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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Sweet Home 3D Introduction

    • 2. Importing a Floorplan Blueprint

    • 3. Adding Walls

    • 4. Adding Doors

    • 5. Adding Windows

    • 6. Creating Rooms

    • 7. Furniture

    • 8. Levels

    • 9. Stairs

    • 10. Improving Presentation

    • 11. Extending the Furniture Library

    • 12. Roofs

    • 13. Custom 3D Objects - Part 1

    • 14. Custom 3D Objects - Part 2

    • 15. Custom 3D Objects - Hinges 1

    • 16. Custom 3D Objects - Hinges 2

    • 17. Custom 3D Objects - Door/Window Swing Helpers

    • 18. Custom 3D Objects - Sliders

    • 19. Custom 3D Objects - Arm on Ball Joints

    • 20. Custom 3D Objects - Windows Panes

    • 21. Creating Custom Materials

    • 22. Customising Textures

    • 23. Finishing Up

    • 24. A. Install Sweet Home 3D on Windows10

    • 25. B. Install Sweet Home 3d on Mac OSX

    • 26. C. User Interface Basics

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About This Class

Are you thinking of redesigning your house, and you want to try out ideas before you approach a builder, or an architect to recreate what's in your imagination or to carry out the work?

Perhaps you want to offer a home design service, or even offer your existing clients 2d and 3d examples of the building or design ideas as part of your work proposals.

Or do you want to learn how to use SweetHome3D just for yourself and to quickly recreate your ideas and concepts before you take the leap to your next step whatever that may be?

My name is Sean Bradley and I've helped thousands of people just like you master Sweet Home 3D and get to the next level with my Sweet Home 3d tutorials, and now I've recreated and assembled the best parts of my tutorials into one concise and easy to follow full beginners course on Sweet Home 3D that you can access forever and on demand right here on SkillShare

So just click the link to get started.

This course teaches many of functions of Sweet Home 3D

and you'll cover all topics such as

  • Importing Blueprints,

  • Drawing Walls,

  • Adding Doors,

  • Adding Windows,

  • Creating Rooms,

  • Adding Furniture,

  • Adding Levels,

  • Adding Roofs,

  • Extending the Furniture Library,

  • Creating and Adding Custom 3D Objects,

  • Creating Hinges, Sliders, Arm on Ball joints,

  • Door and Window Swing Helpers,

  • Creating Custom Materials

  • and┬ámany more details discussed in each video

plus, you'll get hands on practical experience which is so crucial when planning and executing your real world projects.

So once again,

Thanks for joining my course and I can't wait for you to get started on your Sweet Home 3D design course today.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sean Bradley

Course Instructor


Hello, I'm Sean.

For over 20 years I have been an IT professional developing and managing real time, low latency, high availability, asynchronous, multi threaded, remotely managed, fully automated, monitored solutions in the education, aeronautical, banking, drone, gaming and telecommunications industries.

I have also created and written hundreds of Open Source GitHub Repositories, Medium Articles and YouTube video tutorials.

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1. Sweet Home 3D Introduction: 2. Importing a Floorplan Blueprint: creating a first time importing a blueprint. Okay, Blueprint. It's optional, but what it is, it's a floor plan that you might have existing from some way such Aziz the cancel or from a real estate website or some other thing. And the floor plan axes a background image on your document that you can use to trace walls around and it just makes it a lot is yeah, you don't really need it, but I'm gonna show you how to import one anyway, Now you can get floor plans for many places, for example, like you can go to your favorite search engine and control open floor plan and you can look at the images. There's a whole bunch of floor plans, and I couldn't just excite get one of these and say, Copy the image and imported into the background. Or I could go to most many places. But But I already have one pre created, so I'm gonna just import. That's the trick is go to plan top left up up here and go import background image. Okay, so I'm gonna choose the image now, and I already have this image credit. So it is called floor extension dot J. Pig open now. Okay, so we opened that up a little bit, and this is Ah, this is the floor plan off the house that I'm gonna build in this Siris of tutorials. Now, I got this image from my local council while an image very similar to it, that I was just going to fire a shot. And I just sort of messed around with a little bit and just a few things and made it to something that is not too distracting but something I can look at. And this is the walls of my boundaries, so I can press Continue there. Now, what you get down here is a, like a scale or a verbatim or something. And what you can do is you put it on, say, one point to say that point there, and then I'll put on another point that I know the measurement off, and I happen to know that the length of those two points in the real world is 1300 centimeters. So that's the length of the line. 1300 centimeters. Now, if your plan is written in fate or something else, you could have just converted two centimeters or set your preferred. Yeah, you preferred units in their preferences file preferences. Okay, so that is 1300 centimeters. Press continue a case that now I want an origin point a point where I want 00 to be on my plan. So that's the dot. They I'm just drag it along, and I'm gonna use just, uh I'm gonna use this point here. Just right. Top left there. Excellent. So that's time to finish. Okay, so now if I look at my plan view, we can see that there's a sort of Ah, a light version of it just in the background that I can use to start a bit like a drawing on a paper. Now, I could have done that many different ways. I could have drawn that by hand. I could have run around my house with my type measure and just just measured starting and drew on a piece of paper, but already hasn't prepared. But and once again, it's optional. But that's that's ah, you could say If I look at the rulers, the zero and zero, that's the origin point. I'm using control and the mass well here to scroll in feeling safe will stop perfect, but it's it's actually good enough, I guess. If I don't like that image and I want to use something else, I can always go to back to playing that game. Modified background, image hide, background image, the late background image that's so pretty good. And it's now time to start drawing walls. 3. Adding Walls: it's now time to look at the wall tour and all draw some water as well. First thing I want to do is actually just explore the wall tool for a moment just in the middle of the top to buy. We got this one, he called create walls so far slick that, and I just press the the male spartan that starts drawing a wall. And where's a draw long and shows me the length and the angle. And I can move that like that. Move that Iran and the angle snaps to a degree. So, like 0 15 degrees, three degrees 45 60 75 90. That makes it very easy to just draw a nice square shapes or 45 degrees example that just makes it easy anywhere that's called magnetism. And if I want a disabled magnetism, I could just hold the old key down, and then I could just move it like that. Now magnetism is disabled, so I could go to any angle that what on a Mac that would be called you Be used hurt the command key to do that on a PC. It's the old key, so once again, I'm magnetism is on. If I used the old okay, I can tell it off like so if you want to disable ment, magnetism or together, you can actually do in preference is here. Go mechanism enable disabled. I'm just gonna leave It enabled, cause I like it now just to show we also we could do with a wall so a war will start. A war or drawer will finish it If we look at the wall here, That's a start in this and end. And you can tell where the star in the Andes by these little arrows here. Well, little sort of angle brackets over here, and that is useful in, say, where where you need to know about to start in the end of the war. But I say 11 particular thing. There's a thing called modify walls and you've got to start in the end and you've got the height here, and that could be a sloping wall. And you want to know where the start is? In the end is secret. Say, the start of the Wallace height to 40 and the end is a high 1 40 Okay, so if we look in the three D view down there, we can see that that's an angled wall. Now it's quite hard to see that they were going to turn it that way. It's an angled war. Someone's gonna press control said a few times. Their escape control said Another thing we might want to do with the walls is with this air I selected as I can split the wall like so so that Wallace now split So I can now move, say, that segment of the wall so around like So you can see that in the three D view that it's also having an effect. And look at that. That's, uh, where we go anyway. And once again, I can use the old Kiefer wanna smooth disabled magnetism for a moment. Like so? Okay lets just under the split there. Other thing, this funny little arrow. He with a little curve on it. It bends the wall like that, it's saying to the Ark extent, Bank 48 76 like so and you can once you got anarchist an saying 100 degrees. You can get that point there, and you can make it bigger and smaller if you like. So It's probably best to work out your ark extent first. So I monarch extent sign 190 degrees like so it's like a full half circle. Look up that down there. And I can move that. Make it bigger and smaller. I can also get another wall like this wherever war like that just press escape. And I could join that those two pieces together by holding down shift. So I hold down, shift and select the other war started that again. So slick one war holder shift like the other Aiken, join those two walls. So, um, plan join walls there, Go or control old J like So now that those two walls joined, it's a quite unusual shape, and I can once again move that around, and it starts to get a little bit complicated now, but I think that you can get really good. This would have been a practice. I'm not gonna do that in my model just yet. I'm gonna try and keep it simple, because this is I don't wanna lose anybody just yet, anyway. So, good boy, my plan and I'm gonna start drawing walls surrounded. Now also, one thing to note is I have spaces of the doors and spaces for windows. I can ignore those wondering walls when I add doors and windows. Sweet home three day will add those things automatically. Will will calculate the holes in the walls automatically, so there's no problem there. So just let's create award. Start off the first. The other thing. Because where I live wall thickness, it tends to be about in a wall. Thickness tends to be about 10 centimeters, so I'm gonna sit that my war high. Also, it's about 260 centimeters. That's from the floor to the ceiling inside, and my floor thickness is spent 25 centimeters. Now, when I'm drawing a single story building that doesn't really have any effect, it only has an effect. If I add new levels. Level 123 etcetera. So press OK, so now what? I start drawing walls. I just did. It's nice and quickly I won't be. Why won't worry about accuracy just yet? Because we can always adjust. So we'll tool selected. I'm gonna start here. I'm just gonna go along, and because it's got magnetism, it's just drawing a nice straight war for me. The the to their and Teoh into there. Then we can zoom in on that if we want to. Never look. Uh, oops. Um, zoom in a little amusing. The scroll is in control in the scroll on the on the mass straw wall that goes from this point to that point. Excellent. Ah, wall down to that point there and a wall to this point. And we can see we can see that it's not quite wanting to go to the place. I want it soon. That's because of magnetism. Once gonna convince pris old key to disable make this is press the button. Good. Now, because the mag disabling magnetism also tense. It is Sable the continuation of walls. But doesn't matter. I just start again. Let's just find ah, Start there and I'll come down. Come down. I'll get all the way down to the bottom or went into there. Press escape. This one doing now Pretty escape to stop the wolf from continuing. Okay, this next spot next one. I'm gonna start down here, Hammond for up to their drawer. To that point, they're gonna draw another wall with the wall tour selected to another wall from there right up to there. Okay. Lets civil. Look all the war ST draw the window walls. Okay, so start there and no go. It's about there, There, there, they're on and likes, like so press escape. Now, at the bottom, you may have noticed that the three d model was actually being drawn at the same time, so that's pretty good. That's that's looking very, very good. And this is the ground floor of the building that I'm gonna be drawing in this Siri's. Okay, so let's, uh these two things here there's a fireplace is I'm just gonna add those. Now, zoom in. Just start there that I'm a drool. Data there, press escape, and then one scan drew from there. There, Chris Escape. Now with shift k down, I'm gonna we'll get the selection tool. I'm going to slick both of those the same time. I'm gonna write. Klay can change their thickness by using modify walls. Thickness, spank. 40 centimeters never go. I'm just gonna tap them up a little bit because I didn't really get that. Correct. That's pretty good day down. Excellent. Say man a little. This this front front section of the house here. I'm gonna adjust the width of that one. Hold down shift selector window walls as well. And I'm gonna just those using model firewalls animate in 25 centimeters, their double break sick with five cinematic cavity between them. That case, that's all done. That's let's zoom in a little bit. And what is perfect? Perfect that slightly I can and I can. No, no, that's not Just have to move that with the mass like so. And you'll notice, too, that when I'm moving a point or segments like so you get, you can see the length being drawn and angle a sickness and a little. A little blue line appears in places that you might want to be consider important for his ink, for instance, level with the fireplace there, but it's not. That's not where it goes against their, so it's not a little helpers. When you're drawing the walls and you don't have to be completely accurate, throw it away because you got plenty of time to perfect it. Okay, now, this one here, I'm gonna make 25 as well. I have another way of opening up the modifiable style Logan. That's you think control shift and a if I want, rather than pressing right click. And that wall's gonna be 25 centimeters thick. Excellent. And I just got tap It left slightly using the air. Okay, assume out. Let's look at the front here. I'm gonna make that also 25. So right, click Modify Walls 25. Excellent. And this wall right, The back. I'm also gonna make 25 getting his control shifting this time to open a dialogue. 25. Okay. And just tap it in. Excellent. That is pretty pretty good for now. And that is that. That's the walls. Really. I mean, don't worry about the windows or the doors just yet, because when we do those, it will do a really nice job in automatically and correct little spaces for you. Excellent. Okay, so I just slipped in middle. Also, my three D models also centered kind. That's good. That's the ground floor. Excellent. 4. Adding Doors: Okay, so let's learn about doors we remember on this three d model Darren holds made for doors that it's no problem when I go over to the left to you. I have some doors. And how did I get there? Stop, door, Look. So another way of doing I could have just said doors and windows like so Anyway, I'm gonna grab a front door, just drag and drop the front door into the model here, front door, just drag it in, and as we always gonna zoom into that so we can see that a bit better. As I moved the front door around Aiken, change which direction of door swings open. So depending on where the mouse is in relation to the to the wall that the door is going onto you look at the three D model down there. You can also see that the door has a sort of a front and the back side, like so. And with that, the door opening in what is correct and you can set the model so show is correct as well. Now another thing. Here's the door swings open. What the wrong way from the May actually swings out the other way. So if I just right click that door and do modify furniture, it's called a furniture. In this case, it there is an option. He married shape. Okay? And now the shape has been mirrored like that. See? So now it is the correct way. Another thing to sit on the house that I built the door is actually quite wise, quite large to made by what? A specialist door company. And they made quite large. Exactly that large goes actually from, goes from about their today actually like So it's quite a wide door. It's quite Ah, quite a high doors. Well, but I have a glass that top loaded it after anyway. So that's basically a door that's a front door that needed to be stretched, and I swapped what mirrored. Now let's do some interior doors that much easier. But there same concept. I'll describe something like just toe a plain old door there. That's an interior door, and I'm gonna put that down there. We can see that that's straight away. Actually, that door doesn't exist anymore in my house, but I'll leave it there anyway. Let's just do another one I'm a door and I will mirror it because we can see on the image behind the direction of the door open. Someone's gonna copy that image. Right? Click Modify furniture mirrored shape. They were going out. Opens the correct way. And I also have a door here. 7.1 there. And that door actually opens. Correct? Already. So if you look at that on the thread a model we can see got three doors down here. Now there's not a feature that is kind of hidden inside sweet homes three day. But I'll show you how we can actually open this store. We have two opposites actually dragging and opened already, or I can get dis existing door and I can open it to some is going to show here. Do that. Oh, slicked that door there. Right Click it. Modify Finisher and I modify openings. Now, this is a three D model of the actual door. If I click that will just hold that handle down with my mouse I can open and close the door like so never go. So let's just open the door a little bit and press OK press okay. And we checked the model and the door is actually open. Now that cool. And I can do that to all the doors. Or I could have just quite easily just drag in the open door, which was already I've been like so. And I want to the same thing. They are just drag in the open door like size. Very good. Excellent. You know, one thing I didn't do on this model when I drew the walls is I left two wars out, so I'm just gonna fill them in right now. That's one wall goes to there, Skype, and another war goes to the press. Skype, This is a utility room, and that is a bathroom. I'm just gonna just that wall across slightly excellent. Very good. And I'll put in a doorframe in this section. Couldn't have a door here. Someone put a door frame in. That's a doorframe. Let's have a look at that. It's just the whole without a door. Excellent. Now I have in this section here and this section here, these two sections are very large. I don't have any doors on them, so I could just grab a doorframe once again, drag one in there and I can I can resize it. So I'm gonna just go slide it up like so. And one thing I didn't mention yet is all these different icons down here. This is the resize I come that is the stretch X War or stretch. Why icon? So just stretches. It makes a tall or a shorter. This is the elevation icon second lifted from the ground. So let's have a look. Lifting it from the ground, his controls it. Let's demonstrate Teoh stretch again so I can make it like a little hole or mike. Very, very large price controls it, and this is the rotate. Aiken just rotate like so, But we'll look at this a little more when we do furniture, because that's where because if you'll notice that when I drag a door around it automatically aligns to the walls at the mouse's his masses over us, that's very clever. And it also you can say that it just the thickness automatically eso let's just put that back and continue and closing the door doesn't actually have a A door panel doesn't really matter which way I face this song. Just gonna just do that and Another feature that you can see is that when I'm moving this around, there's a measurement. Little blue lines are measuring the distance, so I want that door to bay, say, 60 centimeters from that section there. Actually, I should I should start down here 60 centimeters from there, and then I can stretch this and I could go all the way up, and that is being 220. So they should leave 60 centimeters between there and their I just do that. It was pretty close to have a guy now that in the three d model it's an open entrance, and that's what it looks like. Let's go to the other side, get the door frame, okay? And what did the same thing with this position? It actually this one opposition about 30 centimeters from the edge, like so and all stretched that all the way to the end, actually, because actually, that's how it goes in real life. Now, credit a denarius jail is such like bearing iron bar goes all the way across the roof, creates a great big entrance, and let's have a look at that. The other thing is, it's very it goes all the way to the ceiling. So let me just get the highest tool, which is that one there and just go the way to the ceiling. That clock. So and actually I should just right click that and double click that and it's actually sit 260 directly. That might be the better way to do it, actually. Okay, So you saw that day. I can also just double click the object and right, exactly what the measurements should be. Okay, So I can also change their color and texture. So for this one down here and double click, the wits was 2 20 and the heart being 200 night. Okay, well, good enough for now. OK, excellent. Now let's get the, uh, the back doors done on the house in the standard, uh, furniture library. We don't get a four Penhall french door. We get to Penhall French Door over here, double French. So I'm just gonna just, uh, have the copy this credit for panel French store and my four panel fresh door. Each pane of glass is one made a wide. So if I just double click that I could make that 200 like so? So let's just put that again and actually opens on the to the in these actually happening outwards. So there we go, actually the door handle. I think it looks better opening inwards. In this case, it's not. The same model is my real door, but doesn't matter. So just a guard. So now that door is they Arkan, and it's pretty good. I can just copy it and paste it using. I'm going to select the door, press copy control C and in control V to paste it. And I could just drag another one along sort. And as I move it, it kind of snaps to be aligned next to it like so Very good. So that's now simulating a full panel, French door or bi fold one that opens right up the day. Felt furniture library doesn't have that many models, but I'll show you how toe extend your library later and add a lot more models. And you could say that there's a hundreds of models that you can get for free, and I'll show that later tutorial. But side that is pretty much everything you need to know about doors. There's a lot of a lot of options that you can do with them. Well, let's just change the color, for example, because thes doors are the wrong color in the three d model. Double click the color and I'll make it like a dark grey because that's what they are. That's very, very good. Excellent and all use the same color down here. Double click and the color by just used is actually now in the history so I can just pick that color press, okay? And the same thing for the front door front door. Second the same. It's zgray already. Let's have a look to color or just make it same gray and the materials. I don't have gold door handles, so I'm just gonna change that to being I'm a change that to being I, uh It's a sort of a silver tell us. So I think that just keep it gray for now, so it doesn't really stand out anyway. There are better models on. We'll work on that further down the Siri's. Okay, so let's have a look at that a little bit, but its focus on something in the middle there. Okay, so we can see the whole model That is all the doors in the house and you can see that all the holes were created Secondary. Look through them like Circum. See what was behind these doors? We had learned how to open a door and we learned how to stretch the door. We learned had Teoh hard code the measurements so hard coded that to exactly 260 high. And this one here being exactly two meters wide. These two are also two meters wide. But thats good thats you can do all doors that way. Excellent. 5. Adding Windows: windows. Let's have a look on my model on the ground floor. There is really only one place where there are windows that's on the front of the house in this section. Just hear dis back place well back part. Where This the door. What? The bi fold doors over there. They're a window already, and you can we can already see through those. But I'm gonna go down here and under work on the front windows here on the left. Here. I already have doors and windows open that I could have just chosen just windows by typing windows window. And the window that I actually want is in this model. It's just a small window. I think it's that one just there. Just a standard old small window. Someone's gonna drag that across and I'm a dragon into place. Okay, Now that window, what one is open the wrong way doesn't matter. But the other problem with this window is that it's way too wide. Song is gonna open that and just sit that to being 60 blocks. Okay, Step window is now 60 and under and drag it to its correct place, which happens to be there that's Ah spot for a 60 centimeter wide window. I can see it in a three day of you down there that started the show. Now, sort of drawn the hole through the wall. Let's ah, create another one of those rather than dragging and dropping in, overriding the measurement again, I'm just gonna just select that window for its control, said a copy Control Vida pace and drag it down to another spot, which is down there like So I can see my model down there. Stand to have got to windows. Now, Now, let's do this one. This is little more tricky. This front section here, all these windows there, 55 centimeters. What's if I control paste? I could drag one put in the middle pace, put another one and paste put another one like so like So if I select all three of those windows like that, right click press modify furniture. I can now add it all those the same time to be 55 wide. Excellent. Now course that spacing is not correct, but are just too. Just like that. Never go. That is pretty good. And that was pretty quick as well. Okay, That's the windows in the front of my house going to be like that. And, ah, I mean, in reality, the seal isn't so large on the outside, and it's a silly inside. But what will work in that light up? You ever That's pretty good. That's that's enough to progress just to see what other options weaken. Do with a window quickly. I'll just slick this one in the middle here and double click it and we'll see what modifying on opening this gives us actually open the door as well. We'll open the windows. Well, that's corner. Get right around like, so I'll leave it open. I'll try that. Okay, It's actually opened, and I will change. The color on these windows is actually whites. I'm going to sit him to be a hard white color. Modify Fancher. See how well this worked before I commit alot of them. Okay. Okay, sits. What? Yes, I set. Those were all white, so I was gonna zoom out slowly, slicked all of these ones. That didn't change the color off. Well, there's been a property smart if I finish out the color being white. Okay, Excellent. So they're all white now. And actually, they have my the walls in my house, a wider the well, but we'll come back to that later. Excellence. That's Windows. That was kind of many, many things about windows, okay? 6. Creating Rooms: a case we're gonna look at now is the Create Rooms tour, which is this one just here. Create rhymes up the top there. Now there's several ways of creating rooms. What it will do is it will draw a floor in in and section like this, and we'll show the measurements as well. So show the one way to do that, and that is to make sure it selected Crate Great Rome's. There's a little bit of a helper description there. Weaken. Look at that and you're in time. But I don't need that now. Now what? Zoom in on this section here and move the mouse around. We can see I get a little blue circle, which helps me to to decide where to actually click song. Gonna. Well, it's gonna snap to that point. Soldiers click it, and it's just doing it now. So let's just click. And now it's drawing a floor okay and down here, and we can see that I can either just double click there to finish it. Or I could have just press the escape case. So let's just go back draw down there because it's still thinks I want to draw side of fighters press the escape K. It just gets rid of the last point and we go, and that's so is 21.46 square meters. Now that's not entirely accurate. That would be That would depend on me making sure that my wars are 100 per cent. Correct and actually in realities. Never that it's never one on 2% correct anyway. But de Troy Okay, so here's another room here now. Another way. Well, another method of creating a floor is he should be on it is double click, and it should credit floor for you. Don't see what the problem is here is that if I zoom into my walls, my walls haven't join Draw it to the edge they're says, have a little gap. So what I'm gonna do is quickly just fix those walls up by selecting them like so and just moving them up to sit within the wall that they're touching a little bit slightly the case , and now for zoom out and select the floor to the room to warming Double click. It never gets automatically created the room for me and the same thing here. I didn't do it perfect. So I have to either drawer by hand, a bit like that, or fix the walls up. And so I can double click it, because this was quite a a complicated floor plan. Well, compared to a simple square or rectangle, you will get those issues. But I just to show you what would happen if I just did this in such a way that I drew a wall. There was perfect right from the beginning, so forget entered in a drawer there and I draw there and finish that off. That's like a perfect square with all walls. Probably joined, I could double click is that space, and it automatically creates 20 Square made us. But that's not what actually happened. So soc can't always doesn't always go to Plan B. Anyway. I'm just gonna continue to draw all these floors in such a way. That's just not that's no completely joined. Doesn't matter. Let's just go down and just do it. Do it this way because of its not tonight takes a few seconds. The kind Skype capacity to the Landrum now, so ago, Okay, And because there's quite a few points around here, it gets a little bit confused. But if I just be more precise, I can get that exact point kiss good and there good on there and press escape. Okay, And now for the final room. Excellent. Very good. So that's all the room dimensions done for you Now. The room dimensions are entirely accurate. You can controls it. You can does several things with it. Such a Z, such as rotated we'll move it around those two like ons and also what double click it. I have a whole lot of other options, such as changing the color, Control said, deciding to despite the area or not, there's a text tool down here up here, 501 right it manually. Such a sous 50 made a square. I have to look into their I had to write the super script to anyway. Uh, it's just double click that just double click that again. Whole display the area and the name. I call it an entrance in Trance Hole like sir, all sides based pointless at a baseball. So what? That does okay, says the entrance hole. And if I look at that on the three day model, said the baseboard and like. And you might also call that a skirting board. Will you go? Very noise. Just a little detail there, around the around the floor, So, uh, excellent. 7. Furniture: furniture. Seven. Look over Can do. Let's put some furniture around this building. This is just the ground floor. So there are no bedrooms here. Thomas gonna dio do that light are so let's have a look. Let's this place a piece of furniture. So I want a an arm chair. So I'm going to use this blue armchair. Actually, just gray once a bit nice or someone used that drag that in Gonna put that into the plan dream here. And if we look, we can see there is an armchair in the in the room. Yeah, you go and look at the icons again. We have an elevation icon. So it's sorry I had move selected there. Wait till the icon. The mouse cursor actually changes. So that gault elevation so that cheer is actually flying. Okay, so just know a normal thing you'd want to do, and we can stretch the chair like that already flat it za super making make it really wide and really long like so if it wanted to 10 92 touch modern catch. I'm just gonna press controls it a few times to put it back to the way it waas let me can also rotate it. Okay? And as I move it around it, Connor just doesn't other lines aligns to the wall if depending on where the cursor is, you see that and it shows me some measurements, which is very clever. Well, depends on where the mouse is, Where the mouse is makes it the wall or kind of far away from the walls. That's kind of fire away from the wall. If I'm over closer, it now lines with wall and shows me the measurements to be better to be zoomed in when you're doing stuff like that, so you can. This will be less era, but that's not really good, isn't it? You can do that, so I want to be one made of on the edge. Would I really? But that's just just showing you what you can dio with. Finish there another thing. I can double click, defend show to get the dialogue, or I could have just pressed right click modify finisher like so, or I could have just said control a ago. It's called non chair. If we look in the furniture list down on the left behind my head, there is There's the word armchair there. I can also double click that and get the same thing. I can say it. I'm chair. I just call it something else. Like my share. And I'll also display the name in the plan. Okay. All right. So it's called Maya. My arm chair, now on the list and in the plan says my arm share like So let's just double click that. I don't want to display the name just yet. I can override the wits, the depths in the height, I could mirror the shape with the chairs. Not really good example of that. I'll just show you mirroring a shape. Now you use a table. I think some of these tables are You are not, uh, mirrors. I can't find anything. The desk? No, a corner sofa. I can. That's might be a good one. It's just Ah, put a corner. So far, there's no real place in this house where there is good for a corner so far other than here . So I'm gonna move this chair at the way I would put the corner so for in, uh, and we can see that it's probably the wrong shape, actually, might work my work in that position. OK, actually, because of this corner here won't let me move around the edge like that stuff I could I could just tap it using the mouse case. Actually, that's a bit more delivering, so you could have a corner corner. So for in that position there and also when I'm moving in like that, if I hold down the shift key, it moves like 10 points at a time rather than one so as much faster. But holding the shoe K, let's have a look at that three day now. That's that's kind of very distracting. I think having that that cast like that, there's a door there. I kind of forgot about that. Anyway, Let's just put that back there. Now. Let's flip that around. Let's mirror that shape. Okay, here we go. But have sets of be better. Whoops. There we go. But upsets a bit better anyway, that's what. Sweet home. Three days. Good for just trying a liar. Experimenting a little bit. I don't like the color of that. That furniture, some just double click it and change the color. The sewer textures we're gonna have So a bunch of textures there like any of those textures . For for a catch, I'm gonna try. Well, sort model. It's got a material on it. So that's a lot of that invisible color. We'll just cancel that. I'll just got almost can change the color directly. I'm gonna make it a gray color. Like, say, they're good. It's great. So, so shiny. I don't like the Shawnee. I didn't like the catch actually going Just just gonna get rid of it and maybe get, uh, a couple of armchairs. So that works. And another armchair always rotate that like, so excellent. And this armchair actually is probably quite good as a cat song. The scar double click it. Make it really ward one. I d. Okay, that's better as a catch. Look at that in three day. Here we go. Okay. Another thing you can do is pictures on the walls, like specifically any pictures, a picture frame there. Put the train on the wall there. So it's just just put that their goes, the picture frames on the wall. You see that in three day? I could move it around. Of course I can make it wide. Oh, I could make a really deep like that. Very good. Just like a I've seen things like that in the shops. I could make it really tall or I can sort rotate. Does, um yeah, and we can change this elevation like so. So you can sort of imagine the positioning. Ever have a picture there? You might like to dio spring that in and put that against, like so we could see that they didn't really conflict there. That's quite good. It plays in the same spot and you can still select parasitism. What's this good kaist? Let's zoom out there close to go. Well, that's furniture. Really? I think there's enough. Enough said to know Put a piano over here. I think that placing you can get lost placing third and she can spend it is doing it, trying and trying it out. Different things. I want a piano there and I want to spare spiral stairs Case right in the middle of the room . I don't think so. Excellent. Double click. Say what options we have again quick and hard weaken. We could explicitly set the location of we want part of the base plan. When this click when his check boxes selected a piece of furniture can't be moved or resized if the plan is looked OK, what's a good point, actually, So if I oy Mike a part of the vice, plan the piano here and I use this little lock off the top here, look base plan, it's now locked. I can't actually edited by clicking anything. Anything like I can click this furniture, but I can't click that furniture. I can click that. But not that. Because that if I modify, will unlock base plan, but it looks of a unlocked base plan. Then I can modify it. Iceland, and by unlocking the bys plan that's just changed. Had a look up there, something useful. Here we go more. There's a lot of furniture to choose from, and I'll show you how to extend the finish. A library in the light of video. Okay, thanks. Thanks a lot 8. Levels: levels. Okay, This house I'm drawing is a double story house, but I've only really done the floor plan for the bottom level. So to add another level, what we could who's got a plan here and we go to add level, Just stay behind my head and repress at level like a What we see up here is level zero and level one. Now I can see an outline of level zero. So this is very useful for when drawing wars and other things so I can see just the walls, actually, So I can't see the furniture or the doors, All the windows. That's okay. The walls of the most important thing. So the walls on level zero act as a template. You mean a copy on level one. And you'll also notice is I don't see the background image that I imported, like the blueprint that I imported, like in one of the very first videos. So you can still see the blueprint just here. I'm just gonna hide that completely. But I longer donated, so just say, delete that background him in short together, which makes this look a little NATO Aziz. Well, so if I go back to level zero. That's very, very good. Now, just to look at the level properties for six second. Now, if we're going to plan, there is, uh behind my head is gonna move my head. Right. Say there. Okay, plan Good. Few options here to make a level unviable level the only viable make all levels viewable, which is what I'm gonna does but modify level order, late level. So let's look at modify level. Here we have a new panel viewable level one and again in level one elevation to 85 Now that 285 is 260 plus 25 I'll show you where that +285 came from here. When I first set out my preferences, I said the new wall height being to 60. So that's the height of the wall in centimeters from floor to ceiling for the downstairs says 260 centimeters. And I might the floor sickness 25. So that's where the 295 comes from. So cancel that go back to plan. We get model fly levels because the level one it's elevations 295 centimeters, its floor sickness is 25. Its heart is 260. Never guys. So starts 285. His level zero a swell. They could modify that if I pressed level zero. I can even just double click that tab there and give me the same options. That's the fastest way to do it, actually. Double called a clever one. And double click level zero on level zero. You can see that it's height is 260 on this floor. Sickness isn't is kind of ignored area. It wouldn't be ignored if we were crowding a basement. But that's in a later video. Okay, It's good. Best level one. And what I'm gonna do is quickly create the walls and the windows on placing furniture and do the floors. Now, fast forward most of that, because we already learned about those things in the, uh, previous videos. If I say anything that I haven't shined New Year told, just slow the video down just pointed out. So here we go. I'm just gonna just drawer now. So selecting the wall and I'm gonna follow the template like so. Okay, sir. Underneath here. I have two fireplaces I'm gonna do is get onto level zero Chris Control. See? Have a clever one. Has control thing. Same thing again. Getting level zero. It's control. See? Got a level one. Control the paste. What? The house looks like a little bit. It's got that sort of ledge just there. Now, one of the things you probably noticed is this. Now there's no way we could see right through to the bottom level. Love is gonna add the room dimensions to fix that level one. So they were not the drawing this section. I couldn't quite get it to attach some raisin. So that's a matter. I can always come back into it. And just just like so now, in navigating the three day view when an object is selected, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll in and out like so Sometimes it's disc rolled out some work fast enough so you can use the keyboard so w and S O s to zoom out and w to zoom in and you can use a indeed to rotate. If you don't like using the mouse, that is. It looks like a broken Just sit Yes, to move out or W to move in. I put a table in Sorry. In this room and the table, I will will already size to make it a little bit more realistic. Here we go. So full length tabled. See if I got a compute on got a lacto and the left tops on top of the table. That was levels and may just completing eye level to a certain point. Excellent. 9. Stairs: Now, what I haven't done is putting a stare so I can't actually get from level zero to level one . Splices do was stare. So I'm going to go down to level zero, type in stare like, sire and stare that I'm gonna use. There's not a lot of options here, but once again, oil do a video on extending the library. I'm just gonna drag this one, and I'm gonna place it just there. Just work on it. Now, just get that right, because against I'm gonna have to manually rotate that and displace it, placing your hand exits. Wrong way. Okay, It goes that way. Now goes up like that, and it actually sits a little bit I ever liked. So and it goes out to about this point here. Oh, wait. So I got a better staircase before I make it. I realize that, but it's about like that. So that's a stare. Now, if I goto level zero and we'll have a look with that stare is we can say that it's actually cut a hole in the floor, which is almost pretty correct. So that is very good. It's very clever about stairs and sweet homes every day. There we go. So so we can see here. There's not really enough to go hear some of just just still walls. Make a little bit more. The stairs. Actually. Artist Mike Stairs. Little realistic, like so Very good. All right. Now it can get around there and there. Yeah, they're better stays available in the that you can download for free. I'll show you how to do that. Let's just say I did want a spiral staircase downstairs in this room. I could just, uh, well, in the land trim a year ago, we can see the spoils staircase. And if I just go back to level zero, it's popular. Very nice. Imagine that it's not gonna happen. 10. Improving Presentation: Okay, so we've progressed quite far now, and we have a very good model. But there are some things we can do to make that to improve the presentation of that slightly making a little more useful. For instance, if I could go to level zero and I can look at that and I couldn't level one as well, but I kind of want to be able to see the whole model all the time. So one of the things I can do is I can right, click the three day view here, and I could display all levels like so Syria goes, so does no matter what level I got selected, all levels visible. Now you can see the other problem is we can't really see through the walls. So one thing you can do once again is right. Click in the three D view and weaken Do modify through the view here and I can change the walls transparency. So let's just experiment with that being about the okay start ago Now we can see through now. I think personally, I really like this. I think that's good. I'm gonna because you can see everything is and it depends on what you really want to look at, so I compress the arm chair. So if I'm looking at first, it's very good to be out of seats through the walls. I can look at that. I can look at that. I can press level one Aiken, look up the stairs or the table, the laptop for the bath and just press once again press W and Esther zooming in and of them . That's silvery noise. The other thing we can do with a three D view has changed the sky and the ground. So right click the three D view. Modify three D View Ground and Sky Here said the ground. I'm gonna choose a color. I can choose anything I like. I find this quite hard. It's like choosing paint in your house. You choose a color and it like it doesn't quite work the way you imagined it. So, uh, let's just do that again. Modify three d view Hard code The color, actually, cause I think I remember what I wanted. I d if if I d the case is sort of a grain color. Yeah, that's I like that color for the ground. Best up to you what you choose. You can also choose a texture for the ground so we can choose grass like So I don't really like the grass because it looks like looks like Lego down anyway, once again, modified thread a view and just select color. All right, on that's what a father sky color will. The sky can also be a texture Thistles cancel. That was like the texture and will slicked very cloudy sky storm does look quite good. You know another way on other options. You don't even really have toe Have those so you can to model. We really have to have the background color, texture you can just to something like complaint complaint black. Okay. And for the sky once again, complete black. And then, you know, that looks pretty good as well. You can just now fighters completely on the model. Other thing you can do with the street. A view is you can you can actually undock it, sir. Foi display in a separate window. Dairy goats. Senate's in a sign of window now. So if you got multiple monitors, you can you can show that on one monitor and then you can have your plan, view and full strain here. And I mean, I recommend doing that. I think that's a great way to do it. But I'm done. But I might be using what monitor here. So I'm quite limited and those kinds of things, but that so it's looking pretty good. I think straight away that looks way better. I'm gonna just modify the wall transparency slightly. Try 50%. Okay, that's all right, cause I'm still gonna be working on the walls little bit, so I still want to see them. That's great. It's looking really good. And one more thing that I'll show you about the thready view, which looks really quite good is if I go down to level zero tonight just like something in the middle just to focus in the middle. I go to plan and I import the background image again because I deleted it before probably shouldn't have because it's very useful. I just press continue and it's remembered. The sittings finish what is showing now. He's a plan image as the base, and we can see that through the opaque walls there. So just gonna just do this again, modify war transparency. I'm gonna hide the walls or together like so. And look at that. That's That's a new way of looking at it. Your model, isn't it? So we hide the walls completely en ciel, the things older. Other objects we could also spots against behind my head is we can we can choose to hide individual items if you like. I can just focus on on just certain things like ago. The piano has disappeared. Now it's there. If I just right click to get again, display all levels and disliked displays selected level. Okay, so I'm looking at just level zero now. I mean, this looks great. It's very just a very interesting way of looking at your house model. Aiken. Slick level one. And now I'm looking at level one. Very, very good. 11. Extending the Furniture Library: extending the sweet I'm three day library. Now the library here on the left has quite a lot of models, but but not really enough for examples. Car. There are no cars table but was a medic. One cheer as a futures. Ah, couch couple of catches. And one thing I pointed to before there's not very many stairs, so we couldn't actually import libraries. And they're all open source and you can get them from the Sweet homes really website. So if we were to go to the downloads page and sweet home three day and scroll down a little bit, there's a whole bunch of other things that begin down line. And one is three D models libraries. So we just click that and go there and we just look at the most race and three D models here we can see here. There is, uh, behind my head, actually. So there's a three D models contributions, local president, trees, scope, yer Keitel, Legos, blend, swap blend swap, CCB, war and re illusion. What I'll do first is download contributions here, and ah, okay. So that down lord should start happening automatically, okay? It's gonna just gonna save it Start another download, like look a president. Save that. And I want trees as well. Just get rid of that. Save that, etcetera, etcetera. And will do. We'll do scope here as well. I mean, I'll do all of these, but I'll let you decide how many you want because I'm just daughter should just show you. Keep it, sickle. So let's just open the photo where all these things have been down lighted. So I didn't download all of them, but we can come back to that. Okay. So well being downloaded to my downloads. Thought on my Windows machine. Now I'm gonna just extract the contents of these one by one. Okay? So and just put them onto my desktop for now. It is one their scope young, some of the trees. There's trees, like a president day. Ah, there we go. And contributions. Okay. Now, Aziz, you remember those many of those I could chose from, so if I get sweet home three days now and if I go to say file here are actually furniture and I do import furniture library. I can just slick Does one by one. Open furnish. A library was successfully imported. Okay, it stood other one import furniture library. Luca President Do done. Let's ah Fincher Import furniture library to the next one scope here. Okay, furniture, import furniture, library in trees. Excellent. And ah, let's just see what we got now for a toy car Or get some cars. Excellent. If I get let's see what else for cash. I've got heaps of you catches. Let's have a look at stairs. Loads of staircases. Look at that. See, that's what I mean Now. One of the important things tonight is this. If this causes your sweet home three day to slow down, how you can fix this up is go to the place where it saves all the furniture libraries on older show where that is, it's actually on your user account here under eight x sweet time, three day and furniture, and that's where it saved the libraries. So if you discover that the's libraries are causing a problem on your version of sweet homes, three day, you can always just come into this folder and delete them like like so what? The late, Whichever one, like so and I will next time you live with three times three day they were disappeared. Shut it too. Three times. Three day and come no, go on. That's how it's done. I mean, you can also just even just do this dragon like that. Put them straight into the voter yourself. Let's reopen sweet times. Three day since typing car under there. Express it. That's extending this sweet times pretty library. I'm gonna go and just get the remind of most models I didn't down light. 12. Roofs: Okay. It's now time to create a roof. And since I've just downloaded a whole bunch of new objects for my library, I now have some roofs, like like, so say looks are a double if, and I'm going to use a red slate roof. So what I want to do is actually credit new level that I'm gonna use to put the roof on. So if I go up here is a plus sign a press that is called level to now. I can double click it. Now, let's just call it roof. Why? No. Okay, now I'm gonna drag that in. Excellent. Now let's look at what that looks like on a on a three d view and where the angle is. Okay, so I'm going to make it map, Matt, that that, uh, that shaped their the shape from level one. The war from never one so far. Just rotate, like so if that's the correct angle. And I'm just gonna expand it a little bit, fit it down to there, and then just drag it out there. Okay? That's good. Will just raise the heart of it a little bit. Okay, So they had to about 300. It's pretty good. And now I'll also lower it down to the bottom. Now there's a liver gap there. Now, just to adjust that I will double, click roof and just lower the elevation of a slightly. I'm just going to make a guess here. What? That Should they? 5 50 for example, 5 50 Looks pretty close. Get a few five more centimeters on that. 55555 Okay, No. 545 I made to do 545 I case that now sits on top of the roof. Well, on top of the wall of the level under Nace guys, that's good. Let's just move that down I'm gonna do is copy that copy. Taste rotate. Excellent. Have a look at that on the straight. A motto. It's got a slight overhang and Okay, well, we can spend time perfecting that. That's just nice and quick. Now, what you can see here is that there's the war goes straight through. Well, it's just hollow all the way through. I'm just gonna feel that now with the wall. So I'm just going to get this to two roofs here. Just changed the visibility. I'm behind being least they wanted the bottom actually writ slate roof. So if I just turn off their visibility for now, I'm going to create some walls just underneath. Say, whoa. Okay. So Well, I'm sorry. Halfway. Excellent. Um, could have just continue that down to their negative. The bottom do is the same thing at the bottom, there to the down to about them. Excellent. Now this in a three d view you can see there, Square. Now, what I'm gonna do, you gonna go to the properties of them. Each of those. Double click. The 1st 1 start height would be zero Start heart zero. Okay. On this next one, the end heart. He's a zero. Okay. And this one on the bottom down here, the start heart will bay zero. And here the end heart will be zero. I'm not really sure what the are. The heart's gonna bay just here. I'm just gonna just move my head sequence. If I do the red slate roof down here, just turn their visibility back on it. Looks like I got a pretty close already. We can see that was really a bit of a So what we call a fluke. Really? Misses. Have a look at that. I'm just gonna tap that sawed wise. That's very good. And one Tippett, soil wise. Ah, well, I do have some problem there, but anyway Oh, that's just keep these videos nice and short. I think you can see what I need to do. That's Ah, really good. That's a roof now on the house. I didn't really add a floor. Let's just do that. Or North and quick. Honest. But my my face back, Let's just go up here and I'll get just, uh, move with this right to the end there. And this fun. A swell right to the end. And this one right to the end. And that one. Bring in There we go now for the with ceiling. That's great. That start there, start well, continue. Their continued their impressive sky. Yes, that's now a a ceiling in the room below its turn their roofs back on. And let's have a look at that street. A very, very good. I need to move everything l across solid wise, but, um, that's pretty good. Really Go down to live a one. We can see it better. There must pretty good 13. Custom 3D Objects - Part 1: This is custom three D objects. This is about medium skill. This is not too complicated. You just have to follow it if you want to do this now, on this roof, I want a sky window, but the cold veil ox, wolf acro. There's not a brandy smite C of sky window. I'm gonna put sky windows on this. I don't actually have any sky windows in my library here. If I can, I can try a normal window, get to the roof. It's try fixed window. And, uh, you say it's not really, really right down there. Maybe I couldn't wrote Aiken twisted a rotator. I can double click it. So options I've got on try a different angle. Just it doesn't. It's not really working. So what? Aiken Dio is actually create, say, a custom object? Let's do that now to disturber here. I'm going to create a and your wall. This is one way to do it by new won't stop, I say Just honor there and get into day and then get out there and it's going to 45 degrees War Chris Escape. Okay, so we can see it in the three days of year. Now what I'm gonna do is put a window on it, fixed window on it, like so I'm gonna make that window centred. Stir. That's, uh, that one there, That center in the heart. I'm also gonna make it if you imagine. This is a roof panel with a window in it, and it's lying sideways. So I'm gonna make that window long and fit within within the roof. You'll understand that once I've but my finished this video rodeo. That is not so bad. Well, let's just put that back in. A guy sent to that 174 of each way. Okay, good. Now, if I highlight those two things, have them selected. Go after three d view on the export O B J format. Okay, am nickel that and I'm gonna cool it. Roof window. Save now. Exports selection like so now, Aiken, distillate. Those If I go to furniture import furniture, choose model, find my model. So that's roof window, IBJ. That's the one I just saved. It's called O b J. Let's open that. We could see in there a little preview window there continued there. Now we have toe. That's a perspective. You Now we have to flip that over to make it shaped more like a roof. And so I'm gonna presti up. My God, Let's continue. Okay, so there we go. That's that's more like a piece of roof that I'm going to use calling a roof window at. It'll catalogue on. Just gonna put it into, But doors, windows, and the crater is shown. It's May. Now it's important to have, in this case, moveable. He's good enough. If I wanted my object to cut a hole in a wall, then I used to select door window. If I wanted my object to cut a hole in the floor that I'd use staircase. But it's just gonna be movable. Immovable object so and weaken. Change the color afterwards, so continue. Okay, so finish. There we go. So if I look down the three d view now, I now have this thing that I can use as a roof panel. Sir, it's just rotate that excellent, I think 45 degrees Is this court generous, so I can probably bring that down. Listed up, lifted up slightly. The guy. Now, this little roof here, I got the I can actually just bring that down across like that on and grey shape. Reshape this panel a little bit better a little bit more and ghoul on that. Good. I mean, that's not so bad. It's not exactly the same as the roof behind. It will arrive next to it, but let's just change the color of it. So matches these red? A double click it when I press color. I can use this screen picker here. Color picker. Is that color? Okay, there we go. Okay, so that's that's really good night is, too, that this when it's imported, it's It's quite transparent. I like that on. Quite impressive does that. But to show you where that transparency comes from its fire by clicking, modify the three d view. It's this here it's using the walls transparency. So I could go, you know, really close to Izabal like that, such even Tina. And it's nice to be able to look through the object like that. Say this is actually I prefer this roof than the original roof, so it's just controls it. Just put that back. So let's just actually I no longer need that anymore, so I can just press controls it this control Copy control vida paste put down there. Well, have to work on my measurements slightly There. There we go. Now that is actually quite a quick way of making a custom object. How it used the export option and in the import option and industries the dialogue. 14. Custom 3D Objects - Part 2: Okay, So, customizing, threading models a little bit more advanced. Now, these windows here, I want them to be opened. So I'm gonna need to actually may modify the model itself. And I'm gonna use blender for that. So have opened a blender. Just get rid of that default cube delayed. I'm gonna import that model that we credit in the last video important O B. J. And there's the model. Their roof window IBJ I'm just gonna make sure group is also selected on the presets here. My, my, my import O b j. Okay, it's blender and sweet time. Three day use different units. So it's hugely magnified inside blender boat. We'll fix that. So in view, clipping far plane will be 10 dozen meters. Pacer should gotta find it now. There it is. My first thought I consumed toe Priss seven. I can look top down. First thing I'm gonna do is set its geometry origin to be the center of itself. So have everything selected. You can get object Said origins, origin to geometry. Okay, so all the objects on now of the origin being the center of this themselves rather than center of the world a case. Let's just move that across now. So this G ever they That's zoom in a little bit. He's perfected. If I go, they have a smooth that down G like so, so many. That's close enough. That's pretty much in the center. That's much easier to work with now. Okay, so what I wanted Dio is select just the window and the window frame. Okay, so I got the window and the window frame there. So five press seven to look top down breast are to rotate. Chris said, too, right? Tate on the Zetter access. There we go. That window is now sleeping. Are bound by that. This is maybe about that fire Doesn't matter. That's now an open window. I've been roof window. That's very good. Let's now export that. So foil export B J. And leave everything as default and I'm gonna name it's roof window open like so export. Okay, so it's good. Let's go back into sweet home. Three. D in case would have three day furniture import. Choose roof window opened our IBJ and there it iss continue. Let's just flip it, Okay, that's good. Continue category. Doors and windows create a Sean. It's a movable Continue finish. Have a guy we can see in a three D view. So I'm gonna do is just get rid of that oneness underneath. There is a May not position it much better. Look at that. Now I have to rise it at the base and also stretches. That is the base a little bit and it's just stretched it. We'll shrink like that. And that's the same is yesterday's works the same as the other model? Just with the window open? Let's change the color. Gonna go to modify materials. I want to change the d The color of the larger Penhall ago that color will be is to pick up tiny. Excellent and OK, OK, Kelly. And then we go. Excellent. And then, actually, normally these window frames are sort of a darker, slight gray. So I'm gonna just change that as well. Modify that one day. It's true. Say, Doc, a slate grey. So that would be, um, that one there. Great five. Okay, here we go anyway. That's a Mawr advanced three D object 15. Custom 3D Objects - Hinges 1: again. An earlier lesson I showed you here. You get open and close certain objects such as doors and windows, for example, this store here that I can right click it, modify furniture, modify openings, and then I can decide. Open it up. Like so. Okay, okay. And then we go. It's right. Opened the next few videos. I'll show you how to create your own custom objects and have hinges on them. So you can do that. So when you import him into sweet, I'm three day you condone modify their openings. So to create my custom object, I'm gonna use blend up. I'm gonna build the object completely in Brenda and show you everything you need to do. So this has been a 2.8, so I can delete the default cube. Okay, this little winded and the bottom I don't need that either. So I'm just gonna drag the top window down over it, like so and also in the bottom left down here, I'll give you a key preview of all the buttons I press. For example, if I just press a key, you will see it down there less the Taba fibrous space. You see a space sore. Well, stop so that it will make it easier if you understand what I'm doing in blender. If you wanna copy what I do in Windham to the first thing I'm gonna do is create door panel . For that, I'm gonna use a cube. So shift a mish cube, Chris in tow. Openess, dimensions, transformed dimensions. They fought units in blender. One unit equals one made us. So each of these little squares is one meter, one by one, so want the door to bay 76 centimeters wide. So there will be a 760.762 to be exact. The death will be a point. 035 That's 3.5 centimeters. And the heart will be 1.981 Made his home okay, there can look at that from front on by pressing one, because it's my door panel. And next on aid is a hinge. So, for a hinge, I'm going to press control A I'm gonna use a cylinder. Okay. It's a very large hinge, but we'll just make that much smaller. Let's reduce it to one by one by one centimeter. Saw its for announcer point. I 1.1 point, I one. Okay, sister. Very, very 20 hinge. Press stop to zoom into it. I'm just gonna move it to the left there, so I could just move X minus 0.4. I go along the X axis, Monas body centimeters. I can actually bring it closer. One so G x. That's probably a better place for the hinge. Now. Also, I'm gonna make the hinge longer, so he arms got increased 10 centimeters, its point one. Okay, it's a much better hinge. And now I'm gonna live this door up to the ground level. But syrah zeros er toe half of 1.991 meters is 0.9905 There we go. So that door is at ground level now. The hinge raised 20 cinemas point to like, so there's no door frame. Do that in a moment. We only need one hinge for this to work, but normally would create several inches closer to that light up. Let's look at this hinge again in more detail. The default rotation on a hinge is up and down on our side excess already. So there's nothing really more to do here on this hinge will look at changing the hinges of rotation axis in the next video. But for now, what's left is now to name these objects in the way that sweet home three day will understand that that's a hinge, and that panel is attached to the hinge. So let's double the hinge. First down, the of here is cold. A cylinder we need to nine minute something that sweet. I'm three day will understand and that is straight times ready Under school hinge underscore a number number one is goodness cases only one hinge and name for it. So I'm going to call it do Orange like So now we'll look at multiple hinges in the next video also. So just for now, all we need is just one INGE called hinge. Underscore one. Now we also need to copy that and also name The Verte sees to be exactly the same name like that. So it's we don't three d will use this name of this Vergis ease internally to understand that that is a hinge and that we will attach hinge like functions to their object. But in blender I'm just naming the object and by the Vergis sees the same thing because it just easier to many shaken blend on the panel here that needs a special name as well. So that sweet home three D knows that that is gonna be rotating depending on the rotation of the hinge that we can use. Sweet Home three d Underscore opening on hinge one. So we've renamed Hinge one down here. There we go. And on our object now, big panel here have said that it's going GOP on hinge one. I can call it anything I like in, say, door panel like, So this is copy all of that and did the same thing down here. Just make sure that the Verdecia have the same name. Okay, Another thing to take note of. Sometimes when you change the name of the Verdecia is here, he will switch into edit mode. When it's in edit mode. The key bindings the difference. A lot of the case that you're used to will be doing different functions, so just it becomes that'll be unpredictable for you. Just make sure you're in object mode. Okay, so So we can focus on that. That's good. We can now export that and use that and modify its opening inside. Sweet answered a case of foil export O B j I'm gonna call it door hinge one k so export over J Now go back in to tweet. I'm three days. Okay, And furniture import furniture. Choose the model door hinge 1.0 b j Open. There's our injured and Penhall continue. Perspectives could already continue. Gonna make the creator Shawn. Now sweet and through the default units is centimeters developed units in blender is in meters so to in blend our means two meters. So I'm gonna have to update all my values be senate mated says 200 centimeters. And since I have k proportions ticked, it's also updated my with my depth for me as well. That's perfect. Continue, k Very good and finish case that's place that over there. Just move it out of the way so that we can see it now, right? Right. Click that modify for sunshine. I've got an option here. Modify openings and there we go. That door is now swinging on that single hinge that I created. That's really just the basics of a hinge to make sure that you've named them correctly. Don't be like that. So that's the hinge. And that's the thing attached to the inch. So the next video showed more about the injures. I'll show you how to attach other objects to your object that also are affected by the hinge rotation, such as a door handle. I'll show you how to change the hinges. Rotational angle. So that example, you might want the door to swing or flap left and right like that, and also show you how to add multiple hinges. Say give two doors here, both opening in different directions. But for the remainder of this video will create a door frame around this subject so that you condone Have some idea how you might want to do this yourself. If you want to use blender and create custom objects, so press one to look front on. Now I'm gonna create a basic frame around this door. So shift I May Cube, I'm gonna re saw. Is that cute to be a plank suitable for the frame of my door? So that will be a bex 0.25 It's 2.5 centimeters. Why will be by two. That's just over 10 centimeters the length will be two meters, like so this them into have a look at it. It's moving right 40 centimeters, my guy. Let's lift it up. One made up. Okay, so said the ground level. Perfect. Never look at the top day. It's good one street on now with this plank, let's duplicate that shift D Now it's attached to my mouth so I can move it around. But press escape garb to here, and we'll make it minus 40 centimeters on the X axis. Here we go. Now let's create a top piece of wood FRAPH rhyme The shift D on this selected piece here. Okay, it's attached to the mouse press escape Breasts are to rotate. Why for the war Access 90. The non degrees enter now it's sitting at zero on the X axis. On the zit. Access will sit it two meters, so it's right the top. Now we'll change the wits that only needs to be 80 centimeters. There we go. Look at that. That's very, very good. And that frame is not animating at all. Reference to him. So we don't have to worry about what we name, that we can just export That's right away. Vile export wave on IBJ Living Door Hinge Juan Export A B j. So we should delete this old one. Let's at another one. Finished show import. Choose to model the orange one. Okay, that's got the frame around it. Continue. Continue. It's a door or window. 200 because it will convert the units. Two centimeters Continue. Very, very good. Let's bring it in forever. There, there it ISS modify model for openings. There we go. It's opening inside the door frame already I the time. Excellent. Now for the next video What we do? Slightly more complicated things of that. Very good. 16. Custom 3D Objects - Hinges 2: OK in this video we'll take him to the little further. Had a door handle to show you how to have multiple objects rotating around the same hinge. I'll change It hinges rotational access so that we could say, however, a flipping door that flips underneath like and then I'll show you how to use to hinges no more in the same model. So used blender again. This is the model from the last video. I provide this in the course resource is if you got stuck trying to make it yourself. Okay, so just ensure your object might Here. Okay, Very good center on that. Look at it. Shift a. We're going credit door handle now. So shift A or using Aiko sphere. Now we go Very large breasts iss to make it small. That scale We can just do it like that. Using the mouse still very large Doesn't matter. Let's make it high. Are so g is it on a zit excess and g x And that's my door handle. She's very quick and simple. Now, to make that door handle also rotate with the hinge. We have to use the same naming scheme that we've used on Lee Penhall there. So I'm going to just copy that there, Call it something else. Like door handle. And also have to name the courtesies. There we go. Very good. Okay, so object mind. Very good. That will now rotate with the hinge with hinge one. We can have all kinds of objects around the scene or rotating on the rotation. Axis off hinge one. Because export that I'm a giant toe winch to it's import that into sweet homes three day and shar import. Choose Door hinge, too. There little continue once again, 200 just to up its scale. Keep proportions. Okay, Door or window? Continue. Finish to smooth it out there. Okay, that's the door. Let's add a war while we're here. And position eyes too. The walls in. It's OK. That Senate and that senate. All right, Now it's I pin up this new door with handle one of my furniture, More for openings. There we go. The whole thing is touch. So this I mean, you can make it much more complicated. Door handle on that. Okay, let's look at changing the rotational axis. Okay, Sebek in this model here does the hinge. Let's look at it. Gonna move it to the top. So let's make it at two meters high at a day. Rotated, Suppress our rotated on the y axis. Dont in tow. I go. It's just moving down a little stogie Zedlitz just lowered down there. That's instead it at zero. Now, when I export that, that will flip exactly. Rocked. So had a sweet home. Three day. Know what? The directional access of the hinges uses the dimensions off the shape? Because the shape is much larger on that direction. That will be its rotational access. Let's have a look at that. It's exporter export That was called Doreen is three furniture import do INGE three. Continue. Go. Good tenure. 200 door or window? Continue many. Let's bring it out. Okay, It's spring it over there. Okay, Lets modify its openings. And that guy right over like a swing. That's how to change the rotational axis of the inch. Okay, Now that's create an object with two hinges. Center on that look of it. Straight ahead. Okay. So just quickly just duplicate this. So the shift D case. I'm gonna put that over. G X would put that over there frame she x the X that we get. We like that this top one dis changed its size to being two meters wide across GX with too long. 1.6 she ex she There we go. That's pretty good, but enough. It's quite another door handle. Duplicate g X. Create another door hinge that was just duplicate the this one. They believe that one where it is a duplicate GX cheese. Let's bring it down. Rotated. Why, honest Lonnie put it back. That's gonna be a its rotational axis round around that point there. Now this is hinge, too. There's Hinch, one an inch to now. Another important thing. What this number describes is the hinges, rotational access. So here I can have a duplicate of that duplicate. Just cheese it and move it down. So he's Iblis. Make it lower. Let's duplicate it again, G said, though a door might have three hinges on it like that. But days are part of Hinge two or part of hinge twos. Rotational access. Now the dimensions of those three objects together decide the rotational axis off the hinge off hinge, too. Okay, now we have to describe that this panel is going to use hinge, too. So that panel was down here. So Nemec hinge, too. And also it's for Toussie's inch, too. Do we have Hinge one over there and hinge two way? Have a Penhall on Hinge one and okay. And we have to name Thesiger and door Handle as being part of change, too. Okay. And when Jubal getting objects in blender blender will add this 0.12 naming schemes that doesn't have to repeat names. This won't work if you use this a sweet home three days. So just replace that full stop with an underscore if you want. Like so we have to do that to all of them. That full stop will break an era inside three times three days. So when actually create a hinge. So down here as well, that's much better. Okay, so fall export that for export O B. J. Two inch four that's imported birch our import. Choose orange four pe continue. Continue 200 door window. Continue and finish Meritus that over there, Just that side. Do it that way. Let's look at it. Modify. Okay, here we go. It's the right door and That's the lift door. Very good. And just very quickly to show you how this three hinges work together to decide the rotational access. I put the more side by side. Okay, so they're all at the same. Is it exits. Now we'll see. The door will rotate along that the bounding box of those three objects together will be much longer along that axis than up and down. Export that for export door hinge five. Import the orange five. Okay, it's kind of a look at that motive. FOI openings ago. Make a C with the hinges rotational excesses. It's the shape off the bounding box of the three objects, which apart off change, too. So you can see here doesn't matter about the shape off the individual hinge anymore when there's several of them, part of a Siri's that still works, like from before as well. The note that de door handle on the panel are spinning the same very good try 45 degrees. Becks. I need to have had that and that I've held down control to have the more selected rotate boy body forth. Let's see what that does. Vile export, BJ Toe inch six Russia Import Door hinge six. Okay, Modify sharp for openings. Well, okay, It looks like it's either X y or Zed only where I will. That hasn't changed the rotational access ping 45 degrees like that. So that's the limitations. Off the hinges Rotation in Sweet Home three day. Another thing, you'll noticed it. When you drag a normal door or window into sane, you get the opening shape. This part of the model. I'll show you how to do that in the next video. But by Day four, we don't really get that that a little extra help there to just show us which direction the door is hoping its swimming, all of that the next video Excellent. 17. Custom 3D Objects - Door/Window Swing Helpers: in this video, I'm going to show you how to add lease Och, online The door swing helper to your custom models. Women credit this door. INGE Example. When we dragged him, we don't get the door swing help. So we'll add that 12 model. You know, that day fault models you get with sweet and three day, for example, The door swing indicator is part of the model outlined when you drag it in in order to do this one in Utah called the furniture library and we have to download that. And we should down like that from the sweet I'm pretty website. So he on the downloads page further down. Furniture library. It'd huh? Just download that tool computer. Okay, Cape. It can take a few seconds to happen. Now it's a self executing jar file. So should just execute directly stated to my desktop in their alias. It's opened up. So the model I'm gonna uses this double swinging door. I've replaced all the changes in the correct place. So they bowed to swing open left and right front and back. That's the motto. Little use What you can do it straight away is just import that model into the furniture library editor. Or if you have a library already, which I'll go one here, which I've added as a resource ing previous lessons it is. Open that. And here we can just important your furniture and open one of the O B J files. This one is do orange known open. Okay, so that's their We should double click it. Let's just update its dimensions. Door or window Can agree. Doors, windows. Okay, Chris, Dave or control ISS. Okay, we no longer need that. Okay, so that's the foil. Yeah, my library. That's just being edited with new model. Now, we need to actually edit the properties inside this file manually because the furniture library editor doesn't give us that option yet. It might not future version. So I'm gonna use a program called Seven Zip and just open archive like that. And that shows me the contents of that file. You can download 70 from this website. Seven zip dot Orc. I have 64 bit windows, so I'm going to use 64 bit windows. If you don't have seven people, you don't want it. This this s h three of file is actually just a zip file, so you could just rename that a zip like that and open your existing sip manager fall. So that's why I can see the contents using seven Zip this fall here plugging furniture catalogue properties. Edit that and down the bottom. We should have some daughter about our latest model. What we decided So door. He's doors and windows door hinges Ping. It's credited a little preview PNG for us door hinge 90 BJ Okay with depth, height, movable door window. It was true. I need to add some more properties. That is these properties here. So there is door or window. Will thickness will distant store window sesh X access door window session. Why access wits starting on ending? This describes the arc that we see here. Here is a good image, which I'll give you a link to that you can find on the Sweetums Ready Website, which describes all those properties. So door window sash wits, 76.2 centimeters in my blend foil. That's the shape of this store along there that point to that 0.76 point two centimeters. If I click it when I go, there's a dimensions wall distance. I have zero. So I just wanted to bay centered the X axis 1.9. So basically, I'm saying, if that is 0.0 there, that is 1.9 centimeters in that point there door or window sash X axis. That's the origin point there. This is the wall that is the shape of your model, as it's shown in Sweet I'm three day, but the actual door or window starts at this point here. So that's the X axis, and it has a Y axis the ex and why that's where you want your central point of your arc to be at that point there, you can have it there. If you like, we can have it right in the middle. I have chosen 1.9 across to not chosen zero. There's the start angle being zero degrees all the way to minus 90. Let's have a look at that, So just save that control this close. It and seven zip has detected that there was a change to the file, so just press OK and now my plug in catalogue properties fall has been updated inside the ZIP file for s H three f. So if I go to sweet home three day now it's delete that one. And I do furniture, import, furniture, library and open that furniture library. Fall here. I already have it loaded, so it's giving me an option to replace it. I'm gonna press replace. Okay, It was successfully imported. Now, if I look for that door hinge, that's the model there from the furniture library and drag it in. I get a little arc shaped as part of the model now, so I've only described one of the doors. And if we look in here, we can see that started at 1.9 in. And actually the OC starts right at zero, which is right at the top there. The why access to the X axis is 1.9 in the Y axis was 1.9. So I better y axis stop. Probably behalf of 1.9, which is known, which is 0.95 I can edit that again in 77 Hey, why access will be better being 0.95 k Sercan Save that now. If we look at this model here, modify brings this dog swings both ways. We can't actually sit constraints on the model to say which way the door swings. But let's just say we wanted our model to show that the door swings both ways when we imported by having our arc swing all the way around to there as well. We can say that the art starts at 90 goes all way. Round two, minus 90. Now this minus 90 is a direction. The 90 to minus 90 means drawn arc in that direction. If I had 92 270 withdraw dark in that direction, I'll show that in a moment. Let's look at this half circle. Okay? So save that file. Close it. 70 has detected that there was a change. So press. Okay, now we don't three day reimport furniture, library K replace. Okay, let's just drag it across, okay? And that is the new model with a much larger arc indicating at that door on that side will swing while that's the way it will swing. Okay, we can delete that when we look at this store modifier. Bernard Shar modified things. We have to swing doors on her. Okay? Yes. We want to draw another arc on, decide as well. To do that, go back into the sevens. Appear it that properties file good and 12 door hinge model. We have to describe the central point of our ark where that thing starts. It's going to start over here on my blender model. These two doors together equal just short of 1.6 meters. That point there is going to be is 1.6 meters minus 1.9 centimeters, which is going to be 160 minus 1.958 point one. That steam ex excess that the Y axis will also be 0.95 And actually just so you can see what it looks like. I'm gonna make it a sleep number like five, so you can see the difference There. The wall window sesh with is the same is 76.2 long takes of these door panels of 76.2 centimeters. Star angle in this case will be 190. Dying alway ran 270. Let's press save Kay Evans. It detected the change. OK, but im three d, it's really important. Library open replace. I am a good guy. It makes because my Y axis was sit as five. It has dropped the ark down by five centimeters, and it basically is. Numbers 90 to minus 90 versus 192 270 90 two Monets. Nani 180 to 207 e If I wanted to go from 90 to 207 years ago, 90 ran to 270. Let's do that now. 19 away around 2 270 That's the direction 90 to minus 90 is the direction 92 270. Menstrual er come the other way. I'll fix that up. Up with debt Down 2.95 That's the Y. Axis seven Zip. Update furniture import furniture, library place. Okay. Dragged a new model in. There we go. Great. Big Ox Describing where Outdoors not to swing 18. Custom 3D Objects - Sliders: Let's look at how to implement sliders. For example, on this desk, these drawers are on sliders, which are called rails inside sweet times every day. Smart. If I openings, we go to draw took incoming and out. It's not constraints. Doesn't matter. You can just make it any way you like. You also get it on slider windows. So he's a slider, window or doors. Okay, it's a Slota. Okay, Windows open. Today, I'm gonna show you how you would create sliders. All rails. Okay, It's too late that open blender. Delete the default cube and let's create anything that we want to call a slaughter or rail . So a shift day could be any object we like. What's just like a que begin? Let's resource. It's making a slider that slides down the Y axis in Linda Person. They're visible, so we should make it pretty small on. Let's just make it a one centimeter long. It's just an object that just describes the direction off the slide. Also, it doesn't matter where you put this in this thing, where the window or your drawer, or anything else you want sliding wherever it's positioned in your object, it will slow it along that axis. Let's just create any object will slide along that access. It's cried. I e carne I got It's just lifted up. G is eared. OK, so just to show that it's closer, Jesus said that it doesn't really matter where you position it was just slide along the Y axis like that. Okay, so to name these things 1st 1 being a cube, we need to name it Sweet home, three day underscore Rail on the score, a number and anything you want to call it ABC and also name. It's Vergis. Ease the current here. We have to describe that that is, using rail one sweet times, three day opening on rail one. Anything you like. It's change. It's courtesies there. So it's going back into edit mode there. So just put it back in the object. Okay, so we can now just export that. I didn't give that a try and three times radio while export, of course. Slaughter Slaughter one. Export the Chinese Sweet home three day import slider. 10 B. J. Continue. Continue to just turn it into something that's too 0.6 maters. This is 260 centimeters for Sean. Hi. Next finish. Let's have a look. Straggled in. Okay, so we can sit a slider said That's about the only consideration. Maybe you want where you want to see it or not. So I could have hit that inside the kind that. Anyway, what? A five furniture. One of four openings. And we go. We can see it sliding along an access. Okay, Okay. So there we go. Slid along the nexus. Look that so? That's the basic concept. Now we can have multiple sliders, but although has had two more sliders for the other Xers shifty, cool, press escape. Rotate on those it excess Dorney. Very good. We'll call that rail to I miss credit. Another one for? Well, I access control De escape rotate. Why 19? There were ghosts. We have three rails now since call that bail three. Like so Great a another object object mode. So I tourists. Hey, that's good. And to tourists? Well, bay like this, but affected by rail to I want to press step to go into object mode and will create one more object. One that is specific to blender shifted a monkey. We can't really see the monkey very well right now. We'll see that when we get into sweet home three day and we'll slide that on rail three. Uh, hey, Riles free also updates foresees. That's good. So we have three rails now, all on different axes. They're the only access we can use. This to similar 22 d injures their going to rotate along either the why the excellence that access, but not a combination of them. So we can't do 45 degrees. Unfortunately, maybe in future versions off sweet and pretty export wavefront O B J slider to that's important slider to There it is. Continue. It's Mike it. 360 moveable. Continue fish. Hey, says put it into the model. Let's move it over there. Okay, let's modify its openings. Have a look. Okay, so the corn can slide that way. The tourists can slide that way, and the monkey can slide that way. Very good. So that's the concept. Basically, of the slaughter. Doesn't matter where you position your sliders. It's different than the hinges because they hinges when your position in that describes the position of the rotation metrics. So there we go now that same concept can be applied to other models, like the drawers on the desk there or on the slider windows. There's something else you can do with rails with multiple rails or multiple objects that are sliding If the sliding direction is the same. Well, let's say I wanted all these objects to slide along the X axis. For example, I wouldn't need to create three different rails. So let me just delete the other rails late one and the late that one. Just leave me with his one rile There is it's on the X axis anointment as a your Knake royal like so and then it doesn't matter about the number. Israel will be used globally for all objects that we want a place on a rail. So up here, we don't have a rail one, but we have a unique rail, so it will use to unique row appear we don't have a rail to, but it will use a unique rail. What it just ignores the to in this case and say anything here. There's no rail three. So we use a unique rail, so I could accredited 456 objects and just have them Sweet home thready. Underscore opening underscore on rail. That's a matter What number? As long as the numbers different, it will slide independently of everything else. But but that will all slide in the same direction and in this case, on the X axis. So its export that wavefront O B J Slider three. Export I B J. Now let's open that in sweet and pretty. Okay. Import slider three. Continue. Continue. Frieze 316. Tenure Slaughters free. What if I furniture modify openings. Okay, that's on the X axis. That's on the X axis. And that's on the X axis. Very, but okay, slaughters excellent. 19. Custom 3D Objects - Arm on Ball Joints: Okay, I'm going to show the arm on ball joint. They there's going to blender. I'm gonna create a table lamp using the arm on ball joint. So delicti Default cube for the bys shift. I we'll use I cylinder sighs. Zed will make it really small se and just make a grand level. Actually, I made a 0.5 then is it can be 0.25 and then we go to the ground level. Okay, lets grab another cylinder. Just saw is in general really small China. So is it and G is it? We can't stay? Let's add another object. This will be the bull shift I using Arcos fia cheese, it soy, she said. Down a little bit. Let's create another. I'm going to duplicate that. First, I'm going to look at it front on number one k shift D duplicate. Bring it up. That's rotated on the X axis. What, Actually, on the y axis? It's moving across a bit. G X rotate. Why? A little bit more? Very good. This number one and let's create a turn on the end being the land head. The shift I a carne G there, and it's rotated Chris Number one That's rotated X. Why aren't that anyway? It's that step bull, and that will be a, um It's now time to name those things appropriately. So this selectable the bowl will be cold. Sweet times really underscore Bull under school one and anything you like. ABC it's also do it there, and the arm will be That's the arm that the bowl. We'll move on so the arm will move up and down. We left right or any direction your life, that is cylinder to They're the name for that. Needs to be a sweet I was ready on ball one and whatever name you want ABC or the for anything. Okay, lets just copy that. Then I am never to seize as well. Okay, so that is good. Put into object mired. Time to export file export Over. J um on ball explored. Okay. Furniture import. I'm on Bull Peritus. Continue. Make it 88 centimeters high. P proportions. Movable born. Continue many. Okay, so over there at the front door, springing over here and put on the table like sir, modify furniture. One of five openings, maybe guy. Okay. So we can see immediately. There's some kind of problem, but the arm on ball is working. It's quite hard to get it a little bit in the place. Maybe you want it, but I could see we just rotate the main view. You can sort of bring it around to maybe the position that you might want it like So in case, let's just fix up that this con should also have the naming scheme. I'm one bull on one. No, it is cool a lot. And also namely, very goods object mode on the ball. And that's honorable pay for export. My font O B J one import 90 ICTs continue finish bringing I, uh, this one all too late. But if oy okay never go much better now, we could put that head onto its own Paula's. Well, that could be the arm on its own ball, which could be positioned up there but would have the same problems before when we move the psalm, it wouldn't be attached to that anyway. That's the arm on bull. You can have as many guys as you like, but you can't have spars. I'm aware that ball and um, with another bowl on that will move automatically like that 20. Custom 3D Objects - Windows Panes: Okay, let's do glass or windowpanes as they're called in sweet home threating. I use this existing cube. Press number one Chris in, um, I create its dimensions x 76.2 centimeters. Why 0.35 Zid, 1.981 meters. They so that's out doping on press number one. Okay, I'm now going to create two more objects. One is going to be used to create a hole inside this panel and the other is going to be used as the windowpane to say this duplicate our main door panel here. Shifty press escape so we don't move it around or change anything. There it is, that's resize it to be slightly smaller. This will be the shape of the whole So many's 0.61 point night and I want it to be slightly thicker. So it could be any number I like large than point I 3/4 when I 36 of work. Okay, Now, this will be used to create the hole in the main panel. When the hole is there, I want a piece of glass. So I'm gonna duplicate this existing shape because it's already the perfect size for the glass. Someone shift day press a Skype. Excellent. So get three objects Cube, which is the main door panel. This will be the hole in that with glass. So select the main door panel. Open this option here modifiers, and we'll add a bullion. Modify difference. Operation on Cube 001 There. Okay. Press supply. I already see yet, but if we delay Cube 001 now, the late and if we just get cube to them, just move it out of the way temporarily. You said there's now a hole in the main window panel press escape on Cube 002 Okay, now, Cube 00 to right now is quite a thick piece of glass, So I'm just gonna make it smaller, like point. I won five. Okay, so now we can see. But there's a kind of glass inside that door that's slightly seen. Other know would. Okay, let's lift everything up to the ground level. So with that selected, they could 0.9 on my fourth. And same with that one point. Knowing when I for life, it's on the ground now. Now without windowpane created and saw his quickly. Let's name it the correct name so that sweet homes for day we're treated like glass. And that is sweet times ready windowpane and anything we like. And also my mates heresies like so giving to say we don't pain one. Let's export that and see what it looks like. Sweet And today windowpane one. Can I swim through day import window pane one. They're one of What's hard? Okay, that's it there. Let's put something behind it. Such as this TV unit. Yeah, and that's a pine. A gloss in front, off an object legacy. There's a difference there now. What if we wanted to put that on a hinge? All right. Number one is credit hand ish shift. I new cylinder gonna make him smaller. Size is ID like big hinge. It's move it, G x, She's it. Quite a large change. Okay, so we have to name Al Hinge specifically And that waas hinge with a number in a name. If we wanted There we go. If we want the door panel to be affected by the hinge, we have deny meant appropriately, Sweetums really opening on him one inch one. Like so I could have named it if I wanted to. If I was to export that only the door panel would swing on the hinge, not the windowpane. Just demonstrate that very quickly while export late. That one import. Now it's murder for the finish. Oh, okay. Now the door panel is moving, but not the glass. So to make the glass move, we need to name it specifically. And that is window pane under school. On hinge one windowpane on Hinge one three of the hinge. We haven't see Main Penhall when we have the windowpane all on inch one file export to delete that import windowpane three. It's a door or window. If you wanted to cut holes in time, let's bring it down, down. Smarter for the finish. And okay, sort of. The whole thing is now moving glass and door panel. There you go. Very, very good. It's just cried a wall. Have a look at that. Okay. So we can see that it is cutting a hole of the right shape in the war. Here we go. Excellent. Now we can also put windowpanes on sliders to do that. Number one. Oh, just duplicate what we have here. So selecting, selecting knows three things shift day process Skype G X or just move it over there. You need to read em all these things to be on a rail. So to do that, this 1st 1 which is the him, you shall convert toe a rail. I'm just replacing the wood Hindu Royal Day. Tony, The panel is opening on rail one, like so. And the glass is a window pane on rail one tone royal one, and civility that so And because my slider is larger going up and down, it's gonna slide up and down. File export wife one IBJ when they're paying for distillate that one import 2 20 door or window. Continue. Finish. That's the There it is. I can see through both like that. Now let's modify the openings. That one is a slowdown, and that one is a hinge. Okay, excellent. So Okay, Brilliant. Now, as far as I can tell, this cannot be done with the arm and bull yet I mean a future volitional. But if you do manage to make glasswork on an arm and bold and let me know 21. Creating Custom Materials: Okay, So I'm going to show you some of the material options that you can have when credit custom objects doing blender. It's just quite something very, very simple. Such as a cube changes dimensions very, very quickly. Let's look at it in wife right mind, All right. It's just a very very click table. Weaken have different material for every single object there. So that leg there is cube 003 So down here in blender this material properties Creighton, you vice color make a green. Very great. Good. Let's look at it in a report shedding So they consider color that one. You Let's make it red. That one, You blue. Yeah, Yeah, Ally that one new so we could export that sort of way to file export cereals BJ Port cereals Now there it is, down there. Now, if we modify, finish and just press this modify option here, Ariel, different colors that we can model for these names are very useful. But we could have named those Let's do that now. So back in blender, this material here, I'm just gonna name it purple This one blue read grain and dealer. Okay, well, export. It's gonna overwrought import. Okay? Mind if I finish? Aw. Modified color seat, blue grain, purple, red, yellow So we can create our own materials. We could also override those colors. Insides were times. Really? If we wanted to. Okay. Subtle grain. Okay, let's do something a little more advanced. Now it's number one. Let's add a monkey G excess. Move it sideways. Let's duplicate that shift Day Press X to move it along. Okay, so we're to monkeys. Notice how it's flat shaded in city squares for the angles or the normals of the object. Let's make one of them smooth sided. Jade smote. Okay, so let's export there. Okay? And in spite time, three day, we can see one of them is smooth, shaded and one of the miss flat shaded. So, of course, we could have changed their colors if we wanted to. That will be down here again. Materials near. We can give it a vice color grain and new on the base color off red. We could import that into sweet hands for any. It would look like that. Another option we have is speculate here, but turns speculate down or up, he considers a difference there. So I'm on the red Speculators locker a shine. So I'm one or two in speculate right down on the other off speaker, Right up while export cereals to still eight. Pull. Okay, so we can see that here. This speculate on the right there and there isn't any speculate on the left we connive road that in sweetheart three day we wanted to modify finish a lot of fire. We didn't create names for material, so it's just using whatever it thinks might be correct. So too, has speculative. So that translate to be shiny inside three times three d, That has none. So I contend that up. If I wanted to ever audit every goats, it's Shawnee now, and I contend off shyness on the red. If I want Teoh, I get That's a match. Now, another option we have we'll just rename these wall in me out. So cool that rid that one brain. Okay. And another option we have is Alfa Alfa here on the grain. Aiken, turn Alferov down. Can't really sit in the view here and on the red also did the same to now for right down export that I still eat that import. It's a bit like tinted glass. That's another way of doing glass. You may find that an easier way of doing glass rather than 19. Eat the object as a sweet home three D windowpane and actually can do that with any objects , whether they want a hinge slider or our mom Bull. Even so, you could actually have glass on an arm on ball if you use that technique. So what I'm gonna do is show you something a little more related to that. It is this object called a medic one. So what is dragged out into the same get there and just zoom into it. The many Quinn is like a very complicated object that we can modify its posture. Yeah, so we can move anything and they're all attached. That's very advanced compared to the other ones that we've looked at. Let's do some material experimenting on this so press. Okay, now, let's just export that export O b j. I'm gonna cool it. Many quand save exports selection now open and blend are so far new. Delete the default Cube file import BJ. No, it's like the medic one Now, this is very important when importing objects that you've exported from sweet home three day. Just make sure you have slipped by group selected. What that will do is then split everything into right little names like so this is a good way of understanding how objects work in sweet home three day understanding the object naming scheme. If you didn't have that option selected, then that'll be important. It's one object and you wouldn't be Otto. Modify them individually like this. Excellent. So now that we have that in blender, we can modify each of these properties individually. So let's have a look. This head I'm gonna make flat shaded. This chest turns out for right down. So it's bit like glass. This left arm here or changes color to bank grain. This hand. I could make it red. I could make it very Shawnee and slicked multiple or my demo flooded, then change their car to bay blue. Okay, well explored. There is a medical name. See, that's flat shaded has smoothed shaded and the head is also flat. Shared it there. Everything can be still modified when you can experiment with the manic went if you like. I've imported the scope your library and here there two other men equals one is a woman wants a man these air quite complicated. They have extra objects, crowded bottom such as the hair, the eyes. So show you that we just export that. And a quint to export selection. Far import Dominican to remember the geometry split by group There. Importantly, BJ. Okay, so we can see someone's credit. Cem. Well, the person occurred that library scope er has added shoe different things and they're named appropriate within ni the man a queen nine Ming's came even tire nails. Well, that And if we look at the face, there's actually eyes to someone's put quite a lot of work into. This is saying making models is very complicated in itself. So that's moved to here at the way to see what's left. If we moved ahead at the way, there's lips. I licious are This is my guy, huh? My guy best a chest, abdomen and pelvis. Pelvis has two legs. A sigh that pelvis built, right. So you can see that, you know, there, this is quite complicated. All right. In the next video, show you a little bit textures. Okay, 22. Customising Textures: Okay, So in this video, I'll show you how to manage textures. And there are several ways we can do that in the 1st 1 is it's select an object in the library already. So bed, for example, this bed here I can change the textures on this object. So the first thing that several look modify furniture down here. Current texture, modify top one expressed texture, and the choices are was not very many floor, sky and wall. We can get more textures from sweet home three D Web site. My prints import there, Chris. Find images that will take us to the textures section off sweet times every day. And I want this fall here. Textures eight X scope, er 1.20 I was down there dead. Okay, so just open that file in this zip file it has in an S H three t file, that is textures that will import. So it's crab that foil just to save it somewhere on your computer. Okay, so now canceled these dialogues go up to furniture, import texture library and choose to file that you just copied saved eight x copia. It's a three t open. The lobby was successfully imported. Okay, so now go back into the model. Modify. Just like the ticks. Joe and I got different things. Fabrics, floor, miscellaneous rug, wool, wallpapers Would many things. I'm gonna use a fabric. That one. Okay, we go now. It looks much better. Okay. I can also change the wood on the bed here. What? Make it a different kind of material? What a fire takes show. Oh, this is a wood of some sort. So all the woods have appeared. I used that. Would redwood? It's OK. Okay. And this looks much better. Test. That's one way to manage textures on your objects. I'll show you another way to leave that. Let's use blend up. Okay for this default Cuba, Let's give it a custom texture. So down here in their material properties here on base color, press that circle and select image texture, then open, then select. Read a top pmt. All supply. This in the resource is open image change the view port shading. So you can sit on that cube. Now we have an image mapped to that cube. That is great dot p and J there as a flat pain J phone. And that's it. Mapped straight to this cube so it can export that for our export. They will call it Cube. Don't be a back in the sweet Answer it. Eight import furniture choose YOOB Notice there is gonna takes General already And we can say its threat in sweet homes. Really perfect already. The main reason that works straight away is because the empty L, B, O, B. J and the grid are all properly referenced. Usually you put them all in the same photo. If you were to open up this MTL fall in a text editor, for example, I've opened it in visual studio code. Here. We could see your references. A file called Greed Dog PNG. That is a local file to this cube dot nto This is a little detail there. Okay, let's do something. Slowly it a little more complicated. Delete that and here will use one of the more sophisticated objects discarded Shiv here. The chef has ticket is on it already. So what we'll do is we'll export this so in modify it in blender. So put it 00 like so three day export a BJ poor shiv save exports selection Go into blender . Leave the default cube file import. Oh, BJ shift 00.0 b j. Remember geometry split by group. Okay, so that we get all the different objects Painters zoom out there that we can see and there are many different objects part of this model. Some are colored and others have textures. For example, if I put that in report shading, we can see this is a texture on the wheel There. There's a text on the number plate on the lager and his body is just simply colored. Okay, So if we look at the base color here, that body, it's red. But if we look at the base color on this wheel down here it is shared. Texted PNG. Now it's a little more complicated than that. Oh, sure, that too. Now, if we just bring this window up and select U VI editor with this option here, select theme music has already been loaded. Ship ticketed PNG. We can see these. This is one PNG far with lots of images just placed over it. Now, if I select different objects, this one he number three shows many different shapes being highlighted. This model here The base colors share texted PNG, but is using that. Let's have a look at that. So press tab or press edit mode up here and we'll see that a lover Theses have been highlighted here and there. Also on this image down here. This is a UV that are this describes how the image is mapped onto the vergis ease of here on the model so we can modify these things manually. For example, if I was to look at the wheel here, we're in edit mode, OK, But they for all voters sees are selected. What we should do is de select all of them by pressing double A. So hey, like that day selects over to see so nothing is selected. Now you could see nothing down here is also selected for a look at this side on so number three and still remain a little bit in pan praise be to box, select just one box like that wheel. There you see down the bottom here on the UV editor, it has drawn the lines, showing me how the image is meant. So if I just box like on that one as well and impressed G. I can move it around and you can see that the that the image being mapped onto this ready model. It's now they're like, Haitians have changed. That's the UV coordinates. Press escape. I can also modify its size by pressing s is a different effect. I can even rotate pipe. But Chris escape and impress are for rotate. And I go, It's right head. It's slightly different. You know, it takes quite a lot of time to sit things like this up, but show you one way of doing that. Now, let's look at it. Top down. Press seven I want to do is change this panel on the front here and use a custom texture on that. Okay, let's get out of it. A mode By pressing tab, we could have just used you. Drop down there. Okay. So make sure the body is selected just the body. Nothing else. Okay, so, G yeah, that's just the body, Chris. Seven. I'm gonna change the texture used on this front on the bonnet of this car here. Okay, So with that body selected, will then go into edit mode for that body double tap to de select everything Now I need to select thieve er deceased that I want to texture. So Presby to box select. Okay, I want dies. I also want those also one does and nice. That's have some more the They okay, so that selection there Virtus ease. I'm gonna text to that individually for press seven to look down Press P, and it gives us an option to separate those verses. So present by selection. Okay, So what is it done now? Is credit a new object on the right, have a here of just those various ease. And on the first initial object, it has taken them away. So most tap to get out of that. Then select that in just press G. We can see that we've just removed a section of the body. So that section of body now is design object. We can color and texture it individually from the main body. That was actually one piece before press escape there. Ok, so where that piece selected? Winning to create a new separate material. So it is. Press the new material option there. Okay, It's based on first color, which is the material used by this object here. So Let's go back to the school. First car zero there one now Doesn't matter. Call it anything we look now is that this circle here and select image texture. Okay, we haven't assigned an image yet, so let's use the grid from before. So open grid came. Now let's go into the UV editor. Select grid Down there, it's up. One prison edit Mired Priss seven to look straight down. Collect all for overseas. Press you for unwrap. Okay. And it's drawn a shape that shape on the UV editor down here. So if we just be for box licked all those, we can move that around. We can rotate it like so, and we can sauce it if we want. They mean that looks pretty cool. So that section of the car there has had this image UV map daunted with some very custom coordinates like so now that is a very complicated process. Or that takes quite a long time to get good at these kinds of things. Ball that is new to Don't worry. You'll get good if you need to be okay, so let's go at it. It might now just press tab or could be used to drop down and go. That car now has a testament to the bond. Let's export that and put that into sweet homes every day. Export O B J. A court shift to explore. Maybe Jerry distillate, the first import to shift Teoh Republican seats. They continue. Continue, finish. And then we're gonna is your car without our own custom text, Dr. So we could modify that. Still, we don't have to use that texture. We could use any texture we like. And just to show you while we're here on to another example, just so that you see done twice this one. I'm going to create a sun roof in the top of his car with the main model selected Chris seven pain down, Chris Tab to go into edit mode. Gonna cut some of these courtesies. So box select Want those ones? Okay, I'm going to make that into a sun roof. So let's Chris seven. Soy is boy. My could be bigger. G wants Bring it down a little. Very good press pay to separate it. Case now. I knew object Chris Tab to get out of that to get back into object mode, you know, I'm gonna make that a different textual together. So they're any smarter. All the windows were actually texted using the hour for option here. I could just do the same. This one was called glass. Okay, So in this object here, I will also use glass, like, say, Excellent. Let's export that. There we go. That's got a sunroof. Excellent. Well, that's textures. Different ways. Even manage textures in sweet home three day and your custom objects look. 23. Finishing Up: Okay, so thanks for watching this far. If you got this far, then you must have watched all the videos. So well done. Say, you know, I had to do sweet times, Read a pretty good Now, now I'm gonna continue to add a few video. It's more advanced videos that and just over time and just be prepared. Just come back to visit every now and then. And I knew videos. I'm going to cry another video on the more complicated version of the roof where you can actually use built by hand, using the what's called the cube object you can describe. Grab a box, actually. Just just give you the clue really quick. What's gonna happen there, Grab a boxing like that. And Aiken se credit shaped like that. If I just look at what? Well, card is shaped like that. If I look at that in the three days a year like so, actually make a slightly sinner. Thank you. Looks just maybe out of the way. What DoubleClick That I get these horizontal rotation xx Issel access so I can go into the XX. It's like this. I can say Well, that's 30 degrees. Okay, now liver than that's like that that, you know, that's another way of making a roof. And that was quite simple. But actually, I think it is quite hard to get that right, sir. Experiment with it anyway. 24. A. Install Sweet Home 3D on Windows10: Okay, so I'm going to show headed down line. Sweet Home. Three. D on Windows 10. We have several options, and one of those is to get it from the Marcus off store. Years of a go to the markets off store I can download and right to purchase it first, which is not a problem. It's not very expensive, but it's it's nice, safe. It's picky. Three. So you can do that if you like, but I'm gonna shave, headed, download it and install. It was slightly more complicated, but you're I'll show you how it's done. It's gonna take a minute anyway. So if you go to this download link here Source. Forge impressed that instead and we just white a sick it should automatically download. There it is. The bottom here says what I want to do with it. I want toe just want to run it. Actually, I could save it and then run it from the fall system. But I'm just gonna do it this way. I would choose English because that's the language that I know. I know that she couldn't choose your own language next. Oh, except agreement. Next, I'm going to select 64 bit. So it's going to be saved and to see program false. We don't pretty. It's like a next A ticks start menu fota. Next credit desktop. Short cut. Yes. Next install and off goes I can, uh, launch Sweet home yesterday. Now finish. I don't need the browser anymore. Okay. Here. We guy, that's ah, sweet Entered a slighted and ready to go. 25. B. Install Sweet Home 3d on Mac OSX: came on a Mac. I'm on a sweet home 30 website pressed a download link. Have two options. I can get the paid version, which would come with a whole bunch of extra objects and furniture. But I'm going to show you how to do the free version, which is Just press download like that takes you to Source. Forge. Just wait a moment. Download should happen automatically. There it is started. Now let's look at it. That's what shorts happening. It's downloading now. President finishes. We close this window when we go to Finder and then goto a downloads photo double click the damn jay. Should I? It's on the desktop now. Inside this Sweet homes, three day weaken Run, sweet homes ready from here. But what I like to do is drag it onto the desktop. Clark sigh their in store and just closed these. I can also eject the day MJ and then eliminated. And now, too, uh, double click this the app and just press OK or does press open on the warning dialogue here because we just downloaded from the Internet. And that is sweet home. Three day on a Mac. It is Maximus Mbixler 26. C. User Interface Basics: OK, in this video, I'm going to go through the basics of the user interface, and we have four parts toward or four main views. Really? That's the catalogue view as the furniture list. There's the plan view, which is like a two D plan view you might see in real estate brushes. And the bottom view is the three d view of the house. I'm gonna open up a sample model se knew from Demo up here, top left. And I'm just gonna choose one of these pre defined models because that'll help when I change some of the things in the user interface. So how so Use will be this one down here. So you set one. Okay, so I'm just hoping that up Close that window. Now, use that one so we can suggest a plan, view and nature. These windows could be resized like that, and I can zoom in and out. I'm actually holding the control key down now and using the mouse stroller and I can three d views. Very similar Can rotate a mess button down. And I'm just rotating, like, so over on the left. Here. Bottom left the home furniture list This is quite a large model, but Aiken sort of change the visibility of each of the elements. One by one, I can also double click it, get its properties, and there's a whole lot of stuff on there that you want to experiment with. And up here is the catalogue view where Aiken drag, say other pieces of furniture into the model. So what you do to get, say, here are just zoom into the hole here and I'm gonna grab. I'm gonna grab a bath at the top. There am is gonna drag the bath into the model and there it is in the hole. So if I just zoom into the hall down here, There it is in the whole time scrawling on the mast here, the three d view ancient. These views will behave differently depending on which is in focus, so we can see that the blue liner ended ages there. That means it's in focus. So any keyboard presses I do, such as arrow keys will do certain things if I make that in focus. The arrow Keyser moving the selected object. And here Well, it's different things. So the next part of this if I just zoom out that and fit it all in is Teoh. Set up the catalogue view in a what outside is a easier way to use, and that is to going to file preferences over here and select searchable list. Several Furnish a catalogue views, catalogue category folders or searchable list. So this is press. Okay, let's see what that does. Okay, so look, now it's Ah, there in, like, little image icons for all the objects. Debit larger. It's much easier to see, and it also has a no option to search. So I can say cheer. For instance, I get all the chairs Aiken, slick tables, gill the tables. I get all the stairs stairs. Now I find that really wants dear. There we go. That's a few stairs there. I find that a bit away to use to catalogue view. They also like to have it much larger. And another sitting that I use personally is it's not enable right now, But you can see in the top down. Plainview. I'm selecting an item. I don't really know where that is in the three D view, not instantly. So if I go into preferences and I select aerial view centered on selection and just enable that oppress. Okay, so now when I selected the item or piece of furniture in the Plainview the thread eve, you automatically zooms in. So this is very good for May. I find this the best way to use it anyway, so I think that is a lot of stuff to think about their and you can just just experiment. It's all safe. And, for example, if you move something and you get confused by it, you can just press controls it several times to fix it all up. Or if you liked what you did, you can and you undid too far expressed Control Boy to get back the other way to redo controls it toe under control. Why to read. Oh, all these options h of these different views has a different context. Menu, however, here said, is in the plain view. That's the context menu in the three D view. That's a context menu in the list view a different context menu in the furniture view. Well, the catalogue view you've got different context menu as well. All of these options you will find in this top tool bar up here. And you'll also find him in this sort of written version of the toolbar as well. So there, anyway, thanks.