Swift Nuggets - Byte-Sized Tips and Tricks | Karoly Nyisztor | Skillshare

Swift Nuggets - Byte-Sized Tips and Tricks

Karoly Nyisztor, Senior Software Engineer, Instructor

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8 Videos (35m)
    • How to Display UI Components in Xcode Playground

    • Value & Reference Types

    • Equatable and Comparable - Comparing Custom Types in Swift

    • The Hashable protocol

    • Errors in Swift

    • Swift Array Algorithms

    • How to Deal with Concurrency in Swift?

    • Testing Asynchronous Calls in Swift


About This Class

You are here because you are interested in Swift programming, right? If so, then you'll find this course useful.

Contents and Overview
This course consists of a series of video tutorials on Swift programming. We'll look at various aspects of the language and reveal less-known features and useful tips and tricks. I explain each concept using easy-to-understand examples.

You will find this content of high value once you get beyond the typical beginner coding exercises. 

What makes me qualified to teach you?
My name is Károly, and I’ve been developing software since 1995. I'm the creator of many iOS apps, most of which have been featured by Apple. I published three books on programming. You can find my online courses on Udemy and Pluralsight.

I've been following the evolution of the Swift programming language right from its inception. Having had the ability to work closely with software engineers from Apple helped me a lot in understanding the new paradigms and the immense possibilities that Swift provides.

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Karoly Nyisztor

Senior Software Engineer, Instructor

My passion is helping people through online courses. So far, I've inspired over 50,000 students worldwide.

Hi there, my name is Károly Nyisztor. I'm a software engineer, online instructor, and book author. You can find my courses and books on all major platforms including Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Lynda and Pluralsight.

I've worked with companies such as Apple, Siemens, SAP, Zen Studios, and many more. 
I've designed and built several enterprise framewor...

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