Switching from Microsoft Windows to MacOS on the Apple Mac | Stephen Haunts | Skillshare

Switching from Microsoft Windows to MacOS on the Apple Mac

Stephen Haunts, Trainer, Public Speaker, Author

Switching from Microsoft Windows to MacOS on the Apple Mac

Stephen Haunts, Trainer, Public Speaker, Author

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14 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Benefits of Using a Mac

    • 3. Bundled Productivity Tools

    • 4. How to Switch from Windows to MacOS

    • 5. Basic Tips and Tricks

    • 6. System Preferences

    • 7. Finder

    • 8. Safari

    • 9. iWorks and Microsoft Office

    • 10. Notes and Reminders

    • 11. Apple News and Stocks

    • 12. Apple Music and Podcasts

    • 13. App Store

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you are a Microsoft Windows user and you have been considering switching over a macOS based Apple Mac, making that switch can feel intimidating. macOS is a fantastic operating system, coupled with very well made hardware by Apple. If you are considering making the switch, or you have already, this course will help you find your way.

As you delve into this course, you will find the benefits that are associated with switching to a Mac operating system. We will also look at some of the bundled productivity apps that you can use straight out of the box; as well as some helpful steps to make a seamless transition from a Windows operating system to that of a Mac. 

We will cover some of the basic steps that are necessary to get started with your Mac operating system, starting from creating your Apple ID, and even including how to customize your home screen interface to suit your preferences. 

In this course we will cover:

  • The Benefits of Using an Apple Mac
  • The Bundled Productivity Tools
  • How to Switch from Windows to macOS
  • Basic Tips and Tricks
  • Video tours of the macOS Desktop and Applications

Meet Your Teacher

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Stephen Haunts

Trainer, Public Speaker, Author


Hi, I am Stephen Haunts, a software developer, online trainer, classroom teacher, public speaker, podcaster and author. I have over 25 years of experience as a software developer and a leader working at huge organizations from global banks, financial lenders, healthcare and insurance. 

I am now a freelance trainer, podcaster, and book author. I also travel around the world speaking at many conferences about software development, leadership, and personal soft skills, and I have a passion for helping professionals improve their skills.

I have been teaching online with the Pluralsight platform since 2014, and I am now teaching small skills-based courses here on SkillShare. I hope you enjoy the courses that I post here and I would be grateful if you could fol... See full profile

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1. Introduction: we've all affords about the Mac vs Windows debate on properly, even consider, but it's made the move for Windows Mac operating system. After all, that's probably why he landed on this course. But you dove into this course. You'll find out about some of the benefits associative use. Wishing to the MAC is better. Some of the bundle tools that come of your new computer there was another look up. Some basic tips and tricks help get you started. This will include some of the basic steps that are necessary to get you started on your Mac operating system from starting with creating your apple i D. And even including how to customize your home screen interface to suit your preferences is not the purpose of this course to reignite the Mac OS versus Windows debate. If it decided that you want to switch to an Apple computer in this course is for you. You have no intention of moving away from Windows. That's totally fine. It's fantastic that we have choices consumers in this course we're going to cover the follow him the benefits of using an Apple Mac, we're gonna take a look at some of the bundle productivity tools. We're gonna talk a bit about how to switch from Windows to Mac with anger over some very basic tips and tricks. Then we'll do a serious of video tours, take you through some of the features of Mac Os so you can see what to expect. Smooth that Let's get started. 2. The Benefits of Using a Mac: making the decision to move to a Mac is not always an easy one, especially have become well acquainted with the Windows operating system. Like many systems, the MAC provides a wide variety of benefits. One of the main problems many laptop uses tend to have issues around battery life. How long can I work about needing to scramble around Starbucks to find a power source? If the Max upgraded power management systems, you can usually get 10 to 12 hours of Battery Life Reviewer Browsing Safari, which is Apple's Web browser. Watching a movie, you're guaranteed to sustain battery life. The makers introduce a multi touch gesture system that ensures your levels of productivity are heightens while still ensuring that your four processes of streamlines. For example, there's ease of switching between multiple screens by performing a few simple swipes across the track pad. We're so accustomed, swiping a set up with the when we want to instill in your application on our Windows operating system. Having to go through multiple screens, times and interfaces for actually gets into the install bottom with the Mac, the amount of fake drive, which is automatically generated and simply drag and drop the application's icon to the application folder. Yes, it's really that simple. What's even better is you don't have to go through these simple steps. If the application is found directly on the Apple App store installs itself without you needing to think about Dragon. Anything to the application's folder. Simple, efficient, unpractical. Quick look is an extra feature that gives you that extra nudge in setting up a Mac operating system instead of needing toe white on, Wait for adobe marks off Word or PowerPoint. See if you're open the correct documents with the Mac by simply tapping the space by getting instant saying his preview of a file. They say it's a time you'd have to wait for the marks off Windows operating system to respond, and I want you to read our at that time to be more productive and progress in your work. For those of us who enjoy organization, ensuring everything he's ordered, placing a foul and even color coded, getting a Mac is an absolute must. Have you want to assign different colors to different documents, show the urgency of them being completed, emailed or copied. The seven color tagging system is perfect to ensure that you never miss another deadline. I'm still keeping all of your subject specific documents in one place. Speaking of documents, Apple is ensure that there are strong links between your Mac and IOS devices. With a feature called Handoff, you're able to start an email message essay or to do list on your iPhone or iPad, the handle feature that allows you to continue editing from your Mac from the exact same place that you start. This is made possible because of the implementation of the drive like cloud system. Could iCloud, which sinks and saves all of your work? Web searches, calendars, reminders and even your most recent map searches, coupled with this feature, is a sidecar. Feature. Jealousies. Use your iPad. It's a completely interactive second screen, taking a more outward approach and looking at the build of the Mac. They have very good, high quality screens, sometimes a lot better than their Windows counterparts. The retina screen that companies most Mac books provides a seamless visual experience in showing your images do not pixelated on are displayed in a crisp and detailed manner with the true tone technology that is adopted by Mac books. The array of colors down to the last possible shade is incorporated some actual lighting conditions of your environment. This ensures you're able to see the best images where, if you are without needing to adjust to screen for better lighting, let me look at the windows. Operate insistent. One of the biggest problems they tend to face is the rollout of software updates, as there is an array of different builds. A consist of components are completely different. Have an Apple Mac. This isn't really as much of an issue is. There's a lot less devices in comparison to Windows devices. The MAC operating system is also constantly updated with bug fixes and extra features, which could be silently installed without you having to have much easier input. I make your experience across devices much more seamless and keeps operations up to date with the latest application technologies. Mac operating system is also seen as being less susceptible to security issues and vulnerabilities in comparison to window systems. Well, I'm back. Viruses and malware do exist is nowhere near as prevalent as it is on Windows. This is based on the premise that there are few other types of malware such as viruses that are created specifically for the Mac operating system. The way Apple is combating the possible rise in malware creation as the popularity of the MAC operating system increases it by permitting downloads directly from the Apple App store rather than by fair party size. This reason is because APP seen on the Apple App store have undergone a rigorous set of tests. They sure there are no forms of suspicious program in or malware presence insuring you as a user constantly safe and protected. So I'll take a look at some of fantastic software they get bundled with the Apple Mac OS operating system. 3. Bundled Productivity Tools: as soon as you buy a new device, need to figure out where you can download applications, which applications are absolutely vital. Tohave, Mac OS minimizes Only stressed May presents itself in this scenario by providing bundles of very useful software out of the box. These bundles of productivity applications come pre installed with a Mac operating system making your transition that seems possible. Let's take a look at a few of these now so you can see what comes as standard out of the box. One of that was aims you soon. Sure that user interfaces are a simple and easy to use as possible with the Iowa expanded of applications, writing your essays on the go, doing your budgets and building slideshow presentations. Aziz is everywhere before the APP called pages, which can see on the screen. Now it's equivalents marks off word, and it's away process. Er, that is a lot more refines them word. One of the key advantages is the use of space on the screen. As you can see, the editing options are down on the right hand side on pages, which is nice and spread out and easy to use his marks off word has all these options clustered across the top. Tobar numbers is the equivalent of Mark Soft. Exelon is a typical spreadsheet application, which really is for a full featured. Finally, we have keynotes, and this is the equivalent of marks off power points. And then I was you. Two. Very easy crate. Very professional looking presentations, one of the biggest advantages of the entire I works Bundle that it is completely free to use with five gigabytes of free storage on iCloud, of which you can buy additional storage for a very low monthly fee for quiet. Let me compare this. The price of Mark Soft office uses suffer on a laptop you need to purchase an office. 365 Personal edition accounts will set you back a lot more each month. Next we have I'm leaving Im e V is video editing told specifically developed for IOS and Mac OS operating systems. It's credit, a movie based projects completed vending credit, studio logo and even introductory clip. All of this can easily be navigated in the eye movie app. Another advantage is that when you choose to either export or save your final products, you don't need to compromise on the video quality as even lets you say videos at four K resolution I move You also includes a lot of special effects filters on themes you can use to really give a sense of style to your productions. Uses even at the options overlay their favorite music tracks from their library. In order to really at that personal touch, you can even the rate parts of video using ability. Invoice I veneration feature. It won't take your video at it into the next level. There is a natural upgrade path from my movie to APP was fantastic Software Final Cut Pro. This is a very professional video editing package with an interface that feel very familiar to anyone coming from my movie. Next we have marriage band for the musical aficionado. The carriage by an APP allows a smorgasbord of features, which include listening to demos, producing songs and even finalizing recordings. This aposhian is a perfectly viable and accessible software to composing and recording music from novice teenagers who are dabbling with music to veteran sound engineers. The variety of additional instruments are available to tip your fingers is quite considerable on a sound absolutely fantastic carried by and allows you to start the 1st 2 tracks, ensuring that you never miss a beat as your creative juices flow again. Like with my movie and it's upgrade path to final Cut Pro. There is an upgrade perfect average man to you want to take that next step? He cannot greater logic Pro 10 which is a full featured digital audio workstation used by professional composers and music producers all over the world. But garish band on its own is no slouch. You can do a lot of it out the box, and it's not compromise on features. Courage. Pain is also very popular, podcasters as garish buying office, all of the tools you need to write a podcast together. My CO s also comes with a fantastic note taking tool called knows. He says he sets up a virtual notebooks for capturing ideas. This is a great talk to using meetings for capturing your force was great to Is that these notes are sinks. You know of your apple devices that laptops ipads and iPhones real iCloud. I mean you always have your notes available to you. I use is to all the time for organizing my life and thoughts. Another useful tool that comes to Mac Oasis reminders reminded his both it all for setting up reminders for tasks like taking out the trash or picking up the kids from class. It's also a fully fleshed to do task tracking tool. If you're working on a project in your to track your tasks, you can set up a customer list. That project, then defined your tasked with end dates and reminders remind. It is a very simple tool, but it is very powerful again. Radio reminders and task lists are synchronized. 13. All of your Apple devices there are many other fantastic. It's also come out of the box with Mac Away, such as email and calendars. Apple is truly main operating system. If you buy a machine, you have everything you need to be productive straight away. With no additional software, you then have the choice of upgrade into different software over time as you see fit. This is in stark contrast to Windows, where the out of box experience isn't nearly as fluid. Is this we need? You want to purchases from software? Mac OS has a dedicated app store where you can easily purchase that software. The store makes a purchase and installation incredibly easy. I would say that 90% and software that I person uses come straight from the APP store, including all the tools I'm using to create this very coarse. You don't have to use the APP store, though. If you decide you want to purchase offer directly from a software vendor, you are free to do so. Have or might have not been known for Triple A gaming. Let you can expect from Windows Game. That being said, though, Mike Away starts has some fantastic games available for you on the APP store. But it's also fantastic that Apple offices of service called Apple Arcade just a subscription service across about $5 a month in the service. You have access to all the games in Apple Arcade, and there are hundreds of them. Well, they may not be Tripoli console style games. They're more aimed a casual gaming Anderson fantastic titles in there. What's also great is unlike other games on the APP store. None of the games on Apple Arcade have any in app purchases or loot boxes to waste your money. Um, this makes Apple Arcade fantastic. You have Children. It's all the games are very safe for Children to play. What's more, all of the games work on the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. So if you're playing a game on the Mac, you can then resume your saved game from the iPad later. Continue where you left off. So really fantastic. Unfunded service. The final application. I want to talk about his Apple music. Apple music is an I change or placement application that lets you play music from your music collection. You can either import albums. You audio my music from the iTunes store or to scrap the Apple Music Service, which is a paid for subscription service similar to Spotify. Apple music means you have a huge collection music available at your fingertips or listen to you whenever you want. You can, of course, you Spotify fact is your preferred service. Apple music is very good, and I will normally offer is very generous trials. Descriptions of you to try out this is giving you a good appreciation of the types of applications are available out of the box on Mac OS. You really can do a lot of the operating system. Let's take a little look at switching from windows to Mac OS 4. How to Switch from Windows to MacOS: the practicalities behind. Switching to a Mac operating system can be daunting, especially if you are well versed in the technological domain. However, this is where we're gonna try and help. We talked for an array of tips, acts as a guide to ensure that your movements, the Mac operating system, is as easy as possible. It's important to take our time and move into the Mac operating system. You know, once we overwhelm yourself, not knowing enough before you make the switch to overcome this, this one known research as well as watch a few videos and courses like this. No, your applications. And know that unless you're going to be running the Windows operating system on your Mac and yes, you can do that your Windows acts won't be able to run directly. Is yeah, you sure that you are aware of the costs that you need to face whose descriptions you are tired, too? Some applications, for example. Why not allow your license to be switched from actor windows and vice versa? Well, they're Germany, they dio. So please very mind you could have some extra costs incurred in your switch to the Mac operating system advantages taking your times. You start to broaden your knowledge on the new operating system while becoming acquainted. What you can expect regard the intricacies and minuscule details that were Streamline your productive processes. Nothing that is a bit different between Windows. Mac is a keyboard layout so we could see on the screen. Now is a typical Apple Mac keyboard with the Windows operating system. Maybe you seize and control key short cuts to make your life easier. What has to exist on the Mac operating system? Just not quite in the same way the macro prices systems have a command key that functions very much like the control key on the windows operates existed. You could see this highlighted on the screen shortcuts, often the same two. So command see to copy command V to Paste. Come on. Now, you two slept all the words in a particular document. Apple Macs also tend to come quite large track parts. They can feel a little confusing as to where the left of white cliques are. It's simple, really. Your entire track part is a clicker. The question then comes is How do I right? Click. You ever come this by pressing down the control key whilst you click. Or you can turn on the secondary click in system preferences to cause a two finger tap to actors of right click. Backing up of your data is a lot more integrated within the range of Mac devices. Then it is with the Windows operating system. One. Maxa. Definitely very reliable machines. They're not invincible. We therefore need to think about your backup policy. There's number different systems that you can use, but there's one built into the operating system called Time Machine, which allows you to perform incremental backups to a secondary disk. You could even incorporated for party tool, such as carbon copy cloner that utilizes an external hard drive to keep your information stored, Homo protected. Or you could use off site backup services such as back plays and crash plan. That's a new Mac user. I need to be sure that the Mac you are getting is not only able to satisfy your needs, but that you are able to operate it seamlessly in order to get your drop them so so even worth talking to your local Apple stores and seeing what classes labor because a very frequently run classes where you can go into the store and then learn how to use all of your new equipment and look at the time these classes are free. 5. Basic Tips and Tricks: you could be very exciting is one box your first Apple Mac and then go through the boot up process for the first time. As soon as it sets up you Babs, to create an account user name and set up your apple i d. Here you have another apple device. You can use the same apple I D. To link the devices together are to ensuring that your account is set up and so to find that your Mac operating system belongs to you, you're presented with a home screen that is a combination of familiar and different suspects. Were you commonly navigate around is by using your mouse or trackball. Remember the track party scene one. Gigantic bottom. So doesn't matter where your fingers are on the track pad. The same function will occur no matter where on the track pad you click. So it's reiterates. A right click on the track pad is done by pressing two fingers onto the track part unless you enable secondary click from the system preferences. If you're a Windows user. Windows Task Bar is what you see at the bottom of the Windows 10 operating system, but this is replaced by the dock on Mac OS, which you can see on the screen now. What is different, however, is that the dark is separated into two parts. On the left. You have your applications that have been installed and pin to the dark. Those on the right. Your folders minimize windows that you simultaneously have open. It's relative trash Icon, which shows the same function, is to recycle bin in Windows Bi cycle windows. You can pin a nice into the dock by simply right clicking and then selecting. Keep in dark. It's like your life even easier, that that can be configured to be at the bottom. The left on the right of the screen depended on your preferences. As a user. If you look up at the top left of the screen, you encounter the menu bar. This is where your notice quite a bit of difference between Mac OS and Windows operating system. Hello, Windows. Your Mac operating system does not dock your drop down menus like the file and edit menu into an application window. Instead, he always puts the application menus at the top of the screen. This means that your menus will always be in the same place. No matter what application you run him, you can tell which application has focused by looking at the menu at the top of the screen because it will say which application is currently running. So in the case of the screenshot on screen, now you can see that is finder, which is the equivalent to Windows Explorer. When you look at the right of the menu bar, you can see what is called the system Troy. We should make use of being at the bottom right of your Windows operating system. This is where you typically see your WiFi networks, battery level's dates and times or Bluetooth devices. If you press the commander in space key on your keyboard, you'll have a small window called Spotlight, which comes up. This is kind of like a global level search, so if you type in the name of an application here will show you that application in the list you can clicking. If you type in something that looks more like a SE standard Web search, it will open up safari, which is the browser, and it'll do that search for you. You can also use spotlights. The very basic maths. So if you type in an equation or some into that window, it'll tell you the answer. The spotlight search is also useful for simple convergence between currencies. There's no negative the currency you're asking for, but to compare your requested amount with an array of different currencies from around the world. Much like your Windows operating system, there's a systems preferences segment to your Mac that enables you to add new users to your Mac, customize your desktop on all to your Internet and security satins. We'll take a deeper look at the preferences later in this course. This is your one stop shop for configuring your Mac OS operating system. Whenever you get stuck, you don't know where you placed that on imports and documents. Your faithful psychic Siri will be there to help you. As your personal assistant, Siri helps you find files on your system as well as obtained specific information from the Internet. You can activate Siri by Eva, saying the trigger word. Hey, Siri. Well, you can click on the little circle in the top right hand corner of the screen and then speak. Your request has your personal assistant. Siri helps you find files on your system is what has obtained specific information from the Internet. You can even change serious settings. You can change the voice that's being used. If you prefer a male voice, you can have a male voice. Or if you prefer to be female, then you can switch it to a female voice. When you click on the Apple menu in the top left hand a desktop, there's an update stop This time shows you any applications that need updating from the APP store. By clicking on this, you'll go directly to Gap Store, where you can install the latest updates. The advantages this is it allows you to keep track of many for party after installed, as well as those that I found directly from the Apple App store. It was a good idea to check any updates and need to happen at least once a week and keep your machine constantly updated as this is how you get all the latest security patches. Father was done quite a lot talking about the benefits of Mac OS and some tips for switching across. Let's do some little video tools around the operating system 6. System Preferences: it's on the screen now. You can see a typical Mac OS de stop at the bottom. We have the dark, which I have all of my applications. Doctor, this area here is the desktop where you can have files. Then at the top, we have our menu bar and system Try. First of all, if you click on the apple logo, you can click about this. Mac, what is it is It gives you an overview about the specifications of your machine so you can see him on an I. Mac six. Core Internet 5 64 Gig of Ram. We'll give you information about your building displays. If you click on storage, you can see how much storage you have left on your machine. And also color categorizes everything so you can see here that I've used just under half of my one terabyte flash storage, of which 138 gigabytes. These documents 84 gigabytes. He zaps, etcetera. Click on the memory box here tells you how much memory have installed in your machine. Support gives you some useful links that you can click about how to get help and support for your machine. Then Also, if you have an apple care plan set up, you have details about that show up here. Now. One of the central areas that is useful to know about on Mac OS is where your system preferences the store. So if on your desktop or doc you have this picture of a cog by clicking on that note, take you to system preferences. You can also access it at any point by clicking on the Apple menu and then click consistent preferences who So if you are used to using a control panel on Windows, this is kind of a similar concept. So you have a whole series of different items. You can configure your operating system so you have details about your apple. I d. Here so you can see you know what devices a link to your apple, i d. What your apple I ity is, and also a maps that using your Apple idea counts on down here. We have our general settings, so here you can set your different appearances. So lights my dark mode or auto different accent colors, which you can switch to. So they changed the different accents within the operating system they can also pick. You know what you do for browse There is and you know, some different setting. So we also have our desktop screensaver settings. So if you want to change your desktop to something else, you can quite easy. Go in. Do that from here. You can also select a picture from your picture library. If you want to do that orphan documents or from your photos, you can also set up a different screen saver as well. By setting the screen safer options, you can say they changed what the visual style of that screen safer is and you can say starts after 20 minutes. Then you can also access your settings for the doc so you can specify how large you want the dark, but I'm changing it. There. You can set the magnification, so if I set magnification very high, you can see that it looks it was a little city like that. You can specify if you want any kind of movements on magnification on your dark. That can happen there, or you can just turn that off. So if you want nothing to happen, you can also do that. You can also specify whether you want your doctor be specified on the riots. So the left the right or the bottom so you really can't configure how you want it to look. You can also automatically hide the doc if you wish to do that. You can also access your Siri settings here as well. So I mentioned before that you can change the voices you so I'm using British female at the moment. But you can quite happening. Set that to another country so you can have like Australian female Australia Mail. You have Indian accents Irish, South African American. You can also say wherever you want Syria to be enabled in the top menu bar here as well. Or you could just completely disable Siri if you want. When news will set in, the moments play with is users and groups. So if you have a max, a family Apple Mac that you bought and you want to your partner or your Children's about to log in and have their own accounts on the machine with their own settings and applications , you can do that through here. So once you put your password in, this unlocks this little padlock here and then you can then go and add different users. As you say, Wish you can see here. So I'm the current user. I'm also the admits an ATM Enough. She has full rights over the machine, but the people that you add onto it is user groups. You can specify that you don't have having privileges so they can't get themselves into trouble, but it is something they're not supposed to. One rule great benefit of Mac OS is the accessibility features. Now the accessibility features sprints, different groups. So if you have a visual impairments, you have a whole series of features that you can unable. If you have hearing impairments, you can have different settings here. That is why, if you have any issues with fine motor control, you can have some different settings. It could be enabled here just to make Mac OS much more usable experience. So, for example, the UN division we have something here called Voice Over. This will read out text that's on dire of boxes for you, which makes it a lot easier. Well, you could have zooming Z. Can she zoom around the screen a little better, or you can do things. I convert in the colors on reduce motion, which gets rid of a lot of the animations. We could increase contrast. So if you have issues, you contrast, you can three close setting so and simmer for audio so you can have flashes screamin an alert sound place, for example flashlight. That's if you can't hear an alert sound being played. You can see the screen flashing instead. So it really well, if you haven't play around with here. So if you do you have any accessibility needs. Mac Os really is a brilliant operating system for being accessible. I'm gonna give you what you are thinking. I encourage you to have a play around and look at some of the settings in here. One is very useful is software update So if Apple releases an update to Mac OS that needs to be installed, it will show up in here. And it also have a little red marker appear on your system preferences icon. So here you see that my operating system is up to date. But if it needs updating, you can come in here and you can explicitly trigger to be updated, or you can specify automatically. Keep my Mac updated. It'll do those updates for you, which is quite useful. Bluetooth. His way you consort shackle of the pared devices that paid to your machine sounds. Settings. Let you specify difference important output devices. So here you can see that you know, I'm using a road podcast. A microphone. Now, some speaking, you could see Yeah, the volume or the input level been indicated. Here. You can specify output devices, so if you want audio to be prayed through the building speakers on your laptop, your eye Mac, you can specify that I actually have an audio interface plug ins. That's where my audio's going. They can also play around with all of the different sound effects. So has different alert sounds that might happen or email notification sounds. You can tweak those and change them from here. It wants its weak. The settings for your keyboard track pad a mouse. You can do that from here. So, for example, we click on keyboard. You cannot change out the key repeat speeds and delay speeds says that different short cuts . I set up different languages as well, which is quite useful. Same for track pad settings, although I don't currently have a track pad plugged into this machine, so you just says no track pad found. But where before we said, If you want to enable different right click settings, you do that from him on something for the mouse. So one thing you might want to mess around movies the scroll direction because he the fox for direction and as illustrated in the example on the screen is different to windows. So if it feels too jarring and two different to what you're used to in windows, you can change that natural scroll direction there to make you feel more familiar, which is really useful. You can also access your display settings here. So if you want to change your resolution so you see, I have the resolution set fairly low resolution because I'm recording at the moment. But you can you can have it. Really. Hi res. I feel like a really high res screen with lots of space. You can set it to more space, or you could get into the forts or, if you older where you have a visual impairment and you want to scream to be much larger You can tweak that from here, and you can also tweak the display brightness as well, which is quite useful. You also get to change your different color profile settings here. But really, unless you're like a high end photographer or illustrator, just leave that to the force. And it could also set something called night mode as well, which is where, at night time, it will take out some of the blue hue from the screens of fusion machine late at night. It's what makes it easier for you to get to sleep on wind down into today, you know, so tweak some of the energy settings as well. So if you're on a laptop example, you could say, you know, if I'm on battery power, me to turn off my display after a certain amount of time, and we can enable power now, so it just gives you some options you do around your energy saving settings. Last one we're gonna look at is he got Cem settings here for your date and time. Fighting still got there the day in the time set up here, but you can change what that looks like. You could movies like an analog clock if you wanted to, or you could completely turn it off. You know that's an option. You can set the actual physical dates on coordinates on the 19th of July 2020. But you can change the current date if you need to. You can set your time zone. So I'm according to some of the UK, So I mean, this time zone here issue summertime. So that's that's all the settings. Want to go for it. I see a lot more that you can do from here, and I encourage you to have a little look around. Just familiarize yourself with what you can customize and configure. 7. Finder: If you're moving over far marks off Windows, then you'll be used to using Chemical to win those Explorer, which is the window used to navigate around your false system to select files. So on Mac OS, the equivalent of that is called Finder, which is this little smiley face icon down here. So it's very simple to use. So down here you have a whole series of favorites, so you can specify what's on your desktop. You can look in your application folder. Look at your recent documents, so I also have Dropbox installed. So that means it's what shows up in here as well. And you have the ability to tag different files under different colors as well, which is quite useful. You can also do. You can change from, like an icon view to a list for you, which is quite handy. We can have ah, list few with the preview window over here, which is quite handy, and you can also have a photo gallery views. So if you're looking at a folder full of images, you can move around next site. It's also quite useful is, um, there's a very simple preview mode has built him. So we look, for example, here. So he's a book I wrote. So if you press the space bar, it was massively opens up a preview of what that file is. We can do the same for where documents as well. So finder is your primary way of navigating around the operating system, so it's worth spending some time playing around with this and looking at how it's potentially difference to Windows Explorer. So if you're using an eye, Kyle accounts with your Mac. You have access to your iCloud drive here. So by default, if you're using pages, which will look at another video, refusing pages to write a document and automatically get saved into your pages folder here same for numbers on different applications you installed as well. So if you something called Affinity Photo, which is kind of a photo shop alternative that has it a full place for saving your images as well, she's quite handy. So that's finder. It's available on all Macs. You access it through the a little smiley face, blue and whites logo or I come down here conceptually very similar to Windows Explorer. This is where, if you just having a little play around with that, familiarizing yourself with what's there 8. Safari: one of the most common use cases for any computer, Whether it's a Mac and iPad, iPhone or Windows based device is the ability to go and browse the Internet. So on Mac OS, it comes of her browser built in by the forts. It's called Safari. A safari is a very, very good, full featured browser. It's really quite exceptional. Um, so as we come into it here, you can see that we've got my favorites, that I've got set up Caesar websites on access quite frequently. So, for example, we go to the website 9 to 5 Mac, which is a a new story about Apple. If you're interested in following on what's going on in the apple ecosystem than 9 to 5. Mac is a good Web site to go to, and what we can see here is the website loads up. If I want to change the view scaling Aiken Dio command key and minus where I can scale out or command Kim Plus to scale in well command key, and zero takes you to your default skating for that website across the top. Here you have your menus. So if I want to access safari preferences. I can do that from him so I could look at your different privacy set in security settings, general settings, for example. You can do bookmarks from here. So if I want to bookmark this page, go to put my venue and I can say at bookmark or we've got the command, um, shortcut, command and day. So I suppose I want to go back to frequently I can add is a bookmark. It appear on that initial view when you create a new tab, creating a new tab is very easy. So you can even press command key and see so open up a new tab. We can go file new window to break gearing up a new window that separate so the current window use in what you can do new type so you can browse between multiple sites at once. You have the ability to do a new private window, which is where you can browse the Internet without being tracked, which is quite useful. So I think that is quite handy, is so let's go to 9 to 5 Mac again. That's just call up her. I should call of an article What? This article here. So if I go into this article, you can see it's formatted very much as a Web page. It's got adverts on it and what sort of thing, But what you can do is you can right click. You can go to settings for that science and you can say use reader if you went available. What others is read of you kind of re formats. The website is if you're reading a newspaper article, so if you want to read something without a lot of distractions of, you know, adverts and images and navigation menus, you can set it to use this reader mode and it formats the article, like you're reading the newspaper really very useful and a great way of she'd been able to read distraction, free figure out icon to those settings. We have more in here as well, so you can enable content blockers. We could set out a full page zoom for that website. So if we decided that actually, every time you got one to this website, we like to zoom. It's 100 and 50%. You can set that to the fort. You can tell it's a block pop up windows so you can tell it's a block them and notify or you can just say block completely. Or in some circumstances you might actually want to allow pop ups toe happen. You can also specify what happens if the website tries to ask for access to the camera or the microphone screen sharing or locations that you can make it ask or automatically deny, which is really good for user privacy. You can also change the the funds here. So for him to change his article, Teoh say the New York funds, I can do that and sort of change any kind of background colors if I prefer it to be dark with light a text. I can quite easily do that, and I can change the the Fort Fund sizes in reader mode as well. So Safari, on its own, really is, ah, high quality modern browser. And in lots of typical situations, you're not really going to need anything more than that. If you do, you have a preference to use chrome because that is what you used on windows, for example, or if you want to use edge marks off edge browser, you can use both for those on Windows so you can just go in here and you Can Google also download crime? And I would just take you to the Google Science, where you can go and download chrome. Or you could download Microsoft Edge. You can download that as well, and they know chrome and edge. Both have Mac OS versions of them. They're both very good. So if you're used to using chrome or edge on the windows and you want that kind of level of familiarity and by all means, go ahead and install those and use them as your default browses. 9. iWorks and Microsoft Office: not specified earlier in the course that Mac OS comes in for a full featured productivity sweets kind of similar to mark soft office. So we have pages, which is where process, er we have numbers, which is Theo the spreadsheet system. And we have keynotes, which is the system's kind of equipments Power point, as you do slide show presentations. Now, I'm not gonna do an exhaustive territorial on those applications, but I'm gonna show you them running and show you what they are. So you can either, rob, you can even run them by loading them from your dark. So when you install Mac OS or we saw a new machine for the first time, they will appear on your dark down here. Now, I don't have them that for May I have one launch pants. So you click on the little Rock, it takes you to launch pad. I've got them in a folder called Apple where I could launch him from here. So it's keynote numbers on pages here. Mm. I love a way of doing it is You can use spotlights. So if you press down command in space, that brings up spotlight. So if I typed pages. It also shows you the application here, which is another great way of loading applications. So I followed that up because I want to create a new documents that's create just a blank document. So pages really is full featured. Where process er it's not a limited toy application by any stretch. It is a full featured productivity toe. So just like we've things, that word you have, where process awaken type. From here you can you can change for the things of bold or italic. You can change font sizes, even changed a fund. In this case here, we can send to justify what a typical things you'd expect to do with aware process er so you can change your spacing settings. So if you're writing a document in you on one line in between your lines or two lines, you can set that here have all your difference options around how you want to in dense and arrange columns and tabs. You can also specify a moment. It's just set a body taxed, but we could you change out to a heading, and down here we have some body text, have another being here, which we could specify as say, I read Heading, for example. So you can specify different zoom settings here, so I could say I want to get to 200% or one might say, Well, fit the whole pay Jim. Okay, it's 25% contended to automatically at a page. You know all of the features that you'd expect from a where process er are here, which is great. Its ability to add tables, charts everything you'd expect to do for where process er that's pages. I encourage you to have a play around with it. Uh, the next one. We just close. This is numbers create new document. So Numbers is a spreadsheet just like what you might expect from Microsoft. Excel. So you could open up a blank sheets, for example, and then you could just specify Yeah, prices. Nothing was going to be much detail on numbers, other than to say it is a spreadsheet, it for doing accounting and that sort of thinking game having little play around movie face . If that's what you need, then the final one is keynotes again. Keynote is kind of like a power point because it was used to do presentations. So do you look for an example here? So modern portfolio. Let's see what's in there. Lots of different templates that you can use. You know, I couldn't say my heading that slide, but a photo slide there, so very similar to what you might expect from something that power point. Like I it's not a toy. It's not a toy. A piece of software that comes with it is a full featured productivity is also There is no reason why you would need to install anything other than pages, numbers and keynotes. But a lot of companies do standardize on work soft office, which means you might need to use office now. The good news is, Microsoft does provide office for the Mac. On it is very good, So you could say I have them here so I can load up where? So if I create a blank documents, you know it looks familiar. So the layout is virtually identical When I say that, you know, 99% of the features you'd expect inward on windows are inward on the Mac. It's very, very stable. I've been using it for years, so a lot of companies I work with an interactive, all standardized on Microsoft office, so I kind of need to have it installed. But it is very familiar 21 that's used it before. And it runs absolutely fantastically on the Mac in the same, we've, um, power points as well slides from this course you can see because I'm so used to using Microsoft office all of the slides of this course I did in power points. So that's that. That's just the I work sweets that comes by the faults we've Mac OS is very, very good encourage you to use it if you do need to use Marx after office, then is available for Mac OS and it runs very well. 10. Notes and Reminders: Michael has also comes with lots of other fantastic tools, apart from pages, numbers and keynote. So one of them is notes. Also note is kind of like a this will version of a notebook seek unspecified different make books here as folders. So if I specify new folder here, so look us course and then in here I can specify and you note So, Steve. So the first line it sets is a title, and then you can just write last different notes. You can set up tables as well. It is quite useful. We concerts documents in here, So images in here all of your notes automatically save vie iCloud. So if you have an iPad as well, when I phone and you're on the go, you can access the same notes they feel using a device that supports the apple pencil that the iPad. You can also do freehand drawing in notes as well. Mark and I had multiple notes in here, and they just want to get stored now. If you're coming from Windows, you might be usually using tools like one note or Evernote. Both for those tools are available for Mac OS as well and they run incredibly well. But if you didn't want to install additional tours and just want to use what comes out of the box, then, Apple notes, is is very good. It's very full featured, and it does exactly what you wanted to do, which is great. So another told, it's very useful. These reminders reminders is, well, it does what the name says it. Let's use to set reminders. So if you need so specify that at 10 o'clock tomorrow you need to be reminded to go and pick up something from the shops, for example, you can do that or you can add lists. Eso You could have a secret project and I want about some tasks in here. So implements secrets. Widgets could specify a date when it needs to be done by it, and it's been done by tomorrow. No, I want a reminder. Free oclock for that big specify that their, um, meet Sarah for coffee, so that's going to be next weekend. So that set a reminder for nine in the morning about that, so I don't forget. It really is quite simple, so if you need to edit them, you can go back in and just change any of the features there and as you come in. So once you've implemented the secret reject, for example, you can just click on that to say that you've finished it. You when you met Sarah, you can do that. You can set up lots of different lists for different things. So it comes by the four. You have one for family. One for simple reminders, but you really can do as many as you want. So if a basic task tracking and basic project tracking it kind of has everything you need, you cannot great to a different style of system to do system later if you want eso applications like to do ist free number very common or Microsoft to do if you don't want to use up. If you don't want to insult anything additional, then you can use reminders which is built into the Mac, which is a fantastic piece of software 11. Apple News and Stocks: as well. A serious productivity tools Mike Away source. I come through. Some other useful utilities say one of them is Apple News. I use this all the time. So Happen uses a news aggregators. They take different Web store. What different news stories from different sources, and then they present them to you in a nice interface. So if you want to have a variety of news from different sources up, one uses the system you can use for its. Obviously, I'm set in the U. K. So it uses lots of UK. New sources are Sky News and BBC News. You can also pay for something called Apple News plus, which is an additional subscriptions about $10 a month. But what Apple news possible does It lets you access also different magazines and newspapers as well. So if you have different magazines you like to read, the chances are it's probably gonna be in the Apple News plus description, which is quite cool. So, for example, we could go to Retro Gamer magazine here. Double click on that reader is just like the print magazine lost different news sources that you can pick from so you really can tailor how it works. If you want to look at specific news outlets, I've got the BBC news here. It will show me just BBC news stories, which is great. Let's say you have to go to BBC news websites or you could specify different technologies. So here I follow one called Technology, so it shows me different news stories in the technology field. It's very customizable. So if there's a news outlet which you don't like, say, for example, if I didn't want to see stories from the Sun newspaper in the UK, for example, you can actually tell it to block those and not show you those news stories. If you do have quite a bit of fine grain control over how you use it now, after news Plus is a subscription service, you pay extra for out of the box. When you set up a new Mac, you you have access to happen use so you go for a little set up. We tell you what kind of stories that you're interested in, and they does a pretty good job of aggregating news stories for you. So I use Is that all the time? It remembers already settings between your Mac, you iPad and my iPhone. So that's really handy. I love one is quite useful on Is that stocks library or the stocks application. So if you do like Teoh dabble in the stock market, you can set up different trackers for different companies here. So you're not working. So you know his apples. I'm stock change your graph over time, which is quite good. So I can say, you know, what was the last month like last? Three months? Six months, five years, 10 years. But we impressive growth there for Apple. But it also does it aggregate a bunch of new stories as well about that company. So if you're looking to make any stock purchasing decisions, one of the ways you decide on what stuck surpise, you kind of look at what's going on in the news and you look at announcement. You look at stories about CEOs. So Apple stocks is actually quite useful tool for doing research on companies you might want to buy stocks in. So, for example, here go Microsoft again. Really impressive curve there for Microsoft. Google got sets up on here is all again very impressive growth curve from them on Facebook . You know, a bit more, bit more lucky, but it just gives you a good way of digging into different companies and seeing you know what they're worth at the moment. What the common stock prices, What the trend is over time on looking at news related to that company, so you can use it to create an informed decision on if you want to buy stock or not can actually buy stocks through. This application is just purely a sore read, only monitoring tool. It's nice. It's built into the operating system. It's kind of their by default when you set up a new Mac. 12. Apple Music and Podcasts: so enough application I want to look at is Apple music. Apple music is a place where, if you have music or music lobby already, it's gonna pay in Apple music. But where this really comes into its own is if you take out on Apple Music Subscription. So Apple Music Service is kind of similar in theory. Toe Spotify. So you pay a certain amount of music each month that you pay a certain amount of money each month and you have access to a huge library off music that you can listen to any way you want, which you can download toe different devices as well. So it's really quite handy. So you have different, sir taps here. So for you, it tries to do recommendations that you think you're gonna like based on your current listening preferences. Have a browser as well. We could go through Look, it's that new releases in different genres of radio tap here, which is quite good so you can listen to different radio stations. So it is not the way apple music or beats one has their own radio station that you can listen to you or you can listen to lots of difference. Standard radio stations that are eighties, for example, recently added, shows your library. So if you've got onto Apple music and you've clicked on an album, you like, you click. Add as it's your libraries. You can see what's been recently added here, so notice anything about my musical tastes. But you know, these albums I've recently added to my library here we can view your library based on some artist, album or individualists of songs. If you wanted to search for a different artist, for example, so it's a the rock band Oasis. What it would lose. It has got Apple music selected here since undergoing select Apple music so I can click on the artist. So here it shows the page for artists so you can see there's a feature playlist apples put together called Oasis Essentials. And that was really good for this is they have these curated playlists. So if you're discovering a band for the first time, that band say has you know 10 albums. That's quite a lot of stuff to try and get through. So what Apple tends to do is they put these essentials playlist together, see, because you're a good taste of what that artists like you can see all the top songs. Essential albums. We could look at that a lot of their albums. Here you can play lots of different music videos. Look up the singles and E P's live albums, where have appeared on compilations, then Germany Gonna get a bit of information about the artist that you can read here as well , so it really is a good service. So now if I wanted to go to, say one of their albums, I definitely maybe, no, I'm not gonna go and play anything Music for copyright reasons. But you can just go and click on play. You can say sharp force that place things in a different order. If I think you know I really like that album alongside its my library, you just click. Add. Not that it's your library. Once you've added a song one albums, you're liable to get a little download logo here, so I want to download it locally. It will do that. So that means, if I might say in a coffee shop somewhere, and I haven't got a WiFi connection, that music is now downloaded. Loki, on that device all of your live precinct between devices. So and he set in or any album, my pick here will be available on my iPhone or an iPad as well, which is quite good. So now I've added that I could go back to my recently added. You can see that is there. So say Apple music is a paid for service. I think it's worth it personally, but if you do, you Spotify. Then you can just go and install the Spotify client and have kind of a similar experience. Another tool that's quite useful is apple podcasts. So if you're into listening to different podcasts again, you can do that. It's an interface that looks quite similar toe apple music. So here you can see it's just downloading some of the podcast that I like to listen to, which I have here. Or you could search for a different subject. So I don't know. Let's try a random subject, the whole news that's gonna go off and try and search for any relevance podcasts here. So 95 Mac Happy hour, Matt quote. Apple insider. Uh, let's pick something that actually looks like I listen to so happen inside of examples. We click on that here, get you some information about the parked car so I could see all the episodes. I can directly go and play the episodes here if I want to. Or if I think, Yeah, I like the sound of that. Want to subscribe to it? I just hit the subscribe button and then all new episodes will appear in my listen now feed again. Like with Apple music. Anything I select on doing here is kind of synchronize across all of your apple devices. So if I listened to half of this podcast of my back and then I go out for a walk, I want to carry on As I select that podcast episode on my iPhone, for example, it would carry on from where it left off. So this really is a fantastic tool. If you listen to podcasts when I listen to podcasts all the time, so I'm constantly using this tool 13. App Store: So the final part Mac OS want to look at in this brief tour is Thea Appstore, because you'll be spending quite a lot of time in here. So I've just laid out the APP store, sits up Blue circle with a on there, and there's lots different habits in here. So first words come up on updates because it's kind of me that I need to update some maps here. I'm not gonna do that now, but you cannot play APS individually or you could just hit update all you're going download all of those updates for you. She's really good. You have this discover mode up here where, you know, it gives you a curated list of things that I think you might be interested in basing on based on what you've downloaded before. So, for example, we could say, uh, we've got the picks on way to pro application here, which is £38. I can click on that. Take me in here. I can look at a video preview screen shots. I can read information about the latest release. What's in there? I can look at reviews. Um, this here. Agassi. You know, he's got 559 ratings. The average is 4.7 out of five. You know most of them are five star What I hope to see. You can't please everyone. There's a few one star reviews from here. I can I can click on that. I'm typing my apple i d. Password. I can pay for the application. Use it. I was done uninterested. Job off categorizing APS into different categories here, which makes it easier to work with. So if I want to look kind of creative tools and business tools, I can click on the create tab, and it gives me tools that kind of relevance at category. So, you know, Adobe Light Room, for example, leaving our for hype before in a Quart Express, which is a that's a publishing application. So applications here for making music. So that's kind of what I'm looking for. Why couldn't you? So you see all in. So look at what is recommended more business focus. Productivity tools under the work tab. So Microsoft to do, for example, that we mentioned before to do list. Hello, no marks off. One note. The's kind of like your productivity on work tracking tours on Day n Wanna skip planning to come back to that? And then we got develop, which is, Ah, development tools. If you into writing software. There's lots of useful tools and utilities for software developers in here. Well, you can look at a more granular list of categories. So if you're looking for something that's more travel focused, for example, you can go in and see a list of app. So you got the top free applications a top paid applications so you can go in and look there. Now we have two options for games, so we have to play Tab and they have the arcade tab. So there's a difference between the two. So play our individual games that you can just download even for free or pay for. So, for example, here Total War Warhammer to go on here by December 1. It costs £43. 99. It does have in APP purchases. It's warning us that there's enough purchases, So if I scroll down to where it says in APP purchases, I can open this menu up here and you can see what types of in APP purchases air in there. So it looks like it's got some different expansion pack so you can unlock. So rise of the tomb Keane's Kings cost you an X rating pounds, for example. They can have, for example, games here that free so as fault for us. Click on here. Just cause the games free doesn't necessarily mean it's completely free, and it might be free to download. But you always need to check wherever it has in APP purchases. So in this case, they reset means it's free to download, but they're gonna try and encourage it. Spend some money while to playing. So this is one of those games where you have to buy packs of coins. So you want to proceed for the game quicker. You need to basically pay to play. And that's quite typical on the Mac and on IOS devices as well. So you need to be kind of careful. Just go. Something's free doesn't necessarily mean it's free of example. Sim City. So it's one costs, Ah, £19.99. If we scroll down here and he's got no mention of purchases, that means that once you've paid your £19.99 you've got the game and you can just go and play it. You don't need to be a little bit careful about what you doing there. Now. We also have the arcades tab. Now Arcade or Apple Arcade is a paid for service that you can do it Apple. It's fantastic. I use it myself. It costs about $5 or £5 a month. Now. The difference here is that all of the games and Apple Arcade of Bean commissioned and curated by Apple themselves, so is kind of good wife thing that is kind of like Netflix for game into pays description. And then any game that's in Apple Arcade we can download for no additional cost. And Apple of curated these games Now. What this means is that once you download that game, you've got the game. There's nothing additional. You're not gonna have to go and pay for any levels. You don't have to pay for gems or coins. Once you've got the game, it's kind of complete. Now, this is really good. It means that was curated. All these games, there's not gonna be any sort of dodgy code or an email where you're not gonna be encouraged by you know, lots of different expansion packs or or coins to play. The game is the game, and this is really good, especially if you've got Children, because it means that you know that once you download that game that the kids are gonna get themselves into trouble by accidentally buying close of expansion packs for expansions. That is, hundreds of games in here. Lots different drummers. Eso union action adventure, family orientated games, beginners, multiplayer platform, er's puzzle games role playing sports games, strategy games, for example. Now what I will say is that these are gonna be your typical Triple A titles you might be expecting on, say, a Windows gaming rig on a PlayStation four or Xbox example. These games are kind of more casual games. There are some fairly big games on here, but they're kind of more casual, easier to play games, which is certainly no bad thing. If you're looking for a PlayStation or Xbox start experience, that's not necessarily what you're gonna get. But the games on here really high quality. I thoroughly enjoyed playing them. Ah, so yep, it's ah, system has to pay for its £5 a month, but it's a lot of good games in their one feature I really like is all of the games on Apple Arcade to be included. Anapa Locate have to work on Mac iPhone iPad on Apple TV. It is pretty. Course I feel playing a game. Kings leaked to here, for example, is I could be playing this on the Mac? No. But then I could be out and about and then pick up my iPad and just carry on where I left off. Or if you've got a game controller hooked up to your Apple TV, even going play on your Apple TV. What's really cool is, um, a lot of the Apple devices support pairing to a PlayStation four or an Xbox controller. So if you want to use the proper games control, let's play these games your more than free to do so and it tells you hear over the controller supported. So that is arcade. So if you don't want to subscribe to Arcade, you don't pay the interest for £5 a month and see that tap won't be available if you to download from. But you can buy games from the play tap here, just need to be aware that some maps having that purchases now who makes it very transparent. So here it says that purchases. Now this game is free. I could just go and get it. But this is another game. We have to buy coins. If you're fine with that, then you go ahead and do that. But a lot people don't like doing that myself included. I like to have a game and have the entire game, which is what Apple arcades for. So that is the APP store. Um, capital really is a conduit, so buying majority of applications you don't have to use the APP store. You can buy a lot of applications directly from vendors, and you're free to go and do that. But the APP store really is a good way of getting started because it kind of manages the entire installation process. The whole purchasing process is really seamless, Andi. Any application updates are really well managed as well. So that concludes this brief tour of Mac Os eso hope this give any kind of a good feel of some of the things that are included in Ghana. How to get set up when you get your new Mac OS machine 14. Conclusion: switching to a new computer platform can be in simulates him. They could also be a huge amount of fun. I hope that the short course I've helped to show what Mac Os is like and how easy it can be to work with for a long time. Windows users. I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions on the phone for resources on how to switch from Windows to Mac OS. If you enjoyed this course, please show your friends anyone that you know he might be thinking of buying their first Apple. Mac. You have been watching, switching from marks off Windows to Mac OS on the Apple Mac from May. Stephen haunts thank you.