SwiftUI Basics: Let's create an awesome iOS card app UI/UX design with SwiftUI in Xcode

Robert Petras, UI Design & App Development with SwiftUI

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13 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. What kind of iOS app we're going to build with SwiftUI?

    • 2. Let’s set up the iOS 13 project

    • 3. How to create a launch screen in iOS 13

    • 4. Create a card view in SwiftUI

    • 5. Repeating content effortlessly with ForEach

    • 6. Create a data model for the cards

    • 7. Let’s create an array of static data

    • 8. How to load static data in SwiftUI?

    • 9. Let’s play a sound file with AVFoundation in SwiftUI

    • 10. Introducing SwiftUI Animation in iOS Development

    • 11. Let’s add a Haptic Feedback for the iOS 13 app

    • 12. How to show Alert window with SwiftUI in Xcode

    • 13. Let’s create Stickers for the mobile app without coding

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About This Class


Visually learn SwiftUI, Apple's latest User Interface framework and build a top-notch iOS 13 and iPadOS card app.

This class is designed for you to start SwiftUI and iOS 13 app development.

So, what kind of app we’re going to build? In this class you will learn the following things:

  1. How to set up a new iOS 13 project
  2. How to create a launch screen
  3. How to add icons for the app
  4. How to create a card layout with SwiftUI
  5. How to load different information from a data file
  6. How to play sounds
  7. How to animate user interface elements with SwiftUI
  8. How to create a haptic feedback feature
  9. How to show alerts with SwiftUI
  10. Finally, how to create stickers without writing any code

Technical requirements

There are only two technical requirements for this SwiftUI Masterclass course:

  1. macOS Catalina from Apple (free)

  2. Xcode 11 from Apple (free)

Start your SwiftUI development and app UI/UX design journey with this hands-on project and learn by doing.

Without further ado, see you at the class!