Synthesizers and Samplers Explained: Part 3 - How to Create Custom Sounds

Matt Hayes, Recording and Mixing Engineer

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5 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Oscillators Video

    • 2. Filters Video

    • 3. Envelopes Video

    • 4. LFOs Video

    • 5. Creating a Custom Synth Patch Video


About This Class

Musicians, Producers, Audio Engineers, Beat Makers, and Artists: Odds are you have used a sampler and a synthesizer already. These instruments do amazing things, but do you truly understand what you are doing when you turn those knobs and push those buttons? Or are you just trying stuff until it sounds cool?

I can help you take the guess work out of that, as well as improve your workflow when making music. Whether you use hardware instruments or plug-ins, these controls and concepts are universal to every synthesizer and sampler. If you are creating using music software such as FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Nuendo, Cubase, MPC Renaissance, etc., it doesn't matter. Again, these concepts are universal.

In the third section of this course, I explain the common controls and how they work within a synthesizer.