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Swedish Pronunciation | The Sentence

Anna-Li Danielsson, Swedish Fluency Coach

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5 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Introduction | The Sentence

    • S4 L1 Sentence Stress

    • S4 L2 Unstressed Words

    • S4 L3 Two word Stress pt I

    • S4 L3 Two word Stress pt II


About This Class

Part 4 of our Swedish Fluency course series. Focused on sentence stress and two-word stress.

This course is the fourth out of five parts in our Swedish Fluency course series. This is a focused and flexible online course in Swedish pronunciation, with the goal to help any learner take the last step towards speaking a more fluent, confident, native-like Swedish.

This course contains an eBook and 3 video lessons focused on the topic "The Sentence" in Swedish + some bonus material. It will give you the opportunity to study independently with our material and learn everything about stressed and unstressed words in sentences and how certain two-word combinations affect the sentence stress in Swedish.

Feel free to try out any of the following parts in the Swedish pronunciation series as well:

Part 1 - The Vowel Sounds
Part 2 - The Consonant Sounds  
Part 3 - The Word 
Part 5 - The Speech

Ready to get started? Enroll and enjoy!





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Anna-Li Danielsson

Swedish Fluency Coach

I am the founder of Danielsson Education, passionate entrepreneur, English and Swedish tutor and Sweden's first and only Swedish Fluency Coach.

This company was started based on my own passion and profession; Teaching.

I'm doing what I love, the way I want to do it. The goal is to provide students with tools which help them reach their best potential; An improved, confident Swedish.

In a few months I will get my teacher's degree from S...

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