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Sweet Potato & Eggplant Thai Green Curry

teacher avatar Katrina Brown, THE HEALTHY KITCHEN ~ Nutritionist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment

    • 3. 2 | Making the Curry

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how

Eat with your hands type food is always fun and seems to be so much tastier.

This week’s class I am teaching you a fun and delicious way to eat your usual Thai Green curry.

These is a great lunch or dinner mini meals that you can add to a platter with other Asian style goodies such as a fresh noodle salad, spring rolls or even some warming Thai style soup like Tom Yum. Great to share with a group for finger food, or as a meal in itself.

During the class you will learn nutrition tips to create a quick dinner the whole family will love!

These skills can be applied again and again to your cooking repertoire.

I have provided you with a PDF of the recipe including all ingredients, method and equipment that you will need to get started.

All ingredients are easily accessible from the local supermarket or green-grocer. The kitchen equipment I use is found in most kitchens and very user friendly.                           

Resources: Find Katrina on IG and FB @katrina_brown_nutrition and website www.katrinabrownnutrition.com

Follow Katrina for more upcoming Healthy cooking classes and Nutrition.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Brown



Katrina Brown is a qualified Nutritionist and Healthy Cook.

She is the Founder of The Healthy Kitchen, a branch of Katrina Brown Nutrition.

Katrina loves to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals and her mission is to share her energy & passion for everyone to live a healthy life.

She speaks and gives workshops to corporate businesses and local groups with an interest in the health and wellness of their employees. Katrina is also engaged in education for fitness groups, children, and adults on the importance of eating healthy food for energy, focus, and longevity.

You can follow her on IG: @katrina_brown_nutrition 


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1. Introduction: This week we are doing a beautiful swiped Chido and eggplant tie brain Cari. What I love about this recipe is like on ISPs. It's adaptable if you want to add him chicken, obey for something to be so you can. I am going to just show you the ventral version because I think it's better for you. It is very easy and very delicious and hateful, bolded stuff. So you're getting fat soluble vitamin K from sweet potatoes. You're getting flooded nutrients and antioxidants from the chiral metabolism kicking ginger and Chile. We've got coconut oil to do some cooking in today instead of the usual olive oil that I use, coconut oils going to give us a beautiful flavor. I have a jar of paste. We're not going to make it from scratch this to them uncomfortable that frankly, Lubin Chavez and sulfur sweetness to balance out the flavors. Coconut milk, cashews, adding coriander. And these can be circuit brown rice without. I've also got lead us cups that we're going to use. So I'm going to show you a couple of different ways to serve this up. One that is going to be in lettuce cups like a little mini kind of tie green curry taco if you will. And the second way is just going to be in a ball with brown rice and you can choose which way you want to eat it. So let's get started on the ingredients. 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment: As I said, I've chosen say, potato and eggplant today because I think they are vegetables that soak up the source so beautifully. Law, whenever I have Thai food or a curry or something like this, it always, whenever I'm bought into visuals like this, I just feel like I'm getting lined up and I just a really great man full of food. So we've got about 400 grams of sweet potato. I have just watched those are not taking off the skin because the skin gives you more prebiotic fiber, which is great for your gut health. We need to feed our microbiome and all Abu bacteria. Prebiotic fiber is always in the skin of the venues as well. Then I've had about 400 grams of a plant of its top to tell both of those, we're just going to chop map, then the source is a really ASI put together top source. So like I said, I've got here some lime juice, a type of spiral toward lime juice. Now, if you want fresh lime juice, if you have fresh lines, you can use them. Today, I've just used the prey bottle, launch juice. It was in the fridge. My lines aren't any good as our lemons yet they haven't quite done their thing. So I'm using what I had in the fridge to ginger droppings and one chilly dropping. And that equates to a probably a two centimeter Nova fresh ginger graded. Or if you're using ground ginger, probably a teaspoon or two of ground ginger. And the same with the Chilean chili flakes. If you'd like more sparse, feel free to add more spice. Cairo, I've got six snobs of Kyle if frozen ones don't have thought and drained. This is equivalent probably to about two cups of chaos or if you were getting fresh cups of Kyle and just chopping it up, it's quite a lot, but this is a really budget friendly, economical way and you're not losing any nutrients because when you get frozen fruit and vegetables, they're always, I'm pretty much set for is instead of retaining all the great nutrients, the current host I'm using today is just to tie green curry paste. This is just from the supermarket. You need about half a job, sort of 60, 70 grams. This is a 200 gram Jocelyn, more thorough job, really. This isn't Megan page. If you want to make your green curry paste from scratch, you can find your ISP and do that. But I want to make this a bit simpler. Coconut milk. I'm using full fat coconut milk today because I'm not using any animal fat in my food. But if you are using an animal protein in your food today, I would recommend couple of going a lot coconut milk because you don't want too much saturated fat. And that's what you're getting from the animal protein. Is he getting more of a saturated fat? So if you're just going veggies, go and use a full cream milk. If you are using mate, use a light coconut milk. It's a lot less saturated fat. Also, if you're looking up to your cardiovascular system, I'll recommend using a lot coconut milk as well. Correct? Vanish today. Cashews, which are also have wonderful cardio benefits, Hooking up to your heart health. They also have lots of protein in them. So because we're not adding make protein to our Corey Today, we're going to add enough for a chain of plant protein, coriander for color and flavor and a bit of punch and sugar and salt, like I said before, balance it out, I'm using my walk today and my pizza tray because that's the lead that fits my walk. You don't need a walk. That's just what I'm choosing to use. You'll need a hotplate obviously. And the other thing you're going to need as about half a cup of water. And you'll see what I'm doing with that in a minute. This doesn't take too long. It's not the sort of car you need to cook for five or six hours on end. Pretty much as soon as your veggies attended, your curry is done and it's going to taste even better the next day. As carers tend to do, it freezes quite well, but just remember if you are flowing out, I would probably fortunate up rather than popping it in a big container and a phrase. So if you're flooring and things like this, you don't want to overthrow it. Even though the sweet potato will hold its integrity quite well as really a plant. If you just have it be misspeak kinda more she can sign up for as an authority that might break up a little bit. So that's just my boss with that. So let me just get things set up here and we will get cooking. 3. 2 | Making the Curry: Now first step is to cook off vegetables. Again. Now, it takes longer to cook and sweet potato. What I'm going to do is just dots of the eggplant and the sway of Title one centimeter DOS. If you want bigger chunks, you can definitely do because we just slice it down. Whatever size you like it. Ponder that you saw us because it takes less time to poke obviously, a nice fresh in plants. So and he's talking beautifully and Monod to shop for change, so that's a winner. Now, I have spoken to you before about the breadth of the walk. When you see the smoke coming off the walk, that's when you start editing your inverse. So we're going to focus on the oil is about a tiny spoon of folk nonetheless, just like that middle. The reason why I'm using coconut omega as well as because it has a high heat point in sort of 290 degrees without schooling. And we'll go in mind. So we're going to look bash, just give that a little flipped around so the oil melts. And then we're just going to pop it in the a plant and go to cuvette to round it off. Well, let's clean up to about five minutes. So just keep that little fun around. Obviously go using a frying pan. It's going to have the same effect you just named Brown. Okay. I kind of sweet potato. So same deal. About, uh, since May, thoughts. Without chopping off your fingers. This one takes a little bit more English. Been trying to channel my Oenomaus district is gouache, but I've decided on too messy and I'm a creative enough. Hi, so eggplants look well. Wash my feet. That's one good thing about computer cool means that you get that gorgeous kind of smoky flavor for your food. Right? Sorry, consumer has ship. Anyway, I lost. I do love that. She must ship and I love the new judges are kidney confirms their class for change. Talk. Potatoes because of the cuts today. And when the egg plants is browned, we're going to throw in the scope and tight I say that through old stain. The next step is to try and persuade which I shot. Why all this? But that is, you would think if he wants you to bond these recipe off, you can. If you wanted to make it for one or three, painful. But it's totally doable. You just got to divide the gradient itself that it does divide quite well and quite easily. So it makes for it's like the tiger or copy a flange. Now next step is just to quickly throw into the ginger and the Chile. Because I'm a little step further. And we're going to stay the vegetables. We're just going to throw in Pompeii. Shop around the age of the pan. And then put the lid on. And I'm going to let that stay in there for about five minutes until the vegetables are really nice. And kingdom, when we have done that, it's as simple as foreign to the source and letting it CMA and it's done, or are the veggie sustain nicely here? Again, off route. I mean, it's just going to remove the late. You just said it brightens in color a little bit. The end plan is looking really beautiful, noss unquote. And the sweet potatoes still has a bit of white wedding, but that's fine. Sum all it's doing just the, um, simulate to read back on and just from my image, we're going to put together the source. Now, what have we got four ingredients here. The reason is because the pre-made curry paste, well how good standpoint? So when you're looking at a grain curry paste and typing Cari and skeleton lemongrass gallon downgrading Shiley, gene job, all sorts of beautiful things. It's not hard to make yourself look like a cylinder showing something easy and time-saving. So in a ball we're just putting together around a third of his jaw. So 60 all so brands, all the hi, So which sells amazing. Putting in Mikhail. Because I can the sugar and salt and the coconut milk when leaving a lime juice. So the last thing, if you want more five, knock me off, you can definitely add that in. But this is just going to be wasting about very easy. I never took it apart. Vegetables. So type lid off again. A little stir. All that water is almost evaporated now as well. And then just pouring, however, could be used as food source. That is, I think because to have souls that will soak up a little bit, intervention goals as well because they already cooked. Does gorgeous vibrant colors there. And I like to count through and it just gives you a bit more kick people brain. And you look at Thyestes account, That's the thing you're getting all the goodness, but you're not going to taste it. All right. So we now seem OK for another 15 to 20 minutes. I'm just going to bring the camera over head so you can see how it's looking. And that's it. That is your dish sorted and it's going to taste amazing. So use the Cari, just simmering away nicely. What I'm gonna do is put the lead on this and we will just let that do its thing. I have had that cooking for a bit over 10 minutes. And you can see the source thickened up. He smells phenomenal. And the sweet potato, the eggplant is really soft. It's really soaked up all sorts, which I love. And the sweet potato is just 10 dot and perfect. Balance that out. Because Thai cooking, Vietnamese cooking, all that sort of thing usually find is a bit of a sweetness, our given things like that. So to balance this out, I'm going to add some lime juice. Justice, do that through at the end. And that's really going to lift the flavor of all the spices, the fullness of the fat of the coconut milk, all that sort of thing. It's going to tie SQL, right? I've mentioned a couple of different ways to surface in the recipe of city can use it as like a finger food. So what I did, I just saw it. If you're not the sort of person who just slaps a big bowl of Ross and carry. You wanna do something a little bit different, a bit up. There's a couple of things you can do heat. So I kind of like throwing things in the lead us lay flat for salad or what have you. Instead of just using sandwiches or wax all the time, I, I really like just the crunch of the lettuce leaf. So I kind of thought and this Ma'am, I don't work for you. Last bit of a fun idea and something just so you know, if you've got friends over and you're doing some spring rolls or you're doing diagnosis or whatever kind of Asian influence speak of food you're doing. I'll just be smart, be something that would be an interesting, something different. So I'll just break up some brown rice. I always use brown Ross and the stupid thing because I just seem to keep this beautiful final, which is what I call a bath. So what I thought I'd do because you don't want source running all I mean, some thought for me to fun. What I'm going to do is just, I shall describe a slotted spoon. Because I don't want page souls adjustment enough suggesting that that kind of group had a little bit. And I'm just going to make studying with the Ross some sort of joint 5050 of Cari and rice. What I'm gonna do is just give it a little mix through. And you can say that sort of stabilized it really is probably a good term. It's just sort of teaching a lot better. I pay. And then the next thing. So let's get a spoon it onto the lead slaves separately in deserts, painful tend to spring full at the most. Just get that on the legislature. Is kind of fun and system to provide H I think thing to food isn't found wide age, especially straight through. You can have a trendline tool as exotic places that kind of magazine straight food. Make it daunting. It's difficulty with trying. My tolerance to Chile is not high. So sometimes I'll leave that sort of thing and feel like my kids about to explode. So here we have, let's just draw and color occur on a few cashews. Permuted crotch, kinda be of interest. And some Korean and just said some Ganesh and color and a bit more freshness. Said that case one idea which kind of looks fun and colorful. And to prove it's not too hard. I'm actually going to pick one up, like little talker body foot. That's really good. The second idea, I'll be asleep. And just what this is a meal. Paulson grammar option and ball, a cup of rural Ross is asserting semi pasta bullet. So the thing is a serving for us. So you'll culture IS probably double in size pretty much. So you're looking at around a cup per person and you're going to be getting a really good setting of whole grains and carbohydrates. With that, we'll just get in those food. I can hide the rest. It will carry a lot of say that's gonna go beautifully the next day. If you don't caries like I do. But DC is magnificent. It is so good for you. Like blow yourself self-centered for you. For a meal like this and feel anything to pleasure because it's a win up some little bit more coriander again, that's up to you. If you'd like coriander. Clearly I like coriander, but you could also do some fried shallots or something like that. I won't talk as well. But that's just a second option just to serve it involves the main meal. So they go swimming titled eggplant toggling, Cory Brown Ross, let us cups whatever makes you happy and you don't even do it.