Systemise Your Day + Protect Your Time: Part Two | Cat Paterson | Skillshare

Systemise Your Day + Protect Your Time: Part Two

Cat Paterson, P.I. for Profit : Making Entrepreneurs Profitable

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7 Videos (16m)
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    • IFTTT Lesson 1

    • Sign up and overview project File lesson 2

    • Create a google account

    • Create a receipts spreadsheet

    • Create IFTTT recipe to store receipts

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About This Class


If you're not using IFTTT to pimp your productivity then you are missing a trick!

IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) is a free web based app that can literally shave hours off your busy schedule so you can get back to doing what you love (and even take some well-deserved time out!)

Did you know that you can save precious hours in the day:

  • Even as a technophobe
  • You're that guy or gal who is always running late
  • Without a masters in project management (life is too short, I know!)

I'm Cat and I'm a productivity maven, so you don't have to be, I've got you covered. We don't give ourselves enough time in this chaotic world for lunch never mind programming our day, social media, meetings or calendar. 

I'm the 'how-to' gal that keeps up-to-date with getting stuff done whether it's the latest tool, app or method. Productivity isn't about getting stuff done, it's about creating massive creative breakthroughs and an incredible business and life.

Being distracted, sucked up by shiny object syndrome and busy-ness will kill your business....dead!


1. Getting the daily grind tasks out of the way removes distraction

2. Removing wasted hours on annoying stuff that still needs to get done frees up more time

3. 40% of our time is spent not being focused, so if you stayed in bed half the week you'd get the same done - think how much faster your business would grow if you were focused

This class will teach you how to save all the receipts, invoices, subscriptions and bills you receive via email automatically to a spreadsheet so you you're not wasting precious time double keying information and scrabbling around when the tax man comes a calling.

Grab my free resource guide to accompany this series which gives you all my fave recipes that I use every day.

We know that the internet is powerful yet it can be a pesky sabotager when it shows you shiny objects and cat videos when it should be helping you along. Make life easy on yourself.

Let me show you free tools that make productivity and getting your sh*t done a snap!

(then you can stay in bed with netflix and a cuppa guilt free)

Let's go!

To your enjoyable day


Straight Talking Ginger

P.S. Check out Systemise Your Day + Protect Your Time: Part One, the first class in this series. 4I'll cover some of the basics in this class too so you can get started.





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Cat Paterson

P.I. for Profit : Making Entrepreneurs Profitable

Cat's my name, profiling is my game, I'm a professional criminal profiler by trade. From psychopaths to solopreneurs, using profiling techniques to make entrepreneurs profitable. What's your Business M.O.?

You could say I'm multi-passionate (or easily distracted) but I'm all about doing more with less and rocking your strengths for success.

Pimped up productivity in this information overloaded world is key to making your day work for you versus getting bogged dow...

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