Symmetry & Shape Drawing with Procreate | Create mandalas, mirrored art, and more!

K Michael Russell, pro colorist & instructor

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17 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Symmetry & Shape Drawing with Procreate for iPad!

    • 2. Introduction to the course

    • 3. About the instructor

    • 4. Creating a canvas

    • 5. Using the brush, smudge, & eraser tools

    • 6. Draw perfectly straight lines, smooth curves, and exact shapes

    • 7. Layers and layering techniques

    • 8. The Color Tool

    • 9. The Selection Tool

    • 10. The Transform Tool

    • 11. Using drawing grids

    • 12. Drawing with vertical symmetry

    • 13. Drawing with radial symmetry - Part I

    • 14. Drawing with radial symmetry - Part II

    • 15. Drawing with radial symmetry - Part III

    • 16. The Liquify Tool

    • 17. Conclusion


About This Class

Procreate is a simple, but powerful digital drawing app for the iPad. Beginners and seasoned pros alike use this incredible app for everything from quick sketches to finalized artwork for publication. Procreate is a bit like a piano. If you know the basics, you can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or, with a little practice, you might play some Beethoven!


This course is designed to teach you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way to use Procreate's symmetry tools and drawing guides to draw perfect shapes and angles or use the awesome new symmetry tools to create stunning mandalas, mirrored artwork, and kaleidoscope-like trippy-looking drawings!  I've heard "I can't even draw a straight line" many times over the years, and Procreate takes care of that with ease. :) 

We'll go through the app together - first covering the basic tools and how to use them. Procreate is also full of neat little gestures that can be hard to stumble across, but I'll show you my favorites.

I teach you how to use vertical symmetry to create mirrored images in half the time it would take to draw the whole thing. I'll go over the incredible new radial symmetry tool as well. It's a great way to create designs to sell, publish, or print!

My name is K. Michael Russell, and I use Procreate extensively in my work for publishers like Image Comics and Top Cow as well as my own paintings and drawings. I've been creating tutorials since 2013 teaching thousands of students worldwide about digital art. Procreate is MUCH more powerful than most users realizeYou'll learn tons of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that I had to learn the hard way! :)

I'll also include: 

  • Example PSD & Procreate files I've created with the app.

  • Time-lapse videos from Procreate in mp4 format

So check it out! If you'd like a fun walkthrough my hands-down favorite drawing app, I'll see you inside!

Requires Procreate 4.2 & an iPad. Apple Pencil is preferred, but touch/finger will work as well.