Swift 3 and Objective-C Background Image Animation For Beginners | Robert Chalmers | Skillshare

Swift 3 and Objective-C Background Image Animation For Beginners

Robert Chalmers, Robert Chalmers - Author

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About This Class

Creating your app in Swift-3 or Objective-C can be greatly enhanced by adding in Animated backgrounds. It's easier than you think. This lesson is specifically designed for Beginners and those new to programming with Swift-3 and Objective-C. Both versions are included. This makes if very very easy to see how the differences, and similarities compare.

One of the surest ways of engaging your user is to provide an interesting user experience, and nothing will do this quicker than having an animated background to your app. Unobtrusive is best, but animated no less. Of course you can animate comic book characters, or landscape scenery. You can even play a short video in the background for that really special effect.

It's easier than you think, as this lesson will show you how to achieve the right effect in BOTH Objective-C, and the exact same app in Swift 3. XCode is now in release 8.1 as of this writing, but the code is so simple, even a beginner can do it.





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