Swift 4, Xcode 9: User Registration Flow and iOS Keychain | Sergey Kargopolov | Skillshare

Swift 4, Xcode 9: User Registration Flow and iOS Keychain

Sergey Kargopolov

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16 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Introduction video

    • Course overview

    • Creating User Interface for Sign in page

    • Creating User Interface for Sign up page

    • Creating User Interface for Protected page

    • Creating IBOutlets and IBActions for Sign in page

    • Creating IBOutlets and IBActions for Sign up page

    • Dismissing Sign up page with Cancel button

    • Creating IBOutlets for Home page

    • Presenting Sign up page to user

    • Writing Swift code for Sign up page

    • Writing Swift code for Sign in page

    • Working with iOS Keychain

    • Skipping user Sign in page

    • Implementing user Sign out

    • Using Access Token to load User Profile


About This Class

With this set of step by step Swift video lessons you will learn one of the most common must to have functionality for your mobile application: User Registration, Sign In and Sign Out

Link to a RESTful Web Service API for this video course is at the bottom of this description. 

To break it a little bit in more details you will learn:

  • Create user interface for Sign Up, Sign In and protected page,
  • Collect data from UITextFields and make use of them,
  • Validate UITextFields for empty values and compare Strings,
  • Create UIButton(s) in Swift and learn how to handle button events,
  • Convert NSDictionary into JSON in Swift and convert data received from server side from JSON to NSDictionary,
  • Send HTTP Get and HTTP Post request in Swift
  • Learn to add Headers to HTTP Request and include JSON payload into HTTP Request Body,
  • Display Alert messages,
  • Display spinning activity indicator letting the user know they need to wait a little white mobile application is communicating with a remote server,
  • How to store sensitive data into iOS Keychain, how to read from iOS Keychain and how to remove data from iOS Keychain,
  • How to implement token-based authentication for your Swift mobile application communicating with RESTful Web Services built in Java.

Lot’s of very useful information explained to you in this step by step video course!

This course covers all about front end UI and Swift code. RESTful Web Service API I have published as a separate video course here: http://bit.ly/2Bufzru





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