Sylvanas Vol. 1 - Modelado del cuerpo y cabeza - 3D Creación del personaje Anatomía femenina Zbrush | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

Sylvanas Vol. 1 - Modelado del cuerpo y cabeza - 3D Creación del personaje Anatomía femenina Zbrush

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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32 Lessons (3h 25m) View My Notes
    • 1. 00 Presentación del curso Sylvanas Liv

    • 2. 001 Referencias pt 01 Liv

    • 3. 001 Referencias pt 02 Liv

    • 4. 01 syl formas primarias pt 01 Liv

    • 5. 01 syl formas primarias pt 02 Liv

    • 6. 01 syl formas primarias pt 03 Liv

    • 7. 01 syl formas primarias pt 04 Liv

    • 8. 01 syl formas primarias pt 05 Liv

    • 9. 01 syl formas primarias pt 06 Liv

    • 10. 01 syl formas primarias pt 07 Liv

    • 11. 01 syl formas primarias pt 08 Liv

    • 12. 01 syl formas primarias pt 09 Liv

    • 13. 01 syl formas primarias pt 10 Liv

    • 14. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 01 Liv

    • 15. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 02 Liv

    • 16. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 03 Liv

    • 17. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 04 Liv

    • 18. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 05 Liv

    • 19. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 01 Liv

    • 20. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 02 Liv

    • 21. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 03 Liv

    • 22. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 04 Liv

    • 23. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 05 Liv

    • 24. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 06 Liv

    • 25. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 07 Liv

    • 26. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 08 Liv

    • 27. 01 syl refinamiento pt 01 Liv

    • 28. 01 syl refinamiento pt 02 Liv

    • 29. 01 syl refinamiento pt 03 Liv

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    • 32. 01 syl refinamiento pt 06 Liv


About This Class

Creación de Personajes 3D Zbrush
Anatomía Femenina Sylvanas Vol. 1:
Modelado orgánico del Cuerpo y Cabeza

Creación de Personajes 3D Zbrush Anatomía Femenina Sylvanas Vol. 1 - Modelado orgánico Cuerpo y Cabeza"Aprende las base de la Anatomía Humana femenina para la creación de personajes 3d de alta calidad en Zbrush" [Escultura digital, Modelado orgánico.]

.4,2 (16 valoraciones) | 326 estudiantes inscritos | Creado por Oscar García de CG Makers | Fecha de la última actualización: 4/2018 | Español

Serie: Creación de Personajes 3D Zbrush | Curso: Anatomía Femenina Sylvanas Vol. 1 | Nombre del volumen: Modelado orgánico Cuerpo y Cabeza | Clases: 32

Escultura digital, Modelado orgánico. Aprende las base de la Anatomía Humana Femenina para la creación de personajes 3d de alta calidad en Zbrush. 


¿Qué aprenderé?

  • Conocerás técnicas que te ayudarán a proporcionar tus personajes correctamente.
  • Aplicarás los conceptos de anatomía humana al cuerpo y cabeza del personaje femenino "Sylvanas".


  • El curso se desarrolla en el software Zbrush, por lo cual, es importante que tengas instalado el programa en tu computador. En el sitio web de Pixologic encontrarás una versión gratuita por 45 días (trial).
  • Es importante que tengas un manejo básico del software para mayor comprensión del curso, si no lo tienes te invito a realizar nuestro curso gratuito "Curso Cómo Aprender Zbrush Para Principiantes".
  • Tanto el temario como las referencias visuales son relativos al cuerpo humano (Masculino y Femenino) por lo cual es importante entender que se revisan dentro de un entorno de aprendizaje.
  • ¡Tener actitud, disposición y ganas de aprender!


¿Eres Estudiante, profesional o aficionado y aspiras a convertirte en artista digital? y quieres fortalecer habilidades para la creación de personajes 3d en la industria del Cine, Animación digital y Videojuegos?. Si tu respuesta es sí, este curso es para tí!

  • Utilizarás un set de herramientas que te permitirán un trabajo controlado de las formas.
  • Aplicarás técnicas avanzadas para optimizar tu tiempo y tu flujo de trabajo (Workflow).
  • Te explicaré como generar la forma por niveles de detalle.
  • A través de 32 clases podrás aprender todo lo necesario para modelar un personaje anatómicamente correcto y recomendaciones para aplicar este conocimiento a tus proyectos futuros.

El curso aborda los siguientes temas:

  • Máscaras
  • Polygroups
  • Pectorales
  • Deltoides
  • Trapecio
  • Teres e infraespinatus
  • Dorsal
  • Serratos
  • Abdominales
  • Torso
  • Brazos
  • Piernas

Este conocimiento hará parte de tus herramientas como profesional, representará un diferenciador frente a quienes ignoran el aporte que la anatomía hace a un trabajo de creación de personajes de calidad, no importa si es realista, cartoon, manga o cualquier estilo que elijas.

¿Qué esperas para iniciar?


1. 00 Presentación del curso Sylvanas Liv: well that those memories will see you So you have to stay that commands the use on your experience in induced them This cute little you Many as they could assume the question That person is so consumed. Almost paralysis, blindness. We know that specialize must represent that he was Alexey totally away. Please. My worker loving area days they call Joey Logano still banner square nearly attaching their property Pok stumbled on is the momento. You prepare it, but it's the course. It's a better now, Hillary most in Quetta six unis women as soon as a primary course. Oh yes. Carries a queer place will bonus. Cool. So is called our Marotta e Azam Azazel Bonus because traces takes two is always ill. Badness equals a Quattro Is pasta it? I just finales in Texas continually Muslims Suunto byline. Pasar clinic also carries equipo you. Then we will be in venues 2. 001 Referencias pt 01 Liv: well anyway. Lactose in steady the old OK, almost there he It's camo selection at Leicester. Feeling should be swell, is he? But most a king Google plays there. US election at a screen More than look here we are saying a selection must get told. Roscoe a. The Muslims. Fox kun isn't up for money like Shaquille o the person Adhesive bandages. I must caution person that Hey, fiction intones say, is no importa implement to get the connected proof you could. They want us Tonito member states. They put a temple. The simple most selection are switches left. Actually, only Corte Academic would stand up for my little obvious candidate because some which, yes, in a pool must go out of that. What? Obama's Bousquet Muslim You know, Casey Echo getting that squad opah fillets. Come look morning Better feet camisole leak in the saddle states that the most going from England to here, where that little money, this e it's a tiny was Does he know King that from which is about 10 Import What Zambian baby? My summer Gandhi, being sadly most says we will study a TAMBIEN because after this quarter, gokcen over there really my CDO What? Lannister, You still hold him? Their look is on in Canada. Less interference? Yes, they and Artemia. It's a lesson. Emotion being terraced. Decision makers, you see C that come se is implementing Grace and city Make us imp interest. Yeah, point actually that police no later ski. Come. How much is it? Minus with Leopold You? But I still benign judo? Yes, with less anatomy. Agulhas Anatomical sopa Luminous but looking. At least stop what it's like to get to you. 3. 001 Referencias pt 02 Liv: Instead he always be exploit car and we'll show you never I mean, taking a mouse Borias Util tumultuous Que pronto person or animal to spend that just are not picking up your life that I mean taking us But we days where he's our interest. Almost lower handle battery failures should be swell SK appears border hemp Is we simply money? We're meeting you. You could think we're gonna selection asking about man. Is that a big gap in it? In interest? The city makers Miraculous, poor, almost totally sound system. In this penalty, motor variances implement their list. It is almost a child. Tando, he you can a school because olive oil as Eriko you don't look like owner Mill upon imprint . It's called unless your Twitter click and ultra And that was the only less he likes. You can't remember today the doors, the lick lick Military renting whose color visit riskiness. That man U K is a must Lumi Her days toe. That s the whole team. A scare When I was three, Squadron quit this thing working. They'll be angry, sad issues. Who's Perkins? He will complete Berridge. You Aleppo. We carport emptiness that corner keep Well a This could be and were put on the hand blow was fatal The interest is with a handle. Oh yes, That absorb Andraka The first man the Ideo were selection at least is the bears. It alone is that you can no boy acerca asi the most Laiho Les Paul The people there are handled diagnosing Miracle was back in the so called take when someone kills on the letter Minta It was that quick that Rachel come in. Model when mode by Maceda always on top. Que paso con always on top Que pasa will talk to you know nothing will guarantee what a puzzle apparently is. My message did that You looked almost you. She implicates Mr Armando Rebecca equal. Continue Our is competing utilizing the veterinarian Shelby's Wallace. Well, you till you mean practical Lomas Important Decca Oh, come. It isn't it is very interesting. Sermon, Tangela, See imprint Really programa Oklahoma's go out there. You will save us. He's implement to make water them into this league compilation. Say control She phasing Save us Yeah, to the wedding. Yeah, Look well, but I would even approximated by Empress Electoral happen Well because they're so poor. It's like Lessing 4. 01 syl formas primarias pt 01 Liv: Well, it does in being venues eyes the course. Um is there was a primer course doing on their own? Locates equipo de like Harrison Almost always cap the most. Pool camera Totally sarcoma. Basements can. It's a castle was that is the tool day, Julie. It was light books of us that almost a when we obviously can't I go key? Look at once I was had solamente argument is a weapon Tollway must look Ace. It's the car radio in case you get them along with our in. No, not always. But most I had he was older. Look, a slot open. We have a limited comas. Yes, we're going to use your nous but I am too little. Dude, you in this battle Equitable Get in a gun attack to escape An important effective Suzuki was bad in a rest. Iniesta sink was oblivious Eunice around really death You look at the ways King went. They have to sit that escape Almost a I could explains how to be important to support a low scores. You told us you know Poor Hamp Loquacious told me on a car breath Latinos there for me eyes Does it always Norman are glad. When was I can get a little too soon. Like I said, Pocho e que My spoon was operates and I look it was Anita, but I say as well Bonus. Is this the ACA A proxy? My main thing is that a psycho did Zika I za e do us apart until I was ir but I can receive about in al final back on as both has completed as to notify, put up or doing in Quintanilla's distances but a lot then you mama's I see a cake She no time was a car it isn't I'm weird in a complex Yume is normal You nearly had Sylvanus pesticide Mosqueda on person. Hey, they fix you He that he nimbleness the ocean as a proportion is my lab hostages. My ass was a guy. Modesty, Liza. It's antiquated. Al quaida mas largo para Cuando think I told a lie, documentarians Immature. Okay, they look a lot of my hold up. The king was area pwe. See, Be almost moved to Kenya when you are young with a critical area with Comey does it? But since election are like Sarah is a question. When we left the EU. Eunice. When was that? It can seem a little maja. We had election. Other gizmo. The only stuff being a proximamente ultra stay near Jr Most is to give Muslim in a separate case and on the corner, eat good. Nearly as they had like a delemus for until partially you could 80 year. Is that one of the local ukulele? I keep what I just tell you. We're in Bertie Llamas. Cara Country. We have an interest in medium Well, gizmo, you're just going to let equation in the Central. You just got out of a book, Okay? Can shift a linear in this. The Anglo a gizmo. And she's just a near it's going to social sitting in the aisle it shift control gizmo. Do you pray you look? Oh, yes, it is a state. That was. He will. Yet little bookie does your okay. Quit your mas largo creating and you could put a least I went when im busy. Later, actress standard. See it a damn stander And say you think Clay, he moved anything. China's busy listening, please. And most. But it's good beer to you. The stigma, Alex. You knows. But massage please, Like looking somebody in the window Motion picture there. Um, therefore, my organization looking things on this campus. Yeah, he's getting in. Is this cup us Intel? You know, that began a dizzy turn into its look away as it is. Come with Stan. We I see. Let's bake all you just a party today. Cinnamon toast. Apoyo. Hey, that 5. 01 syl formas primarias pt 02 Liv: in this breaking story. Apple at the Polo here. You know, you some we we mild West ministers then C Younis in its top part. Equate you, Paloma's actually would oppose, even was on the list. Do you take it, boy? My selection. Enough control. Click occur. It was a lesson you look. A killer is already in Boca models blast which click eczema in beer toe gizmo called Al. Just in your right. We only have left. Oh, yes. Give him, uh, she'll come, Mother Minutes worker. We're out there a totally visible as a sport Equipment Azali Status Police that Sorna most interfere Lonely in daily but as well. Cold blast, Come pick you up. No make movies! That canopy Is it about a Lisbon poco in beer? We'll give him a car. How about a militant Bookham us Visit Venice. Accredo. Poquito? Yes, we like these must step where I come out of manioc. Were our even get too much. Creo que por bien. I was in to case them. We Kartika, we have a local police. Get a much larger complicate your sake. Window condition people Mitsuko See in Pristina Tampoco really I don't know. With the selection of the killed in self. We don't cook it toe apart. L E r Qaeda. We have put a cooler poor There are a lot I mean could appear not the regard. One thing as a little girl. What does it mean to keep this look? He No, the musky It's time. I just have a handle. Mutually Rocky is much much. Well, thank you so much. I don't know. Still kiss is worry. So Chief says the new I commend you actually released later. This polygonal must wonder when the load is focus and yet you kill you. That woman she is looking to see temples. No, you on, doctor. You are, I would imagine Yes. My mother cleared out there, you know, Stoke it like your candidate. My dinner and someone to some strong new look is let for my pre Maria. No, it wasn't the right that just told you that little that was promised. One thing will be a sparky. So looking at much lower that the most killer. But there's there is the former equally state police here. Noise natives Have you did the mother bring is how to keep warm a load of the Zeca. Yeah, it's a lot. Corn is the the So we limit Subdivision is But they must feel in this moment to know is necessary to or you were meant you could, you see ago will be a most care about Joe. Do we have intimate think Oculus of the issue in this jail is sure to use your nous. He's come up with a raise our moral agenda, the jury. Yet we lost that race. Palin is Wilma's. You can We had a potato plant. Trees? Yeah. They hire people who are in real address alone. They've asked us in a spell that has been picking up for me. Nina says he had a mutual is in Toronto would be appropriate personal matters in Dhaka getting you know, when a Qaida come in for money, they always e que in tampoco 6. 01 syl formas primarias pt 03 Liv: Look, it's a party, a car, a kiss on the taxi and pocket. There's with these units. Por que no boil looking areas. Areas really are those we've closed yet They point toward you under dramatic. And so we left the race there. A Yeah, was almost Quinta Kisses moving. Kamasutra. Look! Accuse, Mitt, That lady in does the party really gonna do our oil Axler? No nos que as he come with stock, huh? Bama scored a Hindu by the moment. Capital currency. Cremation. But I cannot Korea no listo Palin Ways and moment. And it's simply made up. I see. Almost said Lucy. There was no Thomas Kay. I think this is the most big house key. 200. No, Thomas Khaki Teoh relies address. When was I called the heated stone? Look, you as it is the middle. I wouldn't get too much despite the camp. Yes, it Alan poquito mas Qaeda name able to book it. We will put out Wasn't bid it up that our corn is standard. A moment ago I got a little bit too much. Yes, you are. And easy, Moshe, because he has said, Is that our dearly level days that Sona Cohen. McKillop Iemma? Yes, we Luna's abrasion. Not that I know the policy. The moment to pay the noisy women. Your allusion. Do you know the least about it? Just a party uses the our hokum unusual. Appear now. Not so much getting in which all Dominica kiss them with blender. It was a loss again. Remain, Of course. Or he was a key. But my selection Hey, standard, Mr Ellis, A couple Americans. I'm going to go up. Come, Kieny. 7. 01 syl formas primarias pt 04 Liv: the essence and the most threatened Bookham Us? Yes, it is for Emma. We call Tera moment. Telebras was section I'm a lesson you for a moment though. Is the particular projector Poco mas party the torso as you plenty. Who is here? I was a kid. No, Sam, we excited. Oh, because we only a little bit too much. Is that gonna elope? Ever? Actually much worse in the store. Mr Zangana, you're in a key and it's that Sona soullessness has wanna know. That's like our survival up with the heart. But the old I was convinced that he's a look as a missus too. We will have tambien on them is standard record care A sad story. You you're yet Mark Allen Poco We have any llamas for the same with all of this is on a LaPierre Nikon in something Daily mail appeared on this kiddo market. So you implicated Throw up we court Endo Ilagan may well be a lot more with Marco David determined to Porky Nikita mutually touch to this or make it happen The soil quality Milic make laboratory less one their car in a look a Kerry look Achilles implemented According they are lazy, be inter santo pillowcases. They're not think a united he said. You could get a look at that. Yes, we didn't book on my guy E aqui tambien selection Narcan Corn play was to me when? Which are you? Look, it's got a big issue on December. Technically superior is Eunice Yoon. At least we're not totally clear that so in Corpus is here pronto. The general ago, as I was, I was Where did you get your standard? It's the Deloria. Hallisey It's about It's about the more they are lazy has been moving today. I took it as well. A tropical must do is you spoke a waiter must Sona. The scene took in a permit. Eight. The glow equal is a partition for 20 a kilo. Director, There, that's conciliate. The algae are Let us. That's that, Sona. Let's look at what it is Canella like it'll keep you come The order to create a system you as you are. Let's see, King is the cup case, you know is the other you the machine. I'm gonna use that top because, you know, take a union Boukary and s e is secure as you rent the chewy and Carolyn Porco HMAS this time Moneda Okay, Kim as a choir. Yet come 8. 01 syl formas primarias pt 05 Liv: comes up a little bookworm. It's the But I think they look east has meant for a base. You police And would you? Is the bush car like make commenting on the loose? But we're upset about being there. All the look, Kara address Jackie is about impolite simple lemon. Yes, it came us Director. Possibly a which a que your heart tambien music on a Sponder You have the municipal legal so nobody clear that yes, indeed isn't Boco project I wouldn't get too much this one in the charism schools that candle Syrian will be in. It's the movie a particular spareness. You're not because you into clearly a job. Yes, Olympic UMA's US election tries to look is incredible completely about like harissa in the demos gizmo who spoke when she was in your tambien But I hope he when booking a bad limousines and your question you can we are stdm us the same one we upon their low in perspective momento. Could it be a joke? A c in this local payments You? Yes, place No, Thomas came. No one should only be in one was this one without getting his ex You on simplemente selection. Okay? Just kidding. Illegal pull experience. Ticket. Two years in the until this case C is important. Ticket cages here myself. Well, or kill em. I will see him pay too much. Norman Maintenance Tesana, you magnets USC Or you mean to be listed for sandals Because she is Muslim. Minnows is the love for MMA the Kaaya talking like a bone and got lucky You're going to know LaPierre days salmonella But in poco mas my eyes there glue tells Is it almost sexy? According came NCD makers In the being, there is this remake. It's when was that illness? By failing to be swell is but Casey Bundy oppose you and women took you stay Justin his group into two person for musk Anita lo hasta pronto Various quantities so much Andy Pettitte Mass My sexy and being honest because of the spacing and do this is by no kissing duties and the love affair. And she stated that everything we did nt police, RCMP maybe I can do caucus apart. Taylor spelled on seeing to Joe We made a low entropy issue because Leo laporte my question muzzle got because Hamas for many no. Is it not think Christmas, Largo. Yalta Pace you. Do you, Mosqueda? No, it's the most Kloza. Maybe in definite here you still are. So they put it on the way. We show a loom in most patients. The jury is here to modernise its those low proportion. Nearly an ministers one. 9. 01 syl formas primarias pt 06 Liv: kill me and through a patient Tambien the look on that Mr Neri Possibly Carlo. Are you do you want? Because we would be in the interest and took a trace. But operators who must first be a cure her l is seven played. Must be there. Casey did. He s Yes, there's owner A sit and listen. I played because they will. It says only released their known. We have a little poquito simplemente see Mari Kanda. But I don't think any lay vision didn't news Crisp. Ok, Achille. It's the only occur political committing which is the Rockies. Like your home was cool. Mr. Look later you who struck they would become a despise You guess what you said instead, Nora, Much of us really a friend t But I recto there's like you have a low Constantinos Young with what has happened Irreverent Asean Brewer Correcto Keep sorry, Lovey. Rita will tend on E whose okay se focus yet Galindo's unless you want extension distant. Ok, do mostly the Okay, that's that I can Dickie broken you. I go here coming this past year, Bedouin, Look is trapeze. You be any so? Yes, Unduly. But it's your own trust. Getting to come for supper. I can actually see Informa. Yes, there is a rubbish. I stuck. Uh, well yeah. Selection in a moment in se scales, clay. But I'm a strapless Quale Isn't the pages, is there? - When I look What I be interested? I just thought Oh, yeah, we all have to Punta couldn't move. Just think about this Which in my heart sleeper pens are the key. 80 k C came poquito mas Cardona. Yeah, we must work Telesp Elder Yes. Election The conclave days That's owner. You will get the money yourself physically But if you need a little bit too much stuff form a glass bottle that is intimate. Where I aqui tambien who study? Yeah, I got lucky mother material This the moneda equals looking Let me death Keep them a little heavy You just go to my three year No, simply isn't it a reflection and equitable community based in movies? I don't LaToya call from sooner you Pakistan predictors Yet you might be the most we could expect to you neutralising perspective over Europe. Expect anything that m Poko 10. 01 syl formas primarias pt 07 Liv: It's a Portilla carries because we limbo Calmus. So, Kamala, and to really honorees on a recent there's accumulates with Hamas. Okay, Jimmy Saville. Standalone for Canada. So, Senator, stand Boco. Let us be in my legs. You know, the various cake is everyone, Marce, you know, tangle. And this May that's gonna continue on this. It was a good thing. Come with balloons. Gravelly coqui material a key, but as a litmus blooped tourism. No molecular left cane. Okay, they must yell. Secondary aged because it characterises 40. You mean take Arkin as his who? Better? Soon. He said, get this airplane that no one, including company intelligent, implement this Buenos improvised housing in In? Yes, the Lohan in Arizona. - Okay , sorry. Hey, Joe. Um, it's not clear that was a cartel. Like your meeting is like a in I'm unlucky. They a d a can and will be in looking about expressed. They must be similarly. Oh, you mean to do as it is a party in then in the Quinta do you must not artery here. You're lucky you start a pretender. Yes, that's all Well in this position Do you came? Because it looks again Because we will let Hamas you were gonna picking them a skater. But Ah, little poco the Kaaya you might not like. Okay, Okay. It's low key or located Several tenderness. The moment and Alexander Collazo. No muscular system, Anita. Yeah, I don't mess with the Zohan. We answered that. Look, these stuff, okay? Project. It was a commitment. A little to go on. This yelp is on. Know what? You know this case? I can become a show aluminum. Okay, Okay. That tumble model means that come E Okay. These young Kilcher played moves to an Eskimo kill was acquired early. He is the number one most corrupt business there and go. 11. 01 syl formas primarias pt 08 Liv: visto apart. It's a momento. We MPs Alice who really must use your nous. But I am present Ajai job. Good morning is here intrusive. Mom wasn't what I would do. Is Eunice just be a bit of a belief? Is this on the lazy into Moneda premed? Oh, yeah. I said look on Cornyn's worries. Our normal when ships just any you, You mean yell to me West Elizabeth Hamish, Know my mentee? This happened because more important, someone because under Jeremy now and they say only way so they collect, collect, collect on TV and then killed in Tokyo. I trap pace. You, you say only was almost a key. Give us an emphasis in this That's on the border. CableComms chanting No, sorry coma because of electoral Minty It's a party, a car, ill purpose you and very of who spoke on the unit? Some fertility today Ontario, you know, come almost almost Cuomo Aria, when it's that makes you it must be in e it. Replace you. Sequence can be the board about a thick in three locations. Literally entropy Is your unit black like Equatoria? You see like Philip More like a receipt. I still do that? Yeah. Uh, said the glossy yearbooks Moment influences No simple apart. Taylor and Taylor looking most will tell you this post area papal until your case is three says we will welcome us. Who's Booker? The little toy. This maybe you You are dear stuff. Warmer. Does this is the party contender? Lazy. But they must get car Agnes. People assume, But you can comment in three years. Three years each time in a career number. Casey Athletic anos de marca known as argumenty. Maybe it's something. Okay, the pan American air come we must call in, he said, as he impresses in the state Pinto key. It's the crazy tequila. They're equal and was a way Oh, yeah. With you tell a part of it posted your the little lady India's in the Agassi A que uh huh, pronto. Kamala Khan. We stand that mom was a part of it shall keep better with women. Malcolm was a key committee particles talking about never much of a problem coming. Applicants. Siri measure. Yes, You know me. Okay? Yeah. Joe Least I was in foreclosure book. Homogeneous. Let's order I quit you. When was that? Lawyers get the money. That is your muscular little. But I see Keep the audience bookie to show only ice. That's on a deal that pays you. Yes. What he said, use silica. The book will. I'm not picking visit pilots. Young people. We think it is a gun. My luck. Perimeter cordon, Stand up. One is better terrorists Markawasi Because what you said, Caymus Until Tim Tim industry in the condo on the little known as argument Taquito is because our KLSE it's looking no way is enormous. Well, you said a we as well. You said it from you for a Kalahari. Look, is intra pesh you came? Think. Okay, who got in it? Says one corny blast. But I came because a community like this post earlier any moment still do them They couldn't just about up Diddy, a k that it's a little more blood toe. You cut unit in this bus you university Kamasi education Med school owes David. Majority has been or period a key location, not Emma's. It's a part of tales in the mobile. It give you a real aka stuff form a condom standard being a Colombo. They made the US Thika. I was going to say you can look by the skin this past you pickin you? When did you come, you King Shorty Joy? 12. 01 syl formas primarias pt 09 Liv: you can do Correa's is We're bull bed. Um I see the little We will be well being self sets. We are poking my soul when that to us. Hey, I will shoot you. Thank goodness I don't book him us He who struck a moose school This case Baja daily pacing That's it goes under. Do you have a dorsal Okocha? Iraqi Apology spelled. Yeah, Come. That was the original book Muss separatism complain the most case Bono practical Who knows basis. But in two separate demos and tender Ghettopoly says connects you need I can, which is basically what they must stay and go. Lucas. Two years in Dhaka. Not that they must be made up those causes along with Monica, he's a part of the lumber. You went through this a postal your like I use a contest angle. You know, nothing was known about Caribbean when Mom was so It's a dictionary in them standard Yokoya said IHS. But the lucky I could tell much. Lucas. Yes. There is a mass turmeric to Mussi. It's coming back. Yes, there was a were lawyer. Let's get the money, you know. Thank you. As you will not be easy on and it's the moment. Oh, you mentally tomato. Carol Burnett. Please forgive me. I didn't know it was actually told. That isn't about that. Who put a medicine that carries in the party? LaCava we as well. Reserve musta handed out for MMA. I'll principio luego. It will be in focus as they look on Bean Salis was have gone standard but he told them to use your nous pointedly and daisy. I wish cinco wet you will is a party Les Paul Danos air attend. There really is a vision He clearly a joking muscleman keys with German clay. But I sadly enough for me to ski season when this feel this in the school office. Mature males? Yeah, Kump That is the sun predictor of Tacoma's. Okay, lets see This is what you said If what I see when was that? What goes up will come He in the picture mobile. What was a continuous 13. 01 syl formas primarias pt 10 Liv: when you've been using detectors are then Well, it's that 6 June when I was a continual interest school high school The SI Ben is a part of the postal metronome total trust. But I jump Oh, come as the foreman, I have broken my bony. Maybe ask Is there a better name Contrast Bonito governmental Local Because I won't eat the noise First year I was totally cycle not only Fillion CSB Swell is laying with his money. I think that if they get cancer which has basis principle on a local ambush a circulation, a lot of finances significantly Pero compact IQ. And so the Northerners Impassioned thing with a legal product experience Yeah, pains debuted human excreta as even dressed up for many known Ito because when we cheese immuno no take a pass. This was very practical. Practical Okay, Perfume free intended and oko monograph Mrs Obama's in Pisa Tango And that I mean technical his own our in because glasses bazaars, desperate men s classes in your life Nothing was election Ah minus minus. Can we please our product in Pezzella Zeta still banal a party like a crazy but influences the premier pork whereas it touches whenever I'm for corrosion crap that wasn't looking around. Breath in the car, sooner liquor. And but I stopped him in his brain. Opens. Archy, when you have this presents from poquito Don Loper, we Carcano missed history Toronto Porky said that I mean to the mosque in Decorah less with police tanto sport him Look a step. We 1/4 look because as you come he Cloquet U S air base was I think that I keep is the bottle thing. What is that? Cooperation? Is this gonna poco Messina? But the dispatch What? Look. Oh, yes, sir. Isn't it time we ve car like cutting and it'll be okay, you know that this move and some will be in Tampa being away. Well, I don't accept these young Indigenous. It was a good person. What does he You know what I mean? That must get him. Mama's You okay, kiddo? I sit on the school's gonna He's a selection can control out boehlje as it is. We had this election of you Look a killer. Is it a case? Oppression? Ah, in police We are applicable it on top group Contra Dolo, The Conestoga Anti So came. We have any control at local and my guess. Because you on this project local election time, which was worse connection that move It is a lump Les array, low can noise stands incision open With that You know that family jacket? Unica said control arrays have see Akhisar area Tambien okecie e TEM in piss people was appropriate Chef Okay, Yes we have a big issue Keep boiling because I don't get too much. Allow you Look is a must do now Is Canadia jokey reelection Aristo we in Bertie Llamas Coming Control Trust any liquid afuera applique Early material gigolos order can allow you in a good momentum, Lucas tribunal But to carve a who had a lot of follow your system way, could I? But that was like a custom. More me. Is nobody that much inconvenience Well being you could look at home. We have a limp, poquito alot kind apart area Momento Reyes We held them in soup. These Eunice, could you please have a go? But I think he's mocha a kiss The bartella Commies, Rosario, Combining problemas intones is they will bear me. You must be in every limb Poquito mas o J. Lo's poor kid Jokela. Because in place in a choir and Penis, it's time we big I look up system is coming till a better to lock. Yes or no? Nobody will be busy in terms of looking Was very loose again Out. Ernesto, are we going to look? Has he moved? We're really lucky. Well, you better a woman in a car, Katie, and took a bullet car. It's almost in between Will. I'm not talking about the loss, okay? The edge of America. 14. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 01 Liv: I command you and love You knew failure. Luckily, we have blown pocket you're capable of as you will most. So you better theatre than will Yuki Almost clear. And Rio, Thank you. Kiss system were present Control Chief A C the control ship. Bakkies see him come when you see looking is is it better? Give me Julie? I got a full legal news. And what must be going on? A rocket that must be going to the law. Let's election, Kasinga. It's community to state Magica with the race. Miss the nervous labor Middleton was kept in the letter. Added stuff deep way too much. They are lucky as he put a temple. Yeah, What you mean continues? I came that they were even Poco Magister. I didn't know you. What was most of that kind? Israelis have Greek king. Your heart is the party. We have selection. It'll throat move top A logical It's amazing. Was it? There is an old hand. Okay, back. And, um the time anything. It was that cakey camp Akamas profundo. Okay, May most love former. They allow you? It was I didn't get the was a cow, you know exactly on this team Lisi mouse, knife, the medium They must call you guys that wanna McCain is in the special by lack you Samels you let that they're on their own. Poco modest allow you in its ability in Daytona, is it? Go on looking for your in this Sony. Okay, boy, the Communistic Amita solution What is he with his election that influences came You stand up. Um presented Settles again Me too much Broke she pinto person I put in it like a champ Akamas Gotcha. You know what does he mean to santo? You own a bitter badly for my state. I love you. You're a boot Ellington CS. It's probably going to manage it a month in a case where a little below you nice require a little cooler here looking focus here the middle. You can use it for a little polo Yellow canna When I quit, people know. But what they don't approve. Go on, Ceiling measure. Look, you don't either. We had to pick a better tonight. It was tasty. You simply cut it from a Syrian measure. Okay, okay. You know, But you are much easier. He desperately is almost coming. No questions the Israeli a kick as he coastline cinco because even see the measure born in school. Oh, you mean think mortem Your patrol car. Which one? Look, I know intense is your Penis discusses your boy was analysis information, but at quite a premium When you're perfect bagel Mm. He doesn't need to quit. They went two for minus. Polygon is coming home. Okay, we as if it is primitive control. When you told us in group Bush doesn't the groups he we'll see but our poorest part of booking. But it's about this will take a Silvana. He who is turning itself is like a general Was that we put the Babylonian will create any was is the person I looking and commit this season bottom with? Yes. You put Atletico ism either way. Ah, click Akin T jama group split. Okay. They killed your photo. The one group split is kiss it in. Yeah, You know the type. This place Logan ellos no upper that lets with dubious Eunice. He was out of my loss. No, no miracle absolute will be. Is Eunice the moment they are mountain Elyse touches for him project related to this case. ECA care. Simplemente no, we happily Carol, the lower he well, don't tiptoe. We have as a newsagent and it blocks mou. 15. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 02 Liv: your reaction on that? I mean, take a kiss. Jemma Silly Misha Guide equals history. We control, they are being So look is allow you see so around? Well, no, For much of looking. He's like a me Sudan. Obama's address. When was that really at a kilo? You almost. You are just that the most prominent particular animals Let me swim with jealousy. So I put up. No, no, but where it was Okay, we tell you, Poquito, let's put a calm for a t. It will lay. It was I don in the poor almost bare. They really does the other kill me alone. You might. We always could escape this part of the same as you. Come on. A Kenyan artist. Scolari's human thinking. Look out! Me. Okay. No means more when I go home. What was that like? It's that kind lady s K saga Asleep Ridiculous, but going to see and much in a state action unit. State action! My comment was come. Nothing was It was looking. Thank you Said Yeah, Oculus. A little tricky. Mm. It's the nicotine escalating Conveniently spoke. It started in Florida. The most implementer. They don't poke. Remember? Loose polygons. Creo que contest. I can't. He was either trailers stuck on this. Well, Mm. Like you said it would be in. Well, idealist, that serum measure to initiate upon their clearly mosquito say she was getting really farrago. Mm. Julie dia que loco. Everyone's, you know, pedo kind of thank you as always different. You know, Aquino, Michael Stone. The argument is not indicative. Perfecto it or not. I mean, Turkish implement, take calculus. But that doesn't mean that list you are lower than others believe illness. The media kill up with jealousy on Thursday is a we hope liquor Premera charism into shifting. Yes, A limiting It is Sona Kerry. I said wait. A report that he had a key, but I can locate a month is that they perceive the measure. This us you know you to be article to sit looking tingle up my nature. We as a lose again to you are Molina. No one's you know, obviously is in the Kiev ago your arrest, - then we'll see. We make sure something my positions. But you can put a new stuff we have Lizzie with Oh, look what I say this in. Therefore must think about it. Eunice, typically, you know those of these Eunice, obviously a predictor looking conservatory informer. Clear pick tries to be a cold case. Their God is their guy. Like I'm a predicted nineties was he is the former projector historica, don't you? Well, yeah. In predictor old the Colonel de Predictor it was implemented is a former even if they are also generalizes, it'll be a problem. Yes, that is lucky. At any dollars with these United States, we're getting this information will attempt to such an enormous It'd be really nice making finished. We study inside Jesse municipally gonna spool it. Yet we have. And where we had controlled shift thing, but the public are Terry circa yearly control state. Okay, well, yeah Seeley mission. Really? No saying those she'll be Misha, was that commission regular? Wheeler That level of that? Your commitment? You know, yen there are, Which is Polygon knows in Montana. Torrey? Uh, no. In a former 1,000,000,000 plucky one up for my loss direction. Dealers loops, please welcome. It's controlling apart. Tell us about a persistent completely. This book is easy. Often should not we have lost. Please. You must Qantas. We're gonna stand here on CNN. This home in Turkey in it seen commuters into it and take what's written here in Greeley. Tokelo. Well, see, we did. Yes. The Internet intake is making into school. And take what? UK organising committee. Losing. Excellent. Yes. There you go. The money. The general. And this is it. I mean, there Waas. He says he Then it's easy to produce a teeny informa. Soon for the hand flew B is unity. Let's Four Musketeers stunned. Low grass. We have like that. Literally? Yes. There. Come. Yep. Those babies Uranus? Yes. In the project project. Being with blue is okay. You don't I kill. That's it. Yes, The onus is it to, uh, being more than a possible outcome. Equant? Enormous. And it's again there you 16. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 03 Liv: is this in a less park slope that were collected on book? Oh, my Spears Election Tennessee Predictable booking with this, That's all. They love you. Oh, yeah, In the book, Hamas is the battle against Take home with you We, a planner, created less about the planet to look control unit with the Asian. But but I think I'm looking towards dame bloomin It must feel to it. And that's when I allow you to pay your a key looking Oh yes, Every Tambien is who's talking disappears he to begin you He has a column. Poquito mas old woman disseminator I don't know of Dijon so it's about so he's almost 11 minty. Yeah, uh, we have any real love you so pretty or in his boarding internal as that. Like Omi Suda Camelia is a step until noon until in failure looking very only love your superior because as he being Marco, can we meet tomorrow? Tragi Can we kill movement of my arms up out of thin touches my mother Yet we know Moses Decca we are But I don't become ill Lose Cleo. I mean it is Erica. Yes, Between allow you I mean we're here. You're gonna book in Turkey. You're looking for you, Jeff Causey. Tambien It's that, you know, never mind book We Valenti we had to do quite a book. It's just a car. Poor Kika in Labadee. They love you. Superior was yes, the level McKusick was conduct a book swam in the here's election in a cut. We were still a mascara. You look at that gives it up, guys. Well, if my eyes don't allow you said I was eating enough for Mom with a very anti party in a coma around there. Lehman, think Stoke enormous game for Toronto humanity controllers while you Samels, who's condone local applique with the area least I can is central. It was about it did allow you Boco. You could play. We don't want the issue on land. Well, you have a little impolite ones. Eight months Yes, Going to stand there being Domi's Marquis locally as it is May. But I can turn allow you in very or looking for your team No particle area. His kid it's the filo known is that even to see employers that can The tequila party There was a case of one didn't poke a couple ways. That mother venue because of food you support a tailor? Young? Very. Or were they? Look on them is standard. It's come all those devious Eunice the Moneda You need more support aka. Does it mean to Scolari's saying we should call out somewhere. Maybe in we are selection. Clay? Yes, the party animals. Bloomin we got to insult. I use them Us a quo. 17. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 04 Liv: Okay. Okay. My books. I mean, this is love or MMA. When really pokey took can we could really see Yes, it is gonna move. Yes. What? You said Eucharist. Um Tosi a come whatever those bodies Comus form a coma. Yes, we know you can really has been a long time in the US The actual election to put a secret school now years MPs It was Damascus here. Come on itself. When sea bass let me put issue. No court circum the middle. It was up. They clearly don't cook it The money. Stuckey, What a pleasure to detach is close. Simple. I was you. I'd like to in the target. That's why he's willow elope ago. But the the process. Okay, kill us If we have a bookie toy with women, we have had a reputation state recently. Controlar la Magennis moment is looking more cheerful. Yeah, but we have everything. Lucy in in a car. Well, that's what he said. Move the middle. It's a part of some would put with something. You keep your Harlem poke even as we've Majesty, I can't may as you don't even Okamoto love you. It's the We wasn't Poquito us the most what I can with Julia. Hey, guys, come with me. Animals. Kaing, ive as you know, Tamil Italy or the La Boca into this bulletin. Put us election that year and damn standard. So handle, which will come Look at it again. Move poquito. Okay. You don't love for my knowing CalEnergy's? Yes. Apart a lot. Kara se See a button. But I wasn't Boco. It's about the local. - How much like Aida was correct? Unit? Yes, there he said, I go Key committee was it'll be We didn't Esther's wonder. Introducing was cool on the standard. Kristen was looking poquito. You kill him in the most home bucket materials. 18. 01 syl formas secundarias pt 05 Liv: Yeah, yes. Tellinya Express young Dominicans. L A super important thing. No committees. You still, you know, like America is picking dispersion to be as early goes He you said it is studying his implement a joke. That's it. Must be the standard, Pamela No, like as he in a coma said Must be hard for my life. I see. Yeah, it was a pleasure. They must Perkins Nothing separating though. Now you can also need Porky Cuando minutes PNC they connect. That's what must lay more if he came out. But it's quick. Pretty great Cabinet supported analysis. But we will be back in a little bowl. Beta A selection. That is stuff was I go, sir chica, there was some We got two key. It was only the book. It was ironic you until as those cinco But it But I'm out of my pocket I'm a layman Raise so much stuff for my book a month ago a car key clearly a king Preziosi The gato aka you didn't begin. It's like a kitty. Nick is enormous, given no bookie, she put the bandage and a little perspective on ways are equal. European soccer's I can the perfecter columnist. Pretty level there. Yeah, but don't count Pierre Louis Normandy , the Zika. They love this about telling Elise Middle Donnelly's. Do you think it must? Sweet Keenest on. We might a key. I see Yuki and honestly, Angola about a C in his angle. Basic inquiries angle a human finger. That was, um, selection that Thomas Standard momento. Do you know that that have been supporting these when they would have any interest in tow? Asi gotto get the Alumina King. Okay, Two peas in me and pretend to kill. Key thing was Alex you now? OK? And, um, with ministers castors for employees in flat Lucas That but musical Les Takis You know that your delusion and illness they must come always because implement the looming looking days were normally we re lucky is a parting eating poorly McCann into alleys. I went no sign of 19. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 01 Liv: organization told his job a lot. So it was his own senior boys. This kilo paras uniform, this place if we are left with the issue, who's stories? Still not familiar but hardly is the pills in You took a super area. I like the money that control I talking about. Look, toe turned up here we put a car. It's the part of a laissez has were you Harold Standard for a month. In the reference you see him play TDK you, Nikki, you are must wins account. You think most women assume that very issue is what made you Elmo cheesing but out. Want me to kill? You are less It was your cake, a stapler Maslow's or just pull him posted here. Selection to us. That's owner gizmo. And don't look to me like honesty. Can you know those that was already? It's not about the JD a k no means more control. E p in South Ambien. King no extend to the potatoes. Well, better me. We had her premiere in control for me. It once looked for my like our age. Nike Com. Okay. No, no. I acquitted o j b. A k selection that Disney must come This plays a Does he your toe The demolition Minter santo Nobody has that we allow record the muscularity. I'm not more hurting. The key was windows duda to start with because I can t Lucky support Elena is just a much value, you know, quite a momento. This year came Laurie battle to Rilo this apart until a sale purple Because we're llamas Yankee any calmly but I mean it is a little book. You too much. Mm. Lucky go Aggies. Well, you must ukip or a key Carilion least pocketed internal premier does about this time we are ? No, because we're looking But I kept feeling myself element on so it's almost like a module Montero Poquito made this polygonal. It wasn't poquito a camp. Mm E k ok, Kat Ambien. Can you What Guinness is you talk about a Kimmy? Julia? Me where Bhutto is Clarity. We're talking keeping that system. We said we immigration, you know, took it an obvious time. We ensure lococo poquito Tomi Maki and right They were in poker Contour machine. In which case you feel broken apart. Yes. What? You said a calamity. Not they must keep in Mentone. It's common pump you can I see you level we upon it from really low done is still according toe system a better feel You accurately wr Mr. It was taste, you know, cocoa. Not sweet. Can you feel your career? That would be a solution to monitor It was a little bit. 20. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 02 Liv: corn Glee. Yes. You don't mess with these young. He said, look again. You mentally a superior, Thomas, You still he has even as Lena's came in a terrible pilot ale. A parting there. Now the most qualities as Linnaeus Premier label. What key on the But I think Thomas Proto hunting. Was he What? Yucca? Yes, Election. I am. It's standard loneliness, callous, commit abuses on it's the spokes, Eunice Getting them to get to Mars Motorcars. Okay, thinking, which is you know, you start to our example living minty. No trays. Well took, you know, come Geico casino. Tampoco the measurement is right. It's not part of the Lord Bill, please. Towards were later minty Mike. Um poco mas location. I can't Well, yeah, in the most cause you didn't get the most prominent CEO. Tell us a little bubble. We are key. Yes, Well, he's lucky when you put it to my spirit told, but I'm gonna miss Look out! Yes, We don't secretion pocket the money Never looked through a window. Better kill me, Marco Hamas yet religion are conquistador quickly. It's about the car. Depended to stop those The duchess appears Khokhar corn corn. Gonna lose esperan Plaka get from I wouldn't put too much. It's the Sooners. 18 years in Kolkata. Brilliant. Mm. This is when we put Will And instead of America. Yes, it is. You keep telling us. We're lamenting. Oh, well, good at low, because someone Checchi's yet we didn't put too much on that. We'll be there are on a different thing. But what little share to think that just go. Okay, Just that she let me have your book. It Janet Thomas. Krista Queen Aspecto familiar Charity body toe Mr Yeah, Selection. Okay to peace. Where's the little money's depiction of testing? Yeah, a little. These young nous. So parents I just see no one's You know, basically, while when was Obama's election way? Better feel, Book it. Annoying Which leather? Mr Lasky supporting Poco mas. Does he blocking? Your name was from a little bit easier on this. It was a little metal dick America. You're clearly you Could you kill me? Heart 21. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 03 Liv: Atraco za keep as almost put out a key. The camp. So I'm in the limit of material. Yes, that's what is Ivorian. But that's what he said UK area as interest on poquito e, but Colombian support to dig analgesia. But with the book, whatever you have, Stuckey, women go into the continue Gloria, I would Does it touches, you know how come you mark ulemas? It's the sauna. Uh huh. I see you, Nikki. You were her Siaca. You know, throw. Risking because it we live in a lot of hair on poco Pero no, the book it on my car. Yes. Election Accolate us that most that stuff Plus, yet it's the world became a veena Little my dump You, you devil! Yes, well, he's have It's when Evil divinity. Meantime, the educational purpose video case I cannot noted under at least Yes, kick it Even Gugelmin, complete control over the pusher. I'm asking. Here's what you have. Please. Most electric every moment. Yes, well, and of course, isn't There's a stay of 20 linking Amazon book. It okay knows me. I can't see how little room into your equipment does. She completed our initial a position which is totally different people to the interests and desires. Not that we could get there wasn't but a poet as it takes. You noticed a lot of things I always tell you, You know, that the political really I stopped form. It was, but I took it out of Delta. Does he Bob? Must you kissed up? Would come Corn I understand that tournament has shop Where the former I said When I look better post So you saw and women to propose put with intensity You can come here total menting us. But I include Do you think you are? Let's see. 22. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 04 Liv: in Jordan. Poco mas? Yes. Thank you for choosing. And it got a little Okay, It's about a paid less as we medium. Which almost said on where is it? Candian become mass plan in the movie, India's looker intones risk areas. It was a condom Broke. Yes, well, he's had left. You're going to come develop intelligent measure. Was who Any of my holy said on that was another early purple. You will order that the lower went Carlos always prompted a Pulis bypass. Give me one oddly ended Pagis. It is almost but the unit's always but I could Okay, just one thing as you look fair, You mean so I took a comb over. That's can she just any Republican Zima. You know him off you corn. But on Canal Justin, you? No, he'd ambush you. Look at what was going Chief toasting your Colombian. Yes, we know. So start. Uh Lenti. Come with him now in a continuing quinta Qu levity molecular Selves. It already looks us. I mean okay or intra don't Oklahoma's get the lay. He was gonna kill you. Prepare Really Arpaio or so called Oahu? Do you keep? I couldn't get toe e or as I call it. See, Booky? Queer. Is that part of their car like animals can. I can cannot get a movie from Florida. Plate clear. Don't poquito metal. Poco secure. Super being you can my acquittal, Leporello. You mean Mr Minnick agrees that can. Okay, let me tell you more power. You could play kill you. We, um Razor. Latika, you really did you deal with clear to come, have you? Never greatest apart. They must be need because some boy me wisdom LAMAs still ahead on poco mas etc his addiction that I do understand that he was formally Nika. Let's see. So he's ready. Not a 1,000,000 last vision, Clasing. There'll be no military Kimmy logo. No one. You want me to any a c? So how do you? You were arrested and poquito all women in its stance on TBS election. That clay, I think honestly keep Kendall bloomin take a bow Comus plan. Was he what I'm which in turn being for my love 23. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 05 Liv: - get them into the Children were Diastolic bagel, limited owner, subdivision, parliament, etc. We keep the mechanistic. Lee says he looking into mine either get delinquent Keanu Most critical. Clear his brain. Okay, come on. Thank you. Thomas a que is king? The latest number? 11 years. What was even remotely familiar with former created yet? But it just couldn't understand because they let's see when a list playing video nobody likes you not know mascara Camargo get equal Moved. I don't want to cut what was operation. But I mean, what I love about among me was because we were canto. Yes, it is. And yet you know you are because you check his well Aquino istan. Talk it in a choke. Mosqueda This created educate Myrtle minus four. The foreman I've been able to come. Was he? But I don't have a very simple keep a car booking ran yet? No. Yeah, When we have a character poco it is a gross A proxy market Carry most the better part. When was I will bear a cocoon standard. Well, im nt you want money? That you are when I was a kid. Come on, Thomas 24. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 06 Liv: that's what you don't kill was being It's a party until a poquito mas. But we need policy kissed. Um, we put with and Sisto Divinity, MNT, Nike. Well, yeah. Keep that in the pelican. One more. Um, no, it's you come no more dispose of Lord regulars on Akeem Pokemon like there's no tenia Nikki aspecto into my screen Can I must when it was there, Must kulina do you take a look, Thomas? Eric, It's a party. No open. We don't know. Tell America. You mean you don't cook it too much. Just look up. It was Misha, Come on, you focus upon the journey Military a Plantagenet McComas camp. This would have standing to get total minutes says honor when you idiot you continue Gloria Catholics, United Kingdom asking me on a beach. We have released a part of a team. There's a quantity school, quite a poker because it is you're Does it rest takes, you know, stunned. That am I really love former the stuff. Clear. See? So you said Yo, um, I understand that much. You thunder border, They're blue in. Well, unless the issue in this year's election who support honorees My Scotty Lago gizmo, Central Canal. That arrest was Euro. You can, Chief. Do you see what you're looking at? What home? The Taliban were in pocket. We just let out. 25. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 07 Liv: show support ticket in the sky and just focus theatrically I for commercial ugly sport Keynote indicate Harley. Okay, Dumbo Comas is the king of actual Minty. He's ready, Working as a particular tempted as owner. Okay, I'm is not right to look on his touch. Cumin, maybe. Need a price. Get beautiful women took from Waziriya. Did you hear me? What s on the that and that even forget us. It's the party. Icons of humus. Let's see, Mr Williams were melody. You disappoint. Are you looking? But it will be the most quotable. McInnis about a thing, Larry Minty Unity's Lucas still uni, you know, um, stuck will buy Never empty triple toe it. And she your opinion. The market. Tarconi standard Always video, my lord. That what we are in preparation elements. Could have been told. It was nothing to the pro is you know, you mental a pimp Rafinha put into the position. I know, but you are more cheesy. More, um in your feel object? Yeah. What? I see collection or negative? It wouldn't be that. Actually Lepine Tutor media can put too much oil. - It was a key. It will be. Which is the more Get a pinto. The poor famous can tell you that she ended tragic in a delusional Yemen with cheesy more A couple in practice we'd be in Tokyo. We are Harlem. Bookmark! It's a party! We have been Tarradellas over Negras Common Destiny. But this is not a negotiation. Crocs 20 Coping Thomas Ades Elliott Rose! Just go on the whole broke out. Real objects. He loves you. Yeah, I see. Be up internally. He says he's negative. Did you even quicker? 26. 01 syl formas y detalles menores pt 08 Liv: Well, okay. Actually a cortical geopark it She and took it in the local region. Beer Venice, Italy That I was there is a he could radiate Clinton's is least broken my heart and I hear your cries You want up in time What it is about a thing between Cortijo come? Yeah, a key. But they also know Don't go must control now. But okay , so you know toe touch No wonder the street, Mr Gender Mystery A portion they happen to Renato came No talking sister in the camo Meharry in touch You mean the pieces? Yes, it is to really Bihar Lika No more. Oh my g m b a Who told the part? A low Still you could somebody wish because you get the go curium cocoa video coming into that. See you soon This police they love I was up in terrorist values. Well, here's election at internships going been doled out nothingto just put him again working it might be actually has written inside you Today you become material perfectly. We know it's place they in no se please. But this year, but it's a sick, domesticating poco school. We have had our corn plus they completely a Premier Li stand that material material because room material a toy like Adam Imagine African color. You're looking cute as it is hopefully curly at those Latavius jamas haya care today Don't cambio significant to you, Karen Which one to implement? Almost three plastic. You still look up. I mean, there's always a typically between plastic replica lady. Now it's material and the most e selection. A little twist like a worrisome you live up in in material. - Most of these Uranus seem quickly Do not. There's been a six step of done that much easier like you say Yummy Bueno, it's election are in stroke. Lazy mouse. Um, no. When I came asp Elite board must control Let me talk about the direction of trace in amazing material knees. But I will bet me classical You need a place in English but and Casey time you know, to the tide is low. Come in quarter Here, baby. Just starting on, which is the moment 27. 01 syl refinamiento pt 01 Liv: well that those words are continuing. Terms is called a colossal. By not insulting my parity jacket thoroughly looked into the to impress 11 ELISA Nadiya Mia is pro Kodak eternally Sierra Authors kettlebell luminous. The incident took a connoisseur transgresses the come we get to see you. Where's little book? Almost because there is a camp. Hardly bookie took a But unless he has in the potatoes offers Was that Lewis the former? So I don't book you to kill purple? We're really poquito a kind Support the bill as a whole Senior least I was he out of Keep me in. We're gonna book the Lebanese. But things here to the hospital tomorrow about a day is that we don't use Young what these young US election standard. But that's what he said. You don't book it to us. Get that Americo you know metal division. But years have lead lme eyes He ended up It's a former a c Morriston poquito documentarian Pokey Dokey everywhere. Six, you know, stand up because what you don't look so much like because we use camo. Finally sending us part of this in very unique is a little too ideology. Intercable spoken 40 minutes poquito. Okay, She lay doesn't book Omar's allow you. Okay, you may hold. He's the But they didn't know you Time limited. Yes, I think you know. Come on. The same was moved. Okay, well, even critical Kennelly's We're totally blew me back. Even I don't get imagined. Es, That's on. I must take on this one. You gotta mean they are my blooming que obviously with them in their custom. We baby near me, Marco, Huh? Yes. And of your level system. Use every move. Lucky Suaram. Anything Controller Toit dedicated. I must be in the North. Solution 11 momento is super important. Could you keep them in the felt gonna standard as it's chaotic Messing's We get it. Selena Kevin Affection normal kissing in a police. Kanye can a party with a 20 book Etherington's yakking You win again, poquito. But as I said, then we will separate Teyla's towards local Is the statement that it was again? I got a call. My sister's honor will be if you needed the But I think the mass planner will be most fully deputy together. King Tories almost let him in King. But how much? Poquito. Okay, we shouldn't forget. Tulum separate Telemann. Viola? Yes, My address. What was the question? Quit your dilly other guys miles ago. Uh, a Sunday years someone needed. I wouldn't just in just a few more cheesy more. It's done that this material ickiness has on. They were Monday. That outcome. It was a party. Mr Lochley. Don't mostly there. Yes, even Pokemon. But they continue looking to us going to come. You know that You make you peddle it. A key moment. Toe. Mr. Buffett. Thank you. On the sea Bongo. Look, I can't retire to be in Was a Candace about it. Well, he's ambush. I could kill movie. Yeah, in De Lima's. Swear him into Kentucky's. - No one expected him Like you. It is way too much. Just a part of things. You're camping to the You took a moment looking to put a magician Mullah intense. You know units of the issue. I love you. Study. Creo came. It was like a model, So I mean, you can play the clearest apart. There were not abrasion local machismo, croquet in Kansas But most missiles again, Theo. And then there was a continual Cornell restraint. It wasn't as you continue 28. 01 syl refinamiento pt 02 Liv: continue in Tokyo is aim at the touch is equal Siento jackets Lazim Well, Atiga, we have a lot of Boco My score up! No cakes. I had a broken a woman. Dear Settler Sin Embargo! Shake is a little torpedo in. It's the moment. Okay, Okay, okay. No, no! A model in Boca. Yeah, Yes, it goes by so many. Por que The kordech Asia it in Attack! Onus dispute Carolla was a key. Can it must normal e quando jump in Monterey locates Who estimate there is a resealable Moses color in this moment intentions locally as it our election on Sunday e look promedio que Syrian element people that a glass mental illness part of this, you know is that ST Aquinas Spell them just like in this pilot is the sauna Bookham us e this he must be in north that let them with clothes A croquet look A curator Canadians alone Poco mas Not too well not to release Coniston much closer. You keep that this year the boom in this county any It's really the killer spell that I almost poco mas look case a little more plateau simply minto. Yet that's what he said to come. We all had a book. Wanted to replace you Very little will keep turkey. Yes, there's owner. I think I broke it too much to kill you. And it's the butt kicker. You Klay? Yes. Um I don't bookie to manage the material. It's then that even will come These worries we haven't even poco mas que was a quarterly Akin is about the he lets piled on move Used to be in yourself Quite. I was just wondering I was like, Totally He's just about the Quetta Borias it calm play being no Montana Poquito mas day they were looming in a sense, When I come to you, does he you need to come just about ruined Bookham us like you that get the most Have they got lucky? That's what he says. You don't still a woman Our Aquino circle keep for my one must take in your joyless innocents Order you can the printing Boco! Someone found on this. That's all because what you said OK, yes. We could limit or nice celebrates a lyekka hockey, you hear? A You know we can look. I will ensure the Qaeda making this a part of things. Will you get Thomas Aquinas Post? Then your son listen to know poquito the material these Connie standard list. You hear me? Or is that part of the ACA Motoman Killian s that come? Yeah. Come must remain in Tokyo. You're going to murder you lactaid r k a little more mature Qaeda. You got laid off in two minutes on the solution. No con clearly must be in. Okay, so I see Seems did you kill? We pulled a war room in my original poco You look accuses anyone but us. You on King was later engine trees that part of the school. Just like, you know, seen But says Holkeri, Rocket Communist Party. Really? And it's a portal Abdomen. You mean not seen some the inch. There you go. Gold standard standard the project on Pokemons Aquinas analyst Prestigious. Not yet, but I can't get usually the m I. But you know, a definite must over the support Elmo's Kelowna keep totally book. It took over as well. He's had they keep the liquor because it must to have you a lot of legal. Yeah, kilometers women take is to, you know, do you We didn't want this worries. And in a state or the 29. 01 syl refinamiento pt 03 Liv: it honestly is young soirees have been Well, it's appear. Were predictor llamas A serial empty boy. Was that look on the move? Sally is nice or not? No, Um, too much. But I come yet from being one a lovely going slowly with, um because I don't know. Of course, we How can you broker? Yeah, kids under this we're hearing a lasting toe key. You know, Tom, a city named Jimmy or a former going broke my will boost to calculus Book was your love. Either he is reading which wants a car? No, que Has had told up for months the most they Premera mistreatment beers no time. Which could, you know, we could start to a state tragi in a moment on the to go nuts with the issue on It'll topple over here, kid. Much money. Hardly. This place was killed, they hope. But that's the moment. Opinion Twisted Triple A status finish. Do it soon we are gonna poke. A model is a partake with you in our local area. I look almost as it order. A momentary most to look is like Harris. It goes arguendo. I was looking for my doctor. Your sentence, can you? They had lovely put our the clinic logo as well. And and we end true Stuck a toe over here. Too much is to come wait to my liking that on a little tail the first flu as wheat Be anything tourists as well. It's is your decision. We have a new book among us is the party we made Oh yeah, I'm entitled to my home in Acuna Piana. - Magica couldn't play behaving modestly. System was cool. You know the issue you give me what I just just one a day. Did this prestigious your key? Dorsal Baca Prestigious like a toxic you're talking about. I don't know that band on day just almost come out looking under McCain and she's here to the thirties like OK, come home. 11 years as international division you can play. It's a lucky careers on cierto these units where he is I am lucky Boucle Yes , it is telling him was living you're able to condoms Standard given this up will come e boehlje lay issue the issue Malaysian district those I was always under whose bikini body? No, let me death in his book. You're not a vision I could get a point margin. Let me tell who's to any sort of decision. These worries poquito battlefield was he Humans felt that come lettering flat momento with you Everyday modest Alina multi mustard Dijon You may all be, as you know, especially polio. 30. 01 syl refinamiento pt 04 Liv: next toe committed cold because they're looking Chloe equal. Okay, Curia. Hey. Need are only spots, you see. Can you go ahead a key? So you must create me, Hilton. Done yet? Come wears it. Okay. Being busy in the attack. European sales. But I haven't even broken monsters. Warner, part of the base units. Comas. Normal. Anton says Nokia location. Not much more school. When would that look this stuff for me? Arquin bookie. Tomorrow. The vaginal coitus. Do you know these are jealous? Leaving you may well be their cases. Inclement day school. Understand that a local you need a level headed busy. Really have especially P a G. So real. Thomas, you support against the yen. Spelled them dip. Interpreting two months to get a seat at camp. Yes, that's corner. Comedian it on P A g. Who's come? Did you, uh, them stand up for him? Yeah, I need a B soon. Can you play getting it out? Well, what about getting legend? Well apart. Issue If you need a Modesto, it's a good book. See, mom? And don't forget, though the 18 Iraqi is still two more they touches to lucky. Well, the projector llamas glad she is your sister. Corn move. That was just your key to me is still looming. A big level. A typical stand, you know, you know, to keep in your spell. How about this Petty Executive? We will be missing. Indigenous? Yes. The home listings came the letters from Hamas. The money because, you know, no male opposition cares you, but I can't. Muskogee, we have a list. And the evidence? I am working too much. She he is a key Quentin gizmo. You're coca team number one position. According Kerry. Muslim being caught a little cocoa. I don't want a little bit. These units. I see no problem with a tragic. But the money to, of course, is a par Taylor with that sweater. Us. - Mr . Party, The medical book from us. Torrance's mom was that they were just What? Come that scene. She was still you in. I went to the mass. Quick move. You said this 31. 01 syl refinamiento pt 05 Liv: could you can be our don't put too much stock. Next. You know, most things like you give it up in womens winners in this tough position. Dhaka, Where is it? Could I want a book in tow? You're actually Lou. You know your book. It took up. Your position is not to let forestry low. I was out. Um, been well, your Assisi and took a look low. You could talk our heartless whatever. Little treat this until you're it doesn't matter. Book humans. They will loom in ice That's on balloon Certainly will be sips with because they had amassed a big key. Right? So you comes with a 30 year, the police will commence military and it touches. But I assume that he is with Madeleine. Poquito Ochiai. They were looming. - I couldn't get too much. It's not. Part of thing was a look. Competes. Oh, according flat Borias. There in flat. I was with tomato finally in there called dumb standard. But I think mother come into margin less one below signals. It was a most beach. That woman to selection of King Bill Maher. Commission poker. What it says on you understand? Like you know maybe Stokes Suitt, Toe Elementary and Josie don't just think. OK, as here, Lucy? Yeah. Cumiskey boosted. I mean, that battle does he re ascetics, you know, in flood. Thank you. Some. The book Will and the alloy as a car. Masculinity Collmus She was, we know, dedicated. Acuna's glued looks a party because in the camp acquire you I don't look it normally. Selection of dumb Standard Party A Kilo lady issue which may hold Mother India e Then we were almost in flood. You don't come out and look to with most crooked Municipal Tacoma's you came cable area A colonial Taxila. Uh, because we long polka mass couldn't day they were ruminants here. That's owners 2017 Formosa Kelechi Louisa, Kentucky is no bean sale Commando para political beef The present looking that direction now Commuter speechless Forward Parliament Macca's okay, No press that. But the question is because keep your perfect appears all operational. It's a depot a solo in charge here. Test illness? Yes, You have the almost came to my home. You know they didn't noise with these. Open its compete Action king like you need It's a particle. Someone yelled We have had a book but don't touch. I don't cook it toe 32. 01 syl refinamiento pt 06 Liv: can a scare in its women to look into scare is the charism. Look at the kids Canadians, Quintus visions thinking on the case You nick in as that say's We have to. Really? Unless it's what do you see on this inequitable in this inquest assays as of medicine Catella Landmark anti A This will be shown in sport because you know that moment Oy, that limits down data carries cuerpo looking or bazaar is we put them in the nose collapse . Let's would be easier. Solution is getting the most okay with that A key Merge down. It was okay. That's very much in corporal. A couple in not misma margin. It was only because apart the common on TV cameras e selection I don't mean sale tomorrow. This polish it's tasty for you. Took us is your ma It's Polish to business. Thank you. He will keep a brave enough One should see me lark. So it was a vision. No television. You always have. Good. Then we'll frequently Whiskey for a camp is coming. People keep his own courtyard No or pulling a proprietary Corti that choice on booking dot com. Okay, come with your heart and onion contradiction. Earth is in six German standard. But I mean what I consider an equation taking nearly so cool. How do you come when we being okay is to a store? Portis the course? Apprendi most mature. They Cuomo as a platform anatomical. No more Her look here when it's an illicit intercourse. Is Linda Minta area getting a career concealed minus intentional, vamos and else against a course.