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Systemise Your Day + Protect Your Time: Part One

teacher avatar Cat Paterson, P.I. for Profit : Making Entrepreneurs Profitable

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. IFTTT Skillshare Intro

    • 2. What is IFTTT?

    • 3. How to sign up for IFTTT

    • 4. IFTTT Channels, recipe ideas (and a bit of neuroscience)

    • 5. Set up an IFTTT recipe - Soundcloud example

    • 6. IFTTT Recipe in Action

    • 7. Thanks and next steps

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About This Class

If you're not using IFTTT to pimp your productivity then you are missing a trick!

IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) is a free web based app that can literally shave hours off your busy schedule so you can get back to doing what you love (and even take some well-deserved time out!)

We know that the internet is powerful yet it can be a pesky sabotager when it shows you shiny objects and cat videos when it should be helping you along.

Your time is precious, even more so than money..why? because time is a depleting resource. Once it's gone, it's gone and you need to make the most of it.

Productivity is all very well but if you don't have systems in place that do the heavy lifting you could be wasting up to 2 hours of your day completing those boring trivial tasks that need to get done but drain your very soul.

Get more done by doing less and let IFTTT be the workhorse, the virtual V.A. that is a master of their art.

Use IFTTT properly and you can create set and forget systems that make the internet your b*tch without becoming a socially inept robot.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Get systemised!


Profit P.I. (aka Straight Talking Ginger)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cat Paterson

P.I. for Profit : Making Entrepreneurs Profitable


Cat's my name, profiling is my game, I'm a professional criminal profiler by trade. From psychopaths to solopreneurs, using profiling techniques to make entrepreneurs profitable. What's your Business M.O.?

You could say I'm multi-passionate (or easily distracted) but I'm all about doing more with less and rocking your strengths for success.

Pimped up productivity in this information overloaded world is key to making your day work for you versus getting bogged down in minutiae that looks like social media and email scrolling.

My super power is getting you more focused and productive than you ever thought you could be with how-to's and practical know-how.

Set and forget and get on with doing what you love! (without becoming a socially inept robo... See full profile

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1. IFTTT Skillshare Intro: 2. What is IFTTT?: Hey, it's Cat Paterson here holding fuel, having an extra two errors every D Yet to Evers. You could spend that on so many different things. Making sales in your business, getting your focus onto the stuff that you should be doing instead of wasting precious time , faffing it on the Internet. So what? Fertility. It doesn't involve employing the services of a view. An expensive piece of software are needing to barter a fellow and entrepreneur study and that it was completely free. A personal assistant for free. Here's what your gonna lair so as I have t t t. Anyway, but it works on. It stands for F less than that. More than that in a wee bit, you're going to learn how easy is to set up on how to get started. In under three minutes, you'll learn ho I F T DT will let you get more done in less time. Your time is precious, so let's just learn toe automate ability, tasks. And let's be honest here, folks, there is no such thing as tame management. There's only self management on day of T t t. We'll help you, even if you're the kind of person who's always late. You know who you are. I'm gonna share exactly what I use it for everyday just so that you've got some practical knowledge on. See if it works for you on I'm going to share some amazing secret recipes for saving a serious amount Attain on recipes is the word that I have t t t years. OK, so left us then that or left as really a powerful service on It's completely free. And it's really simple to get up on running and saving you. Time. They used language like recipes and channels, but really, don't be put off by that. It's like a anthem. Once you get used to and you practice it, you can't break it, by the way. So don't be what you don't there. If you bit of a tape before and you get really slick it using at on, you will save yourself a lot of time getting stuff done. Automated. So what did you get the hang of a race paint? You may even start calling yourself a master baker, so let's get you baking 3. How to sign up for IFTTT: I want you to skip on over to i f t t t dot com and sign up to that big, massive blue button in the middle of the screen, so it's pretty, pretty straightforward. All you need to do is anti email address, Clear password on that you created your your account and the specs tree forward. So far, yet, I want to take here to look at the I f T T T about Paige, and I'm just going to scroll down a little bit so you can see about the page and you can see that there's two tapes of recipes F undo recipes. No, that's training. We're only going before cousin under F recipes on. I'll maybe do the do do the do waited on. So here's an example showing the FBI poster off for two to instagram. It will save automatically in your dropbox so you can see the simplicity. Once it's set up, there's no more time taken up so normally. What you would do is you take a photograph you had posted on Instagram. You would see that, then you would have to move across to your Dropbox, but that's recipe does that automatically for you. And you can have a really there bro's any of the rest peace that other people have created that all there to have a look up and that will give you some inspiration until you work out , you know, and all my goodness, when you work out your own recipes that work for you and your world of what you have to get done every day you get over it fivers back. I'm not kiddin sulfuric and getting stuck with social media stuff. And you literally spend ages and training so that can stuff. Oh, and see things that you're posting and then trying to get into a failing system. This is going to help you so much, Andi I f t t t It's compatible with a huge range of services and they call them channels, and some of you might know of haired off. Most of them have only knows the unknowns, your Burmese, that some of the channels services that there that you're not using already, and then it may be something that you can start to use. You've got Facebook and Twitter for social media are ever note for keeping you organized. There are so many to choose from. As I said, some will be familiar. Some your another of hair dove. So how tight? T know there and 4. IFTTT Channels, recipe ideas (and a bit of neuroscience): and the channels are the basic building blocks off left the ingredients to make the recipe that I was talking about. So if you imagine baking a cake, you need flour, butter, the sugar frosting, decoration, everything you need to make that cake, and you put it all together. The only difference is that when you created the recipe on left, it doesn't take that demands to bake ESP Instant on and just like it's super pervert automation. Honestly, you can tell them on and off at your leisure M and I use the each and every day. So from turning my phone on silent when it's charging. Because there is nothing more distracting and annoying to me that my phone being plugged in another state of the room, charging away and I can still hear my notifications hanging for Facebook and for e mails on done up. No, no, no, never to say it's because my nor was bowlers may and I can't, you know, leave them. So I get muffling to go on silent as soon as I put that charge of them said, actually helpful for me. Also, user f I'm s a phone call eft automatically puts a remainder for me and my calendar, so that if somebody forms and I've not taken that call, I messed that coal and automatically remained it later that I need to call that person back . And it's really good for not being distracted and not messing anything, not messing. An important call. I also use it, um, to go on silent at certain times of night as entrepreneurs and usually need to get disciplined about when you spend time on your work because life is too short on actually to be the best that you can be, you need to cram and some sleep because leaving your sleeping, that's when your bean is that lowing. All those little noodle networks I love about science, by the way, you decide. So all those little new noodle networks are joining together all the memories of the denial , the learning stuff. If you don't sleep, then you're never going to remember that stuff. So in order to not be distracted, my phone automatically goes on sale in a certain time of night, you know, and one of class don't from too much work, then I'm not disturbed. I could get my sleep unequally. It comes golf silent again in the morning, and so that I don't mess any important early calls 5. Set up an IFTTT recipe - Soundcloud example: you've got your case a up? No, I'm just going to show you that. But I was in the channels here, so I'm going to use So include, as an example, I've already got my account created the same clothes at something that I use and you conceive when you connect to channel here, it does show the word connected underneath the channel. So you know what you've connected already on? Let's click on zone clothed and had the connect button so you can see my ICANN is saying done onder sewn clothes on with the left up. It's just asking for access promotion. That's quite normal. And so I'm just gonna go ahead with that and help connect, and you see the green bar across the screen at the top of the page, and I have t t t stating that the channel is connected. So no, I'm gonna hope over to my recipes on the menu bar and click on create recipe. And you see that fs then that on that page, with the word vests highlighted in blue And all that means is that you start there to create what I speak. You really can't go wrong with us. So click on the word this that's highlighted and you're taken to choose your trigger channel. So, as I said, state one, it shores. It shows where we are with instead, one of seven. And I know that I want to create a recipe for So include. So I scrolled to find that I could. That's my trigger. I could. So I just click on Soundcloud on Step two is asking me to choose which trigger I want, and it gives me the option of fourth there, and you always have to choose all. Give me different options for different channels and different trigger. So what's there you just choose from? And it's pretty much self explanatory. So I'm gonna choose a new public like and it moves me automatically. Want to state See, is it? And I need to complete the fields there that will make up part of my recipe. So click create trigger Andi. I then see that the word that this highlighted in blue. So click on that no man state for to choose Inaction Channel. So what is it that I want to happen next of choice and sewn clothes? You know, I need to choose. Know what happens next? And I want to choose Twitter as the action channel, as that's what I want to see my lakes from. So include being shared publicly. No misstep. Five on I get to choose from the action short again. The options pop up for you. The stain that are sex. You just have to choose from one of them. And I'm going to choose post a tweet with an image. And I'm taking to state sex where I have to complete some of the fields Tello that race speak to run. So some of the foods that already populated for me it gives me an idea. Um, and then you could just switch up. So if you click the words in brackets so that we signs the image over to the night, it's like a I can never remember what that cold. You know, the things being used to be in science school when you liquids and and that we amateurs up . And if I click on that, then it shows me some options on there. So I'm also gonna add in some of my one takes here. I love this. If you want to change the words in the brackets. Just collect the little icon. The re science equal at the side on the drop down list. Eulogy options that you can change. So click add and add it to your tweet. I don't wanna have to taste. Was there someone to delete that on? I want the user name on the track Curiel from So include two popularly automatically, so I don't have to add all that. And it's done already is done for May. I don't even need to think about. I'm gonna add in some more techs to link, but this include because that's a really great way. And to get more she years or favorites and introduced people to send clo diffident nor both , and it's it's good to just gonna mention that can think on if you have done relevant hashtags. Israel, if you're if you're clean a respite, include tweets and again, it's really good to be to target. Certain communities I usually wear don't pollute a lot because in a lot of people full that hashtag and I'm going to use eft on mess occasion just for this example, because some people might be following that So there, Monsieur Tails Finally, us Because Total likes images on I think it's a good graces choice. I'm just gonna leave that. So Heck, Lee action on your moved on to the fatal step Step seven, and you can review your recipe at this point just to make sure the Everson, as you see it, is in the right place. So I always think of it like, have I decided that it's a Michelin star quality recipe on that? A click treat. So the lovely left again tells you on the green bar that your recipe has been created, spare, friendly, very helpful. On def, a skip over to sink lit. I can choose a track that would want to like just to show either SP working. And and that's what the recipes about assumes I had a light going. So include please tweet it to my falling evident like ever I lake sortie. I like between today 6. IFTTT Recipe in Action: I'm going to choose the minority report. I absolutely love that film, Onda. And my background is profiling on psychology and from intelligence. Why don't better covert can't tell you anymore. I talked to kill you, so I'm trying Teoh protect human behavior. So that's right. Up mastery with minority report on, I'm going to share that with my followers. So I clicked like and then I'm just gonna hope over too much to Twitter and to show you the recipe in action. So here I am on my Twitter feed. And if I refresh the page, you can see the tweet from the recipe. There is as if by magic, so you can see that Didn't it much tame it all? And we, but attained to set up a respite and then that just runs for tasks that you do every day. So, you know, if you had a podcast that you did once a week or once a day and you uploaded it sank light , then all you would need to do is create that respite. And then once you like your own podcast, New party. But blood that between the 30 year following. So it's a really quickly. Cleat, Er, you know, upload your podcast. Click like and boom, that's, you know, is put out on social media for you. And I'm sure that you could sit up and to go on Facebook has mail forever. Channel that as the years and you like to use for your followers. So I just want to thank you for joining me. It's a little money training, but if you got value from the training and really please comment below, I would love it Just if you're new to I have t t t Obviously it's not that advanced at the stage. Um, but if you got some value, please take the time to comment below or go on. Have about I f t t t create your frustrate recipient Know that you've been introduced to you can't break it on. You can really enter recipes if they don't work. So just go and get creative on. Thanks for watching. Take catch and see you later 7. Thanks and next steps: Thank you so much for making it to the end of all the lessons. That is just simply amazing. I would love it if you recommended this class to other students and that they could learn about the F up as well. Don't forget about your project. What you are the lessons completely. Project by posting a link on leave a review. Thanks so much.