that a hint. Or look worse and an experimental group goin, what's up? A little boy, Facebook o sulla hands this in gunshot or not? Well, so don't expert in mental problem. They do. They're less combiners of 43. Are there Google combined as a body sees either feasible because in Boston the accuracy of this IEP get better, meet them there. Wireless pressure on, I think that at some point they might get down into the zone where said, but I say go near, start eat bad up, boil it. At that, I must hit them. Negotiate. Erc I modulus experimentals invented them in-person or an expert in mental pedestrians. Young king is you're going to go more Gamow, you're going to equal more or less ERC. Uh, why didn't it go incident your yellow named that, I assume kinetically and Gei Yang in the Gambia, there were a lot of butter for the lament. There was an event that pocket money, I assume they got more full Shauna estimator learning goals. Now in quanta expert meant those as important deployed either add it Gambia, rapey, I mean that no, I said those experimentals, I mean more or gives a blank gone from utilization Dow's Phaedo see, didn't then when Quinn ducky, not way it can be unmuted. Ibm Intel expertly mental illness are going back in awful shown that onto the bubbles. And so you'd go in order experimental, ERC, more demos, all know York or fido end goal, more buoyant water. So give form. Sure. Not Lummus optimal perceived loss, experimental sequella city at our various partners or do my learning goals. Who's put a Hebrew law professor lot bully him. Bloomers canal is loaded, assume kinetically and death. La forma, the company up and running there, so forth, so scripts, yarn or wooden sort of bio for him. And dancers as important day, month and Knidos are being, you'll see that the mentors that can be an ellipse bidding Mendel, EB, Sonya, loss experimental school song protocol providing myeloid in the bushes, put it right on up go. So low is EBC experiment. Those are all know your day is going to be our Lord. God will form. Shown up optimum S0, S1. Got experimenters.