Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY = Play Songs SMOOTHLY

Alon Cooper, Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

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2 Videos (10m)
    • How to Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY and Play Fluently

    • Which Chords Are the Most Imporant to Learn


About This Class

The #1 roadblock when it comes to playing your favorite songs SMOOTHLY is to be able to switch between chords without even thinking about it, and without having to stop and look at the fretboard whenever a chord change comes around. 

If you're frustrated with the fact that playing songs seems like so much "work" and that you can't get that "flow" in your playing, then you're at the right place.

I will share with you two hacks that made the biggest difference for me when I just started out on the guitar.

When you can easily switch between chords,

  • You become a lot more fun to listen to when you play - since there are no "stops" in your playing.
  • Your whole guitar learning experience becomes a lot smoother and more fun. 
  • You can play harder songs, since you will not be afraid anymore from complex chord shapes and getting stuck when those chords come around. 
  • Your whole learning curve on the guitar becomes much faster and more fun.

See you inside!







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Alon Cooper

Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

Alon Cooper (Born 1990)Alon is the founder of the blog GuitarHippies-com, one of the top five most-read guitar blogs worldwide, and of Harmonica Jamz - a unique harmonica learning system.

Alon is a professional multi-instrumentalist with a passion for creating musical shortcuts and helping musicians advance to the level they want to get to - in the fastest way around.

Over the last six years, Alon has spent many months backpacking through four diffe...

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