Systems + Onboarding + Workflow : creative entrepreneur strategies | Hope Johnson | Skillshare

Systems + Onboarding + Workflow : creative entrepreneur strategies

Hope Johnson, illustrator + printmaker + redhead

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro | The Preface

    • 2. Chapter 01 | Make it Clear

    • 3. Chapter 02 | Onboarding + Booking

    • 4. Chapter 03 | Your Workflow

    • 5. Chapter 04 | Automation + Streamlining

    • 6. Chapter 05 | Honeybook

    • 7. Chapter 06 | Tools + Resources


About This Class

Hiya, friends. 

So I'm a far bigger left brain than I realized. I'm generally buried in ink or paper or paint. But the systems I've implemented for myself over the years have:

-allowed me to work LESS and make MORE
-allowed me to have MORE free time to do ...well, all of those things bouncing around in my head (like teach this Skillshare Course)
-and most importantly, I've been able to rest (amen to that)


-a freelancer looking to grow
-a full or part timer looking to level up
-or like most of us, WEARING ALL THE HATS


. . . 


I talk a lot about Honeybook, my client management program. If you're thinking about hopping on board, you TOTALLY should

Here are a few of my favorite things (in my best Julie Andrews voice) about Honeybook:

1. It's got a customizable, yet professional aesthetic. I’ll have the client’s contract, payment schedule, and package laid out in one file! I can fully customize the design, the payment schedule and the layout of the packages. Every part of the process is stamped with my brand.

2. I NEVER miss a beat. When I select one of my clients in HoneyBook, it will bring up every email, file, invoice, and all project details in ONE place. And when I go to create a contract, I can even auto-fill the contract with their info so NO information gets transposed in the process.

3. WORKFLOW. I can automate payment schedules, emails, tasks and more through HoneyBook workflows. This saves me a ton of time ...which is what this course is ALL about in the first place, right? RIGHT!

4. ONBOARDING. I have my website’s contact form connected to HoneyBook, so all of my inquiries pop into my pipeline, no need to dig through my inbox. **Bonus** Multiple contact forms — so I can have a contact form for each of my project types. I also get little friendly reminders from Honeybook to respond to those inquiries ...kind of a big deal.

5. MOBILE FRIENDLY. ...which is so handy because when's the last time your phone wasn't within a 3 foot radius from you? I can see all project stages, contracts, payments, reminders, questionnaires, calendar from anywhere!

I mean ...need I say more?’s been a huge part of my business and working smarter, not harder. No one needs to work harder!

I’m super excited to share 50% off your first year — AND there’s a 7-day free trial so you can try it out for yourself.