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Swedish Pronunciation | The Consonant Sounds

Anna-Li Danielsson, Swedish Fluency Coach

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7 Videos (1h 30m)
    • Introduction | The Consonant Sounds

    • S2 L1 The Consonant Sounds pt I

    • S2 L1 The Consonant Sounds pt II

    • S2 L2 Consonant Groups pt I

    • S2 L2 Consonant Groups pt II

    • S2 L3 Common Pitfalls pt I

    • S2 L3 Common Pitfalls pt II


About This Class

Part 2 of our Swedish Fluency course series. Focused on the consonant sounds and combinations.

This course is the second out of five parts in our Swedish Fluency course series. This is a focused and flexible online course in Swedish pronunciation, with the goal to help any learner take the last step towards speaking a more fluent, confident, native-like Swedish.

This course contains an eBook and 3 video lessons focused on the topic "The Consonant Sounds" in Swedish + some bonus material. It will give you the opportunity to study independently with our material and learn everything about the Swedish consonant sounds, consonant groups and common pitfalls when learning to pronounce the Swedish consonants. 

Feel free to try out any of the following parts in the Swedish pronunciation series as well:

Part 1 - The Vowel Sounds 
Part 3 - The Word 
Part 4 - The Sentence 
Part 5 - The Speech

Ready to get started? Enroll and enjoy!





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Anna-Li Danielsson

Swedish Fluency Coach

I am the founder of Danielsson Education, passionate entrepreneur, English and Swedish tutor and Sweden's first and only Swedish Fluency Coach.

This company was started based on my own passion and profession; Teaching.

I'm doing what I love, the way I want to do it. The goal is to provide students with tools which help them reach their best potential; An improved, confident Swedish.

In a few months I will get my teacher's degree from S...

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