Sword Application - Spirit & Art of the Sword for Beginners

Klaus Altersberger, Sensei

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29 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Introduction

    • Training Weapons - Katana /Bokken

    • Basic Warm Up

    • Sword Grip

    • Center Strike and "SHIME movement"

    • Horizontal Strike

    • Diagonal Strike Downwards

    • Diagonal Strike Upwards

    • Practicing all basic strikes with rythmic music

    • KiAi and Zanshin

    • Suburi 1

    • Suburi 2

    • Suburi 3

    • Suburi 4

    • Suburi 5

    • Suburi 6

    • Suburi 7

    • Suburi 8

    • Center Defense

    • Basic Blocks

    • Watershed Defense

    • Power Control

    • Sword draws and resheathing

    • 4 directions cut

    • Choreography 7+2 Strikes

    • Choreography 1 break down Sequence 1 - 5

    • Choreography 1 break down Sequence 6 - 10

    • Choreography 1 break down Sequence 11 - 15

    • Choreography 1


About This Class

In this Beginner Course for Individuals you will learn all techniques of the basic strikes, body movements and footwork that you can handle controlled strikes and defense in every position. Each practice lecture should be trained until you feel a controlled blade and a grounded balance. To adapt the sword as an extra sharp limb of your body you should train every day. The Spirit of a Warrior implemented in your daily life will let you experience the Power of NOW.

The SAS Trainings System is divided in three main categories: Technique (sword-, body- and foot-movements), Choreography (combined Techniques versus fictive opponents) and Stunt (briefed attacking / defending movements versus one or more partners)

Master of the sword

Mastery. A state of effortless perfect professioncy. They said it takes ten thousand hours to master an art. I am a master of the Samurai sword and i found out that this is true. I practice the sword for more than ten years and i still practice every day. It is a violent art designed to defeat your opponents. In this tradition mastery is the difference between life and death. But in our days the skills with the sword is not a form of any kind of conflict solution even through the training with the sword you will learn to defend yourself in any fighting situation also with bare hands. One of my teachers, Miyamoto Musashi, said: The true science of martial arts means practicing them in a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in all things. And this is a guideline in all my trainings. The sword training is a journey with your entire body. Through learning a physical skill it teaches you to be disciplined, strong, resiliant and perhaps most important of all, vulnerable. While facing our vulnerability and weakness we learn how strong we really are. The art of the sword is a sophisticated system of self defence which take years to master and this art include important basics of geometrie, physics and timing as the academic part beside the athletic and spiritual part. The way of the sword is much more about movements and positions than strength including attack, defence, deception and strategy. You will realize how essential movement is when you get really connected with it. There is a deep and powerful connection that you will get with yourself and the world when you feel that your body works with you and you work with it. You will gain fitness, coordination, balance, harmony and peace. I belief anyone can master movements and in fact it is vital to do so. It is a myth that talent is required to be good at something, that you need to be good right away or that learning should be a five minute video clip. It is just a matter of time. Mastery, it is not a destination, it is a way of being, it is a choice to strive, face challenges and know your own vulnerability. Through the journey of physical mastery on the outside we profoundly change on the inside. The way of the sword is not only fitness for body and soul, it is a lifestyle ! ... the way is in training ...







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